What is the wish of the non believer on the day of judgement

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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the rejection of a wish and the potential for a third wish to be rejected. They also mention a plan to bring the people back to work and encourage them to use their power to save loved ones. The importance of forgiveness is emphasized, along with setting up a meal while praying. The mother forgiveness month is highlighted, with advice given to parents, a meal, and a promise to come back to them. The success of the man in government is also discussed, including his ability to make money and help people.
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Just bring us back,

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bring us back to work righteousness in

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open up fingers up front. If we go back in the wrongdoers just bring us give us another chance. Now, this is your chance, the first which would be rejected, they will have another wish and this which will be as through the gatekeepers of Hellfire they will tell them well enough in

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you have

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they wouldn't call the game keepers of fire they would say

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fires over you and all your angels gatekeepers of a fire call you Lord invoke as to diminish to reduce the pain for only a one day one day

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asking for one day

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just one day, one day one day off, you have to reduce the pain for one day that which will also be rejections, but

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then they would have a third wish. And the third wish they would ask him for the people option.

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Fun of those people

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that will call them and they will say please

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put your business in water. You will ask for it. That's all

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I know in number

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three, there was a lot upon the non believers, even that third wish would be rejected or

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they would have one final wish. One final wish and this wish will be directed and addressed directly to the master gatekeeper.

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Keep up the fire

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they will be

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They would wish to die. O Matic asked me a bone to finish

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it for ever.

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Forever quantity.

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We need to understand this concept. Yes, I will talk about gender. But I need to talk about this and what happens there so that you can make it in our graph.

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In this lesson

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all their wishes will be rejected. But you know what? Let's move to the other group. What do you

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mean the people on the right

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will see.

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Ronnie was CFO and then also the believers, the people the people like yourselves when

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you see we

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fast enough do we break our fast we pray we will

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we will not alone inshallah we will do what we say

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we say the concept of unity and brotherhood

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a boy and then when they reach the gate

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the gates will be awkward for them and the gatekeepers of

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the source of peace and discomfort Do you mean you will

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What will you be doing inshallah

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is Mary

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round of what is beautiful boys coming around with these dishes and beautiful drinks and

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you know all this beautiful fruits all your soul can desire and meet all your wishes all your souls can desire.

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All this reward of what what you used to do in this

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effort? Yes, you woke up early in the morning to come to dimension and to pray and to estimate the effort. The payback in general. Yes. may not be no pay back here but pay it back in China

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and South Dakota Anna, how can we earn what are some of the gateways to Shana How can we earn entry to Shana I will talk about that Michelle?

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That was a lot

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of work.

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Jenna, Kathy.

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There's so many ways and gateways and pathways to Shana

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I would have mentioned only

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Allah Subhana it's only today my talk to you. It's often

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Allah subhanho wa Taala says, because I don't want you to come and say, who said it not me unless it

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to me.

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Any more course Of

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course, all the talks about gender, he says has to rush in generally does not say Russian has done but when he talks about gender, he says was a new century and he has to take your time. Don't take it easy, has to has to rush trust

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me, Lord,

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is the distance between the heavens and earth or

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Allah has prepared for the righteous. The righteous describe them to us what law of God says

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those who spend those who give charity at times of good and also at times of adversity. In fact, this is the month of charity. This is the month of charity isn't it? So I will need to remind you as you know better than myself.

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to not let a day go and have given a charity with the intention with the intention to save me Save my loved ones from head fire in shallow title of today's show. But before you leave the mystery

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put something in the box with that, you know, with that intention. Yeah. What saved me and say my family or my loved ones or the Muslim prepared fire. This is this is one of the ways of the pathways of shame. You may say, Can you give me something easier?

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Although I don't want you to miss out.

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But yes, there's so many other pathways Allah subhana wa tada says,

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The ministry

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shut Oh,

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those wrongs themselves

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or others their own, their own themselves, they committed six hours sinners

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and they stop the sin they see is the sin. What would happen to them?

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those who repent to Allah subhanho wa Taala what is the reward the reward is forgiveness from the Lord and not only one genda

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heavens shut messages he runs underneath beneath it was the run beneath his genetics and then you reverse reverse engineer detective on hot again one more time hot enough for ever for forever. So here's another opportunity. This is the month of October. I'm not gonna wait

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to make Toba

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whether I'm going to make it or not, this is the month of October, this is the month this is the mother forgiveness. This is the motherhood. This is the month of Ramadan, well I can take advantage of it. Like I said in the beginning make it as if this is your last month that you will never witness again. Imagine if you went too fast with that intention. Are they not know whether I'm going to

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imagine how you would be how you

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are and how you would rush to come to the massages and you would rush to give the silicate and righteousness and whatnot you nobody would beat you up because you know that this is your last meal.

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And also to Prophet Mohammed when he migrated from Mecca to Medina, from Mecca to Medina, the very first speech he gave

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them, the very first words he gave, he says are you

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a true Sanam?

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Well, I

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was some googling you and

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three things. Three advice he gave me He says, oh, people are

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Greek what another three of you said and this is the month of setup, isn't it? I know you may say if you don't know what they have done to me, they've hurt me they hurt me. They have spent print rumors get getting a decent amount of forgiveness

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for you. What would you forgive for the sake of a monthly

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spread set up a few setup

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and feed the poor can meaning give charity walk

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and pray at night while I was asleep? As is he saying the Sahaba sending them you know send them cold calling. And this is the month of pmla isn't it? This is the month where you walk into a mechanic school. It's a school train yourself with the habit of making pmla so it becomes easy to

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stand up and pray at night while I was asleep and the prophecy is at the end.

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At the gentleman with peace is

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on wish to make it easy on if you think it's harder than a lot of make it hard on me. But if you think it's easy, we'll make it easy.

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If you love a lot, surely you will.

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And I'm sure you're all

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but use me and I'm want to end with this

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that no claims or claims he loves.

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He wouldn't be embarrassed to go to sleep at night. Although he claims he loves Allah. He goes to sleep at night with the intention not to wake up one day or not to wake up for fashion.

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His style of

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advisors you knew that you went to sleep with the intention not to wake up

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and not to cut the dimension from our meal that yet he helped you. You woke up. You went to work, you make good living and you came back the one you're seeing the I guess in your

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intentional wake up.

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Yet he allowed you to wake up and go and make some wealth and it made some good

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one, he loves you. He's trying to give you some chances to come back to him.

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He complains because

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he would be embarrassed, he would be embarrassed to sit

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and he does not take it and read it. He who plays a lot. He would be embarrassed when his mom or his father calls him and he does not respond. How can declare a Hey, this is the month where we should all again come and mend the hearts and ask lesson

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to grant us the highest level engine for us for our parents, for our mothers, for our children for our loved ones in childhood may have learned to make more to make

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this your health and well being of government in the human race

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of men you know

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a lot

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a lot

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illustrator, Illustrator,

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yo, yo,

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yo, yeah, for what for and yet, Elena, yada, yada yada

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Yo, Yo,

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Wait, wait now

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