Yasir Qadhi – The Fiqh of Salah #18

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the hadiths of the Prophet system in the Sun statement, including the process of Jesus' wife's death and the predictions of the upcoming waif. They also mention the importance of the prophets in their daily lives and the need for faith in their faith journey.
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and there are many a hadith that we need to be aware of before we begin the chapter. There's a hadith in Sahih Bukhari that the Prophet SAW Selim fell off of a camel and he injured himself. So he prayed, sitting down, and the people behind him praying sitting down as well. Okay, so in this hadith, we learned that at some point in the Sierra, the prophets are some fell down in the middle part of the Medina and Sierra. And because he was injured, he would pray sitting down. And because he was praying, sitting down, the rest of the Sahaba, also prayed, sitting down. We also have another Hadith, that on his deathbed, on the very last days of his life, the last prayer that he

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led, he was sitting down, and a worker was standing on his

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right hand side, and the and he was standing, and Abu Bakr would follow the Prophet system, and the people would follow aboubaker and that hadith is motor faculae as well. So in this hadith, we learned that the process was sitting down as the Imam and Abu Bakr was standing up to Sokolova and alberca was standing up, and the people could not see the prophecies and because he's sitting down, so who are they seeing Abu Bakr and so Abu Bakr was leading in lieu of the Prophet system, but he was standing and we also have the Hadith of the Prophet Sall Allahu alayhi wa sallam

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that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that when it is time for the Salah, let one of you give the other man and let the one who knows the most Quran lead the salah. Okay, so the hadith is and this is in Buhari, that when the time of Salah comes, let any of you give the other man so the given the amount that any of you give the man and let the one who has the most Quran lead the Salah. So the narrator of this hadith, Amity Selim, he said that one time the people that were with us, they looked amongst themselves and they discovered that I was the one who had the most Quran and I led them in Salah even though I was six or seven years old only. So this child had the most Quran

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and so they let him become the imam in their group their delegation, even though he was six or seven years old, only. And so this hadith in Sahih Bukhari tells us that the process that I'm said, Let the people with the most Quran be the one who is leading the Salah, and in the very famous Hadith in Sahih. Muslim Hibben Mr. Udo the Allahu Anhu narrates that the prophets of salaam said your own will only occur only Kitab Allah the one who has the most care of the Quran should be the imam for encounter Phil karate Sawa if they are the same in the Quran for Allah Muhammad be sooner than the one who has more knowledge of the Sunnah for incanto for his sunnah, Tisa, if they are the same in

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the Sunnah, then the one who has the earlier hijra, so we have number one Quran number two sunnah. Number three, the earlier Hijra for incanto, Phil Hegira, TISA for our kodomo, whom Selma if they are the same in the hijra, then the one who accepted Islam, or in one version, the one who is older, and no man should lead another man in his house except with his permission. So this headed we all know it, that no man should lead another man in his house except with his permission. And this hadith isn't Sahih Muslim. I will do two more Hadith and move on to the chapter of filth that we have that Ibn Abbas Radi Allahu Anhu said that I prayed with the prophets, Allah Allahu Allah. He

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was seldom one night in tahajjud. And I stood on his left hand side. So the process that I'm held on to my head in one version held on to my ear, and he moved me from behind him until I stood on his right hand side. Hadeeth is motor family. So even Abbas the young child, seven, eight years old, nine years old, he is praying the process and is praying to God, he just joins him on his left hand side. So the Prophet system held on to his ear and moves him from behind and then brings him to the right hand side. hadith is Mustafa Ali, the Philippines obvious we're going to talk about insha Allah hota right now.

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And the final Hadith that will do that under Sunni Malik narrated that the prophets Allah

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lahardee He was salam lead us in Salah. This is when and as his mother invited the process Salam Omis sulayem is his mother when Omar Salim invited the process of them to lead the Salah in their house and he went to her house and he led them in Salah. So Anna said that film to Anna wire team on Khalifa who, so I stood along with the orphan there was an orphan living in their house. I stood along with the orphan behind him. Were all miss Sulaiman hull, fina, and behind this all was on me, Sudan, behind this all was Omitsu them. So this clearly shows the Sunnah of the Jamaat and that is that men and then women, and we'll talk about all of this inshallah to Allah when we get to the

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chapters of

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journey jelly either

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