Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P19 195A Translation Al-Naml 1-26

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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Muhammad who on a Sunday at Allah SUTA Hill Karim and my bad Pharaoh the bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. Rubbish Raha you Saudi UAE a silly Emery wash on earth that Emily Sani of coho, Koli have been as in our

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lesson number 196 surah. Two Naml is number one to 26 Translation

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they're seen, they're seen Baker that area two verses of the Quran of the Quran, war Quito then and a book mopane one clear

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who then a guidance where we SRE and a good news little not many for the believers.

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And Alladhina those who UK Mona, they establish a salata de Sala, where you Dona and they give as the Cata does occur while home and they the last euro in the hereafter home they Jochen on, they are certain, they believe with certainty

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in the Levina indeed those who love not yet me No, no, they believe the last era in the hereafter. The Yumna we have adorned the home for them, our Manor home their deeds for home so they yeah my home, they wander blindly.

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America, those Alladhina are those who love home for them. So evil are aware of the punishment while home and they fill us era in the hereafter home they also own the greatest losers.

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Were in Mecca and indeed you Latella surely you are taught. Surely you are made to receive Al Quran, the Quran, men from lowborn near Hakeem and always always are they men always all knowing

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it when Allah He said, Musa Musa alayhis salam, the earthly he to his wife, or to his family.

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In Me, indeed I am still I have perceived Marlon a fire. So, Deacon soon I will come to you men her from it, the hovering with news out or at the GM I will come to you because she had been with a flame. Other sin. firebrand

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Lila calm so that you just alone you warm yourselves.

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fellow man so when Jerry or her he came to it moodier he was called and that Merdeka he was bless it man who fee in or at and now the fire woman and whoever hola her is around it was so the HANA and he is glorified Allah Allah

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Allah Allah mean of the world's yamasa almost in there who indeed he and I Allah Allah Allah Aziz the always Almighty Hakeem the always always will LT and cast Osaka your stuff for an enema saw when

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he saw it the zoo it moves the under her as if it Jan Nan a snake Wallah he turned away not the villain one showing back

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while um and did not your aka he looked back he turned back. Yeah No, sir, almost sir. Learn do not the half you fear in may indeed I law not your Hafele he fears louder yet near me and will saloon the messengers in law except man who? Wala he wronged sama then by Bella he changed Hussmann good Baroda after so evil for in me then indeed I was a full on most forgiving bruh ham most merciful while others will and you enter yet aka your hand fee in JB your bosom, your pocket.

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The hood it will come out by white men from Wade without suit

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any evil any illness

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fee in this earth nine Earth SIGNS either to fit our own fit our own work only he and his people in their home indeed they can or they were Coleman a people first to clean ones who are sinful.

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Sonoma so when you're at home, it came to them Altoona our signs no the second ones visible.

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Carlo they said Heather this session on magic moonbeam one clear what Jaha do and they rejected they have with it was stuck on a tear and it had been convinced by it

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is still gonna tear it had been convinced by it.

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And for someone themselves, women injustice, where are the where? And in arrogance

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from so look kafer How can I was arqiva to end a love scene of those who make mischief.

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What occurred and certainly at a no we gave their water their word was to lay man and to lay man Are they he was salam. Enema knowledge. What color and the word said Al hamdu el tres lillahi for Allah. Allah the the one who fought Berliner he favored us Isla upon cathedra in many men from everybody he his servants and what we mean the believers

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while later and he inherited said a man who saw a man their water their wood what Carla and he said yeah a you her or a nurse who the people are Linda we were taught monthly speech afraid of the birds were all Dina and we were given men from cuddly every che in thing in that indeed her there this Lucha surely it and FrogLube the bounty the favor and will be in the clear

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while her Shira and he was gathered this one a man for Sulaiman gentle the whole his troops, men from Elgin virgin while ince and the men the human beings were paid and the birds for home so they use their own they were restrained. They were kept in order HEPA until either when

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they came Isla upon were the early a mammal of the

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island. She said a name Latin an ENT Yeah Are you her? Or a Nam Lu? The ends are the Holo you will enter my Sakeena comb your houses

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not yesterday, man. No Come. He definitely smash you. So a man saw a man Where do you know the row and his troops were home while they laugh not yet alone. They perceive SATA last summer so he smiled. There she can one laughing or one amused men from thoroughly her. Her word. Her speech.

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What color and he said Robbie? Oh my Rob was certainly you give me your Give me ability. Or I was certainly you inspire.

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And that is kura I am grateful near mattock for your favor. And Lottie which, under you bless it. I know year upon me where I Allah and upon wildly the year my two parents are on and that are Amala ODU Sally Han righteous Darla who you are pleased with it. What are the friendly and admit me the rush medica with your mercy fee in radica. Your servants are Salah sheen, the righteous ones

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WHAT THE FUCK cada? And he inspected he examined

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the birds for color. So he said Ma what Lee for me law not Allah I see. And Hood Hood, the Hood Hood? The hoopoe

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M or Ghana? He is men from Allah even those who are absent.

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Let what are the banner who surely I shall definitely punish him. I've ever been a punishment shed Eden severe or the handler who I shall definitely slaughter him. Oh

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or lower DNA surely he should definitely come to me this morning with a proof with an evidence we've been one clear for NACA so he remained although you're not bear Eden far distant

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for color so he said that helpful I have encompassed beamer with what long not to help you have encompassed behave with it. What it took and I have come to you men from Saba in Sabah been able in with a news you attain certain

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in the indeed I want to I found Imran attend a woman dumbly go home, she rolled them were odious, and she was given men from Cali every che in thing while her hair and for her audition are thrown away more than one great we'll get to her I found her will comb her hair and her people. Yes Judo una de prostrate la shrimps for the sun. Men from Dooney other than Allah Allah was a Jenna and he has adorned the home for them a che upon the shaytaan Amanda home their deeds facade the home so he stopped them on from a Seville the way for home so they learn not yet or don't they obtain guidance? They are rightly guided

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Allah that not yes do do they prostrate Lilla for Allah. Allah the the one who yes Raju he takes out uncover the hidden thing

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fee in a silhouette the heavens will up and the earth were animal and he knows math what doc fauna y'all hide warmer and what? Thirdly known y'all reveal hola hola la not in any god Illa except her Hey, Rob, grab a lot of the thrown away the great

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with a sense of the recitation

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ought to be lacking in a Shavon Jean Bismillah

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ballsy clean DeLuca

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movie in whole dough abou show on mini Wayne and a lady named mono sada tell you

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about your home you know don't

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about his age

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hola Tula

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don't hacky me naughty name it all mo Sally me

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ain't me

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mean have you heard that in

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Vichy having bothers you

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woman how old I was so they had a lot of benign me yeah Musa

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analyzes unhealthy game where they all saw

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the zuka and

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needed it. Musa Allah in Nila ha hula de in the mobile side oh

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Neela washy name was

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Kathy EJ EP catch a fraud rather all I mean

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Hello youtube so he does

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our follow me he

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does anything but um

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board or

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EB wotja had to be held was

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both okay if I can eventually move saving all day

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while all Al Hamdulillah he led he taught

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me Neva meanie meaning are you there Sulaiman hold off on

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you Oh Tina

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the movie scene or how's your knee Sulaiman

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see what are you ready for whom you

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all at

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all at NAMM Landry

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Suleyman life the men

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who are homeless

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better the son of all he can

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walk on

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knee and I scored on a lengthy

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Why do you need your medic Fe ADA DECA saw he

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up all

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all EB LA's the

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Chevy then

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tn Naevi Sunil Barney movie primerica you're very

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happy to be mad and to help Obi wan to

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be nobody e lb

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M legal Model D at MC Galicia you should naturally want to

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do tonight Alicia

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was a shave on

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devil man is Sebby

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Yes, Judo

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lady you Rachel How are

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hola hola.

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Who loves she loves clean?

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