Why is Friday Important in Islam?

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This is a question from a student Aparna she's in the audience today and she would like know why is Friday given more importance?

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Mr as a question that why is Friday giving more importance

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and a beloved Prophet said it is like a weekly eat

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like a weekly like how the Christians they have Sunday the Jews had Saturday so if the Muslims to be different that there isn't the Prophet chose Friday and there are various Hadith with mentioned the importance even a Friday the say Hadith mentioning that the Noah's ark came and it got the land when there was a flood on a Friday and where has benefited but in the Islamic context. It is the weekly important day in which we have the congregation of Salah

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and the congregation Salah it is more important normally we pray five times a day. But once a week, we offer the Juma salah, which is a bigger gathering. It's like a weekly eat and it's compulsory that we should pray in the gathering. And in that Juma Salah like we had today in the afternoon, the Imam gives a Padova he gives a speech and gives guidance, the weekly guidance to the Muslims, what is the requirement he may talk about the local affairs. He may talk about things which are important and convey the message. So Friday basically the weekly eat weekly mainly of the Muslims hope that's the question