Riad Ouarzazi – What’s will happen to the non believer into the day of judgement

Riad Ouarzazi
AI: Summary © The speaker describes a group of people who will be manipulated into being police officers and trained by a patriot. They will be woken up naked and terrified by the police. The police will try to convince them to bring them out and use their chance to convince the police to bring them out again.
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I'd like to start with the first

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the first loop, the first loop, which starts from death.

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The trumpets would be blown everybody will sway.

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talks about the first group, the first group as people will be resurrected. We'll see.

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And then the non believers will be brought into,

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into groups.

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Imagine they woke up

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from the graves naked, barefoot, naked barefoot in the sun on top of the heads, they will be trapped into

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terrify patriots by as the rich the gates

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headphones and they will tell them

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happens. message has been sent to you to tell you about his day to day. He said yes, we've been told. We heard when we came to him as well. It was way better. Messrs just came to us and told us but they weren't just trade.

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They won his trade. And when it

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would happen, it is over let's not over inverting is just the beginning and they would have wishes. The very first bush sentence, the very first question they would have was the

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fireman unless if you offer fire and you know that everyday engine into phenomenon not only the night of the 27th or later, every day, a lot will be saving souls from a fire.

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You could be today for you, for you. For all of you. It could have been yesterday.

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If you are amongst the winners and allows us to make your model winners for your souls to be safe from

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what happens as the upload. They would have wishes that many firsts wish they would say

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brings us back we shall work righteousness. Just bring us back. bring us back. We will stop praying we promise going gray we want to fast we want to just bring us back.

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bring us back to work righteousness in

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this province. If we go back in the wrongdoers, just bring us out. Give us another chance. This is your chance. The first wish

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