On Fasting 02 – The Tongue

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of guarding the tongue during fasting, as it is the most common cause of people entering the Hellfire. They also mention the need for individuals to measure their actions and words during this time and encourage them to measure their actions and words in 30 days. The speaker also suggests focusing on worship and reading the Quran to guard the tongue and improve one's behavior.
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Haven't de la sala salam ala Rasulillah Salam aleikum, wa Taala ricotta, we're continuing on fasting. And today we wanted to talk about the tongue. Why? Because the Prophet Sal Elijah said them he says, Whoever does not leave false speech and false actions, then Allah subhana data has no need for them to leave their food and their drink. And so the tongue if you're fasting is not making your behavior better, if it is not increasing your spirituality, if it is not making you a better person, if it is not making you measure the words that you say and the things that you do. If all of that is not changing, then Allah subhana data has no need for you to leave your food and your drink. And so

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guarding the tongue and making our words more measured in these 29 or 30 days and so recognizing the harmfulness of the tongue number one, the province cellulitis and then he tells us that what causes more people to enter into the Hellfire he told him I the media, but this hadith is inviting Muslim he says, Well, hell yeah, Kunis, what causes more people to enter into the Hellfire on their faces, or on their noses except for the harvesting of their tongues. And so the Prophets the lightest Adam is telling us that the most common catalysts of the fire is the Reaping of what the tone of the tongues so that's number one. Number two, the province of Elijah Selim was asked by Octavia Ahmed

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Akbar said to him O Messenger of Allah what is salvation and Hadith as reported by Timothy and he says, I'm sick I legally Sanic salvation is that you guard your tongue you preserve your tongue while your sack obey took and that your house suffices you what gather half the attic and that you want that you weep over your sense and so again your your own sense being your concern what caused you to cry you're not worried about other people since number two your own house is sufficient for you you're not worried about what's happening in everybody else's house. And number three, is that you guard your tongue that you preserve and you measure your statements and so if there's one thing

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that's very very easy that we can all look at is the is minimizing talk that is not beneficial for us and so taking a good hard look at your whatsapp groups, your iMessage groups your Instagram groups and all of that and and you know asking yourself the question does this benefit me during this month and if it doesn't then maybe I should take a hiatus during this month and maybe even as a group deciding you know what during the month of Ramadan let's let's opt out and we'll see each other for either in sha Allah but you know what, it's only 29 or 30 days a Yemen might do that. They're just a limited number of days it's a race and so let's let's focus on our worship. Let's

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focus on our reading of the Quran. Let's focus on that which benefits us and so that is one step that we can do ask for other steps. I'll leave you to share whatever comments you have on what are other things that we can do that will help us monitor and guard our tongue and our speech during this month. May Allah Subhana Allah grant us all success, said I'm I think I'm gonna have to Allah