What is a Heart Serene

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the heart serene that is coming to Toronto November 16 2012. Well, what is really the hearts dream, you know, purification of the soul. This is based on the book of of nonpayment with a lot. My dad was just static in the station of the travelers. So, I'd be talking about many, many, many branches of an SN because this book called the Mandela static in the session of the travelers who came on he talks about the man as he said, you know, the, the levels or the branches of an asset, we'll be talking about, you know, the meaning of worship, we'll be talking about why they worship Allah. Who is Allah number one, then why do you worship Allah? How do you worship Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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We'll be talking about, you know, accountability, we'll be talking about awakening, you know, once you know the meaning of worship, and then your awakened little claim talks about this concept of awakening, and then it moves you into accountability and accountability moves you into into Toba into repentance. We'll be talking about the feet of Allah, and how to acquire a lot of consciousness how to cry of the homeless panda with Adam, we'll be talking about patience, we'll be talking about happiness and how to acquire happiness. Everybody seems you know, they, they everybody wants to be happy. Right? But how do you require the true happiness? We'll be talking about that. We'll be

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talking about how to be pleased with Allah has you Lord, you can ask any Muslim? Are you pleased with Allah? Allah says, Yes, I am. But the actions do not show that those people who that person is really pleased with Alex's lawyer with Prophet Mohammed as His Messenger, and with Islam as his or her religion. We'll be talking about

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telecom and the meaning of torquil. The concept of delegating affairs to Allah subhanho wa Taala. What does it really mean? We'll be talking about how to, of course, we're sure and so that would be talking about time and the importance of time, we'll be talking about anger, and anger management, we'll be talking about steadfastness and how to remain in the state of steadfastness. We'd be talking about brotherhood sisterhood, we'll be talking about. Yes, at the very end, we'll be talking about death and how to have a good ending. And at the very, very end, we'll be talking about the delight of Jana and then and only then I will take you into this unforgettable journey in sha Allah

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the tour of Jana.

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I know in 2000 I think eight or nine one I thought the hardest during the first time in Toronto. We did a tour of Shanna but this time the tubes and the has totally changed. In fact, the heart surgeon has changed a lot from the time he took it with me in 2008 or nine o'clock but regardless now the heartstring has totally totally changed.

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not want to miss it again. Mark your calendars November 16 2012. inshallah tada we see you there. The ad from Mecca. Now love to see all is that cool ahead.