Story of Khadija’s RA necklace

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The story of the love of Xena, the daughter of the of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and her husband. Have a hobby.

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All right, Xena, and her husband, Abu Dhabi.

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Abu Dhabi. So what happened ladies and gentlemen?

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Zeynep she became a Muslim.

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Her husband wasn't a Muslim.

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He came to her and says, Hello, Jeannie. Didn't you tell me? Why didn't you tell me?

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She says, it is not only me who became a Muslim. It is me. It is your auntie. It is your best friends. It is your cousin, your best friend, your auntie, you know, and myself. Would you like to become a Muslim? She says.

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He says me. No, I don't want people to say about me that I followed my wife or the vision of my wife. And I loved the vision of my forefathers, for halaqaat Darcy.

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He says, would you would you understand my wife? He says would you understand? Would you forgive? She says, If I don't understand you, who would?

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If I don't understand you, if I don't excuse you, who would you or my husband. I will be patient with you.

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I will be patient with you. until Allah shows you the light.

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And she's been patient with him.

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For six years, living with a bolus

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came to hitch

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came to migration from Mecca to Medina.

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She went to the Prophet Mohammed he says, Our Prophet era Salalah Oh my father, would you allow me to stay with my husband

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in Makkah,

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the time the ruling at the time it was still permissible to marry a non Muslim.

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He was not prohibited yet. The Prophet said, Sure you want to stay with your husband stayed with your husband.

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She stayed with her husband in Makkah, the prophet migrated to Medina

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came the Battle of bada.

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The first battle

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Bula has decided to go

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and fight

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against his father in law

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against the Prophet Mohammed Salah.

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So he goes

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and his wife stage

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the Muslims won the battle.

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Apollo has got caught as a prisoner.

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saying if she goes, What happened to my husband What happened to my husband? They said he was caught as a prisoner.

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And then she had to send for a ransom to free her husband. What did she send?

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She sent a necklace given to her by her mother, Khadija,

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the beloved wife of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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She sent that necklace with

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us his brother

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so that he goes to the profit as a system.

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And then he says, oh, Mohammed, I've got to run some

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to free up what is the profit opens

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this bag and then he found the necklace?

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The necklace which reminded him of his beloved wife, Khadija,

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once he saw the necklace, the profits that crying.

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Who does this belong to?

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It belongs to saying that Zayn have sent it so that you can take it as ransom and free her husband.

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And then the Prophet says yohannes has a theory or people. He is my son in law. This is my son in law. My was your two men who are in the hierarchy. I know nothing bad about him. He's been a good son in law to me.

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Would you free him?

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Now the Prophet is asking the companions would you set him free

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Would you set him free?

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They said yes he rasulillah we'll set him free. We'll let him go.

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So he was set free.

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And then the profit.

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He took that necklace

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and then he goes

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us and he says, upon us

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take this to Cena

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and tell her

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not to let this thing go again. Tell her to hold this song so dearly to her because it belongs to my beloved Khadija Khadija