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Juz’ 18: Al-Mu’minun – Al-Furqan 1-20

Al-Mu’minun 1-50

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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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How are y'all doing?

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earlier? adiposity Hill karimabad fairuza Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. Rubbish rashly surgery where Sidley MD wash Lola rock data melissani of Coco Lee, just number 18. So let me know.

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Visit me learn

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim In the Name of Allah, the Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful,

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or the afla, hallowed me known, no doubt the believers have attained success. Certainly will the believers have succeeded, who they who are doing their prayers, humbly submissive, and they who turn away from ill speech, and they who are observant of Zika, and they who guard their private parts, except from their wives, or those their right hands possess, for indeed they will not be blamed. But whoever seeks beyond that, then those are the transgressors and they who are to their trusts and their promises attentive and they who carefully maintain their prayers, those are the inheritors, who will inherit alpha goes, they will abide there in eternally. Allah subhanaw taala has openly

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laid out before us the ways to success, that these are the baths which if you embark on, you will reach success. And what is that the home of eternity were the blessings, the joys of which are eternal, they are never ending. Every person wants to be successful. And in this life, no matter what a person achieves, what happens after some time is that whatever you have, you begin to get bored of it, you wish to move on to something else to something that is greater. After a very good job, a person wants to move on to a better job. After having a good degree, a person wants to have better certifications. So this is something that is in this life in this world, that no matter what

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we have, we want to move on to a greater to a higher level of success. And what happens is that in this life, we are constantly chasing success from one level to the other. We want to keep going further and further ahead. But we reached the end of our lives and we haven't reached the end of our desires and our wishes, but the person who reaches gender, then he truly has attained success. Why? Because once he enters Janna he will not desire anything beyond it. Why because gender is the highest level of success. It is the greatest The greatest level that a human being can get to, there is no position that is beyond that for human being. There is no place that is better than Janna for

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a human being. It is indeed the highest achievement. And this is for who for the believers. And Allah says by the afla hallelujah

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We know that no doubt the believers have attained success, meaning they're the ones who are going to make it agenda. They're the ones who are going to make it to such a high level, that beyond it, there is no greater level of success. This is a place which a person when he reaches it, then he will not desire anything beyond it, anything after it. Why? Because gender is the home of desires. But to get there, a person has to do some hard work right now. And what is that hard work? First of all, me know a person must have a man and then those who are during their prayers, humbly submissive, and levena, whom feels slotty him harshly own. Those who have come ashore in their

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prayers, meaning they're not just performing their prayer. They're not just saying their prayers. They're performing them with excellence, with humility with submissiveness, with the fear of Allah, they're actually conversing with their Lord. It's a meaningful prayer. In a hadith we learn that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that Allah has made five prayers obligatory. If anyone performs ablution for them well, offers them at the right time and observes perfectly they're bowing and submissiveness in them, it is the guarantee of Allah that He will pardon him. Who is it that pardon is guaranteed for the one who performs the five prayers properly, he performs the will do

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performs the record performs the sujood. And he also has who sure in these prayers, then Barden is guaranteed for him. And if anyone does not do so, there is no guarantee for him on the part of Allah. If Allah wishes he can forgive him. And if Allah wishes he can punish him. So alladhina amanu Salatin, Sharon, who sure in prayer is something that will lead a person to paradise, we see that Salah is the way to success, it is the way to success. So we should pay special attention to not just performing our prayers, but rather perfecting our prayers in order to secure a place in paradise for ourselves. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he warned us that the first thing to

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be taken away from my oma will be who sure until you will not find in it. A single person with

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meaning for sure will become so rare, it will become so uncommon that people will be performing their prayers, but they will not be observing humility in them, they will not be performing them with all their heart and mind, they will be distracted from the prayer, they will not know what they're saying, may Allah protect us from this one levina Homer and Elohim already a boon and it is they who turn away from old speech, meaning they turn away from every useless, unnecessary, meaningless, pointless, fruitless, unimportant kind of action conversation, they avoided, they avoided at all cost. And instead, they use their time for important and useful matters. You see,

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this life is a place of test. And when you are in a test, then what happens, you impose restrictions on yourself, you don't allow yourself to waste your time in things that are irrelevant and things that are unnecessary. Because you know that while you're writing an exam, you have a limited amount of time. So you're not going to sit there daydreaming, you're not going to take a nap in the middle of your exam, you're not going to keep taking bathroom breaks, you're not going to take a lunch break, you're not going to spend your time, you know surfing on the internet, browsing on the internet, opening up your Facebook and checking your status. And checking how many people are

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messaging, you know, you're gonna leave all of that. Why? Because you know that you are writing an exam, and you have a limited amount of time. So anything that is extra that is unnecessary, you're going to eliminate it. And a believer remembers that this life is also a test. So anything that is extra, that is wasteful, that is not conducive to achieving his goal. What does the believer do? he avoids it. So he has focused in his life. He's not confused, he's not lost. He knows that he cannot afford to waste his precious time. He cannot afford to waste his mental bandwidth on things that are irrelevant. Things that are going to be a waste. So when levina home I'm in love with more alone,

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they turn away from useless, irrelevant, unnecessary, meaningless actions, meaningless conversations, meaning less indulgences. They avoid all of this. When levena home Lisa Kathy felt alone, and it is those who are observant of the cat, meaning they engage in matters that purify the soul. They engage in actions that purify their character, their speech, and it is those who guard

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private parts, meaning the specialty there are pure with respect to their sexual behavior with respect to their sexual pleasure, meaning they only fulfill it through ways that Allah has declared lawful. And what are those ways that Illa Allah as well to him, Alma malakut, a man or woman for in the home of Edelman who mean, except from their wives, or those that the right hands possess, for indeed, they will not be blamed. And over here, when it comes to marriage, that's understood. But what is mentioned over here that Omar Melaka, a man whom for whom ladle melamine, this is an exceptional situation, the details of which we do not need to go into right now, because this is

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also irrelevant to our time since this situation does not exist anymore. But whoever seeks beyond that, meaning whoever seeks a relationship that is beyond what Allah has made lawful, meaning whoever tries to attain sexual pleasure through ways that Allah has not allowed, then those are the transgressors. No matter what shape or form it takes, whether it takes the form of prostitution, or masturbation or any kind of contract that is illegal in our religion, the believers keep away from that, and they who are to their trusts and their promises attentive, meaning when they have promised something or when some amount has been imposed upon them, they pay attention to it, they don't take

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this matter lightly. And these Amana these trusts could be in the form of wealth, it could be in the form of a secret that is shared with them. A word that is a message that is entrusted to them an obligation that is imposed upon them, a duty that is given to them, because trusts take different forms, it can even be a responsibility that is given to a person.

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Likewise, their promises, meaning whether those promises they have made them with Allah or with his people, then both the believers who will be successful, they're attentive to their trusts and their promises. And those who carefully maintained their prayers at the beginning, who assure in prayer was mentioned. And over here guarding the prayer is mentioned. We see that on both ends Salah is mentioned why, because at the beginning Salah is important meaning at the beginning of the journey to success and at the end also Salah is important. Salah is not something that a person can say yes, I prayed my fudger so I can leave marisha know a person cannot say yes, I performed my prayers

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property in Ramadan and now I can neglect them. No, Salah is a part of life. Why do you think we have to pray for that five times a day. But we don't have to fast every day. Yes, in Ramadan we have to but otherwise we don't have to. And we don't have to give charity five times a day. But we have to pray five times a day. Why? Because the success of the believer is based on his prayer. So when Latina whom Allah, Allah wa t him, you have a loan. So in our lives also, we should be most concerned about our prayer, guarding the prayer, the timings of the prayer, the proper manner of performing the prayer, the uncanny the components and paying attention to the details of the prayer.

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So those who live like this, Allah says those are the inheritors. What is it that they will inherit? Those who will inherit alpha those what is for those the highest level of Paradise, and they will abide there in eternally.

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It was narrated from Abu retinyl below or know that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, There is no one among you, who does not have to abodes meaning every person has a seat that is fixed in two places, one place in general, and another place in hell. If he dies and enters hell, then the people of Paradise will inherit his abode. And this is what Allah says Allah ecoman worry soon. Those are the inheritors and Medina Arizona and for those whom via Holly do so for those the highest level of Paradise that is what should be our goal. And that is what we should ask Allah for Allah. I want Jenna in the local Jana and the prophets, Allah said, I'm said that when you ask Allah for Jenna

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asked for Filipinos, and for this, we have to beg Allah and we also have to see whether we are doing these actions or not. And certainly did we create men from an extract of clay. Then we placed him as a sperm drop in a firm lodging meaning of the womb of the mother. Then we made the sperm drop into a Klingon clot, and we made the clot into a lump of flesh, and we made from the lump bones and we covered the bones with flesh, then we develop him into another creation, what was he at the beginning of his creation, and what he has become at the completion of his creation, completely two different things. If you compare the fetus with a fully formed human being, then again, there is

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such a huge difference. So then we developed him into another creation completely

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So bless it is Allah the best of creators, so who can create better than him who can create other than Him, then indeed, after that you are to die. Allah created you, you live this life here, and at the end of this life, you are going to die, then indeed you on the Day of Resurrection will be resurrected. And we have created above you seven layered heavens, and never have we been of our creation unaware, meaning just look at the expanse of the sky above you. It's so huge, it's so massive. The higher you go, the lower you feel. Because the sky is so high, there seems to be no end to it. Unless as warmer corner and it'll hunt people off Ilene despite the massive size of this

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universe, we have not been of our creation, unaware, meaning never has there been a moment when Allah has neglected his creation, that the creation is so huge, but whose creation is it allows creation and constantly it is under allows observation, and we are also his creation, he cares for us also, he provides for us also he nurtures us also remember that nothing happens except by the permission of Allah. So this means that if our heart is beating, that is also happening by Allah's permission, if the sun is rising and setting that is also happening with Allah's permission, we learned, for example, that when the sun sets, it prostrates to Allah now how exactly does it happen

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if you think about it physically allow are no, right? But it happens. We learn that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that when the sun sets it prostrates to Allah and it asks us permission, if it can continue, meaning if it can continue to rise again. And only when Allah allows does the sun rise? So what do we learn from this, that nothing happens in this universe except by the permission of Allah. So this means that everything that is happening, is happening with his knowledge under his watch, under his observation, and we have sent down rain from the sky in a measured amount meaning as per need, and we settled it in the earth, meaning when the rain falls down from the sky, it

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doesn't just evaporate, it doesn't disappear. It settles in the earth, how that either it settles on the surface of the earth in the form of pools, water in the form of ponds, lakes, rivers, or it gets absorbed by the earth into underground water reservoirs. And indeed, we are able to take it away when in either the herb in below cod alone, alone, Allah can take this water away, meaning Oh, people don't take these blessings for granted. Don't think that you deserve all of this. It is only Allah's mercy that you are alive, He created you. And he's the one providing for you. So do not forget him while you live in this life. And we are brought forth for you there by gardens of palm

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trees and grape vines, in which for you are abundant fruits and from which you eat. Meaning in these gardens which grow as a result of rain, there's so much benefit for you. There's so much fruit that grows you can buy you can sell it you can make money, and you also eat it. You also use it yourself. There's food for you in that. And it's amazing that all of this is a result of what water that falls down from the sky. And when the rain is falling. You know sometimes you see there's so much water just the other day when it was raining in the nighttime. I don't know if you notice but there's so much water out in the streets. You wonder where is it going to go? And the next morning when you go

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out the streets are dry completely. So the water it has been reserved. It has been absorbed by the earth and where is it going? The plants they're benefiting from it ultimately who's benefiting from the plants. We are, we are so all of this for unshot net lakum this entire Earth is benefiting you. Manhattan Kowloon you eat will shadow Ratan Tata for German puri Cena, and we brought forth a tree issuing from Mount Sinai, meaning originally This tree is from there, which produces oil and food for those who eat. What is this tree the fruit of which when you press you don't get juice but you get oil and this oil, it is food also. And at the same time, you also use it as an ointment meaning

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you applied on your body. And also you can dip your food in it. What kind of tree is this? The olive tree? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, season your food with olive oil and also anoint yourselves with it meaning applied on your body also, for it comes from a blessing tree. So olive oil is good for eating and it's also used for application

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Meaning applying on the body. Why? Because it comes from a blessing tree, I shall the lower on her. She said that Allah messenger sallallahu sallam, he died in a state that it never happened that he could eat to his fill the bread with olive oil twice during the day, meaning he never had enough to eat even oil twice a day, meaning the maximum that he ate oil was how many times a day. How many times once maximum once. Our problem is that when we learn about the good qualities of olive oil, then we start over using olive oil. And then when we overuse it, then we also suffer because of that. So we see that everything is good in moderation, including olive oil. Well, in the leconfield

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anomala ibra. More blessings are mentioned over here. So we recognize our Creator, indeed for you in livestock is a lesson, we give you a drink from that which is in their bellies, and for you in them are numerous benefits. And from them you eat and upon them and on ships, you are carried. You ride on these animals, and you also ride on other things that you have made yourselves. And we had certainly sent news to his people. And he said, Oh, my people worship Allah, you have no deity other than Him, then will you not fear him. But the eminent among those who disbelief from his people said, This is not what a man like yourselves who wishes to take precedence over you. So over here,

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we see that they're falsely accusing him. And if Allah had willed to send a messenger, he would have sent down angels. We have not heard of this among our forefathers they were writing this because new artists and and was indeed the first messenger. He was the first messenger. However, they were wrong in saying that he is a man who's just trying to take precedence over you that he's using religion to gain superiority over you because they're accusing his sincere intentions. He is not but a man possessed with madness. So wait concerning him for a while. Has anyone ever called you said

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that maybe you're fasting or you're spending in charity and people start to look at you as if you're mad? Maybe they don't say it, but they look at you as if you're crazy. or new. Hey, listen, I'm the first messenger. Even he was called mad. They said he is not but a man possessed with madness. So wait concerning him for a time, meaning perhaps he will get over this. Maybe this is just a phase or very soon he will die. And soon this will all be history. No, Elisa Lam said, oh my lord. But I've been so many be maca baboon, oh, my lord support me, because they have denied me. My people are not listening. And he said this after 950 years. So we inspire to him construct the ship under our

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observation and our inspiration mean we're protecting you, we're watching you, and we will teach you how to build a ship. And when our command comes and the oven overflows, because that is from where the water was going to gush forth. Then once the water starts pouring in, then put into the ship from each creature to mates and your family also. And your family as well over here doesn't just include his family, but also the people who believed in him, except those for whom the decree of destruction has proceeded, meaning those from your family who have not believed they will not embark the ship and who was that his son and his wife, and in fact know her. They said I'm still tried to

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have his son board the ship. But the sun refused, and do not address me concerning those who have wronged indeed, they are to be drowned in no home moroccon and when you have boarded the ship, you and those with you then say Alhamdulillah he larina Jana minakami lolly mean, say Praise to Allah who has saved us from the wrongdoing people will call Rob BNZ Lehman's Allah MOBA rockin, well, anti Roman xylene and say, Oh my Lord, let me land at a blessing landing place and you are the best to accommodate us. This means that whenever the future seems uncertain, you don't know where you're going to go, where you're going to end up what course of action you should take, then ask Allah of

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BNZ Li manzana Mubarak and wonder hiral, Manzoni whenever arriving at a new place, whether it is a new school, and you must, or it could be a new workplace, right, a new city, a new house, any place any place that is new when you get there, there'll be NZ Lehman's Allah Mubarak and Oh my Lord, let me land at a blessing landing place, meaning make my arrival over here. blessing, meaning bless me through my coming over here. You give me benefit from this change that has happened in my life and you are the best to accommodate us in

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Feed Erica. We're in canola over 13. Indeed, and that are signs and indeed we are ever testing well in canola obita, lean, meaning we are certainly certainly going to test our servants, new Harley, Sam, he was tested for 950 years, none of us is going to live for 950 years. And this means that any test is not going to be longer than the test of new, highly similar. Any test we face in our lives, it's going to be shorter than that. It's going to be lesser than that. And Allah says, we're in canal mo bethanien. But for sure, every servant of Allah is going to be tested, test is necessary. Because this is what this life is about. All people are tested, and successful are those who make

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something of their lives. So my unshot nam and Barbara himcolin, are hurrying, then we produced after them a generation of others, and we sent among them a messenger from themselves saying, worship Allah, you have no data other than Him, then will you not fear him? Don't you fear Allah when you disobey Allah, and the eminent among his people who disbelieved and denied the meeting of the hereafter? While we had given them luxury in the worldly life, they opposed the messenger. If you notice over here, the messenger, his name is not mentioned, the people that he was sent to, even they're not mentioned by name. Why? Because it doesn't really matter. What matters is the fact that

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each time Allah sent a messenger, this was typically the reaction of the people. And what was that arrogance and refusal to believe, especially on the part of who, on those who were given luxury in the worldly life? meaning those who are given more blessings? What happens is that when a person when he receives blessings in this life, and he begins to think that I deserve this, he begins to take them for granted. And he becomes arrogant because of them. And he thinks that I must be good, which is why Allah is blessing me. I must be right, which is why I'm fine here. And when he compares himself with people who are suffering in worldly terms, he sees that Oh, those are the people who

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are more religious. So see, they're wrong. They're wrong. And what happens is that such people, sadly, they're the ones who oppose the truth the most. They're the ones who oppose the messengers the most. So over here, also What happened? They said, This is not what a man just like you, meaning they try to look down on the Prophet. They try to dismiss his message by saying, oh, he's only a human being. He eats of that from what you eat and drink. So what you drink What's so special about him? He doesn't eat any superfood. And if you should obey a man like yourselves, indeed, you would then be losers. Notice how they're telling their people, don't listen to the Prophet, follow us. And

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they're saying, if you obey a man like yourselves, then you will be losers, then what are they calling people to? They're calling people to obey them. But they're turning people away from obedience to the Prophet by saying, don't obey a man don't obey a human being, well, what makes you different? Does he promise you that when you have died and become dust and bones, that you will be brought forth once more? How is that possible? He had to he had to Lima to arduin. They said, how far How far is that what you were promised meaning it's impossible. resurrection, not possible. There is no Day of Judgment, there is no afterlife. This man has just made it all up. They said life

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is not but our worldly life. We only live here we die, and we live but we will not be resurrected women are going to be my routine. They said he is not but a man who has invented a lie about Allah and we will not believe him woman and hula hooping. I mean, if you think about it, these words were said centuries ago, 1000s of years ago, but even today, those who deny the profits don't they say the exact same words? Right? That the profits they were just human beings there is nothing really special about them if anything in worldly terms they were quite far behind. And then they say that this life is just here. It's just this worldly life once we die we're finished there's no more

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existence after this death and they're in rejection of the

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color have been so Navy maca boon we generally think that this is a result of scientific advancement or because of the fact that human beings have now gained so much knowledge and experience and the more intellectual they're becoming the more they reject God and religion but the fact is, that centuries ago people reacted in the same way so nothing really has changed in human psychology.

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So the messenger he prayed to Allah color have been sold Nabi maka de boon. He said, oh my lord support

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Because they have denied me, I have done my best to convey the message. But these people are not believing you helped me. Allah said, after a little, they will surely become regretful meaning there is a time for everything. There is a time for everything. And after a little, just be patient, just a little while longer, and what will happen these people who deny you, they will become regretful, and so it happened, the shriek sees them in truth, and we made them as plants, double plants double. Have you ever seen spread out leaves broken? Or maybe weeds that have been uprooted and just left outside or grass that has been cut off and then just thrown on the side? What happens? It's

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lifeless, it's green initially and then over time, the next day, what do you see that it's all dried and weathered, lifeless, it's not attractive at all garbage and that is how they became out. So, that is how they became a hoarder. Tomasi had a bit of help further along with Ferber, then little tomio loyalty mean, then away with the wrongdoing, people. You see people who reject Allah, they don't deserve the blessings of Allah. Allah gives them blessings for some time. But then eventually, their time comes to an end, then we produced after them, other generations, this was not the end of humanity. This was not the end of human race, more people came, more generations came,

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no nation will proceed, it's time of termination, nor will they remain thereafter. Meaning for every nation was a time of existence, which was neither going to be increased, nor was it going to be decreased. So if within that time, they believed good for them, and if in that time, they chose disbelief, then that was only their fault. us also, we need to think about ourselves, we have been given a limited amount of time to live on this earth, a limited amount of time. And we were sent here for a purpose and what was that? worship Allah, find our Creator, please Him, seek ways to earn his pleasure, so that once we die, he is happy with us. We are happy with him. And he gives us a

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place in the eternal abode of Paradise, where blessings where joy, where comfort is everlasting, where there is no death. And here there is certainly death.

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So not all of a sudden now also learner Tatra. Then we sent our messengers in succession. And what does that mean? That nations were also sent in succession. Every time there came to a nation, its messenger, they denied him. So we made them follow one another in destruction, meaning one nation came, they disbelieved. They got deceived by this worldly life, Allah sent a messenger to them to remind them of the purpose of their lives, to correct their behavior. What happened, the people rejected, and then after some time, their time expired, so they were finished, they died. And then what happened? another nation came in their place, another generation, same history repeated itself.

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They also got deceived by this life. Allah sent messengers and we made them narrations what happened ultimately, now they're just stories. When you study the history of this world, what is it that you study? empires, nations, dynasties, people, people of the past, and especially what you learn about them is their dates, right? How they rose to power, how long they were in power, and how they declined and when they were finished. So far, there are no hobbies, we made them narrations, they're just history. So do we want to be just history? Or do we want that once we die, we actually live in everlasting and an eternal life of joy. So away with the people who do not believe fullbore delito

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Mila you may know. So moto Salah musawah aha, who Haruna Biya Tina, also parliamo been. Then we sent Musa and his brother held on with our signs and a clear authority to fit our own and his establishment, but they were arrogant. And they were an arrogant people. They were a hottie people will can will Coleman Eileen exalted people, meaning we thought very highly of themselves. They said, should we believe to men like ourselves, while their people are for us in servitude. They said Why should we believe in two people who are human beings just like us? There's nothing that makes them different from us. They don't have any supernatural abilities and their nation are for us in

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servitude there are between meaning their slaves and what was their nation. The money is law in that they're a slave nation to us, meaning socially also

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They're lesser than us. So they denied them. Why? merely because they were of a lower social class, we see that this ignorance is found in human beings still today, that how we discriminate against people Why? Just because they have less money compared to us, or that their education, or the level of beauty or the different standards that we have set for success in this life. They don't meet those standards. So we discriminate against people based on these reasons. And this is racism. This is Jamelia ignorance for the boomer. And because of this fear around, he denied Masada is set up for Konami no more lucky, and they were of those who were destroyed, because the one who does not humble

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himself, then he is forced to be humbled, then he is humiliated. The one who does not humble himself, then he is disgraced for can luminol malarkey in what are called tenemos el Kitab. And we certainly gave most of the Scripture that perhaps they would be guided, who would be guided the Bani Israel would be guided, that they would read the book, they would reflect on it, they would learn its meanings, they would understand it, and they would follow it. And once they follow it, they would be guided, and we made the son of Maria meaning raisonne is Sam and his mother millennium, a sign. And we sheltered them with a high ground having level areas and flowing water, meaning money,

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and resources. To them, they were provided a special place where they lived, where the blessings of this life were given to them. flowing water. And flowing water is a huge, huge blessing, which we really take for granted. We really take for granted how many places there are in the world till today, where people don't have running water. They have to travel in order to get water or they have to wait for hours in order to get water. And we learn that how so many places in the world where water and such accessories of life are not easily available, how much people are struggling day to day. I mean, just the heat wave that has gone through certain countries, certain parts of the world

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these past few days, how many people have died, and how many people are sick suffering. So running water, fresh food, these are all blessings, and in this month of Ramadan, while we live in this part of the world, and we complain that all fasting is impossible over here. Why is it that we have too fast? Can we not change the month to some other parts of the year? Why is it that we have to go through this difficult part of our religion? Well, the fact is that we're not in denial. Nobody's in paradise in this world. We're either going to be tested in one way or another way. We are being made to experience thirst and hunger, so that we think about the people who are living in this condition

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on a regular basis. We also care about them.