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The importance of protecting oneself is emphasized in choosing a date and pursuing a schedule, as well as practicing shaping and praying in the morning. The shaping Rayur shaping Rayur hangs on shaper's hair, as well as the importance of protecting one's identity and preparing for a wedding. The segment also touches on the shaping of men's hair, including a man who advises not to wake up in the middle of the night and drinking milk. The segment also touches on the topic of hula and the importance of reciting the daily digestive cycle.

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They produce and how do they get married and Where do they live and on what not what attracts them and how do they get into you and things like that but now we need to talk on how to protect yourself

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the prophet alayhi salatu salam says in this hadith reported by Buhari

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the habit is reported by Buhari seven as what dates

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well that is what dates see the picture

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as your dates that everywhere you can find them they're pretty expensive, but if you can afford them, it's good. If you cannot afford them than any This will be fun inshallah Tada. Any that would be fine, especially that from Medina.

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If not any date could be fine. But as well it's more preferable why because that is probably also some mentions, as well. In Buhari

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every morning before breakfast, seven, seven as well as the Prophet says whosoever eats the seven as well as every morning shaitan will never get to this person.

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This is a prescription from a drugstore pharmacy called Muhammad Rasulullah

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is giving you the prescription now, seven as your dates. No Satan can harm me that day.

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Remain in the state of odo as much as possible. Like

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the Prophet alayhi salatu salam when he was raised, and then he saw Bilal trying to rush with him Subhana Allah and to add to the agenda before the Prophet is Assam and then he says Yeah, why are you doing that? When he came back to this village I saw you're rushing with me trying to go first into Jenna says what is it that you're doing so special ob there is nothing in yellow sama except that every time I make a photo, I follow it up with Taka.

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Every time I make a photo, I follow it up with Toluca. He likes to be in the state of Voodoo.

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I'm like what's was also heavily aligned

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to the main in the state of Voodoo, as much as possible, especially at night before you go to sleep, if you can remember that person. Right. I told you the story last week

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when he was reciting, he was performing Nokia and then the genie spoke and he says I will come and harm you. And then he couldn't harm him. And then the genie came back and he says yes, I couldn't because you decided it couldn't see but at the same time he was in the state of Voodoo, he before he went to sleep. He was in the state of Voodoo, the prophet Elisa two senses in this hair. It's a house in Bukhari and Muslim whosoever sleeps with the state of odo. So he performs ablution before going to bed. An angel will be guarding him after that person wakes up.

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You Makoto and you decide ethicacy and you decide we'll talk about some others but although I'm reminded myself to her

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you will have an angel slipping by you're not sleeping but standing by all night you know Guardian you

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have a look

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at the here to the congregational prayers, safeguarding

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the five daily prayers

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on time.

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First of all time,

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first of all, on time, not at nine or 10 on whenever you wake up.

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Not combining first of Anisha together first of all together that the five daily prayers.

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Remember, this is safeguarding. Because you don't want to leave any weak points for the for the shaper to come and get you.

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If he finds any any weak point. That's his opportunity. Don't give him that chance. five daily prayers on time

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in JAMA for those who definitely can, except those who have other Sorry, excuse that goes in accordance with the Sharia. Tamerlane as much as you can, the night prayer.

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The night prayer with different inshallah to Allah also help safeguarding you and protecting you. Allah loves those who wake up in the middle of the night and pray and maybe shed some tears, asking the last digit to forgive him. Because the Lazarus comes down in a way that befits His Majesty, as reported by Bukhari and Muslim and Mr. Mohammed annotator MIDI narrated the Bible, so I'm also highly needed so many howdy This is a continuous hadith of hamama. The chain of this hadith allegedly comes down in a way that befits His Majesty and looks at those who pray

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At night, and those will make you safer at night asking for forgiveness

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to give him a to forgive him for granted Doha

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cuyama Lee

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seek refuge in Allah before entering the washroom

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in what like we said last week how you enter the washroom

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How about singing in the washroom?

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Taking a bath and taking on singing you're like doing that.

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Who likes doing that? Singing Singing in the washroom you don't like doing that

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that's good

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so the with the left foot llama nearly becoming a home

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and you come up with the word for Nam don't talk

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do your thing and come out some people they go to sleep inside they forget themselves no you just go do your thing and come out

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and aside the profits not this isn't a Buddha would classify

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the site in the profits dry when getting married.

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You hold her

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like you put your hand on her forehead alarm alum and yes oka Hara Hara Masha Allah

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escuela Xhosa for her good

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and you seek a lesser fuse from her evil right? This is when you first get married. You decide this and you perform to the guy with your spouse after the marriage contract so when she gets to meet you how long after the contract you with your wife you know you can see how he decides you know the and then you you know do the total car together and then you bring maybe a cup of milk Sunnah of the prophet is your dream you give her to drink and you know you drink from it. I was telling this you know once in my seminar somebody came to me says brother how what would I do now I got married but I didn't know all this.

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I said my brother the train has passed and then he goes back says No sir. I have four more three more trains to go.

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The next day he came in he says I'm sorry in public, he had problems at night. When he says three trains he came back he was apologizing.

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Alright, so these all these things are shallow we will safeguard you and protect you with the will of alized ocean. They say that the IB for intimacy Bismillah Allahu

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alayhi shaytan Amara Sakina This is in Bukhari and Muslim.

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You seek allies those help and you seek refuge from the Shaitaan

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Would you please if you don't mind brothers and sisters, turn off your cell phones. This is getting ridiculous.

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Aloha My name is nev Shabana Mara Rosa putana.

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Site ayatul kursi before going to sleep

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the site ayatul kursi before going to sleep

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the site is reciting after official prayer if you have the book has been Muslim it's a good book The first press of the Muslim so I'm taking some you know from there and some from other Hadith and some from other books you know summarizing everything for the inshallah tada and giving it to you in this golden platter. So just use it.

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The site and after, after the first prayer La ilaha illa

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Allah shikara the whole McCullough will hand

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well acquisition 1300 times in Bukhari and Muslim the prophet Isaiah slim says whosoever said this 100 times after sola after the first prayer that day, he will not be harmed by shavon.

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Now Hello, hi Lola Alessia Cara, the hula, hula, hula, hula, hula and Paddy, who are under coolish 100 times versus the 10 times when you say that you know that she could have opened him up to Allah Krishna Paddy, that's another that's another Hadith that's only 10 times this one is 100 times

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reciting the DA before entering the masjid, I will be learning how to be lemonis

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Avi oshika Karim masataka the Ministry of Energy This is in Abu Dawood