Story of Khaled bin Waleed

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in the Battle of Vienna

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came with Hussein. He was the guy who declared prophecy. His name is Mussolini Al Khattab, the lawyer.

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And then when he

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found something in his hand when he caught him, he says, What is the job in your hand? He says, I've got some poison. If I were to get caught, if I were to get God, I'd rather eat this portion and die, then been caught as a prisoner.

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says, Do you think that this poison can kill?

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You see that this poison can kill? And then he took the poison, he said, and he ate it. He says no, it cannot kill the one who can harm us a lot.

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I'm not saying can't take poison and eat it.

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I wanted to teach that man the lesson of Allah delegated first of all Allah subhana wa Taala put in your trust on Allah subhana wa tada

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if the entire mankind Ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters is the entitlement Chi from incent gene, they come together to harm you. And Allah does not want to harm you. You should not be harmed.