Haitham al-Haddad – Philosophy of Fasting #10

Haitham al-Haddad
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Assalamualaikum and a very warm welcome to the philosophy of fasting Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen. All praise is due to Allah. All blessings go to Muhammad, the last prophet and messenger of Allah. As always, it's my pleasure to have in the studio today, Dr. Hatem al al dad Salam aleikum, Wa Alaikum salaam wa rahmatullah wa ala Catherine, thank you so much for joining us in the studio as

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well, doctor, as you know, and the cord is still the the impact of fasting. And last time we picked up on you know, what breaks the fast, what should we refrain from? So we wrote a crucial point about food and drink. I want to go further into the discussion, because I want to make it clear for our viewers at home, you know, what if we were to use like a toothbrush or toothpaste, these things are very, you know, we have to get them

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answered very dominantly. Because if we don't get this correct when fasting,

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who knows the consequences, okay. Smilla salatu, salam ala Rasulillah. You know, we said that Sharia prohibited having food and drink and then we said that that is colors, were discussing what is equal to food and drink or having food and drink, what what takes the same ruling? In fact, they said what is the spirit behind having a behind the prohibition of having food and drink? What is the philosophy behind it? What is the foundation behind it? It is a long discussion, very interesting discussion. That's why we discussed the issue of injection Yes, last time and whether it is nourishment or non nourishment injection. Now

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with regards to applying tooth, paste or toothbrush, first of all, it is sunnah for the person to clean his mouth, okay.

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By miswak, and there was number of a hadith. One of the Sahaba said that I have seen seen the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, countless number of times applying see work, right, I mean, the cleaning his mouth, which is equal to brushing the teeth. So this is yet to observe a good hygiene for the mouth, and good, also breath as well. And here, as we are talking about this point, I appeal to my brothers and sisters, to watch out to this hide in the mouth, how Eugene because especially in non Muslim countries, when they work with other colleagues, or maybe they use public transportation, like in England, when people has to breathe, and when I'm fasting, and my mouth, smell or brief, is

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bad, disgusting. I don't think that this gives a good image about Islam and Muslims. And you cannot say that, while Sharia intends this, because the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, the smell of the fasting person is more beloved to Allah, Allah Allah or Dear to Allah, Allah Allah than this, the fragments of mosque. We cannot say this because we said the Prophet salaallah alayhi salam himself, he used to use miswak right most of the time during fasting.

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And, generally speaking, what we understand from the lifestyle of the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam is that he used to look after his mouth hygiene. Definitely. And he said sallallahu alayhi wa sallam according to Hadith. Have you heard that? Gibreel the angel Jibreel used to encourage the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to clean his mouth by Seawalk Okay, okay. Gibreel encouraged the Prophet salallahu Alaihe salam to do this see work. And the province I seldom used to apply to work whenever he goes to home whenever

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But he loose leaves home and whenever he goes to bed whenever he wakes up from bed according to Hadith, Inshallah, the Allah Allah Allah and some other statements so, observing that mouth hygiene is something that is Sunnah and we should not stop that during fasting. So it is allowed to use toothbrush, okay, in fact you can say it is sunnah use toothbrush, okay, and by the way, I know this will maybe we will have some questions by our brothers and sisters who say that the Sunnah is miswak is not toothbrush. And we have to say that as we are talking about philosophy of Sharia, exactly, Sharia intends to have the mouthy clean, whether by toothbrush or by miswak I understand that's why

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in other a hadith the Prophet salaallah alayhi salam used to clean his mouth by his tongue surely by his *, so, if there is no miswak then clean you mouth by any mean and the the miswak you know this this stick yes there are people use this is you can say a natural tooth brush Exactly. If you do not find it, then use the other artificial tooth brush Yes. Okay. Definitely the spirit of it is to clean the mouth Subhanallah and you just mentioned sorry, if I may continue. You mentioned the the

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I think before the program you were you asked me about about chewing gum that said definitely I was I was saying because many people say could we come with you chewing gum? Can we have gum in our mouth? Is this not this is not food okay. See

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if the chewing gum does not have any other ingredients a very natural one that doesn't have anything else okay, we have to be careful Yes. Unlike the manufactured ones I say that they have you know some sweet okay. Yes, yes or flavors other flavors meant or something like this Yeah. Then chewing such gum is not allowed showing you that such chewing gum is not allowed I say because obviously you are going to swallow the flavor the min to the Sweet or something like this, huh.

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But if it is the natural one that has no other ingredients and no other ingredients that will be swallowed provided that

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you do not use it to provoke your what you call your system to produce more saliva. Yes, okay, you know, because it's when you chew a gum and more saliva comes out definitely you do not intend to this in order to swallow it, then we can say a chewing

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such gum for a very short period of time can be overlooked, if you want to use it to improve the mouth or the breath your breath. I understand. So actually, you know, in in Western countries or non Muslim countries, of course, okay. The interaction the physical interaction between people is common, of course so so we want Muslims to be in the best shape. Definitely. I definitely agree with you that there. Dr. Latham. However, I just wanted to ask you very kindly okay, you're saying the natural chewing gum we may chew for a little while. This is acceptable or overlooked? Yeah. Okay. What about the the mouth spray? You know, it's very common in the West and the best smell. So arch

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spray? Yes, okay, the mouth is prey is not allowed because normally you will swallow part of it right. And you'll feel the taste of it. Unless a person says that it is very minimum and it is equal to the inhaler. Yes. Then at that case, I do not say that it is allowed. I say we need to look at it. Generally speaking, is not allowed. Definitely. And also you will ask of course about mouthwash. Yes. That's the text. That's the next because Doctor has some people may say, Okay, can I use mouthwash, it's got you know, natural ingredients, or it hasn't got natural ingredients. What's the Z? Even if it has natural ingredients? It doesn't mean that it is allowed to swallow them. Because

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food is just natural ingredients. Yes. Okay, which is not allowed to eat it or drink it. Okay, so

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We should avoid using a mouth mouthwash.

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Again, toothpaste, we advise people to avoid it because it is very likely that when people use toothpaste that they will swallow some x it will go with the saliva and it will it will swallow some of it and may be and I have seen this, that unfortunately some people use to paste and after that they start spitting, you know, because they feel that the taste of it while fasting. So they started getting rid of it, in order to get rid of it. They continuously split. So no need for it, you know, no need, and you can use your toothbrush. Without even toothpaste. Of course, I use it it is something that can be done. It's not a big deal. Subhan Allah, it is very interesting, because you

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know, some things that you must clear up on the the fasting rules and the small points. I think everybody knows that the big points that we must look out for, but the small points that we clearly know it's very difficult. And the spirit behind those small points. Definitely, definitely. Well, let's move on and say, Okay, we've talked about food. Let's quickly talk about the triggers. okay about it. And in QA. Yes, I was about to say that I remember one point that many people do ask about it. Which is the eye drops? Yes. Okay, the eye drops. Is it allowed to have eyedrops or maybe ear drops, of course. The nasal spray the nasal spray. Okay. See? The

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Pavarotti Allahu Taala and who or the prophets Allah Allah Allah sentiment for the soft one said, If you

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rinse your mouth, okay? If you rinse your mouth, then do it properly, except when you are fasting. Okay, Bella, Phil screenshot, sorry, if you rinse your nose, okay, then do it provided that you are not fasting. Okay? So from that this caller said that

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having or letting water to enter your body, through your nose, as if you let water enter your body through your mouth. So they said that the mouth and the nose are the normal passages for food or drink.

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That's why you should not have any kind of drink through Of course your mouth nor through your nose. Okay, so nasal spray. If it is a spray that goes inside, and it is not a spray that just remains on the skin I see on the surface of the nose, then it is not allowed. Of course if it is just like that inhaler. And this just stick sticks on the skin or the service of the nose. Then that's alright. Subhanallah Well, Doctor, we have to leave it there for this part. That's all we have time for right now. Well, thanks for watching. Stay tuned. We're just going to take a quick break assalamualaikum welcome

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Very well. Welcome back. Doctor. Before the break, we were talking about the virtues of fasting and everything we must refrain from. We discussed about the food that we must refrain from and things like the toothpaste, toothbrush, things like this. And we were just at the crucial point about saying like here drops, nose drops, and it drops you just mentioned F d the nose drop went onto the surface of the skin. This is okay. However, if it went low into your mouth, no. So let's take the eyedrops and the ear drops okay. So now salatu salam ala Rasulillah. So, as we said the scholars took from the Hadith or from the statement of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam

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that both the nose and the mouth are the normal passages to the stomach definitely.

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Now, there are some other you can say passages that lead to the body itself, but they might not lead to the the stomach. Okay, direct directly to the stomach. For example,

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The you know here in our eyes there are some tubes that lead to our body emotionally and same thing with the ear. Yes. So they say that the eye drop is allowed generally speaking okay okay. But of course we say because some scholar said no avoid it we say if you can avoid it Alhamdulillah okay we need to avoid more the ear drop yes because you know the ear drop sometimes lead directly to your

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throat the throat yes and you can even feel the taste Yes, you can taste it and especially with the nose, this is nose and throat it all connected. Exactly, exactly. So, it should be avoided if we can that is better. And we always say that, okay, if there is a matter that might be seen by some scholars or many scholars, not just some that it breaks your fast then it's good to avoid it. Okay? Make it simple.

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But you know when we talk about the eyedrops some people do ask about you know, some women some sisters in particular, they asked about

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eyeliner, yes, the eyeliner and I'm the A they have it in the Eastern countries. I'm not sure what they call it, but it's like black. Yeah, yes. In Eastern countries, we call it yes Korea and maybe in Western countries they call it eyeliner, eyeliner. Now, whether eyeliner or Kohle it doesn't go inside of course, okay. So it is allowed Okay, would that not be contradicting No, Doctor, please forgive me on saying this, because this brings me to my next point by saying is this not making the woman desirable for husband? Well,

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that is true. That is true.

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See, there is no harm of a and generally speaking, yes, the wife should be should look desirable for her yes, of course, you know, the Prophet sallallahu sallam said so, what you will do they will do it and we will do it that loving lady and in the other Hadith, the Prophet sallallahu sallam said the one whom once you look at you will feel happy okay. So, part of the happiness of the husband is for his wife to look desirable for for him okay. So, generally speaking, that is not a problem that is in fact a sunnah. Yes, yes, sunnah for a lady to look like this. Now in Ramadan, she needs to look also clean, neat and even desirable provided that her husband will not be involved in sexual

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activity with her Okay. Okay. If she knows that this for example, it may be provoked her

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or encouraged her husband to have like sexual activity, then she should avoid it other than that, it is okay and it is not a problem. Definitely shake. You know, I totally understand people may think this is a shy subject to talk about. However, it is very you know, we must outline the points here. Exactly. So, Aisha our mother insha, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah said that the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam used to kiss and used to go for prayer. Yes, so she spoke about some sexual activities of course, and and

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probably Allahu Allah, Allah Han, who once said that, oh ya rasool Allah, I did something bad. He said, What did you do? He said, I kissed while I was fasting. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, if if you are if you rains or goggle water, okay, a will that break your fast? He said, No, yeah rasool Allah. So he said, the Prophet SAW Selim replied, by saying the kissing will not break your fast as well. Right. So so, you know, generally speaking, for example, the husband can kiss his wife, the wife can kiss her husband did during the day of fasting, but they should not go beyond that. Right. Okay. For the example. And that's why there is one Hadith that a man came to the

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Prophet SAW Selim, a young person came to the Prophet so I sent him and he said, Am I allowed to kiss? He said, No.

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In another incident, a man came to the Prophet SAW Selim and said, Am I allowed to kiss and the Prophet SAW Selim approved it? And so

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I how the prophesised approved this in one incident and the Prophet SAW Selim did not approve this. And the other incident, they said that was a young person if he

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You want to kiss his wife, then he might not be able to control his desire to stop just at kissing, you might go beyond that. I say beyond that by being involved in the full sexual relationship. And you know, that in being involved in the full sexual relationship is not allowed during the day of fasting SubhanAllah. Doctor, what about then holding hands or cuddling? Yeah,

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that is absolutely as we said, If we allow kissing, then other activities that are less than kissing, or even embracing or coddling. If it does not going to lead to something that breaks the fast or, as you mentioned this, if the person is not going to *.

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Yeah, you know, some people they might not control themselves. So for example, if they touch their wife's hands, or maybe embrace them, they might lose control of themselves, and they might *. So what you're saying to Jackie and eating, breaks the fast is one of the activities that a break that breaks the fast by consensus of all scholars, so the person should not * during fasting, and she should and the person should refrain from all activities that lead him or lead her to *. Subhanallah doctor, we're very pushed on time here. We are nearly at the end of the show. So panela so let's just round it off by saying, basically, kissing is okay, could Ling's okay

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as long? Yes, yes, as long as as long as it does not lead to something bigger than this. Of course, it's a very interesting point to find out that

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a young person was not allowed to kiss his wife and an older person was it I guess it's all down to your own intention. Exactly. And it is our intention and ability to control yourself. That is that you can say the philosophy behind it. So Pamela, of thanks again for joining us in the studio today Dr. Zack Calaca.

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Until next time, I'll leave you in a safe Cafe Allah assalamu Alikum welcome

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