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Bismillahirrahmanirrahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Asha freedom be even more serene Muhammad Rasul Allah He is another highly he was he was sitting on

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Abalones is just I remember my very very dear friend

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I shall not be no other cartoon

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one day is it to me

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is very that kind of my very subtle and very

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you know kind

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so I've been talking about you know wanting to learn Arabic for a long time

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they want to learn how we want to live

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so one day is a dream or many Arby's era like yeah

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he said above sea COVID

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above sea boy I said well I have decided to run out isn't now you will learn

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until then I've been advising I want to run a bit are we singing in the authority era and a year

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or both of you baton a que que Sol bad asthma veritone Middlebury College me language Guzman

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and I've enrolled for me let me translate this several years after this conversation I'm now sitting in Middlebury language schools

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have enrolled for this eight week immersion course in Arabic language.

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In America, this conversation happened and has ever been the point I want to make here is the lesson for me to learn from myself and share with you is the difference between having a Nia through something and make turning that near into a rather into a decision

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and between the two there is the difference between the heavens and the earth right. Now, what is the difference? Why is there a different vegetable

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Nia is the reason you do something right. But that does not but the idea itself is not sufficient, it's important of course, obviously, if you have the wrong idea, then all your effort is wasted which by itself is not just one of the most important thing it is the most important thing the reason why you do something, it motivates you it keeps you going it comes to aid when things are difficult and so on because this is any and then of course the knee I know Allah Vineya there was a solution lovely words based linear, so isn't it, but no matter what the near

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until we can convert the near into an actual era a decision to take action

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nothing will happen nothing will happen.

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When we take only when we take a decision to take action, then the next step follows. So, once I decided that I wanted I said okay, now I am living in America, what's the place? Here is the place what is the reputation This is the reputation of the place and the colleges and then the course what is it cost is what it costs where is it and so on and so forth. All of the long list of stuff which you have to answer you have to then fulfill those requirements you have to take the time off you have to pay the fees you have to travel you do this do that I'm living as I mentioned before in a hospital after 40 years and

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doing everything myself and so on.

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And this is America which means that this hospital is far less

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luxurious than what I was doing in in the My last residence in hostel was in the

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Indian Institute of Management I mean that compared to this world that was was luxury five star luxury,

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when this one is when I wish I had to share a bathroom with several most people they have room for myself, but otherwise, I have to share a bathroom with several people in this in this part of the building there is an attached bathroom sink individual role and so on and so on right. So, the point being that

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all of that becomes possible, all the so called hardship becomes

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possible to do you know to a bear, provided you make the knee provide during the era one way or the other. Now, near and dear rather must it's important to differentiate

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you can have the era with the wrong near

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I can decide to do something, show people to show the world for XYZ reason and that reason may not be a good reason. So this is possible. The robber is still there. The motivation is still there, after all people who are who are doing committing

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crimes, they are putting their own lives in danger, they're putting their freedom in danger. If they get caught, they will go to jail. So they have the era that they have the the decision, and they had the, you know, they have decided to do something, but it is haram it is something which is wrong, right. So the NIA is very important that the NIA must be to please Allah subhanaw taala, which means that the action that we go from there must follow the pattern and the boundary and be within the bounds of Islam. But

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just the NIA alone will not get it there. The era is very important. I'm saying this because Hamdulillah we have a lot of us who

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have good intentions, good near Earth. But we don't make the era and therefore we don't start the action. The fact of life is that it's only action, which count in anything, only action discount, knowing about something or thinking about something will not get us that night. For example, one of the things I'm doing now is walking, getting the number of steps. So

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last couple of years, I've been very sedentary.

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partly thanks to weather, partly thanks to my arthritis and stuff. But I decided to change as we are here.

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My last best was 2000 steps

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per day.

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Here I've gone up to 6000 steps.

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And usually it's more than 6000 steps. And

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I'm trying to get to 10,000. But that takes a lot of time, which I don't have here, but inshallah we'll get there. But the point I'm saying here is that

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this happens because now I'm I want to do this, but simply sitting and thinking about saying oh, you know what I should be walking 10,000 steps will not get you to 1000, you actually have to walk 10,000 steps to get to 10,000 steps.

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And that's only an example I'm giving you to show that this is true for everything. So if I want something, I have to go and work for it, I have to do something, which will get me what I want otherwise.

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Otherwise, the issue is the same, we will not be able to,

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to correct to to to achieve our goals. Because constantly, you know, there will be we'll never get to the point where we actually take action that

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that gets us anywhere. So it's very important to understand this, remember, and

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make the URL. So all of you there who are whoever is sitting on some fence and thinking about all the good stuff you want to do well get on with it. Get on with it. Make sure the NEA is for the pleasure or loss of our data, make sure you do not take any action which is outside this area. And then get put it put pen on paper create a create live writer, live writer write a goal on top and create the steps. What is the strategy and don't go off into the into the stratosphere planning strategy steps? What is the number one thing I need to do? Number two thing I need to do clear measurable steps that take you on the path to success. Right? It is as simple as that a lot around

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that I made his world in such a beautiful way that there are these rules. If you follow the rule, you succeed every single time.

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Every single time. If you don't succeed, go back and see what are what is going wrong with a friend of mine who was a

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was a pilot. And I remember this conversation I had with him many years ago.

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He said the teachers that if you get into an emergency, right? If you get into a tailspin or you're going to do something happens to your plate one engines, one engine or fire or whatever, right? He says they tell us go to the manual, go to the manual.

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That doesn't mean that they're sitting with the big battle visit now the prepping pages No, it means go to the process. What should you do number one instrument check over I just I checked it just not doesn't matter. Do it again.

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Do it again. Instrument check. Starting from whichever point was your point the way they do it. Make sure everything you have actually seen step two, whatever. Step three, whatever. Therefore go back to the manual. So if you want to succeed, we have to have a manual in our mind. And I always believe in writing things down. So manual that you write down of concerning whatever it is that you want to achieve.

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And then follow that.

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By all means take feedback by all means,

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you know, change and improve, but follow that inshallah you will succeed. It is as simple as that we ask a lot smarter to help us to succeed to help us to make the right era to please please Him and to live our lives according to the initial wa salam, ala Vickery while he was a member of the gamma