Muhammad Salah – Fiqh of Zakah Part 4

Muhammad Salah
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the definition of Zika and how it relates to the definition of a "mon'am" or "mon'am" depending on the amount owed. They also touch on the negative consequences of not paying bills and not giving money to anyone who is in trouble. The importance of intention and postpone charity payments is emphasized, along with the need for individuals to avoid wasting their money and avoid wasting others. The speakers also discuss the importance of fulfilling committed projects and postpone until one is confirmed, as well as avoiding giving money to poor individuals or organizations.
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Do you agree, purify you? Well, the glue round and where you live, look at all the good you have to give, give a little love your

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hand somewhere to hold on to fee. There's so much that we can do for so many who are in need, give our time give, give, give ourselves a loss each and every hidden the

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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Welcome to the thick of Zika a series of programs where we look into this important topic of Zika how to understand it, how to implement it. Some of the rulings that upon all of us, especially those will have to pay the Zika I'm joined by Sheikh Mohammed Salaam salaam aleikum has been with us from Salam rahmatullah wa barakato. It's my pleasure, Jamil, thank you so much. Okay, previously, in these episodes of Zika, we've been speaking about the definition of it, the rulings of it, we even went into some detail into the virtues of giving and especially soccer and soccer itself. Now we entered into the topic of Miss up or that

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amount of money that you have to exceed over a whole aluna year. Now when you spoke about this topic, here is one area of it. That is quite pertinent to our days. Nowadays, many people say that I'm in debt. Okay. I've got enough to forego the nisab but I'm in debt. Do I have to pay soccer? Okay. smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Kibera, Toluca, tiene la illallah wa alameen wa Salatu was Salam O Allah, Allah, Allah, Rena Sayyidina, Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa. First of all, let me make a very small correction with the gospel and asabe it is not that you have to exceed in order to be accountable. No, once somebody possesses the exact nisab.

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So for instance, then isabeau Golden silver for gold is what's equivalent to 20 dinar of gold, or 85 grams of gold. So once you possess that much gold, or anything that's equivalent to have cash or paper money, then it is acceptable as long as it is maintained for one entire lunar year.

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So now if somebody

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is in debt,

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and meanwhile, he's a millionaire, not just he poses an assault. he borrows from the banks, and he borrows from business in order to expand his business, and grow his real estate and so on. Does he have to pay zakat on his position, even though he's in debt? Well, we have to look into what kind of debt he is owing to others. Is it an immediate debt

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with regards to a debt that has to be paid immediately, if this is the case, then pay off and you pay the care on the remaining position that you have, if it is the case, if it reaches an assault?

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Well, if it is not due immediately, and it is you over several years, or whatever, then you pay zakat on the interposition you have even though you are in debt.

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Otherwise, you can imagine rich people.

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billionaires do not necessarily invest only in their wealth. They take money from here and there. So if they borrow from banks, and they borrow from individuals and from Institute's and say, Well, I'm in debt, so by the end, they will get to pay nothing, unless if the debt is due immediately. then in this case, we say please pay it off. And that would be deducted from the amount which is the prophets of Allah Han slms it in the Hadith, which is collected by Lena

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La sakata illa. Anwar even

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there is no do charity or obligatory soccer or listen to the person is rich. But if he's in debt, and cannot pay, then he's entitled to receive this. Okay. And also, if you had this morass, when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam sent him to him, and he said to her, do you mean agonia him? What are the Hala fukumura sada the mandatories Okay, is to be taken from the rich, not from the poor.

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Now we come to the situation like you said, of the people who have an

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They reach that limit. What if somebody reaches that limit and passes away Now, what happens to that wealth before it's given to the inheritance and so forth. The verses of inheritance of saltiness that normally I ended up with the following four innocent men value of senior teams are outdated or invaluable. So you're telling us we are dying, and so forth, which means that inheritance should be divided according to

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alfalah, which had been stated in details in sort of in the set, but after making sure

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that the die in the depth of the disease is settled, then his was a year is fulfilled. So we take out the debt, and

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then the remaining inheritance will be divided amongst the IRS. So if somebody died, before even paying off his death, which is due to other human beings, they no longer have kobilka

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This is a debt that he owes to the poor. It was to Allah subhanho wa Taala. To be distributed amongst the poor, a woman men once came to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and Cydia Rasul Allah, my mother passed away and she owed a month of fasting effectively here and Shall I make it up in her state. So now we have Salalah Selim, use the reasoning method in order to stay the hook. He said, local Anna Hello mukhi de akun to Vietnam. If your mother owed a debt to somebody, were you going to pay it off? In her state? She said certainly, he said further, you know, law hepco below, I will cut up. So indeed a laws, the whatever the person owes to ally is more worthy to be settled first.

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So the order will be as follows. somebody died, and he died after the house has rounded up.

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Okay, because if you died before that he doesn't know anything, because you have, he must have paid this occur on the year before. And if you died before the house rounded up, that means the money will be divided amongst the IRS and every person will check his worth whether he owes the cat or not, because sometimes his inheritance is very low. So it doesn't reach to the Nissan and sometimes it is a catapult every person will will examine his own condition. But the person who passed away before the house doesn't owe anything as the way right on the house or after because he was in his sickness, and he did not have a chance to take out as a care and dispense it amongst the poor. So in

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this condition, His ears are required to pay off the Zika. In his state.

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You've mentioned something about debt in debt, about paying off the debt, the debt of a loss of a handler is the is the more obligatory now what if somebody gives money the creditor? He gives, for example, he gives to be a certain amount of money. Can that person Take this money he's given and take it off his xhaka I mean, I know you're smiling at this, but people do outsmarting. But we get asked these questions as you know it is. And it is better to ask. If you don't know. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said In other words,

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if you don't know just ask, instead of guessing the answer on your own, then falling into the trouble of violating the rules of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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There must Allah once again, that I gave you some money.

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I'm a creditor. I lent you some money. You're a poor person, are you?

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So you're broke, you file for bankruptcy, and you cannot pay me anymore.

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So whenever it is, due upon me to pay my own Zika I say to myself, I owe 10,000. And I give this guy 10,000 Why don't I just write it off? And I say, Jamie, I forgive you. And this way, I hit two birds with one stone. It's like I collected my money back from you. And meanwhile I paid my Zika that's invalid.

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Why not? I'm hoping somebody was poor. And meanwhile, I failed my Zika it doesn't work this way. Given the Zika is I had an act of Fortune right? And all those in every bad a must be preceded with

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na cetera. Well, I did not receive that by an intention. Look for know somebody who is

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broke and he's in debt and he's in trouble. And I intended to give him this money as a car, then it works. It counts as a car. But I lent somebody money and he was not able to pay I cannot just write it off my zakka same, I cannot write off the tax which I pay. Whether in Muslim countries or non Muslim countries say this is similar to this a cat, as the category VEDA is an act of worship, it has to be dispensed among the eight categories of Allah subhanho wa Taala, specified in chapter a Toba, verse number 16

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are those who are in need most of the eight categories. So if it is not preceded with this intention, it could be a voluntary charity. It could be alone. It could be a rival endeavor No. So you have to formulate an intention before paying this money to the recipient. Like it within that check. You spoke about the payment. What about the postponed payment? Now? Another question that usually comes up some people say, Well, look, I've got money in certain stocks or shares, I can't retrieve that money out, or I have money in account. And if I take the money out early, I'm going to lose out. Can it be postponed even though it's past your health? This is a very common question.

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Remember, the conditions of this occur besides Islam and freedom,

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most important to conditions and a thought and how I learned how

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the lunar here once it is you

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this money is very dangerous,

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it can destroy one's worth, you must take it out and pay it off to the pool immediately it must be dispatched from your with immediately. You cannot postpone the payment of this occur for any reason, but my money is stuck somewhere even if you have to borrow because this is a write off the poor nav postponed for a few days a couple of weeks because of transfer and as a care from fund to fund distributing does occur, locating those who are eligible yet it should be done earlier than that. So once it is due, you never know what if you die in a condition where he did not pay for years ago.

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What would you tell Allah subhanho wa Taala. So there's a care if it is not taken immediately from the worth of a person, it can lead to its destruction.

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Okay, well, we'll come to looking at the destruction of the people if we don't pay on time the importance of not putting it with your loan to have the right intention. We're going to take a short break and return in a couple of minutes. Please stay with us on this topic of

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Do you agree purify you well?

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virtues of Ramadan.

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The month of Ramadan is the best month of the entire year according to Islam. It has many virtues that Muslims should benefit from, to not lose the chance of this blessed month and to join Dr. Haitham al Haddad in his program, virtues of Ramadan.

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Ramadan is a very unique opportunity for all of us. It is a very unique occasion for all Muslims all over the world. We are going to discuss certain issues related to Malaysia and how to observe the night prayer. We are also going to speak about zecca insha Allah, we are going to speak about sadaqa

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virtues of Ramadan in Ramadan on Hoda TV.

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There's so much that we can do for so many who are in need, give us time give us give us give us a Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Welcome back to the

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Sheikh Mohammed just before the break, we entered a very important topic, and I think we should maybe expand upon it slightly because we're probably going to get a lot of people asking us later on this topic of not paying or delaying your zakarpattia Can we go into it slightly more? So now we have an issue where a person says, I'm not going to pay my Zipcar because I've got money tied up or can't get it out for another month or two, or three months, or even an unspecified time? What do we have to say about this? The prophets Allah line slms, it's malhar la plata. SOHCAHTOA melon, Kaku, La La cat. How would you like this to happen to your wealth? A person who postpones the payment of

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the cat after it is, do you the Prophet sallallahu wasallam essays, any charity that stays in one's wealth?

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He would definitely destroy it. So nobody likes a destruction for his words, but loss. So you rather take it out immediately. It's a mean of purification of your world. And the best example of all is Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam. Not just with the mandatory the care, but once NW Salalah. Sam was praying, it was also prayer Aquamarine Harris is a companion who narrated that and it's a sound that is collected by Amador Buhari and others. He said then after we prayed, normally, the prophets Allah wa sallam used to turn around faces companions and make the tomsula. Instead, this time he got up, and he was in a hurry, he rushed and he left. He went to some of his rooms, then he returned

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back immediately, you saw that people were amazed. They had kosha mashed in their faces, because that was not the prophets practice. He said, Yeah, explain to them. The carto NFS salviati, Tiburon and then whenever I was playing, I remember that somebody gave me some money gold, to be given in a charity factory to an uncle Avi.

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So I hated that it might stay overnight in my house. So I just left on the order them to distribute. This is how soon it should be distributed whenever it is. Do you also let me expand? Furthermore, we're talking about the mandatory soda. Now talk about

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you know, you live in London, Jimmy, and same in the States and Canada. What happens whenever there is a project, and there is a fundraise. There are pledges. Oh, yeah, we get we never count on pledges, we really count on the cash that we collect. Because most of the time we don't even get to collect 50% of pledges why people get warmed up. And motivated. Whenever the chef has given a motivating speech, encouraging people to give in a charity, then they make pledges. Only go home, they think about it. And they go to work. And they when they mingle with the dunya and so on, they get sucked in. So they completely neglect their commitments. That's a promise that's a vow. No, you

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should not hesitate to pay what you've had to do. You intended to give any charity, obviously, I want to tell you this, it is not Haram, you're not committing a major sin for not paying something that you plan to pay it. But you're missing the word. And you're breaking a promise that you took upon yourself to give, it depends if you made it as a vow in this condition, it must be fulfilled. But if it was just a voluntary commitment, then you should fulfill it. If he did not fulfill it, you're not blameworthy.

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Because he did not pay it yet. And that's why I say you should rush to fulfill your commitment. Before Satan would whisper to you and say, the future of your children and the traditions of the school. And you never know who's gonna get sick, and who need the money. And somebody will talk to you and say, you know what this project, I don't think they really need that much money, they collected more what they needed, look you intended to give for the sake of Allah, then do it,

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fulfill it. postponing is a great disease. First one in the tower repentance, postponing given in a charity, and an abuse all of us and I've said something very interesting in this regard. When he was asked about which charity is best,

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he said and

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when he Shahe

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docshell fakra water mouline

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meaning that this charity is to give any charity while you are healthy.

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Expect to live a long life and you're afraid of poverty, and you're eager to get richer and richer, whatever to adjust, and don't postpone until you're really told that

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you're not gonna live for two or three days. So hello, some people are told by the doctors and some they just die immediately, without any further notice. So whenever they know that they are approaching their end, they start while they're lying back on their

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beds, they start distributing their wealth and give that much charity to so and so. And give to this message such and such amount, and so forth, and abuse on the line. So lemme said, What can whether you distribute it or not, it is not yours. It has been already distributed because it's over for you. So this charity once you make up your mind you and again and again. Then I say no, postpone. Exactly. You said don't postpone and, and give on time and so forth. But some people now

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Okay, and we've been asked these questions before. So these are not something that just coming up some people's, okay? I'm a bit scared. And the kind of person that I get, you know, get the dunia is, is on top of me, I'm working nine to five, and I'm going back and forth and pick him up from school. And I know I'm going to miss, I'm going to miss when it comes to my sakata can I give it in advance? If I organize myself, as a matter of fact, this is a solution for another problem. Some people make a big error. And they think they're doing the right thing, whether individuals or organizations, which is they say, you know, if I give this poor individual or poor family, they

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don't know how to control money, so they can waste it all at once. So once this occur is you're on his wealth. What he does is he separates, there's a car payment. And he's thought given them on installments on a monthly basis or payments.

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your intention is good, but you're committing a big sin which is delaying does occur from its proper time. So I'm not supposed to do what you're supposed to do. If you'd like to assist people on a regular basis, you can actually pay off years ago in advance for rich people,

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Masha Allah, May Allah give them more and more than there was, may increase. So they expect that if they're going into a project, or a business or trade, that they expect that much money in the near future or next year. So they can is made approximately how much they're going to make or how much their money

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was a soccer. And they start paying that in advance.

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Within a year, or two, or three. And whenever the soccer is due, the payments will be deducted. What is the difference the difference because I intended so then a year proceeded the payment. I intended that this money is from my this account of the next year, or the following year, and so forth, does occur. Now, you've come to this point now where somebody paid the Zika on time, and, and they've done everything that they're supposed to do. But they've got a problem. And the problem is, is that sometimes when you start paying Zika Okay, and you pay it on time, and you give it on time, what happens? you exceed that amount, you know, we spoke about the southern exceeding. Now, can they take

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as a callback? Is it possible for them to do? No, what we can do is number one,

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if you want to give it away, as an extra charity, you understand and we will all believe that we will get more and more and more. But if you don't want to, you can deduct it from this account of the following year.

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So how would I work practically Say for example, somebody supposed to give you $1,000? They give 1200. And then they see the mistake and they are on? It's not a mistake by the end of the year, they only owe $1,000. Okay, this $1,000 from this year. Okay, and 100 from the zakka do you have the next year? Very straightforward, very simple. Does that look? Okay, there's another point that we discussed before, I just want to speak about it slightly. You spoke about it, a lot of rantala telling us about those people who give Zika and those ones who are forthcoming in this last one that makes to offer these people or should we say puts peace on them or preys upon them. What is alarming

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by this year?

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The verse is very clear in this regard. Whenever Allah Subhana Allah commanded the Prophet, to take the sort of further mandatory care from the worth of the rich and pay to the poor, is it hosemann am oily him sada cotton toto Hello, what was the key him we have? Then? He said was only Allah him salia Allah him, the word suddenly does not mean the literal prayer. Rather it means at

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the prophets prayer to us, is to make dua for us to ask Allah to bless us. such as when we say Allahumma salli ala Muhammad, we're asking Allah to bless Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam and his family. So Salalah him in na sala Taka means your your prayer your invocation for them is a mean of tranquility and peace of mind for them. So, it is recommended to make that for the mazaki the person who pays his occur, whether it is a state which is collected as occur, or individuals are blind every alpha male appears with him and his father narrated that the prophets Allah sent us Don't ever he would receive a charity from somebody who used to make a duet for him. That was the

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right from the verse he used to say Allahumma salli ala masala Allah, Allah bless them, Allah bless them. So when his father Abdullah him

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when his father, Pedro is sort of hotter the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he said a lot of Muslims

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Liana early alpha.

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So it is a convenient for us whenever we collect the Zika to make that also for the Masaki, the person who's making the payment. And obviously Lola, you send them once they received a beautiful sheet Cameron, as

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he looked at it and he said Allahumma barik fee he was he really? Well, I love this this man who donated or give this she came on as zakka and lists him in his camels along Maverick fee. Was he just, I can see from all of this, that the topic of soccer is not a very simple topic in terms of the rulings. I mean, there's some details but also, there's a lot of benefits that are part of our general life, like making to offer people expecting good for people not being miserly in the way that we're running things, I can assure you, and this is not my statement. This is a last statement if you sort of, if we follow the doctrine of Allah and the divine relations, then all of us will

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experience the happiest life on earth and the greatest return in the hereafter. And only when people deviate and turn away from the reminder and the guidance of Allah Subhana Allah, Allah makes their life miserable, in addition to the waiting punishment in the here after, may Allah grant us the best reward in this life and in the Hereafter. All your advice today? Well, as you can see another excellent episode of the thick of xikar. We're into more detail about this very important third pillar Islam. I hope you can join me next time on the topic of Zika salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Do you agree, purify you Well, look around and where you live? Oh, good. You have to again, give a little love you, sir.

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As a handsome man at home.

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There's so much that we can do for so many who are in need, give our time Give. Give. Give ourselves a loss each and every hidden Monday.

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