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Riad Ouarzazi
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses four signs that indicate a lack of love in relationships, including less talking at home, spending less time at home, seeing negative things about one another being the husband or wife, and seeing a melody. The speaker also introduces a magical recipe for bringing love back into homes, which is a seminar on Facebook called "rock connect" and will be followed on Facebook and on Twitter.
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Officer also laddie says read reserve, as a marriage officer and a counselor, sometimes people come to me with,

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with questions, not talking about spouses saying, you know, chef and love has disappeared from our homes.

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What could what could be the reason why, you know, before there was so much love between me and my spouse, and after these many years of marriage, we start feeling that, you know, there's not that much love into our home.

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Well, there are four signs that indicate that you know, that love

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sort of disappears from your home for signs or for indications. sign number one, there's less less talking at home. It's much like that there's lots of talking between the husband and the wife.

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sign number two,

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they, they start spending less time especially with the husband, he spends less time at home. So he goes spend more time outside of the home than inside the home that sign number two, sign number three,

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they start seeing only negative things about one another being the husband or the wife, they start seeing negative things about each other. And sign number four, there's less intimacy between

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these are four main indications that love setup starting off is not much in there. I mean, maybe their sibling love each other but they don't maybe they don't show it much at home. Can we bring back that love into our homes? Can we bring back that melody delocalisation causing and then you know that that that very serene? Love that that passion? Can we bring it back into our homes? Yes, we can. I have what I call a magical recipe. Really, it's a magical recipe guarantee to bring love back into your homes in Sharla Taylor into your into your life between you and your spouse's. What's this magical recipe well come and check out my rock Connect events on the 16th of November and the

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17th of November, you know in Sheffield and the 17th in Birmingham, UK inshallah tada and I will have I'm launching a seminar

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called rock connect and how to not only improve relationships with the spouses, I'm talking a lot more about, you know, bringing love into our homes. And this is a seminar which isn't to segment you know, say Segment Number one how to find the right spouse and Segment Number Two how to increase love and improve relationship with the spouses and that will be followed with a matrimonial inshallah Tada. So that's again 16th and 17th of November. Check out my website WWE rock training.com for check out my Facebook page, Jeffrey calm on Facebook.

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