ROC Your Ramadan 2016 – Day 29

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Day 29 – Remain steadfast after Ramadan

ROC your Ramadan 2016, a daily video series covering the virtues of Ramadan by Shaykh Riad Ouarzazi.

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smithdown from Los Altos Australia salaam aleikum, wa Taala cattle This is realtors as he would come in to another episode of rock Ramadan 2016 they number 29

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last night was the last odd nights of Ramadan which could have been late if I asked the last panel which Allah to accept from you and asked him last panel tada to make you amongst those while by their souls shall be set from head file and that he can say that it is our Sharon

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Natoma takuna protection Laila to cuddle last panel with either an El Camino Takata human or not fitted kelela albaraka my brothers and sisters

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Ramadan has come to an end

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tomorrow will be the 30th of Ramadan and then philosophy to be ate yesterday was you know we were seeking the trying to cite the the the moon for Ramadan and tomorrow

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it will be trying to we'll be citing the moon for for the Aden and it was just like yesterday and these are the you know how time runs panela it's the and this is the thing this is why last panel technical and he swears by time in so many areas.

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So my brothers and sisters what happens after Ramadan now?

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Are you going to live that sweetness which you have tasted in Ramadan? Are you going to go back to the old view? Are you going to leave that sweetness and then then then just waste all this hard work that you've been doing in Ramadan.

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One of the signs in fact that the FCM and you're a bear that will be accepted is as according to Alan M is if you were to do a good deed that say and if you find yourself after Ramadan, you know carry on that deed that's a good sign unless pinos is accepted. You have your cm, you have Ramadan, which meaning that if you used to pray for them in Ramadan

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if you start with Ramadan, and then after Ramadan, you find yourself still praying for that handler on time. Still, they didn't have to give in the sadaqa you know, still wearing a hijab like you know for the sisters, that means it's a good sign I have been met is Allah Eduardo and the most beloved deeds in the set of laws those are those that have continuous even if they are minor, and Allah subhana wa tada says, in the lead in a cloud or la buena la de Parma in the Nepal or Boonen la voz de Parma, tetanus, la on to unlock the hafele while at the lab she'll will Jen Atilla t con to those who say upon Allah, and then they remain in the state of steadfastness. And that's the key word, to

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remain in the state of firmness in the state of steadfastness after Ramadan, a Sabbath hatena because he did not worship Ramadan, you worship the hub of Ramadan, you worship the Lord of Ramadan, so don't quit don't build a Madani be Rabbani letter of Amazonian well that can cannot burn and then the colletta Buddha Ramadan working with Ramadan so don't quit the massage it after Ramadan don't quit after Ramadan don't quit the the CM after Ramadan don't quit the sadaqa and the good deeds after Ramadan because Ramadan was just a school to prepare you for the rest of the Ramadan my brothers and sisters so shallow data remain in that state of steadfastness as

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an NDC

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member has one he says that a school is the karma and yes there is the payment calculator for any karma cobalto He is the karma to God. Allah, Allah, He says with regard to is the karma is for the the the the heart has to be firm on the toe hate on the love of law, a law. Once the heart becomes firm on that law, all the organs will will become firm on the thought, what were all the organs, all their physical faculties will become firm and steadfast on the obedience of Allah subhana wa Tada. So the first thing is, you know that heart heart has to love that a lot because if the heart loves that Allah Allah, Allah, Allah subhanaw taala will love you and if Allah loves you, you will live in

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North because Allah Subhana Allah Allah is no seminar with you and you will live in enlightenment. And if Allah loves you, you will be saved because Allah azza wa jal does not throw his beloved to hit fire so my brothers and sisters stay strong, you know as you are in Ramadan, stay strong inshallah, who died after

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Ramadan and ask Allah Subhana Allah to help you to remain in the state of satisfied steadfastness as Allah subhanho wa Taala and you said pita amen and that when you join me up until another episode of Ramadan 2016 I say a salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.