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Day 28 – Difference between Zakatul Mal (wealth zakaat) and Zakatul Fitr

ROC your Ramadan 2016, a daily video series covering the virtues of Ramadan by Shaykh Riad Ouarzazi.

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smilla Shangri La savasana so that's it America hoplite Alamo. catalysis zazzy we're coming to another episode of rock Ramadan 2016 day 28 Mobile under the oma Charlotte's have a coin How does the cattle man was a cattle

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the cattle man and followed was a cattle fettle in the jamala he was the cattle federal a

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couple of solidly fisherman a couple of some of NATO got some of a play talked about what I thought about soccer

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slot slot machine also means that we either have

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a cattle man for his horse

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either Metallica, Metallica, the Today's topic is about these cattle, cattlemen and cattle settle the difference between the two sides the cattle man is the pillar, whereas the cattle federal is the according to Adam is the is worship is obligatory, which is these are cut that, that you know you have to pay out before the prayer of slaughter aid, you know, before solid aid. Otherwise, if you were to pay outside aid, it will be considered as sadaqa but not zakat.

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And this is a cattle federal, the

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the weight of it is the slot and the slot is a handful, four times you're an average man handful of barley of raisins of rice. So as the Prophet Mohammed has indicated, this is by Bukhari and Muslim and narrated by Evan

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What do they got just a couple fettle.

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And but the cattle man is a cat and man, there's a cat that you pay

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off of your, your your your things that you own, and also the wealth of the wealth. And that is the way to count it or the way to calculate it is basically 2.5% to 4% of anything that you own prior that this thing that you own has reached in the sub and the sub means the threshold. So the new sub is threshold. So you have two conditions. condition number one is it has to go through one Full Moon Lunar moon,

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lunar calendar, one full lunar calendar. So if you have, let's say somewhere else, which has reached or met these two conditions, the first condition is it has to go one full lunar calendar, any form one, let's move on to this llamada condition number two, it has to meet the sub the threshold, and then the sub is at five grams of gold or 300 or 595 grams of silver. Meaning, let's say 85 grams of gold, you know, you do the calculation, how much is

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85 grams of gold would that be? Let's say $1,500 depending on where you're from, right? So if you have, let's say, let's say $2,000, you know, we're just gonna you know, just

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say number you know, 85 grams of gold, a lot of how much is that is, but it's $2,000. So if you have that $2,000. And it has done one full lunar Karen and you've been sitting there, made one full lunar calendar, and it has met the nisab, which is you know, 2.4, which is the 85 grams of gold. So you have to pay out 2.5% of that. And that will have to come as a car and that is a pillar in his lap. But let's say you have this, you have something that has reached in this app, but before it went one full lunar calendar, it went down, you spent off of it, and now it's below that it's up. Do you have to pay zakat on it? No, you don't have to paint on it because it did not meet the second condition.

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So with regard to things that you own, if you your house, that thing like your house, you don't have to pay zakat in your car. You don't have to pay zakat in it but things that you you know in terms of business like you if you have a business, the money that you come that you get off of that business. If you have a rental car, let's say things that you get no you don't pay zakat on all the cars or like courses or whatnot, but you pay zakat on the money that you get from that that that business you know, so you you pay the capital and you know the captain man on that Sharma who tada No, like I said, this jacket is to purify scogs a cat up here is to purify your income to purify it. So the

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Allah was blessing

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And I asked him lots of content except you're, you're a bad dad. In our two exceptions that got some dismissive month until another episode of rock Ramadan. 2016. I say to them, it was not like that at all.