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Dr. Fadel Saleh Al-Samerai

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Our lives a lot of fun, a few $100 worth of salami. And he was a fish brain. Before I show her this share the screen with you guys, let me just tell you a little bit about what we're going to talk about today. So in his introduction, he talked about, you know, verbs and nouns. I kind of give you an example of that yesterday. Today, I want to give you an example of something else, which is about stress.

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I'm not talking about stress, like I stress you out everyday like

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especially in that you want to stress her out and stuff like a lot of what she did really well.

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Hard verb conjugations in Arabic, and again, like destroyed today, it was a great thing to see, like the help of I do with the motivation I gave her.

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Yeah, yeah, he's very motivating to see how motivating sounds right now you're about as motivating as now. But like, you could turn like the switch. I gave her until like a quote, like, you know, like, you know, Steve Jobs like what the apple or whatever you made, like a good quote or whatever. And the next speech

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you can do this. It doesn't matter. You're smarter than me. You're better than when you were saying that a garbage truck.

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No, no, no, no, Marianne, you're smarter than me. You're a Benz. I'm a BMW mystuff was a Toyota, you know, like, no offense to him, though. You're better than me. So you're smarter than him. Okay. Yeah. I sent him a BMW. Yeah, but you call him a Toyota?

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No offense to him. Yeah. After calling him a Hyundai.

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Yeah. used, you should worry. You just need to get over that fear. And you'll be better than everybody. Amen. You added an Amen. Yeah. And what does she do?

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Now she's like, I met him. Did that speech help? Yeah, yeah. Oh, actually, my dad, or my mom who gave her that she's like, she says, You're a Benz, feroza. Toyota. Here are our jeep. And then her stuff was like a Toyota. So. Oh, so I didn't get his feelings hurt when your mom said. He wasn't there. It was like an analogy. And you could just call him a bicycle at that point. Yeah. Like I said, He's gonna watch this video or anything. You know, it's like, he's not a Toyota. He's like, you know, that new Camry that came out was like that, like, That car is like, nice. I would actually buy one. Maybe a Supra But no, okay. Want to go with Camry that's okay. carries out like, they're

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not sure they last few for so long. So I'm pretty my feelings. Okay. So today, we're gonna talk about stress. And what I mean by stress is the following. Let me give you a silly example. So you understand what I'm talking about. If I say this is good ice cream?

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Yeah. If I said this has been ice cream than I have described the ice cream as good, but I didn't really stress it. But if I said this,

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Oh, for sure. This is good. Ice cream.

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Then, I have added for sure. As an added stress on the statement I've made. Yeah. But if I actually actually took the word good and made it capital, for sure this is good ice cream, then there are there's two stressors here.

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This is to this is the notice as to above normal.

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There's two things that make this above normal. One of the two things the foreshore in the beginning and the stress on the word good. Right? That's to above normal. But if I say

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for sure.

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This is an grado

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ice cream.

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Then I would say that this is three above normal.

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Why? One I added for sure,

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too. I was stressing the word incredible. Three, instead of using the word good, I upgraded the word and used what? Incredible, right? So which one is the most, like, emphatic, it's this third one. Because it's using three stressors, three emphasizes you get it. So this this concept of you can say something and you can stress it more interested more in stressing more. This is done in Arabic for some really specific reasons. But this is called the Arabic word for this stokey emphasis. Okay. And it's not just about oh, this is 2x. And this is 3x. And this is how this is a higher score than that one. It's actually a pretty interesting and intricate study why this is done and when this is done

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and how much of it is done, and for what purpose, but that's not the goal. today. The goal is to show you something really simple, easy to understand, that I think everybody can can appreciate. So let me zoom in on the Arabic.

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These are three different ions from three different places in the Quran.

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And I'm going to make the layout so that you can see the screen in its entirety. Where's the view? layout? This is already leveled out. Why is it?

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There? Okay. So the first one of them is Ben ijebu. And your home will be roaming home for Karla McAfee, Luna and the statement ends

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show you on our Jeep

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all that smaller so we can see better. Okay, this is how that shaped one our jeep. This is a strange thing. how those the motto that you guys have learned this for more, right with our audiences. I'm going to grammar test as we go. Caitlin, what do you think? Is the grammar between shape? What do

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you think?

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That's right. It's almost all set. Okay, so this isn't a noun, adjective. Let me translate this red part for you for everybody. Right? So they know what we're talking about to so they don't feel as bad as you, you know, super elite Muslims who know what I'm also survivors and are better than everybody because you're like, you know, clearly superior because knowledge makes us arrogant. And better than others, because that's the purpose of learning. Right? That's good. Okay. Also sarcasm. Okay, this is a strange thing. So in Surah, 50 is number two, we're reading an ayah that ends with this is a strange thing. Okay. Then we're looking at pseudo code number 72. This is sort of number

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11 is number 32. And I'm going to make this part red again.

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And in this red part,

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enough, this is not the same as how they should However, this is what in Hahaha, yeah. So what is in I mean, certainly, the move to that is more emphasized now. Yeah, right. And then shame on RGB is not just shaking it, but is what no shame, no shame. This is called the Lamb of Toki. Lamb of emphasis, right, because it didn't make a job. So how many extra stressors are there? There's two. Yeah.

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So this is actually closer to

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for sure.

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this is

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a truly strange thing.

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Or a really strange thing.

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There's a really here. Okay. So what I'm saying is there are two more

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more stressors that were added. What are the two stressors that were added in English? For sure. And what else?

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Really, compared to this one? I'm comparing it to this one. Yeah. Right. So the Quran used this one. And now it's using this one. Yeah, more stress, right. But it's really saying the same thing. So why is it using more stress? But let's keep going.

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Let's look at this. 138 five,

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in Nevada, Michigan. What's up?

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This certainly isn't shall I say for sure. This or this this?

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Surely, yeah, surely this will just say for sure. Because we've been using Okay, for sure.

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a really,

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really strange one.

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thing. Hope you see what I'm trying to do here.

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I made the word strange strange.

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You see the word for strange is RG Yeah. But in this is a strange word for strange was used, which is what? puja which makes it even stranger.

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So how many stressors are there for sure is one stressor. The law really is a second stressor stressor. And then using a stranger word for strange is a third stressor. So this one is three years.

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So there's 1x. Regular, this is a strange thing. Then there's two more stressors and then there's three more stressors, right. And in his introduction, he talked about how every time you have speech in the Quran, and Allah stresses something or de stresses something. There is a reason behind it. There's something going on, right? So let's look at the first one. They found it strange that a warner came to them

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This therefore disbeliever said, this is a strange thing. Let me tell you why they found it strange. A Warner in ancient Arabia was someone who came from outside the village beyond the valley and said enemies are approaching. You guys don't know, I know. Because I've been on the other side of the mountain.

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Someone would have to go outside to get a warning that nobody else has. Right? If you live among them, and you wake up one day and say warning, enemy approached you, bro, you were sleeping in the basement, like how are you getting a warning? You? You have to have news from the outside to have a warning. You understand? Yeah, the prophets. I said I'm using living among them. But the warning is coming from very far away, isn't it? It's coming from the heavens. So they're like, how are you sitting among us? And you got this warning?

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This is weird. He's warning us of all the day of judgment and, you know, nations being destroyed and all this. How's he getting this information? He's never left town. He never he's been here the whole time. And now all of a sudden, he's like, you know, got all these warnings. You see what I'm saying? So, because he's from among them, they found it strange. So this is one thing they found strange, right? And so this is a regular 1x. You know, this is a strange thing. How can you have someone among us and he is like this, okay.

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this is now the story of Ibrahim Ali Sarah. Okay. She says, The angels came to her house, three angels came to her house. And they didn't look like angels. Right? And it looks like three young men and they knocked on the door, but he was some open the door. And they you know, he said sit on the fence around. He said, Oh mamuka rule. He said, I don't know you people. They didn't really say much. Now Abraham is always hospitable. So he's gonna invite them in and he's going to sit them down and he's going to feed them right. Let me

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tell you the story while you're not staring at the screen for now. So he's going to feed them right. And the thing is, back in the day, the assassins had a creed

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like the game, but like they actually had a creed and the creed was that if we're gonna if we're here to kill you, we won't eat your food.

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It was against the honor of the assassin to eat the food of the one. They're gonna kill it right here.

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As you know, goes in the back slaughters engine in semi and he slaughters a calf like a baby cow. skins. The animal of custom made barbecue is the thing you know, is mixed the whole grill because these young men have been traveling they're hungry, right young man when they travel was was the only thing on their mind. Food. Like if you're on a road trip? every few minutes, yo, there's a sign.

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Right? Yeah, the idea from Allah like you. That's what you're thinking about. So they're thinking about the food. And so he comes with the food, he puts it in front of them and they will need it.

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That that balloon.

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Luckily, now he realizes Oh, if they're not going to eat, what does that mean?

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Oh, three of them. Me, me an old man and my wife. This is not looking good. I will just I mean, hopefully by then. So he started getting a sense of real fear from them. Like he's gonna kill me now. So this had done a lot of have no, no, we didn't come here to kill you. You got that wrong.

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We came here to tell you you're gonna have a baby boy.

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We're angels from Allah. We came to you. Sorry, sorry, we we messed up here. We need your food. And we thought you know, this is not a this is not the coming of death. This is the coming of life. Actually, you're gonna have a baby boy. Right? And then Ibrahim Ali sounds pretty smart. He's like,

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Nah, can't be it. Okay. There's no way unless it's three angels to tell me about a baby that's coming. What are you really here for? Maha tokuma. You have your cell phone? What do you What's your real mission? And the angels are like, Oh, he got us. Yeah, well, congratulations on the baby. And we're here to kill everyone in the nation have moved?

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Oh, yeah. Cuz it's a pitstop. Like they had a dual mission, like congratulate on the baby and then go destroy the nation.

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He was on like, I knew it. And so he starts Are you with them? There's a whole story behind that, right?

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Yes, it took a real doctor.

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So anyway, but that's not the part of the story I wanted to highlight. So he says, you know, the angels say you're gonna have a baby, relax. We're not here to kill you. We're here to kill someone else.

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We're no killers of you. So, so when they do that, the ability to be sovereign in another surah his wife slapped her face and she's like, Ha, like, cuz you The old lady, right? And he's a really old man. And they've never had a child.

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Baby, she couldn't have a child even when she was young. So when they when she heard them say that you're gonna have a baby, this is talked about a few times in Oprah. She said, yo, you gotta Oh my

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I need to I'm gonna give birth. Well, I know Jews, first of all, I because I could never give birth beginning to begin with anyway. And I'm and now that I'm an old lady. So the first thing that makes this strange extra strange that the normal if this was one degree of strange that you said, this is a strange thing. This is the first thing it should be strange for is because she's a woman who couldn't give birth to begin with. Right? So that would have been harder. Shame on adji.

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Now she adds one more thing to make it stranger. one extra stress. Yeah. What's the extra stress on our Jews? I'm an old woman.

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Not only could I not bear I'm an old so that's not one extra. Okay. Then she says And on top of that, how about Barney shaken and this is my my, my husband, who is now in his old age. How many extra strange things that she had to look at the IRA in Ahava lushy. On RGB. There are two extras added to the strangeness

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there's two extras added to the strings because there's two extra statements here that add to this review. See that? Yeah. And this one, there was one strange thing a warner came.

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So it's just plain strange. Here. It's strange, but then there's two more additions to the strangeness and so this is this is strange, but there are two more emphasises to the strings and if it's not amazing.

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And then we get to the last one. Let me open up some more. Absolute slob

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like a really dark. Oh, yeah.

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That's a story though. Because you can't forgive your goodness and badness. Not not for you though. You're gonna be fine. They're not. We're just gonna go like massacre. People. Yep.

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Yeah. Did they go through with it? Oh, yes.

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Oh, yes.

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Yes, that's one of the most one of the worst punishments of a nation described in the front is what happened with them. Like, like the meteor camera. The way Allah describes it, you get terrified just reading about it. Like he'll just he'll talk about Oh, he destroyed the pharaoh he destroyed this. Like he'll destruction of nations. And when he gets to them, the tone changes. Like it just gets

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on some other level. Like, for those of you that are interested, read like a suit of armor.

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Okay, for going over, read, read and take note of how he's talking about each nation that ended up being annihilated. And then look at how he's talking about them differently

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is just on a different level. Anyway, so So now look, and they found it strange

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that a warner came to them from among them. And we got this before they found it strange that a warner came to them from among them, right.

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So this is the same as sort of QA, they found it strange that a warner came to them from among them. If this was just so that's one strange thing. And if this was one strange thing, then it would have been this is a strange thing. It would have been straight. This is a strange thing. But we we didn't translate it like that. Oh, that's the good ice cream part. We translated as this for sure. This is a really strange thing with three extras. So if it was no extra, that would have just been this is a strange thing. Now they said, this is a magician.

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So what makes it strange that he is a magician, magician. So this is magic.

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But then they added No, no, that's not enough. added one more, what's the audit? And

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he's a perpetual liar. So let me tell you why magic is strange. We're used to seeing magic where somebody pulls a rabbit out of a hat. Or somebody pulls a quarter out of their ear, or somebody you know, does whatever mit levitates or whatever. His magic we've never seen before. He says these words. And somebody completely changes the way they sleep, the way they drink, the way they talk. The way they walk. Their mission in life. They're right and wrong. their personality just completely changes once they become Muslim. This isn't powerful magic. It's got to be so that's This is why they're calling him a magician. Then they say we've never seen a liar like him because they want to

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call him a liar. Right? Yeah. Here's the thing about liars.

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If you lie to somebody, or somebody lies to you and they get caught, right there a con and they got caught.

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Do they come back and try to con the same person again or they try to find some new sucker somebody else to con somebody. They don't come back like I already know you're a liar. Right? If some

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But he was like, you know, impersonating a salesperson and you got caught, they didn't have ID, and they ran off. They're not going to come back with a new ID the next day does the same house. Yeah, you understand, but they don't get it. When we call somebody a liar. Then they run away.

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He, we call them a liar. And he comes back, and he tells us something more, we call him a liar again, and he comes back even stronger, we call him a liar again, and he comes back even stronger. He's not like any liar we've ever seen. That's why they didn't call him God's him. They call him a cousin because that means someone who lies over and over and over again, actually, in both of these, they look like insults, right? They're calling the Prophet, a magician and a liar. But actually, inside these insults are actually complements that they don't even realize. Magic means what the effect that the Quran has a supernatural, I don't even know how to explain it. So I'll just call it

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magic. So they're actually acknowledging the superpower of the Quran by calling it magic.

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Because that because of the way that it's spelled, this is called sealed and mobile, if I haven't talked to you about that yet, means he lies over and over again, is actually talking about the commitment of the Prophet slice of them, and the relentless, you know, persistent, gritty way in which he does not want and doesn't give up. Right. So there, they have to acknowledge that he doesn't. He doesn't quit. Yeah, right. So now, the first thing was, he's from among them. That would have been no extra stress. Yeah. One added stress. That makes it that that's one extra. Yeah. Then because that makes it one, two extra. Yeah. Then they then they add a third, they say, and he took

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all of our gods and made them into one.

00:21:42--> 00:21:51

So the third thing they The first thing they find strange is about the power of His message. The fact the second thing they find strange is about his commitment.

00:21:52--> 00:22:02

The third thing they find strange is the message itself. Like how are you taking all of these gods and erasing all of them and we just have to have one God?

00:22:03--> 00:22:55

I can't have too weird, right? Three things they find extra strange. So understand that this is the first thing they found strange that a warner came. That's strange. But there's three extras on top of that, right? Look at the eye. Enough. one extra law. two extra, a strange word for strange. Three extras. Three things additional, they found strange. And three extra expressions for the strange and as stressors on the strangers phrases were used. For sure. This is a really strange thing. Move your study studying stuff. You're like, how in the world? Would you even think about that when you're reading it? Like, wouldn't even occur to you? It's okay, I'd strange one. Right. I'll tell you a

00:22:55--> 00:23:00

quick story about strange. And I'll end today's session. It's pretty epic story. One of my favorites.

00:23:01--> 00:23:33

Though, the job as I told you is a strange word for strange, right? Yeah. And you know, sometimes in class, I'll use a big word in English. Like, what does that mean? Right. So the same way in Arabic, some words were not as popular as other words. And some people will say that's not even a word. Like if you've ever played Scrabble, and you make a word and your opponent says, That's not a word. You made that up, and then there's a dictionary fight and you have to look it up. Right? So here's the thing. A guy came to the Prophet sites on him. And he said, I don't believe in the

00:23:34--> 00:23:45

Prophet said Why? And he said, because you have these words in the Quran that don't they're not Arabic. They're mistakes. Okay, what are the mistakes? Oh, you guys the Arabic word for lion is I said.

00:23:47--> 00:23:48

I said yeah, Lion.

00:23:50--> 00:23:51

The Quran uses password.

00:23:52--> 00:24:07

What is password? I suppose another word for lion but nobody I never heard it. Why are you calling it that? Then the word for chief or the big the big one meaning the chief for the town. It's called a cubby

00:24:09--> 00:24:11

maybe gave it the chief

00:24:13--> 00:24:13


00:24:15--> 00:24:20

Or something great. Let's use the word great to meet is great. But on uses khobar.

00:24:21--> 00:24:22


00:24:23--> 00:24:35

I never heard cobots does not Arabic mistake. And then he says the Arabic word for strange is IV we did yesterday. He strange. But the foreign users are job.

00:24:38--> 00:24:55

I said it's a strange word for strange, because I have never heard the word speech. This is this is these are mistakes. How is this the best speech? It's got us What are kobada and our job instead of acid Kabira nije. The province I said I'm calling beside a bit. Hassan wasn't there who he was a poet of the province.

00:24:57--> 00:24:59

He said call Hassan please. So

00:25:00--> 00:25:15

You know, somebody calls a sample I have no idea what's going on. So this man sitting there the prophecy in the sandbox, he tells her son, sit on sandstone, the process Get up. He gets up because when the Prophet says something, you do it right. So he tells us to sit down,

00:25:16--> 00:25:36

get up, get up again. Sit down, get up, sit down, get up, sit out, get up, and he's gonna do it because it's the profit. Right? And nobody knows what's going on. And Hassan's like, strange I Can I say something. So he says to the Prophet, he says the Prophet yah qaswarah talara

00:25:37--> 00:25:43

line of the Arabs. He calls the Prophet What? The Lion of the or what? Where did he use a slider?

00:25:44--> 00:25:45

Yeah, of course.

00:25:46--> 00:25:50

And taco Barona, you're our chief

00:25:51--> 00:26:10

in another lawsuit when our job, this is a really strange thing you're doing. So Hassan, who is known to be a poet and very elegant comes in and uses all three of these words. And the province lay sort of how to do this. And the guy accepts Islam. It was like, Okay, I

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know there's a fun story about the Prophet's life for them. Alright, I hope you guys are enjoying this series bark alone you

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guys, remember, do your best and I'll do the rest. quote me on a make that quote like, like somebody can get a T shirt, whatever it was, it wasn't again, you can do it. You can do it, right? Yeah, your Mercedes. And everybody else is a band. This is this

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is like a BMW. And under that BMW is a Corolla. I never liked it.