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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah

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viewers, brothers and sisters Assalamu alaykum wa rahmatullah wa barakato Welcome to another episode of reflections of Ramadan. Today inshallah to Allah, we're going to talk about some of the, some of the CMOS, some of the rulings of fasting. So we were talking shot Allahu taala, about the meaning of the meaning of Ramadan, the linguistic meaning and the Islamic meaning, or definition of Ramadan. And then we're going to talk about the Akan FCM the pillars of fasting, we're going to talk about things that invalidate your, your fasting, we're going to talk about in shallow Thai, the some of the things that are permissible when you're fasting, and last inshallah hota Allah will talk about

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some mistakes that are commonly known within Muslims during the fast. So, first and foremost mandossian the definition of fasting or the meaning of fasting, linguistically, then we Stickley losartan a CMO who insec who will insert a quote, I will cut for any shape, language decrease yam or fasting means to stop something or to refrain from something the Islamic meaning of fasting Sharon, who will in circle and Jamie no fat parrot, mean tamari unfortunately in a horrible shamcey the Islamic meaning or definition of fasting is the is refraining from old things that may break or fasting and we'll talk about them in shallow water either from the Lord from dawn until sunset.

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Again, refraining from everything that would break your fasting or invalidate your fasting, which we'll talk about inshallah Tada. from dawn until sun set in Sha, Allah.

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What do we gain really off of fasting? One of the things that we get off of fasting or that we acquire for fasting is taqwa Allah subhanho wa Taala. The field of Allah or Allah conservationists as Allah subhanho wa Taala says in Surah Baqarah

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yo yo holla Dina Armando naroda Bella he ministry banyuwangi

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Amano quotevalet como su mo kamikochi Dena mean publikum Kanaka Chiba lol Edina public coma Allah contact APU. O you who believe fasting has been prescribed on you, as it has been prescribed of people before you so that you may acquire taqwa taqwa righteousness, what is that what what is righteousness? What is the fear of Allah subhana wa Tada. Let me give you a quick and very nice example. In fact, something that was narrated by Abu hurayrah, Abu huraira was asked a boy was one of the companions of the Prophet Mohammed as I said, and he was asked about taqwa. So he says, imagine if you are in this field.

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And in this field, there's a bunch of broken glass and, and thorns and things are, like, harmful. And then you walk in shoeless in this field, how are you going to walk?

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And that person was asking the question, he says, Well, I'd be walking on, you know, I'd be walking very carefully, most likely on my tippy toes, making sure that I don't I don't harm myself. And then he says, likewise, that's step one. Before you stepped forward, you watch and you make sure is this Helen, Helen, Helen, is it valid, not valid, permissible, not permissible, permissible. Bismillah Are you make you step forward, not permissible. You stay back, that is step one, there is the field of Allah subhana wa Taala that you become

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conscious of what you do and what you say. So that you please Allah subhanho wa Taala feeling that you know, you don't want to displease Allah subhanho wa Taala. You don't want Allah subhana wa Taala to become furious at you when you indulge in something that is not permissible in Islam, that is taqwa, some other essence of fasting, like I said, fasting is that you say that so that we may attain

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taqwa or the feel of Allah subhana wa Tada. But what else? Because sometimes we get asked these questions from specially non Muslims. What do you guys fast? You should just like you just have to refrain from food and water and intercourse with your spouse. But what is it? In fact, you know, why do you guys fast? What do you what do you do Muslims fat. So the essence of fasting Ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters is yes, we were freed from from food and water and also intercourse with our spouses to teach to learn to control our desires.

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Most you know, oftentimes people are led by their own desires and whims. here when you're fasting, you teach your soul that you are in control.

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You see,

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I'm hungry, here's food, it's heroin, it's permissible, but because and my soul mind lives I want to eat. But here I'm teaching my soul here and I'm teaching myself I'm in control, not you. Not this is not the I'm not supposed to, I cannot touch it. Or, for instance, if you're married, and your spouse is next to you, and you feel like you want to be with your spouse and be intimate with your spouse, which is hideout, she's your spouse, yet, because you're fasting, you're controlling your desire, you sit your desire, I'm in control here, not you. So you're teaching yourself to control some self control is one of the essence of fasting. Another another purpose of essence of fasting is that, you

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know, it's a lesson for those who are fortunate to teach them a lesson that Listen, you know, there are people out there who are less fortunate than you who don't have that luxury, you know, that food and, and all that you have. So pay attention and remember them a Lazarus and may bless you would food and whatnot, you know, which this is what the other people out there who don't have that luxury, well don't have that food. I know people in some Muslim countries who in fact, don't eat meat, maybe they eat meat once a year in their eat. And it's not that they don't eat meat, because they're they're vegetarian. They don't hate me just because they cannot afford to buy it. They can

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afford to buy that meat. So they wait until he would buy somebody would come in and give him a present or a gift. And that gift is most likely like in the 80s most likely either you know, some money or whatnot so that they can go and buy and buy meat. So that's in a nutshell, the essence of fasting. Now, my dear viewers, what are some of the can the pillars of fasting, the first pillar of fasting my brothers and sisters Ladies, ladies and gentlemen, number one is a Nia, the intention and Nia is a pillar of fasting. And Nia is an action of the heart

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is an action of the heart and the majority.

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The majority of the majority of the scholars, they are of the opinion that it is obligatory to have the neon the intention of fasting before you start your fast. This Harry is narrated by HubSpot, that the Prophet Muhammad Allah salatu salam says mellem you bet you you bet you just Melhem your baby to slim couple of Firstly, philosophy am Allah, the prophet alayhi salatu salam says in his head and rated by hafsa and reported by his Sunnah, that he says whosoever does not make the intention of fasting at night and he before, before dawn philosophia Mela, his CRM is invalid.

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And now the question that may arise is, is one intention sufficient for the entire month? Or do I have to make an intention for each day? Meaning Do I have to renew my intention every day for fasting or one intention should be sufficient?

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This there is in fact a discrepancy amongst the school of thought and amalickiah for instance, they are of the opinion that one intention is sufficient for the entire month, but the rest of

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the rest of the school of thoughts and the rest of them that they have they are of the opinion that in fact you have one has to renew their intention every day and every night you have to renew your intention.

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And do you have to in fact, utter the Nia, like we said the Nia The intention is

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in the heart, it is in the heart. So one does not have to really utter the words such as saying, I am in making an intention to fast tomorrow, right? So that's not really necessary. Why because the intention. Hello, hello. Hello, hello. The intention is in the heart one hamdulillah. And, and my brothers and sisters, the beauty here

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The fact that you just you know, when you wake up for Soho, that's an intention right there, why did you wake up for Soho, you wake up for Soho in which is that meal that you eat before you start your fasting, that's in itself is an intention right there because it's built in Why did you wake up to eat Soho, you woke up to do it so, so that you can, you know, fast sort of hamdulillah The intention is lahoma can help so you don't even have to, you know, utter it.

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Another pillar of fasting is

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that you refrain from eating, and drinking, and also intercourse with your spouse, like we said, from dawn, until sunset, also another quick pillar just to shout out to either make it short and sweet for you in Shabbat and not to confuse you. A person has to be a Muslim, and he has to be, you know, he has to reach the age of puberty, Muslim men barriers, and then he has to be any Muslim, a Muslim who hasn't reached the stage at the age of puberty, and also who has to be any somebody who's not insane. Somebody who's saying who can think and also like I said, you know, that's what I'm saying, you know, somebody who's who's sane and hamdulillah and somebody who's also has reached the

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age of puberty, puberty.

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What are some of the things that invalidates your car, your fasting, some of the things that invalidate your See, I'm number one at gmail, at gmail meaning intercourse with a spouse.

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If a person if a man was to have an intercourse with his wife, one, he is fasting, but will also move his crmo his fasting will become in valid number one, his fasting will be invalid.

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Number two, he has to make up for that day that he has broken. Number three, she gets a sin, you know by by performing that act, but during in a while while fasting. And number four was your Batali him Alka foreign masala they have to have an expiation what is the explanation? The explanation as Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions, number one, Allah Kaaba, they have to free a slave. If not, then they fast in of two months. If not, then they have to feed 6060 poor or needy people.

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So if, let's say, a person who, let's say he's doing this expiation, and he's has two faster 60 days, and in the middle of those 60 days, he broke his fast.

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I had a limb said that he has that person has to repeat the fasting all over again.

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You know, by by performing that act, like during in a while while you're fasting, and number four was your Batali him Alka foreign mohalla they have to have an expiation what is the explanation, the explanation as Allah subhanho wa Taala mission is the number one, aka they have to free a slave. If not, then they fasting of two months. If not, then they have to feed 6060 poor or needy people.

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So if, let's say, a person who, let's say he's doing this expiation, and he's has to faster, say 60 days, and in the middle of those 60 days, he broke his fast.

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I had him said that he has that person has to repeat the first thing all over again.

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Except if that person broke his fast, following some excuse that goes along with the shediac an excuse that goes along with the Islamic jurisprudence like what he got sick. So he and he broke his fast. So once in Charlotte, Allah once that person becomes healthy, that he has done he doesn't have to make up the whole, you know, start from all over again, he can complete his fasting, or let's say that person who committed intimacy with his spouse and go into the expiation is, for instance, traveling and he cannot fast what he is traveling, he can break his fast and he does not have to make up for or come back again and repeat the fasting all over again. Or let's say the cm of a Dane,

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if he's fasting, you know, as he's fasting, it happens to be that they overeat. He can break his fast on the delivery and continue the fasting afterwards. Now the question that may arise

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Again, is do the, you know, the sequence, they have to apply, you know, the sequence, which is if you're not able to free slave then feeding

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fast in two months or three or 60 days, or if not able, you know, feeding 60 poor people, this sequence doesn't have to apply these have to be like Canada as mentioned in the end, or can we do it, you know, as per our sort of, you know, ability or Well, in fact, at the end, there's some discrepancy but the majority are valid and they, in fact, say and state that the sequence applies, it has to be in accordance with the sequence mentioned the plan. And the evidence is in the Hadith of the Prophet Mohammed is also them. There's a hadith reported by Bukhari and Muslim narrated by Abu Hoya, whereby a man comes to the Prophet as I said, and he says, All as to the land hallux I

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have committed a crime, I have become intimate with my wife, why fasting? And then the Prophet is Islam asked him, then go free slave, can you free slave?

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The man says, No, Yes, hello ally account. Then the Prophet awesome says, Can you fast two months? So he's following the sequence? Can you first two months? The man says lay also law like I can't, then the Prophet Allah system says, Can you feed 60 people? He says, No, I can't. I'm a poor man.

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And then as the Prophet as Tim was talking to this man, somebody brought some dates to the Prophet is of some, some days of the prophets and some, so the Prophet took the dates. And then he gave it to that man, and he says, Go and feed 60 people,

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poor people, go and feed 60 poor people. So the man goes to the Salah, yaroslava law, he, in Medina, there is nobody Pardon me. There is nobody more in need than me. Everybody knows that I'm the poor man in Medina. And then the Prophet is that smile, have

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a nice smile so much that people could see his teeth, you know. So that statement was so funny that the progress, you know, smile, it is such a sense of the Prophet gave him that summit. And he says, Go and feed your family, go and feed yourself and feed your, your, your spouse, the essence of the story is the prophet of Islam, he followed the sequence, he asked him in all those three questions in accordance to that you know, what the sequence the sequence is, first, you know, freeness faith, if not, unlike, you know, nowadays, not much slaves to be freed. So, next thing is to fast and not 60 days. And if you're not able to fast 60 days, then you move to the third option, which is feeding

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60 poor people. So this is in fact, for someone who happens to have intercourse with his spouse, while fasting.

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There is a discrepancy amongst a little amount amongst men with regard to a woman who's been forced

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for to have intercourse with her with her husband, while she's fasting, and she's fasting and her husband comes in, he forces her for intercourse, she doesn't want because she's fasting, but she's been forced by her husband. There's a little discrepancy amongst amongst the roadmap with regard to her expiating you know, that she has to go through a Mahabharata, the chef to go through freeness slave or fasting two months or feeding 60 people, the hamdulillah the majority, in fact, are of the opinion that no, she only has to make up for that day that she has broken, but she doesn't have to do any explanation because she was forced common sense. She was forced, you know, it was not offered

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on will but she was forced by her husband. So that is the first in fact element that invalidate your your fasting. The second thing that invalidates your fasting is the releasing of that semen the fluid

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without let's say intercourse, but somebody who's let's say intimate with his wife without intercourse, and then all of a sudden the you know, him and his spouse release you know that you know that that semen so if the release of the semen comes without shadow, or whichever, you know, just like by we don't, we don't leave without intercourse again. But it just like with the you know, the husband is with it with his wife or wife with her husband. And then there's been sort of intimate and if there's a release of that semen so that breaks, they're fasting and they have to make up for that particular day. Is there any caframo Hamada like an expiation like a feeding of

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freeness label feeding or fasting two months of feeding 60 people that there is an hamdulillah they don't have to do the cafaro they don't have to do the explanation of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Whosoever says that they have to as an aim, they said that they have no strong evidence with regard to this particular

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issue. Another question if somebody sleeps, let's say, sharp, no person is sleeping, and then you know, has a wet dream, and then he releases or she releases, you know, the semen. The, the aroma, they say that his fasting or fasting is sorry, that person can do that they can continue the fasting, they don't have to make up anything. They don't have to do any work. They don't have to do any any expiation, nor even have to make up for that day because their fasting is so high is hamdulillah correct. All they have to do is just handle that go and take a shower, and then continue with their fasting. Why the evidence is that say, the prophet alayhi salatu salam, in fact, the

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prophet Isaiah Simpson times z, as reported by Isaiah, he would, you know, have intercourse with his spouse, and then he would, you know, even before you know, praying, he would wake up earlier salat wa salam, you know, before, and then he would take a shower, and then he would complete his fasting or even early substan, let's say it's been reported that even what he was fasting, he was having a wet dream under the sun would go and take a shower and complete and continue his fasting, or the he a Salatu was Salam also, and had it Bukhari and Muslim Ayesha, you know, she reported that the Prophet Allah says, and sometimes he would be sleeping without a shot, even after, let's say,

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Nicole, has been cold. And he was, you know, he was under the state of impurity, and he ended the state of that he just had intercourse, intercourse with his wife, and then he slept until after again, and then after.

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And then what he would do, according to Ayesha, INVOKANA Muslim, he would go take a shower arisa to slim, and then he would go and complete his fasting alayhi salatu salam

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is it permissible for one to kiss his spouse, you know, when his fasting said yes, you know, as the Prophet also Mr. Kis, Arusha when he was fasting, but some of em some of the scars, they said, you know, just to be careful, you know, especially for the youngsters, those who just got married or whatnot, and just to be in state of, you know, just to be careful, in fact, and, you know, things may happen, so, but, you know, but it is permissible, it is permissible to let's say, if you want you know, if somebody wants to kiss his wife, it does not break his fasting, or does not break your fasting because there's some some, you know, talks about this with regard to a lot of people you

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know, asking, you know, if if I were to kiss my wife, does that break my fasting that well, he does not break your fasting.

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Another thing that breaks once fast is you know, vomiting, vomiting, if you are doing it on purpose that breaks your fasting and then you have to make up for that day but if you know vomiting comes out without your will, you know, just something that comes out of you like you're sick or you're running or something. I think you just started vomiting it there's you don't have to make up that day. And then you're fasting is also Alhamdulillah sound, unless you go and then like you put your insert your finger to your mouth, and then you willingly and voluntarily vomit, that breaks your fasting. How about if somebody was to drink something you need by mistake? If you were to drink

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something by mistake, or it's something by mistake, and hamdulillah you don't have to do anything because we have harriton Bukhari Muslim hamdulillah you know, that if somebody was to eat as the professor was asked this question, if you were by mistake, you know, you forgot and then you were to drink something or the or ate something, and then you remember, you just refrain from eating and then you complete your fasting and you're fasting and hamdulillah is permissible. Can I put some, you know, eyedrops when I'm fasting and said yes, it is permissible to put some eyedrops if you're fasting, if you need to look if you're, you know, if you're have some problems with your eyes, and

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you have to, it is permissible Al Hamdulillah.