My Relative affects my Worship – Ramadan Q and A

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The speaker advises the participants to avoid accepting an invitation during During dash dash dash dash dash dash until they have a good faith about the outcome. The participants should explain to their parents to avoid overburdening their wives by their invitations. The speaker also suggests that participants should use their money for the specific API and not overburden their wives by their invitations.

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If accepting if your relatives invite you to Iftar during Ramadan, and you feel that by accepting the invitation, it might impact on your Ibadah Yep. This is a very,

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this is a very good question. Yes, this is a very good question. See, there is no black and white in in this matter. For example, a mother invited you, your mother invited you okay. And she does not do that then go even if that is going to affect don't say about that affect your specific a brother because accepting the invitation of your mother or your father? Yeah. Is an A bad yeah. Is it bad enough itself? Okay. No question about it. However, if like some families they gather together before Iftar Yeah, every single part they might watch TV even if they don't watch TV and they spend time cooking preparing for that gathering and they spend time in a chatting etc Then we say if you

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can avoid that today the invitation then that is better Okay. And you need to explain to your mother to your parents to your siblings, that let us focus on that so that we can do it once a while but not every single day as it is the habit of so many people. So, we need to judge these invitations accordingly. And as we are talking about this, I strongly advise our brothers in particular the married brothers not to overburden their wives by so many invitations, I know that many people would like to feed you know during the month of Ramadan because the prophets Allah wa sallam was so generously during the month of Ramadan, I prefer to strongly prefer that if you can make just one

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invitation to invitations you will during the month of Ramadan maximum okay and if you can avoid it that is even better and the money that you are going to see it see use it to feed prove people Yeah.

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And maybe you can invite your relatives other than the month of Ramadan because honestly speaking, the wives are overburdened by okay?

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For by cooking before hand and then cleaning after hand and then need to do about that as well. Okay. And even you yourself, you need to buy this and that and this and that. And those who are invited, they need to travel to accept that invitation. And of course, they will be socializing, and a lot of time will be wasted. I strongly advise if we can use that money and for the sidecar and use that time for the specific API that then definitely that would be better. But as I said, you need to judge it and the consequences of not accepting the invitation