ROC Your Ramadan 2016 – Day 30

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Episode Notes

Day 30 (final) – Etiquettes of Eid

ROC your Ramadan 2016, a daily video series covering the virtues of Ramadan by Shaykh Riad Ouarzazi.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Salaam Alaikum hoplite Allah catalysis reactors as he would come to you to another episode of Rocky Ramadan 2016 they 30 so this is the last day of Ramadan, I hope that you have enjoyed it. And I asked Allah Subhana Allah to, to accept from you a bet that tomorrow is at shallow data and there are certain etiquettes about aid, there are certain sunon that the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam used to do in

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some of the sunon that the property used to do and he is

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taking a bath. So, before he, he

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heads to the masjid, he would take a bath. And also he would put his most beautiful garment he had what garment that he would only put a note in the viewport on in eight. So meaning that you would put your most beautiful clothes to go for eight, not like you know, not any clothes. But something really nice to show that this is a Yeah, when he added a photo Xena tocom and the preliminaries Oh, son of Adam take your adornment, you know, when you go to the massage. So especially this is eight. So you should show that, you know, you would wear maybe your most beautiful clothes that you have

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another soon and that the Prophet got another son of the Prophet used to diagnose them before going through an ad that he would break his fast with, with dates. And you know, in an odd number of dates, and being one or three dates, five dates, depending on

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your size, but you know, three days is the norms. So this is something that the partner used to do. And then he would not eat after that and out of the hat, which means until after he

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he would finish Salatin aid and the hot button aid.

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Another thing that the Prophet needs to do is that he would walk to the masjid and he would walk to the interaction of the aid would happen in the outskirts, it's not in the masjid. So he would walk from one way and he would come back from another way. So here you know, in your case, maybe if you can walk, it's amazing, it's great. But if you cannot walk to the machine because the machine is far away from you, you can you know your drive so of course you will have to drive from walking away and you're gonna drive back from the other way. It's another son of the Prophet it says to them

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at the time of eight one should show happiness one should show joy you know,

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why because it's eight. So the process I'm used to you know, celebrate it and the habit is to celebrate eight and and they would show a lot of joy A lot of you know, happiness, especially with kids. And also it's a

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show that that that that the kids you know filled the spirit of aid.

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Our kids know about Christmas and about you know, Santa Claus will give stories we give money and the shoe you will find the Muslim the money so maybe you can give some

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treats to your kids inshallah tada and make them feel the happiness of Aden, the jewelry, regardless of what's happening out there, that does not mean that we're forgetting about the situation all over the world, but they just eat and we need to celebrate it inshallah.

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Another thing that we are to do in eight is detectability. So the tip of an eight is you know, takes the form and in fact it starts from from fudger of the day of aid until the anthem the ma'am you know, stands to give the the the salah and the hotbar so and it is Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar Allah. Allah, Allah Allah, Allah, Allah.

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Allah, Allah, Allah Allah Allah Allah kebab, kebab word in the hand, these are the two most authentic forms of,

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of a tech community. Another thing that the political system used to do or the Sahaba which is another educator, another student is the greetings of

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the grittiness of aid is by saying aid Mubarak or Alemanno men come in or anything in that in a such that you know, you greet people for, you know, greet decide that your friends, greet your family, this is an opportunity to in fact, you know,

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get hold of your or your family to wish them a Mubarak.

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And last but not least, as the the progress is to have a you know, out in the outskirts, he would invite everyone he would let everybody know and he that it's easy to bring everyone

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When the kids would come, women would come men would come all young and everybody to the extent that even women who are going to the menses would still come to pray, I mean not to pray, but to witness and to, they may not pray, they cannot pray but they can still attend the hospital aid and attend the of the eight. So just to show that everybody should participate in the joy of an A, I asked Allah subhanho wa Taala to accept your eight acts las panatela to make it a robotic for you and for your loved ones, and to accept with a bad debt from you to Avila minimum income. So Allah Subhana Allah Allah and Baraka lofi come until another episode in sha Allah, Allah if Allah gives us life to

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meet you again, met inshallah hota it be in 2017 to have another series of rocket Ramadan. I know it's sad for me, at least you know that this will be my last episode for today. Or for this month I asked Allah subhana wa tada to put it in, in my Amazon and Amazon has a net as a Kamala Harris stay in touch with me to my website, you know, WWE rock training calm or through my social media like Facebook and Twitter and others Baraka Luffy coma salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.