Wisam Sharieff – Funny – Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce To Open Up Your Recitation

Wisam Sharieff
AI: Summary © The transcript is a vlog of a hot wings vlog where the vloger is sharing his experiences with hot wings. He gives advice on how to practice eating hot wings and memorize the Quran through a system or just eat a banished dish. The vloger also mentions a cool food called Chobani plain tart and gives some tips on how to practice eating it.
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Guys, I gotta give mad props to Phil. All right now, anyone who watched this as the vlog from the beginning, you have to know there's that there's a talk show where the guy does the hot wings. Below I have a hot sauce collection, which I don't let anyone jump into. And so they're lined up. One is the, like, you see the stuff you're like, you guys can eat this now this is my stuff, but we lost straight. Okay, so this is level one. So Rogers level one. It's almost kind of sweet. Yeah, I liked it a lot. Then it takes you a while to get used to this one. But dear, I love it. And this is my regular and I saw habanero like he saw the habanero. He's like, no, no, I saw pepper content. This

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is the one I do one to six drops and it kind of glazes something. But if I really want to feel my lips before recitation, I'll go ghost pepper homeboy over here and the lathered

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this one skipped this one to be safe. And I'm gonna grab this one.

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And then he came back, he was

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like, I took one bite, and I'm waiting, like, I'm sweating right now. Yeah. And I was like, how's he going to? How's it gonna go? But hey, man proud to be loud. I think the guy who has that talk show with with the hot wings should call him and start asking him so

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I'm gonna be out and like round one and I don't encourage you all I've been into spicy food as a as a child and I've loved it I mad shout out to everyone who can appreciate hot food but don't get into it not good for your tummy. I think he just had to have his third Godiva cream and cream and strawberry and cream chocolate. I have a bucket of Chobani plain tart.

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Sorry guys, he's eating something else.

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This cooling his tongue down. So you could always memorize the Quran through our beautiful system or eat a habanero pepper and you will have to memorize everything immediately because you will go crazy. So either memorize to this system, or just eat a habanero and sit down about 100 games with our Mandarin and you'll never forget that experience ever. Alright guys, over and out from our side. Let's zoom back in

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