Nadim Bashir – Shaitaan Series – Know Your Enemy

Nadim Bashir
AI: Summary © The importance of achieving Jana's through Islam is discussed, including struggles with staying away from sin and the need for consistency in behavior. A woman who was fired from her job and the poor appearance of her work clothes are also highlighted. The importance of protecting the body and shaming is emphasized, along with the need to learn each tricks of the operation to protect oneself from shale attacks and chip attacks.
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Maybe your son said Either he said he should either FOB an evening either here or this will go on. When I started getting a lot one guy said he could have difficulty with one has to do no harm at all. Or Sue

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forgot all about it I laugh and cry machine well football I mean by other image shape all of our genius from day one

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all along with the other people on an iPhone. I nearly fell off my monitor when highlighted the evolution of acid Mamilla Rahula eyes is on the board. We're Ottawa The Dinah fever calm in our

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international on an atomizer one fat definitely do I do. And I adore husband only when us harvest size of Allah what are the for

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the devil Allah will hide on the head he had even Mohamed Salah wall by Lady he was sending them were shorter more important than what will be there if you were to look at the item or go to the relative and now

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respected brothers or sisters or friends is for Allah. Allah Allah Who owns the entire universe, who is the magic of the entire universe, and he also owns everything and every affair that takes place in the universe. No man is similar the woman love will put some MUSAWAH the will of Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah is the One who is controlling and sustaining the entire universe. He is the one who knows everything. He is not affected by time. He is not affected by calamities. We praise Allah subhanahu McDonogh whose knowledge encompasses everything, he has a knowledge of everything that takes place in this world, whether it is openly or done secretly. Allah subhanho wa Taala his

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hearing is complete. Our hearing is incomplete. When two people are talking to us we have to tell one person that wait wait, wait for your turn. So I can listen to the what the other person is saying. We cannot listen to two people at the same time. Allah subhanho wa Taala his hearing is such complete in such a manner that his he can hear every conversation that takes place simultaneously around the entire world. His scene is so complete, that what we see we can only see at a particular distance. The single was of 100 with the Allah is complete, he is looking at everything that is taking place in the entire world at the same time.

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And we testify to Allah subhanho wa Taala there isn't worthy of worship besides Him. And we testify that Muhammad Sallallahu it was set up as the messenger and those sort of Allah so Allah so Allah morning was

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Allah subhanho wa Taala he says, mania in Linda, will make us real further ahead either. Whoever Allah guides, there is no one who can misguide him, and whoever is misguided by Allah subhanho wa Taala There is none who can guide that person.

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Respect your brother and sisters.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala has sent each one of us for a very particular time with race specific instructions in a race, special purpose. Allah subhana huddle with our landlord and he says, well my agenda when it ends in that ear, I will do that your purpose, your sole purpose of why I created you is so that you can worship me so you can recognize my powers, my majesty

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and other i in the Quran, Allah says Allah Mota will hire them. Or you can ask them Allah, why is your wife Why is their death so that he can see which one of you which one of you is the best in performing good deeds, waste of r&d along with a lawyer it was a famous stab your ad says a dunya.

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That is dunya was created for you to assist you and to aid you. Everything that we see around us. It helps the human being to survive on the business Earth, but you the human being you are created for the life you're after. So while we're setting this world with very specific instructions, how do we demonstrate how do we how do we act out? How do we please Allah subhanho wa Taala Culbertson prophet after prophet to show a guide mankind that this is how if you were to do this, this is how you are to earn the pleasure of Allah subhanho wa Taala and if you do this, you will be going far away from the path

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Have a law which will lead you to the ultimate destruction.

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We are living in a life that is full of ups and downs challenges. Each one of us we have ambitions, there are some who have ambitions and there are some who don't. There are some in this life who are always trying to climb the ladder of success. They're not they're not satisfied or where they are a person who joins a new company as an employee, his sole intention, his purpose, and he's going to be dedicated or she's going to be dedicated to what can I do in order to climb in my life in my new job? How can I get to the higher position? How can I get to the higher position, there are some in this world more absolutely content with where they are, as long as they're unhealthy, as long as

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they have food on the table to eat, as long as they have clothes to wear, as long as they are not in a heavy debt, except for a mortgage. They are contented by there are people like that also. But each one of us do play a important role. I'm hearing fulfills the role of taking care of his children, day night errands is more worried about themselves, they're worried about the children. And when there are three, four children involved in one family, when they take care of one yet think about the island to take one or the other, they think about the other one gets sake. The other one is okay, that one becomes healthy, the other one gets sick life. So when asked them why did this

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happen? I said Life happens. This is what life is all about.

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A child? What is it? What is what will does he or she fulfill they just play around this is what they do. What about a student, a student the rolled up string fulfills is that he or she maintains, and they tried to maintain a good bring in school, they trying to finish their degree and finish their studies and try to accomplish what they're trying to accomplish. A businessman the role of business mentor plays is that he is constantly worrying about that, how can take my my business from one level to the next level in his business is well as if his business is worth $10,000, he's trying to take it to where is it is the word of $100,000. If it is worth $100,000, he's trying to take it

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to the level where it is worth $1 million. And this person, he's always worried about that a boss what does he do, he maintains everything around him. So every person has a role that they fulfill. But in life, whatever a person is trying to achieve, how valuable it is and how important it is. There are that many obstacles, there are obstacles in everything, where if you want to achieve anything, even if you want a glass of water, you cannot just sit on your couch and say I want a glass of water and the glass will come out of the you know come out of the dishwasher. And you'll fill the water and come to you know you have to get out you have to go to the sink, or you have to

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go to the kitchen and you have to get a ball of water, you have to get the glass and fill it with water. Everything requires some obstacle. But the most important thing, why we all here is to achieve Jana to protect ourselves as a firefighter. And to achieve the pleasure of Allah subhanho wa taala. This is while we're all here for and this is what we need to achieve this what we need to strive for. I'm not saying that we need what we do. I'm not saying that we leave our families. I'm not saying that we leave our jobs. These are important things that we have to fulfill. These are things that we learn for the purpose of love, it was that in the Sahaba that they took care of the

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family also. But the true purpose of a purse of a believer is that he is concerned and he's worried about the IRA. He's worried about the outcome.

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And so this is and then while we're trying to achieve Jana while we're trying to protect yourself from the virus, while we're trying to achieve the pleasure of Allah subhanho wa Taala we have a brain of code before us. We have an author, we have an enemy we have there is someone out there who is always trying to pull us back, who is trying to stop us from achieving our goals.

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And that is what we need to understand that is who we need to learn about. And who is that I should run? Of course, should one is always there. He's always trying to deceive the human being. He has taken an oath to a loss of 100

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and Allah subhanaw taala nearly nine times in the Quran because question on Shavon Shavon Shavon Shavon Why did he ever tell us 90 times something to say that why is the repetition regarding straight line and this is only in the Quran in the ID. There are many, many Hadith There are countless Hadith regarding Sheikh life and how does he receive a human being and what are the trousers shape on but it is our responsibility to learn about shape on his wobbly shape on lists. We

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verse in the Quran, Allah subhanho wa Taala he says in the shade on the Komodo one factor in other words, Allah says that Shavon is your enemy, take him as your enemy,

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do not take him as your friends. Today we say that chiffon is our friend, but the way we are conducting ourselves in our life, the life that we are spending, it is actually in parallel with the with the ideas in the advices of shall

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we say that we know Allah subhanho wa Taala and we that was posted a while while he was sending them, but for the most part, our life is contrary to the teachings of Allah and the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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So Allah tells us in a shed more light than I do, why he's your enemy. And you know, you see those people who go for Hajj, you don't want them on when you know when they do not have the expanded gym, a lot of people when they will go for hikes and they will perform the Robbie they will take off his slippers and they will find anything they could get in their hat. And they throw out the jumbotron and they say you should have done this to me my life you have done that to me in my life. You are the you aren't you aren't

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you are everything, the customer and they say all sorts of things. And what do they do? They turn around and therefore the Pacific ship.

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Allah says in the Shavonda Komodo

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what should what is the ownership on has taken us taken, taken before Allah, He says

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I'm going to attack this person, this person is a very vulnerable person. And he's going to be easy to deceive, in the coming home and more classy, but there are some people of Allah subhanho wa Taala who have the consciousness and the awareness of a wall at all times. Those people aren't gonna even get close to I can't get close to those people. And not only that when he says the IBM ad, and can come under attack and from the front woman Halloween and from behind, why are you mad even from the right, why are you so mad at him, I'll attack him from the desk also. Whatever he sees, I'm going to bring the opportunities of breaking the orders of Allah at all times, he will see in front of him

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there will be an opportunity to break the order of Allah, He will see behind the wheel of opportunity left and right there will be more chances to display the person behind on the island. And today we see that happen. It is so difficult to stay away from sin today in so many different cases. So this is the this is the author Sharon has taken. Then Allah subhanho wa Taala another idea he says yeah, you want nothing to do with

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one or the other ship on? Oh you people eat and take down whatever loss of a father has given you which is Allah which is pure which is clean. Mina Thank you. Allah subhanaw taala has mentioned that it is pure when I had to shave off all the physical shape on why is Allah talking about shape why when he's talking about eating? Why? Because here in this ayah Allah is telling us that money in wealth is something that we all fall for. Every person is weak when it comes to money. We see in this world that people are Rachel Rabbit Hara and Rachel have been cries just for money. Allah says when it comes to money, do not follow this placenta chiffon chiffon will try to deceive you. So this

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is who Sharon is. This is who Shefali is in Allah talks about this over and over again the behind why to remind us to tell us that if you are going through in this world, you're going to be attacked, but you have to remain firm. You have to be steadfast in your EBA May Allah subhanaw taala give all this ability to add on was been Senator heard and Allah subhanho wa Taala who protect us from the shape line by the wall and aggarwala and all him whatever now a calculator never came I stopped for a while honey whatever. What is that industry the first coffee looking horrible for me

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and handling data and 109 If you don't want to sign more stuff, you know when I will

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live it up. We'll make up for that I had to get out. What is the one that

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we actually need to do?

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A search for the bottled water barbecue with the Isla federal energy is what football I mean brother all the names you want. Oh Jim, is it right for him in Oklahoma when I get on and the big

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Sunday while he was in Fatima

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before actually continuing on from the please come forward. Please do come forward.

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Respective brothers and sisters. We don't realize Shefali is not only

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I mean that is considered as an external enemy. But she also runs within our Vegas. He runs within the blood

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and he always tries to put the West versa. You always tries to deceive us. Let me share with you a hadith Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. There is a Hadith that we have heard many times, but today I'm going to share with you the entire Hadith Why don't even have a single of your love it can never be a single model it was sent off in verses were endo as why can

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I even ever say he says that promises Allah Friday he was sending them he was in the Muslim and with him he had all his wives as why to arrive around the property salon. Verona and they left for only Sofia when to play something to Helene was one of the ones that was not so well it was some she remained there was probably it is some say to her last time I did he had that on Sunday for Mark that do not do not rush and wouldn't be going back home with you. What kind of April happy that Asana in her house was in the house. And that place in recorders of living was in the house it was 700 Mw some of the love money and the Sunnah, and the body you sit down and that's my heart with her

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for lovely your hoorah.

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Now imagine the prophet Ali Hassan was walking at night, he's walking with a woman, his his wife. And as they're walking, it is night. Anyone that sees any person walking with him when at night, both of the suspect. So the problem is somebody has mentioned that for nothing.

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And saw there were two people from the answer we're walking by for number all

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morning was Sunday. They looked at the property and said they're walking on the other side of the street, they look at the Prophet alayhi salam that he's with a woman.

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they took permission they left they went forward for automatism, Allahu Allah He was sent them to

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the Prophet it is around he called both. He said the YouTube and I'm sorry, come back here. And then he says in Sofia, again, this woman that who I'm working with, she's suddenly having to hire a color. What did they say? Well, it was Saudi Saudi saying, yeah, so Hyderabad, yeah, was also a lot more than he was sending them. Oh, profitable. While you are here from this, we will not even suspect anything like this. And what are the pecan acres that says in nice shape on a union in Saudi budget that you have not suspected at in the beginning in the initial stage. But when you would have gone back home shape on runs in your blood shape on runs in your veins, and he would have hooked up

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something that causes suspicion, he would have caused something that you know, you would have brought them into your mind. And he would have played in with your mind and toying with your mind. That was the body's walking with a knight who was the woman's body as I was walking with. And then the company he sounds he says that he or she to a floppy and FCP and physical machine. And then I feared the reason I'm informing you that this is something I've been doing. And the reason I'm telling you that Shavon runs in your blood and he could have brought something to your mind. You could have brought something false a false idea to your mind. The reason I said all this, so that he

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cannot deceive you so that he cannot bring something to your mind. Restricted brothers and sisters shame on is out there. Chip on is around us at all times. And how do we protect ourselves? How are we supposed to maneuver around your body? How are we supposed to protect ourselves? The only way we can protect ourselves is when we know we shave our heads? What are the tricks of shaved on what are the tricks of shaved line and shape. On the other hand, he is the most he is the he has a sign of a true criminal. You know what a true criminal guys that he will involve other people and at the end he will remove he will remove himself out of the picture, he will get held people involved. And then

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when the time comes to push and shove, he will he will take himself out of the picture. And we see this and this will have on the Day of Judgment. Allah subhanaw taala he says a sort of a grow him will always shape

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when the decision will be made that these are the people who will be going to Jana. These are the people who will be going to Johanna. He says no matter when you're in a BA that will want them have proven to convert the taco Shavon hotel these people because now you're the human being when he is struck with something that is considered as difficult as a human being it is a tendency of the human being that they tried to put the blame on someone else. So when now I need you to be going to the bar to hang out these do come to shake on they you are the one who told us Where's all the promises that you made us with all the promises I get when there's a poll

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In the scheme, or pyramid scheme, there's so many promises, and then they take all your money and then you're left with nothing. This is why it is. It's a Ponzi scheme is a scheme that has been created by shape ah, and so people come to Shavonda will say, Where's all the promises? And he was saying in the law or the law that allowed the problem is that alarming to you? He made the truth, he made the right promise to you. Well,

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I made a promise to you, but

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I had no intention to fulfill it. And then what will you say, My

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mind has been so far down Donald Trump as the devil to me, he says, I'm not worse you.

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Were not going to be out at this party. No surprise, the king who enforce the law upon the people who enforce the rules upon the people living in his lap. He says that I never force you to do it. I only brought the idea to you and you implement it, you execute it, I run the ideas, you execute it.

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And he says for that, and hopefully we'll move on. First of all,

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do not blame me and blame yourself. Don't mean this to me, don't make this my problem today. Make it your problem. And then this will be led to the paradigm. This is what a shaman is. We started Brothers Sisters, we need to learn to share our lives. That's why there was a Chinese warrior as it was Sun Tzu. He said something amazing. He said that if you know yourself, and you know your enemy, and you find 100 battles, you will succeed in each one of them. If you don't know your enemy, and you know yourself, you may win one, you may lose one. And then he said that if you don't know yourself, the how weak you can be. And you don't even learn about your enemy, you will lose each one

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of those battles. And this is what's happening today. With option one is we can say that he's bad, he's evil. That's it for what does he do? How does he attack a person? What kind of ideas and believe it or not, there were some times are Tyler chiffon, he will come and he will do good. Just to bring a person down, he will do good so that a person who does not achieve success. So that's why it is so important that no one we need to identify our enemy. And today we have achieved that today's footballer who is our enemy initiate upon never number two, is that what you need to learn about who he is? Where did he come from? Where he come from? And honestly, when you look at shape on

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the calendar Shavon and

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his expertise is experience. No one has that much experience as far as I like to say he has a great impressive resume. Shavon has a very impressive, impressive resume.

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And then at the same time, he has received profits, he has received the children of the profits. So who are we today? Who are we today, I cannot say that I am a person who blows the budget five times a day and I'm still protected from Shakeology, you know why I gotta shake all knows how to get to every single person. As I said, and we all know this, in order to defeat your enemy, you have to stay the weakness of your enemy. And this is what Shavon does. He says the weakness of every single person. Sometimes a weakness is our job. Sometimes the weakness is ourselves. Sometimes the weakness is our children. Sometimes the weakness is our spouse Shavon knows how to get to each one of us. So

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we need to study about shame on at the same time, we need to learn the tricks or shake on the strategy of Shangela we need to learn how to protect ourselves from Chevron. And then at the same time, we need to maintain that whatever we do in order to protect ourselves from shale oil, we need to continue that we need to be steadfast and we need to remain steady on that. For each a person he does what he needs to do or she does what she needs to do in order to protect us protect themselves from shape ah, and then they let her guard down. And then there are no particular than shape honorable attack this person. Why? Because He Allah says in the Quran, when Sheldon was fast and

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upon us, not only does he bring the whispers to you, but you will continue to bring the whispers over and over again. Allah says he says the word of Allah nurse which in Arabic means that a person who takes a step back but here he says openness which means that a person he always takes a step back over and over again. What is Allah trying to tell us that shame on is going to continue to attack your email. He's going to attack your email over and over again. As soon as you remember a lot he will take a step back, and he's gonna sit there, look at volume six, and he's waiting for his prey to come close. And then he can attack his prey in the same exact way that we are the prey and

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should one is the one who's hunting. As soon as he sees that the heart is devoid of the remnants of Allah he attacks

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He's the heart of the human being. He attacks the human being. And as soon as there was a lot he takes a step back. This is with each one of us. Each one of us we are being attacked everyday like this. But at the end of the day, what was behind that Allah has still given us an advantage. He has still given us an advantage for what do you say? He says, adding that he was supposed to do the nurse Shavon does not have access to our hearts.

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She does not have access to our hearts. He says peaceful do in us who is the plural of the word Sadat which means the chest che Monica, let me come pose as this. That's it. But if he gets into a heart, you know why that is? Because we have given access to shame onto WalMart. We have given him access to our heart. If we don't give access to shame onto our heart shape, one can never get to a heart and Why did Allah so hard create this system so that other day of judgment, no one can come to Allah to Allah and say that I did not have control over my life or rather my heart was in the hands of Shavon He can do anything he wants. Allah subhanaw Guzman is telling us your heart is in your

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hand. The ball is in your court. If you open up your light in your heart to shake on that is your problem that is your fault geyser mistake. So that's why once again we need to learn about Blue Shavon is what are his tricks, and inshallah what I want to do is that in the next coming few footballs, I want to talk about how to shave on deceive a person. There's so many tricks actually gone, but we need to learn each one of them. We need to learn each one that has said earlier we need to learn our enemy. We are looking for all of us ability to add who has been sent hurt but also how to protect us from Shavon Melosa how to protect us from shame on our blackmail or protect our

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children from chip on their loss of the house. subhanho wa Taala cricketers from checkpoint this

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