Ramadan 2019 – Reminders 15

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Smith from the LA slaughter Salam ala rasulillah Salallahu alaihe salam

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wa ala alihi wa sallam so happy to hear him and Ola I just got a reminder from the Quran competition today is the closing date inshallah, if you want to register yourself or your children, for those who are 13 and below sort of among those who are 14 and plus, slot alkaff. Today is the last day if anybody registers after today, they are not going to be part of the competition.

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one more thing, since we're going to talk about the indoor,

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the sisters, I had a complaint, you know, can we reserve a spot for somebody when they're gonna come later in the masjid?

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Muftis give me a better

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satellite you're very good. Go ahead.

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Can I just like because I have two friends you know can I reserve a spot for them until they come to life inshallah

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No, this magic belongs to Allah right? Whoever comes don't deprive him of the of praying in the first row for example okay. So please do not reserve a spot for anyone whoever comes they have the right to pray them inshallah, please. Okay, let's go on.

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So last night, we stopped at one of the Sahaba when the processor

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after the end of the battle, he wanted to

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distribute the runner in the spoils of war and everybody who participated in the battle they have a share

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some so in the process of them gave him his share. He said many hadn't about Okay, Rasul Allah did not follow you, they did not become a Muslim just to get a share from the anatomy said, while I'm at about an even so what is it that you follow me? Is it Avantika Allah and atolla Malika, for automatic assignment

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for optimal fertilization, I followed you that there will come a battle, and I'll join that battle. And I'll be you know,

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I'll be shot with a spear with a spear right here. And I'm going to die and I'm going to end up in gentlemen, the apostle himself, Salah holla, who in Sabah

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if you have telling the truth, Allah will give you what you wish suppiler the following battle, after it was over the processor was checking who passed away in that battle. And he found that companions dead with a spear right there. Exactly. In the area where he wished me

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last panatela says and sought

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number 33 and number 23 amongst the believers

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when they give him a covenant, they were truthful, they were honest.

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What they wanted

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woman whom a young woman teletubby de la, some of them so Pamela passed away in the battle. Some of them remain alive, but they never changed the way of Allah and His Messenger male lawmakers amongst them inshallah.

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Okay, let's move on

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into something which is very important. And I keep stressing this point and I will keep talking about it all the time. Is lemon essence is our key than a bad luck.

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Never forget that. You have a belief system. There is only one God He created me. I'm here to be slave. The summary of this Dean in one is was unfair to her. Yeah.

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You're the master and the slave. And I always go to you for help when I need it.

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So once we submit ourselves to allow what happens our embed that will benefit us and it will change our behavior. Once you start feeling that your behavior is changing, congratulations or was accepting your other

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you didn't understand the meaning of high band.

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If we finished our solo right now, step out of the door of the masjid and start talking about each other. Was the code in Islam slandering? We'll be talking about the exact person next to you.

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This is a major sin.

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It's a major sin. You just finished salon. Didn't your salon benefit you?

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So what's the problem

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with fast Ramadan Why? So that we learn tuck one?

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That I know that Allah can hear me Allah can see me wherever I am.

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If I'm

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just on the phone, and I'm whispering kind of legitime

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Why? Because he is a semia.

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If I'm in the basement, I turn off the lights and I'm hiding from anybody but can Allah see me?

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Why? Because he's embassies. So if I reflect on the names and attributes of Allah, who stopped me, and here's the story, they came to the prophet SAW Selim, they said Yana Salalah Fulani so warm, cold warm, totally a little more on lots of different so on so Masha Allah she fasts not only in Ramadan, but every Monday and Thursday, and she establishes the my prayer not only just the five prayers, and she gives lots of silica, what I can add to the Tirana

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but she doesn't treat her neighbors well on here for now.

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He said if she continues doing what she's doing, her final abode will be helpful. So parallella lots of

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but no.

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was the other way around.

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Yes, he was stole from another one. So um, so she just, you know, praise the five times. And she just first Ramadan, and she can barely have something extra to give sadaqa but she treats her neighbors Well, clearfil children. He said she's in hellfire. So don't think being too strict and abandoned. And that's all what you do. And it does not change your behavior and the way you treat others.

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I'm sorry, Your rebellion did not benefit you. Because there is the relationship between you and Allah. He should also treat human beings well.

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Allah said what

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about in fitna atmosphere all sorts of

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we have made you one another to each other as fitna. Would you be patient? Would you give others the benefit of doubt? Or are we judges today?

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Live I'd love to be the judge. Don't be a judge of anyone. Cuz you never know. Somebody who might look down upon one law he on the Day of Judgment, he could be better than 1000s of me and you.

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Humble yourself. The best man of lineage ever in the history of mankind is useful. According to our professor,

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when he was asked

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who is the most noble when it comes to the genealogy or genealogy or lineage? Their family? Call us as Kareem Abdul Kareem Abdul Kareem Abdul Karim. He's the most noble is a prophet, the Lord, the Son of the Most normal is father as a prophet, the Son of the Most normal his grandfather is as high as a prophet, the Son of the Most normal his grand grandfather is Ibrahim alayhis. Salaam, nobody can match him. Listen, after he became almost the king of Egypt.

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What was his ultimate goal in life

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that he say I want to be the emperor of the Middle East. Now ally, listen carefully to the lesson that you serve and SLM is teaching us in so our use of sonnenburg 12. a a 101

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is my master, you have given me authority.

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God taught me the interpretation of dreams, he became a prophet.

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You're the one who created the heavens and the earth in a unique way.

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You're the only one who would support me in this life and the life to come. This is an introduction

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This is praise of Allah. What do you want to use? After praising Allah? Look at the other. If you want to ask Allah for something, praise him first. What is it that you want?

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Your Allah, you don't want more kingdom.

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You don't want to live long to be the Emperor? No. All I need is to die in a state of Islam to you. And instead of submission to you

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What else?

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You don't consider yourself amongst righteous ones use of

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he said Yama allow me to join the righteous ones. What does that mean? It means humbleness. Don't ever think highly of yourself? Well, I am nobody.

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The moment you think you're better than anyone else, you lost it.

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You lost it.

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We're not

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used to be introduced by people who will start crying.

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He says,

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make me better than what they think of me.

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And don't hold me accountable of what they say about me.

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And forgive that, which is between me and you, and nobody else knows. That's abubaker.

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So I want to conclude with this.

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This thing is all about what

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And I keep saying this. I know some of you say, let's pray, stop what you're saying? Well, I have the only thing you will go home is the message I give you that's enough for you. You can pray the rest at home.

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Because many of us pray without understanding a single word.

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Without understanding a single word. We just go up and down. And then we go home. I pray deliver, because what did you benefit? What change this Ramadan will be in your life?

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We need to understand,

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we need to reflect we need to act upon what we understand, then we can take it to others.

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So this is very important.

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And I'll conclude with this story.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in one of the battles. He didn't have money.

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And they were entering a battle. So he went to one of the Jews. And he told him, listen, I want to have a deal with you. I want you to make some swords for us.

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And after the end of this battle, in which Allah will give us victory, long before the battle, will make lots of spoils of war and will pay off.

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And they agreed.

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And then the man made the swords for them. The end of the battle, they won the battle. They had lots of spoils of war. And now the process of them is distributing the spoils of war. So each one got a share. But how much is the share of Allah His Messenger, one fifth, so always big was huge. And then man, the Jew who made them the swords, took his money already. Most of them gave him his money, but he's still standing there looking at the chair.

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And when the process lm saw him looking at that chair, I started looking at the watch and I realized that my time is over. So inshallah tomorrow will continue