Haifaa Younis – Ramadan Series Day 19 – The Month of Consolation

Haifaa Younis
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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Sha Hello musasa The month of

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constellation, the month of constellation.

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Why? What is in normal one? It's on last Hallo Matala. One wants me to learn and practice that the name was given and what is consolation?

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What do I do to make somebody feel better? That's conservation. Basically, it's comfort. It's a comfort received by a person after a loss. So I or you lose anything, feel sad, feel afraid. Then you come or I feel sad or afraid. And you come and talk to me and make me feel better. That's what it is. And the best example of consolation is actually a Seder Haneda.

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We all know the story, when Otto Swati thought or Saddam was in the cave

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of hero.

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And then the why that revelation was sent to him.

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Then he went back and was so shaky. You're so afraid, I asked them Cover me cover Nizam loonies and Maloney. And then he told the cedar haleiwa What happened? What was her response? What she said, she said one lie, by a law lie of Zika Allah, Allah never put you down.

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A word of consolation. You make somebody feel better, what law hilarious Zika law. And then in a colossal era, when you always keep and reach out to your kings, and keep the relationship, what I believe, and you help the poor and the destitute. And you serve your guests with generosity, and you assist the deserving calamity afflicted one that's constellation. That's constellation.

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Let's look at the Ramadan. What do we normally do? related to our generosity, we are much more generous, what are we doing? We are sending money to the needy to the poor, or feeding or cooking, right? And even inviting people to our home. And for the fall, we're making people around us feel happy, let alone people who are in need. And they feel no worry. It is the month of Ramadan, people will give us Sha

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Sha one was the month of consolation. So what do I need to do with the people around me and then I will come to my relationship with Allah. In relation to this, I need to remind myself, the month of Ramadan is not about fasting only. And I don't do anything during the day. And then when I eat, and I eat, and I feel full, and then I go and go on with my day. That's not what Allah intended this month to be. I need to be struggling. I need to feel the effort, the difficulty, the struggle. And then as I am doing that, I am improving and changing. So I am going to be a hunter have a good deed in this month. Because this month helps me to do a good deed. So I am going to look any way I can

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meet make a person around me feel better, anyway. Again, not necessarily a Muslim, you're again in the grocery shop, and you see an older lady, right? Help her to put and this happened. And I saw this witness this yesterday in the grocery shop the person in in the line it had had so many. And the person behind her jumped to her right away and helped her with this. And they start talking is like yeah, I have five children. So I have to buy a lot. And so Pamela that's why sir, that's constellation. The woman was so happy of the gesture of the other woman. That's what I need to do as a Muslim. Take opportunity of this month to change and to change in this direction. Comfort people

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around me feel comfortable around me But not only that, they feel I am there to help without asking whether health physical or with the tongue with a word with a nice word somebody had and this is the time for the exams, times for the exams. Right? We need to consult our children a lot we make it easy if they really could not fast or the woman is or the woman during her monthly period couldn't fast and she feels so missing and we console and say out on the contrary you are obeying Allah in the same way. If you are not using your your menses, you are obeying Allah pantai

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By fasting during your menses, you're obeying almost pantalla by not fasting, both you are obeying Allah that words makes the person around me feel better. So that's number one, me, Ramadan itself, by the generosity of people by the people changing their characters. People around us feel people feel better, and people look forward to Ramadan. Now come to the last point between me and Allah subhanho wa Taala

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What should I do? What should I do so that I feel this feeling with a loss pantalla and last pantalla said that in the Quran and you have levena Ehrman, what Optima include woombie, the karela Alavi the karela, he taught my inner,

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worldly, the one believers again, you and me, I'm an

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author to my name localu boom with a Korea and they feel comfort, and safe and happy. By the remembrance of Allah, worldly by the remembrance of Allah, hearts will find peace. So I need to console myself.

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How acfi Roman decorilla continuously, increasingly, abundantly, remember a law and I will do this to myself without anybody around me. My practical

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tip or my Practical Action to live the month of constellation with me my cell phone I am alone is I'm sitting in that on my Sujata or I'm sitting in that corner while I'm sitting in the masjid and I am in a constant remembrance of Allah subhanho wa Taala then I feel in peace. And I gave myself I console myself, I have no one around me, I did it. I'm at work. I'm working. Remember our last pantalla in the beginning is not easy, but work hard. ask Allah to help you. And the more you remember a lot, the more you feel things goes easier, and you're more in peace. Subhan Allah, what a beautiful religion we have simple things, simple things, his words of Allah subhanaw taala change

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our mindset of looking at things and doing things and the results. So imagine if everybody on this earth, practice this, that whenever there is an opportunity to make somebody around you feel better you do with what a piece on this earth will be along with this woman kisara hyena and bonacci Center, you're alive, you are peace, you are the peace and you are the source of peace and make us all live in peace y'all. Don't be me.

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