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In this interesting episode of save yourself series we were reminded that gratitude is not all about utterances but most importantly in changing our sinful ways to adopting Allah's commands. We should thank Allah to be protected from sins, to achieve the pleasure of Allah, to increase our sustenance, and to avoid Allah’s severe punishments and wraths.
Working only for dunya is not enough, marry the dunya and akhira for you to be saved from the great torment. Do not let Shaitan deceive you into committing sins because he will absolve himself on the day of judgement. Never fall into the category of people who argue about doing the lawful things but commit sins in a whim.
My dear brothers and sisters ponder on the gifts Allah has given you and you will never finish counting the favours He has bestowed upon you, so why can you not show gratitude by observing your Salah at least. Do not wait till the day you will ask Allah to send you back to the earth for you to do good deeds but it will be too late.
Let Allah look after you by memorizing the Quran because He has promised to protect the Quran therefore automatically protecting the memorizer. Don’t lose hope because you think you are too old to memorize it, remember that many companions of the prophet(S.A.W) memorized the Quran when they were above 40years.
Listen to this and more in this touching episode.

Ramadan 1437H 2016 from Bosmont Masjid in Johannesburg, South Africa, Episode 20

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