Abu Bakr Zoud – The best deeds to do during the last 10 nights of Ramadan

Abu Bakr Zoud
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of staying true to obligations during the nights, as it is essential to fulfill these commitments. They recommend staying in a solid state, avoiding wasting time, and practicing Islam by staying in a solid state. The importance of being honest and sincerity is also emphasized.
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focus during these last 10 nights that you pray your obligatory prayers on time, Marguerite, Aisha and Fisher every single night, make sure make sure because little cuddle is during these times, it's between these times they little cuddle is between Margaret and Fisher. So take care of these because these are the obligations, everything you're going to do in between other than a shirt is going to be voluntary. So it doesn't make sense that you neglect the obligation. And then you focus on that which is voluntary. Don't fall in this trap and this mistake, focus on your obligatory prayers, protect them, then give time for the voluntary prayers, you will feel much more comfortable that way

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now, and so the best thing as we said in how you're going to spend these night prayer, or

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prayer, Quran and diet

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and these three things can be all joined in a solid. So how do you do this? By standing long time while you're standing, reading Quran, spend a long time reading Quran and ensued long day.

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And don't be confused and say but I didn't know a lot of Quran what am I read? You can open almost half and read from almost half. That's permissible. If you don't know how to read, read one surah and repeat it repeat it 50 times 100 times no problems. Even if it was one area, you know, repeat the area repeat the 100 times and the V sallallahu alayhi wa sallam it was narrated that he stood in Salette one whole night repeating one area in the Quran. And that is the second last day in solitary man either into a VIP home for a non rebel to interfere level and in NACA antennas, these will Hakeem he repeated this area the entire night.

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You know, and when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was in Mecca, and Allah had commanded him from the early days in Mecca to get up and pre the nights. What did you have of the Quran? He only had a crop Bismillah bigger the Haluk and something from Solothurn Muslim min Solothurn Fatiha that's it. How is Allah telling him pray the whole night AMI Lane Illa kalila pray the entire night except a little bit of the night Go and sleep. How he only had a few areas that He repeated the eight. Right? So there's no issue repeat. Everyone can have a long standing. If you cannot stand Sit, sit. Don't waste the opportunity. The best thing you can do is be in solid. Because solid it

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brings the night to life in solid. All the pillars of Islam gather in solid. Did you know this? All the pillars of Islam gather in solid. What are the pillars of Islam? A shadow? A shadow shadow leader in the lower shadow no Muhammad Rasool Allah. So when you're praying, you are fulfilling a shadow, which is authority you're fulfilling Tauheed you're praying for Allah azza wa jal was solid is full of vigor is vigor. Subhan Allah, Allah Subhana Allah Belavia him it's full of thicker by then the next pillar in Islam is a solid of solid, the solid. The third pillar in Islam is fasting in solid you are fasting you're not allowed to eat you're not allowed to drink. Then the fourth

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pillar in Islam a second, a second by how is a get fulfilled in your solid? You know?

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How is this the case of a hammer home Allah they said that when you stand in pray, your Salah is a purification for your time, just like Zika to the man is a purification for your money. And time is equal to money. Like what is the time time is equal to money. So when you have money, you give zakat, that's how you purify your money. 2.5% you give zakat that how do you purify your time, your time, your time that is full of sin and transgression? How do you purify this time by a solid, therefore a solid is the Zakat of time. So that purifies your time. When you stand those minutes those hours in solid, you are purifying your time. And then the last pillar of Islam is a hash and

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how is solid related to Al hush because a hash, the judge the intent the house of Allah they go to the house of Allah and in solid, you are facing the house of Allah. So there is that element that is shared with and harsh in Salah you are facing the house of Allah, which is Kibler la accord. So the best thing you can do is us on air, lungs standings reading the Quran repeating the eight if you don't know a lot of Quran.

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If you get tired, sit down, and then long suit in where you make too high

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In this tutorial then the best to as we said Allah who made in the car phone to Hibbeler for five for honey, Allahu Akbar. And for the woman that cannot observe the prayer, or the sick person that is unable to stand in prayer or sit and pray, doesn't matter, read, listen to make dua, vicar charity. As I said to you, my brothers and sisters in Islam, the main thing is that Allah azza wa jal sees sincerity and honesty in your heart. That's it. This is the main thing if Allah wants to see sincerity, whatever if you're reading Quran, praying, whatever you're doing, be sincere and honest with him. And if Allah has to accept that, that's it, you're currently looking cluttered

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