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Riad Ouarzazi
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the history of the Prophet Mohammed, including his marriage with the Prophet and his use of rocks and stones to create a vision. The segment also touches on the importance of his visitation to the Prophet's mouth and his use of meditation to regain consciousness. The segment ends with a promotion for viewers to share the video for others.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah salam aleikum, wa barakato other zazzy we're coming here to another episode of rock Ramadan 2018 day eight.

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And we're still talking about the previews from the seeds of the Prophet Mohammed it is of Salim.

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And today we'll talk about as we talked last week about his marriage with the conditional yellow and how baja today was talking about the way the prophecy of the Prophet Mohammed ideas of Salah

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but before he became a prophet before he received the revelation, certain things used to happen in the luck an intro to his to the to the prophethood of Prophet Mohammed is

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one thing used to happen was that six months before he became a prophet, whatever vision whatever a dream he used to see some lovely new Selim. It used to happen as he used to see it Salalah Houston, so he would see a vision right at night, and then in the morning, it will happen exactly as he saw it. So Lola you said another thing used to happen was that he used to hear stones and rocks and trees saying all he used to hear them saying set out to him. So he would just be walking in and he would hear a Solomonic Rasul Allah turn and then he wouldn't find nobody. You know, so in fact, it was the trees and Roxane or sending the Sadam to the Prophet Mohammed is also another thing was that

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he used to like

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solitude, you know, he used to like,

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taking himself out, or singling himself out and going contemplating and meditating, you know, since he, he used to go in the outskirts of Mecca, until he found this place in a call graph, the cable in this mount

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and then there

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and this job, you know, what we call a job or not, and then he found this place where he used to go and contemplate and meditate and in fact, in this month of Ramadan, we also should revive this beautiful Sunnah of the Prophet Mohammed Ali Baba, is this worship of contemplation, you know, meditation, contemplating about the greatness of Allah subhanho wa Taala. In fact, you don't just do a walk up that mountain takes about an hour or an hour or sometimes even more than an hour to go all the way up to that amount. And then he used to do that some La la la he was setting them and then today, it is that day, when he is there in this mouth, or in this case, and only one person used to

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know his whereabouts Khadija, because Khadija is used to bring him food, or the Allahu Akbar and, and Fatima she was still a kid. And then she used to go with her mom, and she used to spend time with the Prophet Mohammed ISIS to them. And then here he is a lot larger in this game. And all of a sudden came this person this man, you know, which he has never seen before. With this

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with this amazing, amazing, you know, Revelation when he told him read a clock. This is where the time went, and was revealed. This is the day with the animals review. This is the day where the history was changed the day where Prophet Mohammed would receive the revelation, the end was revealed in this month of Ramadan in fact precisely in the literal color, in the night of the power the night of the decree of Allah was revealed and we are in the month of June. And my brothers and sisters just so you know Subhana Allah, whenever the annual whenever the end is

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connect with someone or something, that particular thing becomes great Subhana Allah for instance, when the n n was in, was revealed, through social but via via GPS, and GPS became the master of all the angels and animals revealed upon Prophet Mohammed, Salah Prophet Mohammed became the CEO of all messengers that the most beloved halal NBA the best of all profits, some of the largest and this PR n was revealed upon this nation, the nation of Prophet Mohammed, then this nation became higher oma the best oma. The Quran was revealed in the month of Ramadan, and the month of Ramadan is say it'll show the master of all months and the animals revealed a little cuddle. A little cuddle is also

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deemed to be the best

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They in the hole any year in the month of Ramadan and the best day the whole month of Ramadan and also the best day in the holiest Subhana Allah and this Klonopin, if it was to reside in your heart Subhan Allah,

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Allah subhana wa tada as the Prophet Mohammed It is also them says, Hey look, man Allah. But Allah Quran, Allah Allah, the best amongst you are those who learn and teach it. So if this plan was to reside in your heart, you would certainly become the best the best man Subhana Allah, the best person the greatest person and

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if you were to live with the ad for the day, if your day was to be in connection with the ad, or lying that day that you will have will be the best day in your life. Why because it's a day in companionship with and in the month of the ad my brothers and sisters until another episode inshallah huhtala for chroma 2018 First of all, I'd like to tell you please share this good with others. And if you like the video, of course you should like it because we're talking about Prophet Mohammed like it and then share inshallah with others so they can also benefit as a Kamala Harris

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