The Sunnah Of Reminders Naseehat March 12th 2012

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how much

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how often do you guys like to be reminded? How often do you like to be reminded

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you want every day however is every hour

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that's a little bit too much right every hour isn't too much to give you this lecture without however single slot every time we come for salado should be real solid here at

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the heart there are serious about what you would you like to have a hotter every single Salah yes absolutely right. But what if I do this is not the son of the Prophet so

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theoretically speaking you might like that you might love it says please do it man. But I guarantee you will not be allowed to listen.

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That's why every time you come for you it's not it wasn't actually an actual every salon it was every now and then. And that's

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when you never give no Say hi to people give it very often not necessarily every single time you see him.

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That's how I was I was sort of like sola sola. And that's how we should deal with the people as long as Carla remember no like him a lot of data forgotten in

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the book of good manners from the other side of the chapter of Babel while they will have decided a few chapter on brevity in brief in preaching, so when you preach and you do that moderately, find a lot of data, who drew Elizabeth to be Kevin Hekmati? One model that has that last panel, what Allah commanded the Prophet sallallahu Sallam invites all Mohammed to the way of your Lord's hand over data with wisdom,

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which is the revelation of the forum, and was their preaching and the reading of that moderate preacher model of Hasina. That is, that's good, that's going to be acceptable being you know, taken lightly by the hearts and the minds of people. So you do moderate as much as you can call Ivana Viva Shafi sharpedo in Sacramento, the law pod kind of numbers to draw the alarm on who the runoff equal economists. He says that this is one of the components of ABA law school, he said that it must be allowed for us to remind us used to talk to us used to lectures, basically, an official lectures, he used to lecture us once every Thursday. So once a week, that's a blog was good as an official does.

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Imagine you have a superstar amount like

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would you be satisfied with only once a week from which Noah says

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please give us more.

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He says no, just wants enough for you.

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So we would like to have more. But he has a different way of doing it. color for color origin. Yeah, but after I never did to another curtain a cooler.

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So one man, he told him more about the rock, man. We love your talk. And we wish that you should reach us every single day. Could you make a lecture every single day? That's what he mean by that? How about having a lecture on Tuesday on Monday, Thursday and Friday? Every single day would have electric car, blah, blah, blah.

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come after

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him nominee Metallica and a backhoe? And

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he said there is nothing to hinder me from doing so. But I don't I don't.

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I don't listen, I should go. Which means I don't want you to become bored. I don't want to become too much.

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Which means a reminder is good. But too much of it.

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And that same fashion every single day becomes too much.

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Too much is actually too much. That is it. Carla, well in May. Will might not

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an abuse of the last Allah.

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And Allah ha, lessor, Mr. Mark, Leon coordinamento Khun frequently zemanta photron Yeah, not a Amala Ma. Yes.

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Well, ma superadded Marla Marla tavita.

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I'm a mother, I'm a

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man. He said, I follow the same method and preaching to you that allows messenger adopted in preaching to us for fear that might be bought. So basically, it says the way I'm doing it, I did like the profit source.

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And we remember that to have an official lesson. The prophets of Allah Salah one second Sorry about that. He gave one day for the woman used to give them one exclusive

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lecture like we do, they're in the middle, for example, once they, there's one exclusive lecture for the ladies, for example. And he would give one exclusive for the men, the general community, and there'll be a clip with a Juma for everybody. And then those side conversations and mine are mostly for casual setting, they'll be different. Why wouldn't you be one, they'll be waiting for that for the for the, for the grave to be prepared for burial. He will sit down there speak with the people.

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And that would come as an asset as a moment. Here we walk in on some Sahaba neighbor says, By the way,

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what do you guys think of this, of this animal that is thrown on the floor? Would you buy anything he said, he said one day,

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a dead goat. He says Allah salam, how many of you would buy this for one for one drop from me? We might as well call it

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that. But even less than that, is who's going to buy this animal. This is the dunya and the law.

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This whole dunya

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is the way this is worthless to you. This whole dunya is in a much less invaluable the last part on what Allah and this corpse of this animal.

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So he's reminding them as he walks with them, as they talk, as you sit down and saw what to take and make an official and official electoral Memorial. He will do that. So a lot of them occasionally, especially at this time so that people do not get back to you.

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So eventually, we open Shatta Wale by doing what we do in this magic

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shop, even done even though it's done every single night. But not everybody attends every single.

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So for them, those will come occasionally they see the reminder. So they fall into that after that soon. Those will come every single month. Shall I hope that you don't get bored. You

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will love Donna, Any question?

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That property is different. When you teach a specific, let's say, the Guru's specific science, and that's different. So when there used to sit down to give them

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the story of the love of the Prophet salaallah Salah that would be different. Like I love my school, sometimes he was sent from Malaysia.

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Can you imagine sitting in a lecture from Tata awesome, and also at the Russia, I hope it was in the winter, that they will be shorter, but it was in the summer will be very, very long. But it was

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just a matter of fact, one of these occasions of the love of his food and the love and happiness, or you can say Muslim, after transplant, and also he starts giving this talk. Remember that our beloved bass used to be a governor for Iraq for some time during the fitness rally.

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And so there was so much trouble going on there. So he was like the peacemaker of the alarm on in the area. So he was speaking to the people perhaps was very urgent

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for them until about a time until it was a matter of that someone down

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below that not stopped speaking. So as he was continues talking and speaking, some of them some of the people they saw we start seeing the stars. What does that mean?

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He did.

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So one of those smart guys in the audience was a smart guy.

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So I stopped saying slop

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I'm loving I busted your butt. He continued speaking and preaching. Meaning I heard that and I didn't like it. That's what it means. So you could do the talking.

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And that smart guy again he goes salatu

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salam ala.

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So when I've asked him to

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get in

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as if he's going to become Mashallah more knowledgeable, more careful than a man like him.

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So the man will Assad Assad our bus service, bus stop to the speaker, address the guy in a very active decisive man.

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Are you going to teach me about salon?

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In Florida, I used to play with the prophets of Allah.

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And we used to pray with to join October of last year our mother about Russia, sometimes he would join in Medina, Salvadorans are also together. So lots of us together, and there will be no rain, no travel and no fear, which means no clear sign for that combination. So what would be the reason for that? So some of the people are you asked me they said What was that? What

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it is

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Don't want to pay any officer for the oma, which means this is just like a concession. When someone when there is a need, don't want to say Mississippi. But when there is a need for some, for whatsoever reason that is really conserved and need that someone is to bind it with us or not be possible. So then after that they've done a lot to it. So the point here is that I'm loving that he gave a very long talk. But there will be something a patient wouldn't be just like when you have a big event. And it takes two or three hours for that event as possible when you have a conference when you have one weekend program, but the rest of the week will be casual remind those that is

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softening the hearts. Well, of course have come to that informative.

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So like I went to this wedding one time, and that's exactly what they did. In a wedding. Yeah, they basically didn't pray. They combine this a lot.

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They combine

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going on. So he said, You know, people leave and they don't pray. Yeah, then you know, it's a bad thing. And yada. So isn't that. So I called up. I called up another guy afterwards. And I was like,

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What's going on here? So is this the is it is the guy probably in shape? is he using the same sort of a combined Mother of inertia? Because of the wedding? Yeah, it was time for McGriff, they prayed. And then they just went ahead and prednisone. So they joined motivate a shot the temperature at the time of murder because they didn't want people to go home. They didn't want people to go home late. Now that is wrong. Actually strategy was the opposite. I would have maybe

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if it was to delay memory, so they can pay mobile later time for convenience in this regard. But people they can still when they go home. They can pray

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anytime later.

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But I don't think that would be

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exact details of the circumstances. I'm just saying would it be a decision that needs to be considered like

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don't don't expose the party.

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When you pray mother with a shotgun also depends on the circumstances.

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Because of what it is something happens every single day right.

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Then in this case now, when we talk about what what went on best said

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issue some of them are they very strict on the matter of combining between the

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school district on this issue there is no combination except for the hot season. As a as other Papa, they give concessions like rain, because during the night during the day, others they consider not just the rain, it's actually

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an unusual weather conditions. So for example, in the Arabian Peninsula, you will have these the boom which is the storm sandstorms. That is a chance that's a time for them to make German. It doesn't happen here with

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rain. If it happens, we might be actually strong west on race. But when you go to countries like Indonesia and Malaysia, decent tropical areas, rent is every day every day, man. So it's not necessarily the reason for them to do German. But if it becomes something that's serious, that's what they do. So Gemma, what do you have a specific set of circumstances my work is an everyday circumstances gone to school, his everyday circumstances combined. For that reason, doesn't count like this. That's wrong. So one of the alumni who put our criteria for that on demand show came by also following metaphor from the past, says a shopper allege Allah dareka data as long as doesn't

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become habitude

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meaning because

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you can't do that. It has to be something legit online.

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Mashallah, Was this

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your first, your first

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Batman melas are the best way to that all of

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our data is in the love of righteous children that will carry the legacy for

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The future and also become a competition.

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If you need to buy

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you can do it either way depending on the circumstances depends on the circumstances you can make a company which is done at that time was the first song. So if I thought the tempo or differed by delaying the hook at the time also, when you do Gemma, usually the gentlemen can be done between the beginning of the time of the first Salah all the way until right before the end time of the second song.

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So when you talk about Gemma a lot and also

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someone that's been traveling, they can move to Germany.

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from let's say right now it's around 144 140 all the way until almost close to 720 is where the time right is what matters. So anytime between those two times they can make the Gemma if they will China for instance, what law