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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah

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wa salatu salam ala rasulillah salam ala while an early Masai woman Wallah

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we stopped yesterday

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at a cliffhanger just remember

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nobody remembers from the lauching move on inshallah

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what was it

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Mashallah somebody remembers.

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So when molar also lays a La La Jolla Salaam when the Prophet sallahu wa salam saw him with a pale face. They said, What's wrong with you? Are you sick? It says no prophet of Allah.

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But when I'm sitting at home and I miss you, I come to the masjid or I come to your house and I can see.

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But I'm thinking about the ACA.

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Pamela, can I freeze the camera on that scene and bring it to the 21st century?

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How much do you miss the prophecy?

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How much even you think about this?

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He said I think about the answer.

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Because one day I will die and you will die.

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And you will make it

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to those who Allah but I'm not sure if I will make it to gender or not even if I make it two gentlemen, I will never be at the same level with you. So I miss you so I keep crying. This is why I look like this.

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And the processor didn't say anything but Allah subhana wa Taala responded to her ban with her arm.

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And certainly sir.

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And number 69 Allah subhanaw taala said,

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whoever obeys Allah

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and His Messenger,

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then this is the good news for Ola.

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more morally him luck,

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the level will be with those whom Allah Allah has bestowed his blessings upon amongst whom may not be enough. So the tea

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was sown in the

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with the profits. So they pay like who, like Yusuf Ali salam, like Abu Bakr Ali

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was Shahada.

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The rent of the martyrs was solid, he and the righteous ones will have to now own a career path. That's the best company, male lawmakers amongst them in Sharla.

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You see how much they love the profits a lot.

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And they were even thinking about what comes next.

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You know, what's our main goal today?

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isn't done yet? Or dhonielle? I mean, is it dunya or acara?

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What is our ultimate goal?

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You know, the shift recited a few days ago, and I but I don't have time to stop at all the ads upon Allah, in Anambra. So number three, I have 180 $500

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every single soul will taste that

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you will be paid back

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on the Day of Judgment.

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As for those who will be saved from Hellfire, the lawmakers will amongst them and they will be allowed to infer gender male lawmakers amongst them.

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affairs. This is the ultimate victory.

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Listen carefully to the ending of the

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this worldly life is nothing but delusion.

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Who's talking?

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Hello? Who's talking? Allah? Do you believe? What Allah says? Do you act upon that? Don't shake your head. Yes.

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Because if somebody were to offer you today, fake silver with the left hand and real gold with the right hand, which one would you take?

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Come on.

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Come on. Be honest.

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What are you holding on to now?

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The fakes that we're

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forgetting? Shall I share a story with you?

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Oh, only five people are interested.

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Shall I share a story with you? Yes. Finished or unfinished?

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There is a difference between a married person and a single person.

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Just trying to put a smile on your face.

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Yeah, I saw when the brother said it myself.

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It said the single person's life is incomplete. Until his merit is finished.

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he's the one who provoked me. May Allah forgive him.

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Okay, let's go back.

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a nice place to land. This is not a honey. It was brought in like, you know, it was written in the books of history that he

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was walking. And he was sent to Bani Israel, right? So he made a man.

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And he said to him, shall we have dinner together?

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And the man said, Yes. We're going to eat dinner with the Prophet, right?

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Lots of food, meat, you know? So that man had two loaves of bread. How many loaves of bread, too. So they went to the house of various Alice.

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And Alice, the Lamb had only one loaf of bread in his house.

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So once they arrived, they put the bread together how we did also bread now. Three, and initialize the lamb left him with the three loaves of bread. And he went to pray.

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And the man from Bani Israel said, I'm bringing two loaves of bread and he has,

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you know, this is unfair. So we ate one loaf of bread quickly before I started, okay.

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So when a son is 11 came back. He looked at the bread, he said,

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How many loaves of bread were here? He said, one line.

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He says by Allah there were only two

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is like, okay, let's divide them. You take one, I take one, they aid them. He said, Sure. We'll go out for a walk together. Second, so they walk together. While they were walking. They met another man from Bani Israel who was blind.

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So as Ali Salaam said to him, to that man who was blind, Torah, la hora de la la cabeza, look at the screw. If Allah subhana wa Taala were to give you your eyesight back would you be grateful? The man said yes. So this Allah Salaam put his hand on his eyes and he made Torah to Allah. And the man could see. So the other man, Harare. Okay. The one who ate the loaf of bread. Looked, it's Panama.

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You observed a blind man to see again

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to him.

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by the one who showed you this miracle? Who? The third loaves of bread they said, Well, I even Am I cannot believe

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they were only two.

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He said, Okay, let's walk.

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They started walking until they came across a river. And it is Bismillah and he started walking on the river. So the man from money is for aid was like calm back. He said, No, don't worry. Come with me. He held him by the hand and

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They cross walk in one river until they reach the other bank of the river. And then he says Subhana Allah namshi Allah man, we walk on water. He says

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one third Morocco

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who ate the third loaf of bread is a one way.

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By Allah there were only two

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said okay, let's keep walking. They kept walking

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until they were tired and hungry. So raison SLM. So a deer. He called the deer and the deer came, they slaughtered it, grilled it and ate it. And after they finished eating Rizal, SLM put his hands on the bones

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of the deer, he said, combatives, Milan, come back to life with the legal formula. So the deal came back. And the man said,

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you know, bones come back to life. He said,

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man saw

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by the one who showed you this molecule, who is the one who took the third loaf of bread, they said one mahina cannot Amoeba?

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biomar they were only two,

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sir. Okay. They kept walking, until they came across three big piles of sand. And a solid Sallam put his hand on the sand, and he made the art to Allah. And it turned to gold. And I said this quote, I said, No.

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We're gonna go and leave the gold.

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Instead, okay, less divided. Less divided.

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I'll take one.

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And you take one. As for the third one, it's for the one who ate the third loaf of bread isn't one law.

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He said, one for me, One for you, one for the one who ate the third loaf of bread by Allah. I am the one who waited.

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I said, You know what, but

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it's all for you. And he left him. And when.

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And there were there were three highwayman looking for a treasure.

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Once they saw the gold from far away, huge. So they came. They found

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the thief of the loaf of bread, or did they do to him?

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They killed him.

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Then they said, okay, they are free University. Each one will take one and we'll go.

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But they were very tired, no energy to carry the gold. So they made an agreement. They said one of us will go to the nearest town. And he will bring us some food we eat we have energy. And then we'll continue.

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So one of them left. And the two were there by the gold. So Sushil came now? She thought, Okay. He said to the two. What are you waiting for? They said, we're waiting for our friend. He'll bring the food and I'm like, No, you're stupid. You can take the gold for you. Why? Why do you divided amongst three divided amongst two? They said How is it? What did you do to the first man they said we killed him. He said wait for this guy. He brings you the fourth killer and take the gold for you. Good idea.

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You're sitting around and shaitan comes and he gives you ideas.

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He finished the agreement with them. And he went to to the one who went to bring the food. He said what are you going? He says I'm going to bring food to my friends. So we can say oh man, you're stupid. You can take the old gold for yourself. He said How? He said there is an invention called poison.

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bring forward put poison for them.

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Yeah, good idea. So he went ate, brought the food, put poison when he arrived. What did they do to him? They killed him. He joined his first friend who was a liar. And this one is greedy. And then they ate the food. And after a few minutes What happened to them? They joined the other two and a Salah Salaam came back. And he pointed out the gold and this is the moral of the lesson. He said had kind of dounia toss now.

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What did they start with it? Remember formal hiatal hernia? Illa

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it's a life of delusion. Right? So this is from said, this is how people do Indonesian they

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find each other, and they end up dying, and they leave the duty of your mind. So this goal is a symbol of what anything you can make in dystonia. And this is why Allah Subhana Allah said, and so number 29 and number 64

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Why am I happy, higher?

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And indeed this word is the life is nothing but what entertainment

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and play.

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And the real life is

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the hereafter.

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If they really know how many times with a lot tell us this, I'll conclude with the cliffhanger.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam one day after fudger he turned around and he said,

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Who amongst you? There was not Ramadan By the way, who amongst us fasting today?

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One man amongst the Sahaba raised his hand.

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He said,

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Who amongst you?

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gave a charity this morning before coming to the message. The same person raised his hand and everyone else's like

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Then he said, Who amongst you attended the funeral today? The same man raised his hand

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and then another fourth question. He said who amongst you

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visited a sick person today. The same man raised his hand. Who is that man and what's the word that the boss seldom said to that man? That's inshallah what we're going to continue to tour inshallah. Zachary. Love him. Salaam Alaikum.