Yahya Ibrahim – Overcoming Ramadan Fatigue

Yahya Ibrahim
AI: Summary © The importance of physical and mental health during Easter, including physical and mental health, sleep, and hydration, is emphasized. Water and food are essential for achieving healthy health and work, and social interaction and family presence are emphasized. The importance of fasting, learning about names of Islam, and staying connected to actions is emphasized. The speaker emphasizes the need for personal growth and mindful behavior, and suggests that people should not feel rushed or pressured into doing things.
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Well Vedic Allah said you know whenever you know Mohammed didn't wander early, he was off me he was selling to seeming kathira

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Allah Manas okna Amen. nasya Well Kanban Harsha webadmin and lol Bella is Sabra we pray that Allah Subhana Allah to Allah beginning and makes us from those who are fortunate in this blessed month of Ramadan. The loss of Hannah went to Allah eases our pain and removes our harm, that Allah Subhana Allah cures our ailments makes us from those who are fortunate to be in the service of others and providers of good in other people's lives, that Allah subhana wa tada brings the truth before us so that we can make the choice to follow it and allows us to be able to discern falsehood from it, so that we can make the choice to be distant from it Allah I mean, it's a pleasure once again this the

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second year that I'm able to join with my brothers and sisters virtually all the way where you are. And I pray the last kind of with Allah blesses you all in Canada and Detroit and North America. And Allah Subhana Allah allows our hearts to remain connected even though we are not physically able to be near each other. And Allah Subhana Allah is Allah Jolla, Karim. He is the master of all generosity, the fountain of generosity from where we receive our desire to be generous to others. And I pray that Allah subhana wa Italia Judah Alina bieniemy, Hara Lima, that Allah is generous with us with the many blessings that have already been present in our lives. And those that we have not

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acknowledged as much as we should with shook that Allah showers his Rama upon all of us in our homes, and upon those who have departed us before the month of Ramadan, has entered upon us by our last panel to either remove the scourge of Corona and allow us to have the freedoms that we may have taken for liberty and disregard previously a lot. I mean,

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aroma bond and overcoming fatigue fatigue, that was the assigned topic that was chosen for me. And it's a good topic, Mashallah. My aim is to maybe speak for about 15 minutes about things that I think are important to remind myself of, and something that, you know, I was speaking to my family about the last couple of days, but also something that I believe could be a benefit to you, as they are universal to us. So I'd like to listen to a few issues of I guess, cascading priority. So the first one is of physical Prevention's things that you can do physically, non spiritual, invasive treatments, I'm just talking about just as a human being, what are certain things that would help

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you to overcome this fatigue? So the three things that I want to talk to you about, and all of them are rooted in the student of the prophets, I send them rooted in the Quran, they're taken from the words of Allah. The first of them is Allah Subhana, Allah says, which is Allah Li, bassa, you know, and now Rama Ashok will lay Lily Bursa, that the day was meant to be for activity, and the night was meant to be for repose, and for a state of tranquility and sleep. So, one of the problems of course, for a lot of people is they kind of get into this habit in the month of Ramadan where they want to stay up at night. And there's nothing wrong, of course, with doing FTM and hamdulillah that you guys

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are doing, but you must catch up your sleep for you to be able over the 30 days to remain effective, especially in the final days of the month of Ramadan. Now, human function, of course, is regulated and there is, you know, a real danger of sleep, intoxication sleep drunkness just as many signs as you'll see on the roadways here in Australia that say, it's not okay to drink and drive.

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It there's also enough signs that says if you it's not okay to drive while tired, and being tired is one of the religious reasons that allows you to miss one of the follow the prayers, right? that a person was in a state of such exhaustion, that they weren't able to wake up and it's one of the reasons the prophets I send them missed a pleasure of prayer along with this habit and the famous Hadith. They were traveling in enemy territory that you were traveling by night, they begin to set up their camp and the hour or so before 5g but everybody's exhausted. And the prophets I seldom said who will stay awake to wake us for February so we don't miss it. So beloved on the Allahu anhu took

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on this responsibility. But everybody fell asleep including the lamb. And they didn't wake up until their skin began to be tanned and felt this touch of the sun. And when they woke up, it was like death. It was like they you know they lost a loved one. They missed their friends.

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You have a song that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam missed ephedra salah and they all you know what?

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love Allah Russa him. They put dirt on their head. It's as if like they were burying themselves alive, but the shame and the loss of missing federal prayer, and then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the rough man that he is, he said, relax. This is one of the reasons why a person if they miss it, they're not accountable before Allah, as though again, and they redid their prayer they made the Allah May Allah Subhana Allah forgive Billa radi Allahu Allah, who was forgiven by Allah and our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam sleep is important. So make sure that if you're going to extend your sleep, your wakeful night's sleep at night, you're going to do pm try to get a

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nap a power nap in the day, before and after. So before on the day of your PM, and on the day after trying to get a power nap, even if it's 20 minutes, which are the most effective power naps that you can have. Second is hydration. Allah Subhana Allah says which i laminal na e kulesza in height, everything that is walking, talking moving around the Earth was of an origin that requires the hydration of h2o it was destined from its creation of its origin, from you know, those two hydrogens in a dock

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and hydrogens, right?

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So, you, you and I need water to live and the philosophy of fasting, you know, you know, worship a lot better, the more thirsty you are, like, You don't look at somebody in, for example, in a warm country, and you say Subhanallah that guy's gonna get so much more reward the me because he's thirstier than me. He's fasting by, he's fasting in the summer, I'm fasting in the winter, surely the reward is greater. That's nonsense that has no reality. Our our act of worship in the month of Ramadan is simply our totality of obedience and deference to the will of Allah. Your active obedience isn't hunger and thirst, that's a byproduct of your obedience to Allah. So therefore, it

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becomes important for you to look after your hydration. h2o is something that you and I need water is 70% of what is looking at you right now, as I sit before you, I'm 70% water, and that's something that I need. So you need to hydrate much more than you need to nourish your body with just plentiful amounts of food. And that as soon as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam is that for every physical thing you consume, there is liquid water that you consume. The province I sell them said, a third for our food, a third for our water and a third for air. So for every volume of solid that you have made sure that you have a volume that is of water and clear liquid at the very least clear

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liquid. I know there's a lot of people who like their bubble teas and you know all these kind of hydration things. No problem with that the essence is water, get rid of the garbage. Number three is food. You know, we don't just eat that which is halal, halal and tayyiba, you need to eat something that's Thai you that's,

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that's good, that's good for you good for your health, good for your energy levels, good for your system, good for the bacterial balance in your gut. A lot of diseases are now becoming, you know, identified and indicated by certain bacterias that are residing within us. And you know, whether it's ulcers, whether it's chronic fatigue, all of that kind of stuff goes back to food and there's this old adage this old Creole Creole saying you are what you eat. So if you're eating garbage, I'm sorry to say that you're going to feel like garbage over the extent of your life. And those who eat healthy and I'm not talking about a particular diet it can be you know, you could be you can be

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eating healthy, even though you enjoy your biryani and you enjoy your samosa and you enjoy your macaroni belva Mel and you know whatever it is, but it's it's about portion size, and it's about variety. And it's about that which is raw, raw ingredients. You not everybody wants salad but you need greens, you need dark purples, you need reds, and I'm talking about raw ingredients, the less packaging the better. So in the month of Ramadan, focus on the sunette have your day to have your water look at what Allah says to millennium. Allah said I'm sure went through this traumatic experience out in the desert on our own giving birth to a child yeah late any myth I wish I was dead

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before this day would come. And Allah subhanaw taala says for coolie wasabi

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Welcome to the Ayana eat, from these dates that have come down on you drink from the spring that is erupted from you miraculously. And, and, and be of those who will find their comfort wakatobi I know you will, you will then be able to have your soul comforted. So if you eat well, and if you hydrate Well, you are able to connect well with others and with Allah subhanaw taala. If I can add a fourth physical activity, physical activity is important in the month of Ramadan is not a month of idleness and sleep by day where you're just moping around. And the best way for you to gain energy is to exert energy. So you want to have your body moving for it to know hey, I'm not in a state of

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hibernation. So why do you feel lethargic is because you're just moping around laying in bed. So of course, you're going to feel less sorry, Your body, your hasn't sent signals to you that I'm active. I'm supposed to be awake, when john and Hara Nasha. So the day is for activity.

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It's important to kind of set that as as a tone. So that's the physical Let's speak. Secondly, about the social.

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And all of it comes back to the student of the process and the prophets I send them says when you cook, add a little bit more soup to your broth so that you can feed your neighbor. Why? Because looking after others makes you feel happy, as sad and nurse men as otherness. The happiest person is the one who brings happiness to others. Allahu Akbar, when they named him as otherness The one who will have the most joy in life is the one who brought lots of joy to other people. Food is a way when we break bread and we enjoy it with others. And I'm not talking about sitting together even eating I know there's COVID restrictions. But you can Uber food to someone you can cook soup for

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someone and deliver it to their doorstep.

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connecting with others in a meaningful way through food is a powerful example of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the prophets I seldom said the person who is going to provide food should be the last to eat panela you know, the one who's serving should be the last to eat. There's a hate mine that Why? Because you know, the normal habit is you want to make sure that there's something left over for you and the prophets, I send them saying listen, there is there will be more Baraka in the little, little burnt off edges of that rice for you, if that's all that's left for you after everybody has gotten their share, and that's what's left for you. That will be more

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nutritious, that will be more healing that will be more Baraka that will be more success than what you assume. Don't eat from the middle of the plate where people usually put the meat put the veggies you know people pile this stuff up in the middle when the Prophet says don't eat from the middle of a don't reach over, you know, work to it naturally. Eat with your right hand. You know do this sooner these things where you're thinking about the command of alone the prophets I send them socially it's something that becomes important to connect with others for a religious amen perspective number two socially check in with each other.

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And I'm not just talking about that forwarded you know, what's that message is that I'm on a GM you know, monitor how you doing a library and I'm talking about you know, being genuine, you know, somebody, somebody is important to you show them they're important, show them their meaning and you know, they they hold meaning and sway to your life. And may Allah Subhana was adamant that a reality. Third, and finally, socially is if you feel down, if you feel depressed, and if you feel

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unwell, let people know and that's why I said first we check in on people but you need to also let people know and there's nothing wrong with saying so Pamela you know I'm feeling really down today man What are you guys doing? You know what, what what's happening today you know, just talk to someone and engage with someone you might think oh, they don't have time for me doesn't matter. Doesn't matter what you think whether they have time or not. People will make time people will make time when when when they feel that there is something that is of a need. And then it's not excessive, so be balanced. Right? May Allah subhanho wa Taala make its own check in but also let

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people know about your state and how you're feeling. especially some of

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some of us were under different COVID restrictions and and travel and all this kind of thing. Lastly, socially It begins with the family before the neighbor and the neighbor before the next door neighbor. So it's great that you love you know be a you know getting in contact with your BFF Sir, I don't even know if they use that anymore. Is that a thing anymore? You know your best friends and you know you're always online and you're texting and checking in on everyone and your poor mom sitting there she needs somebody to help her with the dishes, but

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You're too busy checking in with people. That's not Islam that's not the Quran that's not our Suna there's nobody that requires you to check in more on than your husband, your wife, your children, your father, your mother. Right? Your your buisiness should be with those who are nearest you. I Aisha when she's asked what did the Prophet do when he was home with you Kenneth he hit the metal alley, he was there in the service of his family. So May Allah Subhana Allah allow us to serve those who are nearest to us and if they are overseas Subhana Allah my father and mother, they're not with me here in Australia. And you know, it's going on a year and a half now that I haven't been able to

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travel to them and for them to travel to me they're usually with me every Ramadan here. The last, you know, two cycles anyway, 345 cycles, but at the moment, I'm unable to see them. So make a schedule. It's an informal schedule, you know, at they're not they're measuring break your fast with them, make your spoon with them. So when my dad's just about to have a when my dad my mom, they're getting themselves ready for it thought it's my support check in and when I'm having my thought, my my thoughts they're so cool check in making sure that there is regular communication with those who matter. Okay, third, and finally, so I'm not taking up too much of your time. I know you're busy

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people got so many other things too. Pamela, is spiritually so you spoke about physical and social.

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Yeah, I'm not going to get into financial will speak about spiritual and you need to be greedy. You need to make yourself a priority one as it relates to your relationship with Allah

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Who am second while he can save yourself and then your family right. So

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there are many ways to worship Allah in the month of Ramadan other than tunnel we pm and reading on, those are the priority. But there's many other ways and some of them are you know, cutting up salad so that somebody is going to have a nice fresh salad that's going to keep them healthy. You know, cooking something for somebody else. You know, loving someone and being charitable with your smile with an embrace. If they come and visit your home just holding someone's hand a little bit longer in Sadam, so that they let go before you let go is as soon as the prophets Allah Allah has even said, that's an act of worship. If your heart is alive, your whole life becomes one that at O'Meara Lally

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Abdullah, they were only ordered to worship Allah meaning in every way in everything. Right. Mahalo general inside inlandia were doing that they worship me alone. So go beyond the conventional acts of worship, build your spirituality in that regard. So there are three signs that Allahu Allah and Allah is pleased with you. The first of them is that you don't have intention of doing a good deed, but Allah opens the door to it. So you walk through it, you didn't have the intention of watching this or listening to this or being a part of this program. But somebody sent you a text message and you got a zoom link. So you opened it and now you're here. Allah loves you. Right? Allah loves you.

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Something you didn't premeditate didn't think about didn't instigate. But it was open to you as an avenue you walk through a door that Allah showed you, because there's many other people who get that door but they don't go through. And it's a sign of Allah zareba that you walk through. Number two, you planned on something wrong. And it was in your mind I was going to do this I was going to get an analyst stopped you, Allah deterred you. Allah restrained you restricted you held you back. And it could be held you back in any way some kind of luck, you got a phone call, I need to see you. Your mom called and said, Come out, I need you to help in the kid and you were just about to text this

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person or write this or watch this or tic toc that the law saves you from that.

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You know, Lola and Hannah and Allah method, amen. And that's from the name of Allah and the bulk of the of our parents, and the shade of our sadaqa that you've done something good, it comes back in a moment where you didn't know what's actually coming, intervened and saved you, from you from your own self. That's a sign of a lazaretto. And third is that people think of you when they need help. And Allah viewer that phone call, you're the person who can help shift to him and a brother who's going to help you. That's the person I need to talk to you. What a blessed life it is that people think of you when they have a problem. Because you're you're a troubleshooter, you're a you're a

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problem solver. You're a you're an assistant to good, unconventional acts of worship, or what take you beyond that there will allow you to witness a little odd, they make you worthy of the right amount of a lot. Right? But do the convention, but then look for the unconventional goal become asymmetric and you're a bad guy. Just

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You know, come at it from every angle, you don't train, train for the best. So overcome the fatigue of spiritual fatigue by by having a variety of acts of worship.

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There's the Fiamma line, there's a reading opera and there's a reading of it in English translation, there's giving charity and secret giving charity and public recommending charity for others, getting involved in our online charitable program, being part of a charitable team, you know, Subhanallah I have an online charity team, if you just do hashtag, team, Team yahaya team charity, you're here, you'll find that you know, there's like 35 people, all of us were coming together to raise funds for incredible things, you know, do something go beyond go further out, you know, venture out into unconventional territory, that is other than just the things that you're you normally have been

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taught or have been seeing other people do. And the more variety you have, the more opportunity you have to remain consistent, firm, regular in doing good because there's just more opportunity to it in a way that you don't get bored, tired, hesitant and fatigued in it. Hopefully, that's sufficient, you know, discourse for the topic that was chosen to me. Well certainly learn when when Selim was in Alaska, you know, have you been on a you know, Mohammed sallallahu it right. And he was happy or sanlam. I'm happy to stay with you for another 510 maybe 15 minutes for q&a if necessary. And

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I have this was amazing. Very practical, Angela. Just want to bring sister Eva, she has some questions that were put together for you related to the

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US Senate when it comes to Sokolow army, ma'am, yeah, for that beautiful reminder, there are many actions that we can implement to make the rest of our Ramadan beneficial. So the first question we have here is, what forms of eba should we focus on especially with limited time left in Ramadan?

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So there are three cores, I think that are important. The first core is to fast with intent. And what I mean by that is understanding that the act of worship in the month of Ramadan, even in your charity, in clear moonlight and everything you're doing, the intent of it is to show obedience to Allah. Right? That Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, you know, at the last shoot of the Quran is very powerful. It's the last surah because it's the final message, the conclusion. So Allah Subhana, Allah says, asked, the one who is the Lord of mankind could be Robin Nast. So make Allah your rub, that you understand who he is, he is the creator, the Sustainer, the innovator, the one who made

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everything who provides who support to assist. So understand who is a lot then number two, many kidnappers making your king, the law giver, the one who sets the boundaries for you in your life. So when you know that there is a law established by a law given to the profits of the law, how do you make a law many kidnaps in your life? It is only through those two steps that you come to that third one where it's Isla hiddenness, where you will worship Allah as your Eelam meaningfully. So that's usually the first step in the month of Ramadan, understand who is Allah. So continue to gather information about the names of Allah, the the virtue of learning about who is a lot is best through

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the Quran. And I always recommend for my students

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to read translations and to study different discussions on the Thai and that's why I was very happy when I heard that our brother or mother saying that you're studying sort of pa you know, it's a it's such a powerful Surah Al By the way, if you Google, Yahoo, a Brahim or go to Muslim matters. I have a series on the Tafseer of pseudo pa written so about family dynamics of a business dynamics. There's different things that will be of great benefit in sha Allah, may Allah make it a benefit to to you all. So that's the first aspect, understand who is Allah and enjoy that relationship with him. Number two, understand that you are hungry and thirsty by day and standing at attention by

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night, which are both physical disciplinary measures to make you humbled and understand that Allah is the one who commands when I say stand, you stand. When I say eat, you eat and when I say drink you drink. It is not for the betterment of Allah Allah gets nothing from the food we sacrifice from the food we do not consume or the water we do not intake in a urinal with tocom income. It is just that you actually

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On your conscious awareness and piety towards the command of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So make the command of Allah matcher in your life. Third thing is connect other people to good, so that Allah will send others to connect you to good. You know when you are a connector of good for others, that's why the Prophet said, the one who does good and others follow them in that regard, they get the reward of those who follow them in it, and none of them lose the reward even though they, their reward is with them. Being a conduit of good is the essence of the role of the prophets of Allah, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he was a good man on his own, but he became the Messenger

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of Allah Hotham, and maybe even when he helped others become better. So Allah uses two very distinct words in the Quran. Allah speaks about being solid, and being Muslim solely is your outwardly inwardly a righteous person, you're a good person, Mashallah, you're great. But that's not the role of the prophets. And it's not where you and I as Muslim should stop. Being good on myself, without assisting others is going to become my downfall eventually, because others won't support me and good. So you need to transition from being solid, to being mostly mostly is allowing others the capacity for their heart to become upon truth, that they act in the righteousness that you are

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seeking for yourself and for society. And that's a tough job because nobody wants you to help them to become Muslim. Everybody's a rebel No way. You know, the prophet was loved by everybody in Mecca when he was sada. It's when he became Muslim, that he that the problem started because you're telling me not to do something that my neffs craves, and nobody wants that. So May Allah assist us in those regards, a llama

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is our colloquium for that answer. We have another question that's asking about how to manage with our work, some of us are still in school, and then you know, waking up at the hodzic. They're going further are we so how, what are some practical tips to manage everything at the same time?

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I'm a firm believer in scheduling, right? I like to schedule everything. And you try to stick to the schedule as best as possible. And it's good as a general practice for every other thing in your life, especially your corporate, you know, your corporate experiences later on as you transition into the workforce. You want to be somebody who is precise with their time will ask, that's why Allah says you know what, last the passage of time, in Al insana, lobby hosts, most of mankind will be at a loss, most of mankind are not going to live life to the best that they can, they will not gain as much as they could have gained, had they just considered the outcome of the passage of time.

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So scheduling becomes really important. Number two prioritization. So schedule, but prioritize. So Subhanallah you know, if you have people coming over to your house, and you need to prepare food for them, don't start the day up, don't pressurize yourself. Don't choose a menu where you're trying to impress them, but is going to make your hair turn gray. I hate you know, like, be practical, do the right thing. Don't try to be a superhero. Nobody needs a hero sandwich. Right? Yeah, you know, you're just gonna get chewed up by the world. So there, at the end of the day, the only one you are seeking to pleases Allah subhanho wa Taala. So if you have a busy day, and if you've got people

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coming over, or if you need to attend to other things in your school life and these kinds of things, then yes, you're going to give an IF thought, but it might be that you cater it, it might be that you don't have four varieties, three varieties, even two varieties, you might give something simple with a request for two and you are you might even ask other people to share in that Baraka, you might say to your neighbor, or somebody else, Hey, are you able to do you want to take the bulk of helping me cook because I have these many people, but I got an essay to come coming along, or my my mom needs more help? Would you be willing to help? Don't feel shy? to ask for help is probably the

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third thing that I will say. And you'll hear this from old corporate leaders, right? People that make big money, they make big money because they ask people for information. They're not trying to say, Hey, can I borrow this? Can I have Can I can I come and intern at your job? Can you show me how to do that again? That you walk up to your prevented say, Listen, I didn't understand a word you said. And I know you can give that old lecture again. And I go go back to listen to it. But this is something I didn't understand. Can you spend 10 more minutes with me? It's the person who does that.

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That goes places and that's exactly why the first verses of the Quran begin with a question.

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Crop? It's a question. The Prophet said, What do you want me to read? Subhanallah it's like an incredible kind of the Prophet. The Prophet doesn't just assume he could have just recited poetry, right? He could have just said, you know, you know, anything. Somebody held him and he feels like he's choking. He says, read to me something. And the Prophet says, Okay, I'll just read to you what I know. The Prophet says, Well, what do you need me to read? What is it that you want me to read? Explain yourself. So it's almost like the Prophet is interrogating the one who's come to, to hold him accountable. So think about the importance of doing things with yourself. And I was very being

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very serious when I said, be self centered, be greedy with your time. And don't let people have a greater priority in life than your you have in your own life. Don't let people have a greater priority than what is an essential for you. But give them your all when you're able to give them your own 100%.

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Now, one by one.

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So I think you mentioned this briefly on alternative forms of worship, but for let's say sisters that aren't fasting or for people that are sick or traveling and they can't fast, and they still want to feel a part of Ramadan, still want to feel the vibes? And what are some ways they can stay connected to it? Yeah, so absolutely Subhan Allah, so listen to the Quran review it, I'm of the opinion that you can read your order. And in the menstrual cycle, I don't believe that there is any substantial evidence that can prohibit a Muslim woman from reciting opera and Ramadan, surely there would have been at least one statement of the prophet to one of his wives, and there's nothing on

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record, right. So dig a little bit deeper in that I know the conventional opinion amongst the former head is that a woman is restricted from reciting sections of the Quran and so on. But I do not believe that that is the correct position will lie with the alum. And there is the opinion of ergonomical Bob and many others in that regard from the people of the past, and the opinion Malik but number two, what I would say to anyone who finds himself in that in that way, don't sit there and say woe is me. What do I have to do? No, get unconventional. So if you do have time, and if you're not busy, like others praying at night prayer, then do make an elaborate, if thought do put

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your heart into it and make that amazing thing that somebody else is going to enjoy and, and and do it as an act of charity for them. Right? So unconventional acts of worship are not things that we're inventing, but they're things that we've overlooked. Subhana Allah who would be handy Subhana Allah Allah Alvin fills your scale on the Day of Judgment Subhana Allah 10 Lebanese and it's a word that beloved by ramen, sending elf 1000 Salah upon the prophets I sell them on the day of Juma was the standard for the oma. Right? No less than 100 a day in other days and 1000 on the days of Friday. So do not ever feel that there is just something that you can't you can't have space. So perhaps you

00:33:15 --> 00:33:55

can't, you know, physically stand up in the prayer, but you can sit in the play and this is recommended. So when it's time to pray for for example, a sister is not praying mainecare will do it's an act of worship on its own, make your will do and put on your you know your prayer clothes and sit in the place of prayer that you normally pray in your home and make the equitable law for the time that you would have prayed. This was you know, this was done by the women of righteousness for generations. So open your heart to Allah and Allah looks to the heart before he looks to the deeds. May Allah Subhana Allah give you a heart that is craving to do. You know our sisters and our

00:33:55 --> 00:34:01

brothers who in a state of travel part that is craving to do that which is conventional and open to them the doors of the unconventional

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