Reda Bedeir – Ramadan 2019 – Reminders 10

Reda Bedeir
AI: Summary © The speaker gives advice on avoiding praying too long and not getting rewarded, as well as helping entrepreneurs avoid embarrassment and getting racist. They also discuss the importance of learning from the experience of others and finding the right person for a job, including a woman who sat on top of the Kaaba and had a difficult day. The speaker emphasizes the importance of finding the right person and finding the right person for a job.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wicket

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similar from the lab salatu salam ala rasulillah salam, Ali salam

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wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa Manohla before I share the reminder with you today tonight. So when I share something with you in sha Allah,

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some of us decide not to pray the shofar and walk through the shade, but Subhanallah, they are missing a great reward. If you continue with a man until he finishes his salah and leaves, you get the reward, as if you are establishing the whole light. Some of you missed that for one minute or two minutes. Because they don't want to pay chef on water here. My advice to you is you can pray the chef and what would the shape.

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And then when you go home, you can pray as much as you can. But no more What

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if you insist to do what's on your own when you go home, in the last portion of the night, you can do chef or with the man, the last trucker, intense whatever you intend cefa after he finishes up another record, you still can do it at home. But you're missing a great reward just for one or two minutes. So let me repeat this again, if you pray with a man until he finishes, the whole tarawih and the schaffen was and he lives, then this light will be considered with Allah as if he established the whole night in prayer.

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This is an advice for myself and for those who spell law. I see them rushing out before the last two or three minutes. So don't miss that inshallah.

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The other thing again, inshallah, when we pray

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those who are at the very end lines, at the very back, please when you stand up to continue the salon, look right and left, please don't start a new line, have been praying at the bank for the last five days, literally putting people together. So please, before you start out and you start right and left, there will always be gaps in this area.

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And if a line is incomplete, you are you know, committing a sin by starting a new line we cannot pray on your line one line by yourself so you have to fill in those gaps. And the person said man was a lot of fun was Hola Hola, what is the want of the world?

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If you fill the gaps on those lines, Allah subhana wa Taala you know, will connect you with him and connect you with the human beings.

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May Allah subhanaw taala give us the reward in sha Allah. So don't count this of my time. Okay.

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And tonight is Friday. So tomorrow there is no work, right? So I can spend two hours

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to two minutes extended, okay. Okay. You know, as I mentioned earlier, as I mentioned earlier, salata is a natural,

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and learning something new in your D is a fault.

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learning something in your DNA is a fraud. And the profits are long audio, Selim said to another young lady.

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Hello, Latin America. If you were to learn something new, and you're the it's better for you than being 100,000, awesome. So some people they say, Oh, the man stands up and he talks for eight minutes, or 12 minutes during the working days.

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And then, what is your ultimate goal of coming here? You just want to count the to pay 11 back and went home. While many of us pray behind the Imam without understanding that single word will lie.

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So for someone to come here and teach you one is better than

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the Prophet sallallahu Sallam in Ramadan. He went out of his room and we're starting now we can start recording.

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The processor went out of his room. And one of the Sahaba said I came and I looked and it was almost like, you know, there was no electricity at the time. He said as if I

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See a palm tree in the middle of the masjid. And then when I came close, I found the professor and praying. So I joined him.

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And then other people came and they joined them.

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That was the first night of of Salaam d'Italia. And then the following night, they waited for him, he came out, they joined. third night he came out and they joined him for flight. He didn't come out.

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And they said prophet of Allah, what happened last night. He said, I see Toronto for the alikum

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I was afraid that Allah subhanaw taala will make taraweeh an obligation. It's not an obligation. Well, I can create at home. But the benefit of coming here is to take a reminder back home, is to take a message back home.

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So how many of you do not like me standing here? To give you a reminder, raise your hand? Please be honest. Okay. I'm not gonna look at you.

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Come on, we need to learn.

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My job here is to enlighten you. My job here is Ramadan goes by you play Tommy, what did you benefit?

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Well, he I mean, it was nice being in the machine. And sometimes when

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there was somebody any you know, and

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I liked the T brothers line, you know?

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And then what did you benefit? Did you change in Ramadan? Juma is recharging the battery? Ramadan is recharging the battery for the whole year. Did you acquire new habits? Learning one I everyday learning a story about the Sahaba

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you shouldn't say, Okay, last night, we stuck to the cliffhanger. Remember, I can see myself Oh, there is something happening here. Maybe you guys will have fun again tonight. Okay, maybe we're watching something. Again. I'm not sure it's gonna make you happy or not. But it's their responsibility. Okay. So what was the cliffhanger of last time the person asked for questions? Right? And he said, Who amongst you today, and it was not Ramadan is fasting. And when man raised his hand. Second question, Who amongst you attended a funeral, the same person raised his hand, who amongst you visited a sick person, the same person raised his hand, who amongst you gave today the

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same person raised his hand.

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And I was looking at him saying, How can this man do this? Just before?

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Isn't this amazing?

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Who is that man?

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He's the man number one in this room. Nobody can read him.

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And you know, in the very first few days before Ramadan, I gave a talk here entitled, how to make this Ramadan the most memorable. I want this Ramadan to be different for you.

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And we said that one of the things we need to have a slogan for this year.

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How many of you attended that lecture? We sell a slogan that day? We're going to ask a question so everybody's hands down. I know.

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I'm gonna eat chocolate.

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See all the hands will go up now. Okay, I said our slogan this year is why do you need to have the return of Ah yeah, Allah. I will be number one everything in this Ramadan. I'm not going to be in front of me.

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So remember this slogan inshallah we also agreed that we will learn every day. So coming soon as Allah altruism. Okay, whoever will give me

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I'll give him 10 candy or one chocolate.

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I'm serious. am I kidding? Okay. We also decided that we will change a behavior every day. And that's what we're going to be watching very soon. We'll change our behavior every day. Okay, now let's go back to the Sahaba.

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The processor and after Salatin fetcher, turn around and below is there. He said dinner

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last night. I heard the noise of your slippers the way he used to walk in general.

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A lot of work. The slivers of land

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are in general. And the Pharaoh of Egypt will not say gentlemen,

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because a lot of us What is he now? Right? Isn't this amazing? Who is Bella Bella was a zero

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From a bazillion and zero means nothing, no thing, who knows nothing, who has nothing, who will leave behind nothing.

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But who made me learn who he is now?

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Allah. Bilal.

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When he speaks of him, he would say,

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he would say abubaker is our master, and he free the land, who's our master?

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When the prophets

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and all

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the big shots amongst the Sahaba started

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going down to

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the promised gentlemen, they were there. But who did he command to go on top of the Kaaba, the most sacred spot on Earth.

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It was been

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giving a message to the whole world, there is no racism. And it was

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the man who came if you're a senior to serve his Muslim,

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Islam made him a master. And he stood on top of the Kaaba on the day when America was conquered. And he was the one who said

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was the villain. I heard the noise of your slippers last night in gentlemen. What is it that you do? That gives you that status of allies and prophets of Allah?

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I have never lost my photo at any time of the day or the night unless I will go and renew my photo.

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And I would pray to her.

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Is it difficult to imitate?

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Is it difficult to take this message home inshallah we'll do is the weapon of the believer. Almost status hittable door shall not come to you.

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yesterday and I thought I wanted to stop at but there was no time. So in this house on number four, I a one to five. I want to find Allah subhana wa tada says, What?

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Allah subhana wa tada

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has taken Ibrahim as a honey. The word Helene, most of the translation will tell you friend, but we cannot say a friend to Allah. It has a human connotation. You know, he's one of the closest of the creation of Allah to Allah. Because we have saw him

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which is company. We have Sadiq which is friend from Sutton. And then we have Holly, this is the most intimate relationship, the closest relationship. Why did the last panel dialogue? Take about him as Holly, you know, you and I today? especially the young generation, they say lucky you Ibrahim. No, no, in Islam, we don't believe in luck. Nothing happens by accident as we think Allah Subhana Allah said, in good listening in Allah.

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Will la holla. Hakuna Matata Loon. Everything's planned with Allah. maybe haven't planned it, but a lot landed. So what gave Ibrahim that status? We're going to share this tomorrow, but I'm not cliffhanging. You know, the cliff Tiger is there was a man amongst the Sahaba that the Salaam was sitting with them at the time of Magnum. And suddenly he said Yahushua Cole and Roger, Jelena. A man will come now. And this man is from the people who will enter gentlemen, can you imagine when you hear something like this and you're sitting, and you know that somebody is going to come now come in, and it's from the people of gentlemen, and the Sahaba said, we saw a very simple Sahaba Holly

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didn't even mention his name.

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So don't belittle someone. Don't look down upon someone, voila. He, the one amongst us that you might look down upon, could be better than 1000s of me and you never ever look down upon someone.

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So this is a very simple man came from the place of Bordeaux and he was carrying his shoes in his left hand and the water was dripping

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Going out of his beard.

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And then the same time, the following day, the porcelain said Yakuza, a

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gentleman, now a man will come out and this man is from the people of gentlemen is the same man with the same condition, holding his shows in his left hand, and the water is dripping out of his beard because of although third light, the same thing, the same man. So Abdullayev numbers are also sitting amongst the audience. And those people are dead time. They're not like us now they see it as an avocado.

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Avocado. So

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lucky. You know, they're lucky, we wish that we can go with them know, the Sahaba used to study deep. Why this man would make it two gentlemen, because I want to be like him.

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Because gender is not cheap. So have the lab nominal last winter and he said, Listen,

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argued with my father. So I'm not going to be staying at home for three nights. And it's the right of the Muslim to be hosted by his brother for three nights. Can I be your guest for tonight's demand? said yes, no problem. So spend the first night with him. And by the way after the live class was a very devout worshiper

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used to establish the light prayer, read lots of Quran do lots of the hair. So he was watching the man and he was in so first light, the man pray duration and he went to bed

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and he waited for him to wake up. He only woke up before he prayed his water, nap radiation and he went to work. He said maybe he's tired, right? Let's wait for the next following night.

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So panela he said this should be must something different. And he was watching him closely. What happened the second line? Was it like the first line? Or was it different? Would you like to know?

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Yeah, shall continue tomorrow.

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