This Life Is Nothing But A Test

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Along with VA

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in Alhamdulilah, no matter who want to study in who want to study you want to start

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when do Billahi min ash Aurora ministerium fusina min say, Melina Maja de la hufa Mobile Allah.

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Allah, Allah, wa shadow Allah.

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Allah in La la de la sharika y shadow and Mohammedan abita who are solo who sallallahu alayhi wa sallam about in the cul de sac kita boleh wa hiral howdy howdy Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam worshiping Amorim to her wakulla ma, ma da akula b Dalton Bala akula de la Latin for now. I'm about to hit better filler or Sukumaran FC with Aqua la Hanzo gel

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one of the

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main hub at

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Ibiza higher authority Allahu

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Allah Allah so Allah Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam upon

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can a human can a public amend Bani Israel in Salah Katana for

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any epithelium

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facula abrasca

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for our sallallahu

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alayhi mela

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few surah t Basha fossa Allah

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I usually in Lake chapala Lebanon Hassan Hassan, we have a had a lady called earliness woman home

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for Mr. Howe, for IFA who lost hola Paris.

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So McCall, Allahu la humble Melih la colline eBill

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for our tahuna cotton OSHA La, La La La who Baraka La Villa Kapha.

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Su Metallica sumatera aka Accra

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sakala molecular de su Akasha Maha bushi in a lake.

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Kala Sharon Hasson

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Where have I only had a lady called Ronnie ness woman for masala tea for Otto hola who Sharon has Allah.

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Allah whom I have been many calls have been made a backup for Otto Baka Ratan hi mila vaccarello Baraka la Allah Holika masaka

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Allah de Cana boxtel and Bill Amma for call Allah who may have Boucher in La

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Rue de la la Abbas sorry for absurdness

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for Mercer hollyleaf for the La La pasar sokoine Allahu

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LA, kala Hubbell Malik la alum. Falco when am I Mr. Otto

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schatten. Hi Mila.

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Some Nicola Baraka la hola coffee. Some Metallica

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have he walked in what Jeez. Is the Java lavoisier

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al Malik sakana in our word the

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minute a bill what can in the funny while the

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backup okay and in the third it was the Americana.

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Some are sallallahu ala

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Almanack, Moroccan okra

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epistola Amina and

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Lydia Ghana abrasca the alayhi salaatu wa jal Abras.

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Well call Allah.

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Rajan miskeen

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What a silly Barack Obama he's one

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of our colonial hesson while Jill Hasson and Tati, Nina Patton Abella will be happy sahkari for Cory Booker T Ron

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sakala hook

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and I'm talkin abruption for Abdullah Kala Hunan and hustle and then Hassan

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Allahu la de

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Paula in NEMA is to curb Iran and curb Carla as Allah Azza wa Jalla in Punta Cana Devon. I use a Eureka in American coffee

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for acaba llaman. Hakuna Sri, one of the Holla Holla.

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So my

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official official Accra waqqas, Allah homie misma.

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Raja miskeen Tata

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for afeni Bharata noir Hazleton

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Avila we have a safari sakala kokuka Sierra.

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Police are in the multi SIG and the vessel yet

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for cardella hookah and era folk and I'm talkin Akram for our talk Allah who shot on Hassan and I'm here on

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a local

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call Allah in Nima hook

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in couldn't even use a euro Kayla makuta fee for

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future authorization in Arma

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sakala Whoa, whoa, whoa wahama miskeen Takata availabel what a Saliba de la

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schatten wahida VIP Safari,

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pod Allahu la ku

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for de la la Abbasali. Welcome to focus on

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for la de la Okayama a and Rocco hood mesh it was rock mesh.

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For Karla hamelech.

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I'm cicala camera like in NEMA de la Talia.

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wakatobi Allahu

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Allah Sahaba dear brothers and sisters, I know it's a long hobby, but I have to share it complete so that those who speak Arabic will benefit. The Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam is reported in both Bukhari and Muslim

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from the Hadith of

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us that the three people from Bani Israel either when I say Bani Israel in Israel, he is the name of jacobellis salaam, the father of use of the son of his heart, sort of Ibrahim alayhis salaam, that's the meaning of money. So the children of yaku,

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Allah Subhana, wa Taala wanted to test them. And that's the meaning of this life. It's a test.

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So Allah subhanho, wa Taala.

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These three people, one of them, was a leper, and the other one was bald, and the third one was blind. So last petal, I wanted to test them.

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So he sent an angel in the form of a man to the first one, the leper, and he asked him, it said, What's the best thing that you dream of in this life? It says, good color, and healthy skin. And that, that which people renounce and stay away from me and avert me, because of my leprosy, I want this to be taken away.

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So the angel

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just put his hand on his body, and Allah subhanaw taala cured him completely of leprosy. Then he asked him, what's the best money in your eyesight? He said, the best money in my eyesight is camels. So he gave him a chic camo that was pregnant when we say OSHA in the Arabic language means she was pregnant in the 10th month, she's about to deliver. And he said, may Allah bless it for you. And he left him. Then he went to the second man who was bald, and he said to him, what is the best thing that you want in this life? He said, I want good hair, so that people would not, you know, a vert me and stay away from me.

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So he put his hand on his head, and I lost the pilot that I gave him good her. lynnie asked him, what's the best one for your eyesight? He said,

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His cows, so he gave him a pregnant cow. And he said to him, Allah bless it for you.

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And then he left him. He went to the third man who was blind.

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And he asked him, what's the best thing you need in this life? So Kyla, look at the difference even in the answer. He said,

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I want a law to give me my eyesight back the other ones that not mentioned Allah. But this one was guided by Allah. He knows that it's only Allah who will give the cure.

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I want a lot to give me my eyesight back so I can see people. So the angel put his hand on his eyes, and I gave him his eyesight back. He said, what's the best what's in your eyesight? He said, it's sheep.

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And he gave him a sheep that was pregnant. And he said, may Allah bless it for you. And he left him a few time after a loss of panatela blessed the wealth of each one. So the first one who was lifted was the leper, he got a valley full of camels. The second one who was bald has a valley full of cows. And the third one who was blind has a valley full of sheep. But I wanted to test them again. So law tested them first, by giving no less father's gonna test them by testing them, would you give back would you share? So Lawson, the angel again.

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And he went to the first one, in the form of a man who's a leper.

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And he said to him, I'm a traveler, and have lost all means. And after the bounty of Allah, I have no one to help me except you. Can you just give me one of the camels from the valley full of comments, and I asked you by the one who gave you good color and good skin. He's reminding him.

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He said,

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we have so many responsibilities. Don't be, you know, deceived what you see, I can't give you anything. He says, I think I know you. Weren't you a leper before.

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And Allah subhanaw taala gave you good color and good skin. Wouldn't you put in a lot give you all of this, this is no. This came to me because I inherited this from my forefathers. He said, I asked a lot if you're lying, that alone will take you back to your first condition. And it happened. He failed the test. And this life is nothing but a test. Second one, he went to him in the form of a bald man, he said the same thing. And he got the same answer. And he reminded him by the one who gave you the good hair still, by the one who gave you all this money? He said no, I inherited this from my forefathers. He said I asked a lot. If you're not telling the truth, Allah will send you

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back to your first condition. And it happened. Then he went to the third one who was blind in the form of a blind man. He said, I'm a traveler, and I have nobody to help me except to after Allah. Give me just one sheep. And I asked you by the one who gave you your eyesight.

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He said, Listen, I was blind like you. And Allah gave me my eyesight back. Allah gave me all of this will lie. I will not stop you from taking whatever you want, and live wherever you want. Because it's all from Allah subhanaw taala. And then the agent said, Listen, it was just a test from Allah subhana wa Tada. Your two friends failed, and I was displeased with them. You pass the test, and the last pleased with you. Brothers and sisters. This is the goal of this football. This life is nothing but a test. And a lot this by giving a lot smarter test by taking we need to understand that this is life. The first two ones represent a category of people who when a lie gives them they don't share

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what they have. And Allah subhanho wa Taala said the rule number 14 is number seven.

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this is the rule of law says if you are grateful by sharing Allah will give you more. And along with this what you have, if you are ungrateful, and this is the meaning of coffee. That doesn't mean disbelief. It means in gratitude it means denial. Allah will decrease or will take away what he has given you subpoena hautala and this is why the main goal of this robot is life is nothing but a test. And we can take the example of this story. Allah subhana wa tada said in Serato, Elian Kabuto number 29 and number two

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has he been so

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would people be left to claim that they are believers without being put into the test? No, it's not even the word test here. fitna means tribulation something very tough. As if Allah subhanaw taala is giving us the analogy the factory means the jeweler, when he puts the metal, the gold and those precious metals into fire to separate the the pure gold from the waste and the residue. So when we go through this sunlight, that's what Allah subhanaw taala is testing us so that the pure you will come out of this fitna and then the residue and the bad stuff will get away from you. So Lhasa pilot I said what I call a putana Latina mill

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paternal Latina mill family him we have tested, we have put others into trials and tribulations. fellay Allah Allah Allah Allah Dena sodoku elemental Caribbean, and Allah knows who those who are telling the truth, and those who are liars Apollo probably Hara was the

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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam and Allah Abadi Latina stafa y shadow Allah Allah illallah wa salam Ala Wai shadow, Mohammed bin Abu Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I'm about to head back to filler, who Sukumaran FC betta cola has many times in the Quran Allah subhanaw taala talks about this life as a test. You know, you read in Surah Al mulk. So number 67 Allah to Allah Allah de hola como tal hyah Leah below community and salsa. So number 76 Islander to Allah subhanaw taala said in Holla Holla insane me motivating me inevitably so this meaning is reiterating the karate many times you read in Surat Al CAPP, so number 80 Islander Latino through six to seven and eight

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Allah azza wa jal Namah. Zina de la Lena Bella home. So the meaning of test this life is a test let's take it as a test and to show gratitude to Allah subhana wa Taala is by sharing like the blind man and we have to attribute all the bounty to Allah Subhana Allah Allah.

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Allah Allah, Allah, Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah,

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Allah. Allah taqwa was the anti Roman zecca and tavoli you have Amala a La Jolla,

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American history, fanatical in the era Unfortunately, it also is one of them. sodashi and equally mckennan era Bella alameen wa jal Amina Amina dunya

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ilaha illallah wa salam O Allah Muhammad Allah Allah