Ali Hammuda – A Ramadan of change #06 – Remove the roof

Ali Hammuda
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the verses of the title "verses from the Quran surah baqQuad in the book of fired up religion. They share a personal experience of wanting to remove the roof from their DUA and ask for the unthinkable. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of not limiting requests for information and offers advice on how to exercise another act of joy.
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Oh Rama

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Merci, merci.

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Welcome Rama,

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five consecutive verses from chapter two of the Quran surah baqarah have been dedicated to the topic of Ramadan. What verses are they? I'm going to share them with you. But as you hear the references, there is something very important that you're going to notice by yourself. So you have verse 183, rulings about fasting, those 184 rulings about fasting, those 185 rulings about fasting, verse 186, do

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in verse 187, rulings about fasting, it sticks out, doesn't it? It really does stick out. I mean, the flow of Ramadan related verses are all of a sudden interrupted with the topic of dua, before then returning to the topic of Ramadan.

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So Allah subhanho Tana clearly wants us to spill our hearts out in requests to him during this month.

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This year, however, I would like us to do something a little bit different. Let's learn how to remove the roof from our DUA

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and ask for the unthinkable. Consider the dua of the prophets before us. They went for it without looking back. They would ask Allah subhanaw taala for things which many of us would just describe as maybe an impossibility.

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Think about the dua of Prophet Suleiman alayhi salam, when he set his ambitions wild. And what did he say it is to be humbly well, you can lie and not really I didn't mean by the inner can tell Wahab My Lord, forgive me, and grant me a kingdom, the likes of which will not belong to anyone after me. Indeed you are the bestow. Allah you can give me this.

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And as you just heard, his request wasn't for an average kingdom, but one that would be crammed with quote unquote, impossibilities. His confidence in Allah was was enormous. So they merge expectations of Allah was so beautiful. And guess what? Allah subhanaw taala did not let him down and he will not let down every person who makes dua in this way. So what happened first today, man, what did Allah give him after this dua? Well, so the man was gifted with prophethood. So behind Allah, knowledge, sound judgment, control of the wild animals, the animal world in general, the wind, mankind Jin kind, he wouldn't be given a kingdom that shall never be replicated on planet Earth ever again.

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Yeah, Allah. Allahu Akbar. Righteousness, therefore, is not about making humble requests in to

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raise your hands this Ramadan. And when you do so, raise the ceiling of your ambitions to a brand new height as well.

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And don't just ask for see ease on the day of judgment, but make Allah subhanaw taala for entry to paradise without any prior accountability, even if you feel that you don't deserve it and ask for it. Don't limit your requests, say for example, for Paradise, but big him for the very highest of extinctions and for losing the top. Even if you feel that you don't qualify for it.

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Don't Don't limit your dua for say, the guidance of friends and their guidance of relatives that is good, but also raise the roof by saying Allah Almighty turn them into revivalists meeting them reformers even if you really can't see it happening at present. When making dot for yourself, go out and beg Allah for torrents of eemaan to be released upon you tolerance that will change your circumstances in life. Change your social media, change your finances in your business, change your mode of hijab into one that pleases Allah changes your ambitions forever.

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This month, every one of us is bowing and prostrating and fasting and reciting hamdulillah but it's not a man. We want to exercise another act of worship that Allah subhanaw taala loves so much but it's missing all too often in some of our lives. And that is hosts no one knew biller to display the best of expectations from Allah to think so high over him. Allah hasn't tapped you and why is it limited you so call upon Allah as if you are certain of the response as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would say and realize that Allah will be just as how you expect him to be. Oh Rama

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Murthy merci. Welcome Rama

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