Mirza Yawar Baig – Reminders Yaqeen Means Action

Mirza Yawar Baig
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In Alhamdulillah, WA salatu salam ala rasulillah about

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less than $1 with respect to the alpha

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kaabil for the warm up on

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elimination the qualities of the believers of the moon

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and so, the Baccarat and in the fourth I mentioned this and he said what will happen at home you know, they are the people who have been on the alpha

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there is a

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there are two aspects about the opinion on anything.

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First of all,

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the one aspect of the of Ukraine on and it's on something is to ascertain and to be sure and to determine whether that which you have you're keen on whether this is a fact or not because you might believe something which is false.

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But once you have ascertained, then you are sure that this thing which you have you're keen on is actually true

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then a sign of having a pain or the only sign of having a clean is that you prepare for it.

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For example, if you have your pain and if you are sure that it is going to rain

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then you will carry an umbrella with you.

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If you say I have your claim that it will rain and you are not getting in a very light means that you want to get wet

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otherwise why are you not getting underlined is logical. Similarly, if you have a cane that an object is hot, if you went to the kitchen and you see there is a pot on the stove and you have your cane that this thing is hot, but you have lifted from the store and you will take precautions to ensure that your hands are not but

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otherwise doesn't make sense if you you say well I am absolutely certain that this thing is hot and then you are holding it you know and then you

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actually burn your hands. So if you have your game that something is hot, you will take precautions to ensure that the thing does not burn you.

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Therefore I remind myself and you

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to do these two things.

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One is decide for yourself

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whether or not

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you and I are willing to die

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and whether or not we will stand before Allah subhanaw taala give us

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decide this once and for all. There is no sense in living in doubt.

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Makes no sense. We are not sure

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will I die will not die or okay I am sure I will die but I don't know whether I will be resurrected, whether I will stand before a large monitor or not.

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The surah which I decided in the first record.

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Sources sarasa Allah subhanaw taala said carlu Isaiah de la ville out of the in LA VFL kinja de

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les Roger as if they are the people they ask, how is it possible that after we have become one with dust, when we our bodies have disintegrated and we have become part of the earth? How can we be resurrected

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alkyne God we will be created a new we will be created again.

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And Allah Allah said about this Balaam De Luca European capital

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lizard truly they are denying the meeting with the

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law said say to them forget about Falco.

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say to them you will die

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molekule Mattila de Buccola Rico molecule mode has been set upon you

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that is his job.

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The job of multiple modes is what

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to extract the soul.

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He has the noise

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he has been created and he has been given only one job. And their job is to extract the so

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called letter of soco, malaco Mattila de bucola vehicle. So my larabie come to you.

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And then you will be brought before Europe and then you will return to Europe.

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So I remind myself when you

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to first decide for ourselves, while the investigation you want in the world would decide for yourself once and for all before you die. Are you going to be resurrected and brought before law?

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If you decide this is not going to happen, do then do whatever you like.

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But do remember that facts do not change because we refuse to believe them.

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Reality is that which does not depend on belief for its existence.

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If a part is hot, it is hot.

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If the pot on the stove is hot, it is not. It's a fact.

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If I say I don't believe it's an I grab it, then I will get but as simple as that, a fact does not change because somebody decides to believe something else

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we can believe are everything we want.

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We will believe that

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idols are God's people believe that idols are forms of Gods their imagination, people believe that they can go and ask favors from graves and from dead people and people believe that they will be resurrected,

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in various forms as cattle as cockroaches as God knows what you can believe whatever you like, but there is only one fact. And that fact is that Allah subhanho data will gather as before

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and the resurrection is only the resurrection on the Day of Judgment, there is no resurrection before that.

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So ascertain what is the fact and once we are sure of the fact and we are sure that the fact is that one day we will die and the fact is right out of the home to do that, we will be brought back before our up and that we will answer

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and that we will answer to

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once we determined that this is a fact than I defined myself and knew that what is the sign of having a train is to prepare

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is to prepare for this meeting. As I said if we have your cane that it will read, it will carry an umbrella.

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If you have the occasion that something burns, then we will wear gloves we will take precautions, that the thing does not burn us. And similarly therefore, if we have your cane or will accurately of your own

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that we have your cane that we will

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add there is the ACA that we will be brought the farmers who have no data then we have to prepare for that day.

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And every single action of our life has to be judged only and only according to the criterion of what will this do for me on the Day of Judgment. There is no other criterion every single action.

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We just put it together with Gemma, we have to ask ourselves what will this do for us on the day of judgment?

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Will it do good inshallah it will do this is our belief.

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We go from here we plan to do this or that before we carry out that action without gazelles, what will this action do for me on the development

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and then we do the action only if it is going to do as good

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otherwise you don't do it. And that is the whole point of having a team that we prepare for that day. Which is a day which we'll have

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lunch Allah

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by truth will help.

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And on that day, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to gather us under the shade of is us and to make us among those with whom he's pleased with Allah hi Donna will Karim Allah Allah He will save us mine

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