Ramadan The Month of Love – Day 27

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of gratitude in everyday life, including gratitude for gratitude to God, gratitude for the people, and gratitude for gratitude to others. They provide examples of how gratitude can be applied to daily life, such as counting blessings and staying focused on gratitude to others. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of recognizing and thanking oneself for gratitude.
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Miss Smith, you walk

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through the smilla 100. And what's the natural sit down on the left? What are

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27 of Ramadan, we are continuing the journey to learn about each and last time for that.

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to occur to you, that was part of our data

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set. It's in the form its criteria and the opposite. You said a shorter

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pilgrimage said in a verse number 38 and hedges 22. And the verses in Allahu

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Allah, for sure.

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Victory of he defended the believers in the law word, you know, there's not

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one capital. One is it Joshua was someone who was not

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somebody who actually achieved

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cuff California,

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So what we're going to look into today is a last panel Dahlia was a woman who was the one who gives us everything that gives us all the lessons we have, what he wants from you, and you and ask is to be grateful. And heroes, those who are grateful, and not only he loves those who are grateful that he gives.

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The more I am grateful, the more

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and why I said this is

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that in Chicago.

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If you are grateful, practice gratefulness, I'll give you more. What do you prefer? And if you are not grateful, you are ungrateful, indeed, my punishment.

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And I will put it as an order for the kurumi at Kirkland.

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Remember me, I remember washko grateful, one ATAK for him, don't be unclear.

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So what is a blessing?

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And what is gratefulness? And how are we going to deal with in my daily life, everything I love,

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to help me to live my life,

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or things he did not give me took away from what brought you closer to him, it's a blessing.

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And even if I am tested with a test, but I am patient, that's a blessing, because that will bring you closer. So that's a blessing. How I am

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What does it mean? I am grateful I say 100, in that.

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It's cucumbers, and sugar. gratefulness is the tongue, the tongue, sing it, saying it, praising Allah.

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praising Allah, the source of goodness in my heart knows that Allah is the one who gives me this person. I see it and my heart see the source of that.

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degree I have the children, the house, the status, the health, the ability, I can see all these I see them, what are what is the one who

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is a was the one who gave it to me, I feel it my heart. I don't see I get it. I see a lot.

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And the third way is are used to blessing Allah gave me in his own views, not in his disobedience. So a grateful person, a Cloner device is stronger than the blessing he has is from Allah, the heart acknowledge the blessings from Allah. I didn't work hard. And love me.

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I love lesson. And maybe my hard working brain foods is something we have all to learn and teach our children that yes, work hard with a lot will make your hard work.

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And the third, which is the most important, I use that message a lot

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for his own reasons. So he gave me a call. I use the car. No way to please. I don't use it to go to places. That is where there is disobedience. I used to go to places where he was happy when he gave me the eyes. What a blessing and

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I used to look at who's what makes him happy.

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unhappy, I don't look at it.

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And I am not too grateful for this. And if any time, we need to be so grateful, he showed us how much lessons we have is these days at a time of the COVID-19, where many six we had 40 that we will have it. Allah showed us

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blesses our

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freedom, the ability to go out the work, the health,

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he said, all blessings, how grateful I was, I need each one of us to look at count as you they say Count your blessings gets counted around us. Literally count the blessings, the whole rooms, the bed, the whole kitchen, the family fact I can see the fact that I can do that I can walk absolutely to continue to count will not be able to count as our loss and let's pick three

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blessings, Allah Davis, each one of us. And let's practice the three pillars of gratefulness. I am so grateful to align with my friend I am so grateful to along with my heart He gave me and I will use what you believe in.

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Being grateful Nazism, Oregon is an act of worship I lost all business which

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would be great and he described out many of his profits as being the Grateful one of the character of them is

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saving, save,

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all use a more simple software so when he said when I say that I should ask him a lot in the night stand up all night that your cheat gets actually cracked in the blood comes out of me respond don't Shouldn't it

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shouldn't ruin

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your life doesn't matter as shocking as

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a supplication imports that evening. And he said to me ever I've seen this supplication after every sun, Allahu Allah.

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Worship, to be grateful to you.

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To worship you in the Western world, we

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must make us all of the world