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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah regard

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the love salatu salam ala rasulillah salam, salam wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Ramallah we stopped yesterday at the situation where Abu Bakr, viola Juan, was sitting with the prophets of Allah audio send them and one of the people in the gathering started swearing and cursing and insulting abubaker the Allah Juan, and opaka Golan was silent all the time, he never talked back.

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But the man kept on and on and on and on.

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And suddenly abubaker the Alon just talked back to him.

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And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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left the place.

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And then abubaker the alarm when he saw the Prophet Selim leaving, he ran after him, he said, Prophet of Allah, what happened? He said, abubaker When the man was insulting you, and you were not talking back, Allah subhanaw taala send an angel talking back on your behalf. But once you started talking about that Angel left, and the shaitan came, and I wouldn't be sitting in a gathering where shaitan his

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brothers and sisters today? How many of us get angry when we are insulted? But when Allah His Messenger, his Deen is insulted. We don't care.

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Let's be honest, I shall have the Alona said the Prophet silom. Never ever got angry for himself.

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He was so many times humiliated, called a liar, a poet, a magician. You name it.

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He never cared. Do you know how Christ used to call him? They used to call him with them. The opposite of his name. Because Mohamed means the one who's worthy to be thanked all the time, because of the good that he brought to humanity. That's Mohammed. They used to call him the opposite with a man

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that he care. No.

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So my question to you today is what are we doing now? what's allowed we're praying now.

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What are we right? Is it farther or nephila?

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nephila right

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why do we pray

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Islam I want you to take this message home Islam is four components you cannot interrupt them

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they're connected

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number one is Aki them you know Allah and you believe in Him alone and you know his names and attributes

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and immediately to him you start an animal for him you know, partners with him. Number two, you enslave yourself to Allah that's a bad

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and a bad that is not the rituals. All of us think you know what if I pray therapy and I pray like the five times a day and I give

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is that all the deen is that Ribera? No, La Banda means

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it's an old inclusive term of everything that you do or say to police or law. Whether it is internal or external. being kind to your parents is this.

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This is the second most beloved rebellion in the sight of 813 times in the Koran.

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Listen to so number 17 north of Islam 23 through 25.

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What's next, while being

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the same meaning is reiterated in the Quran more than 13 times.

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now, why do I do it better? Is it better for the sake of a bother? Or should that Ribeira change my behavior

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and make me a better person? Can I ask a question say yes or yes

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Do you have someone in your family? Who's a very good ibid Mashallah, he prays seven times a day? How many?

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I think auto people are generous. I'm getting serious, sorry. I just want to get you to smile. They pray five times a day. You know, they give so much on love. You know, they do see Ahmed Ramadan, and they do Hajj twice a year,

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winter and summer.

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But yet, the way they treat their family members, especially their wives, and their kids is the worst way ever.

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Did these people benefit from their brother was Latino. I'm saying while Latino,

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but on the other hand, they have some people in your family who are very nice to be around.

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But they don't pray.

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They have something

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all of us, right? Which one is better? The one was good.

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Or the one was good or bad? And if I were to ask you to choose which one would you like, neither are you asked me to choose between my two eyes. I need both. I cannot disconnect them.

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I need a bag that will change my

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Otherwise, this Ribeira is just lip service.

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It did not change me.

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There is a sign outside called

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Do we all understand

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why some of us now amongst this audience are parking there and they're not disabled. And then when there is a brother or sister who come and they are disabled, they can find a space and Mashallah, you're healthy and you're young, and he can walk all the way. This is the D. We're not praying

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to harm others. A brother came to me said, I'm gonna kiss the black stone today, during Hajj. I said, Please don't. They said No, man.

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I will kiss the black stone. Regardless, I said, kissing the black stone in the sun. But harming the Muslims during Hajj is haram. So for you to come up with the sooner you do something Haram,

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a sister upstairs. She found the shoes. You know, the skit that we played here on the weekend, and everybody was laughing. We just laugh. But we didn't get the point. Do you think I'm here to entertain you.

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We do this so that you get the message in a nice way.

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And unless our events change our behavior, we don't understand Islam.

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I walked yesterday, door to door giving invitations to our neighbors here.

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And the first one right in front of us here.

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She took the letter she said thank you so much. I've been living here for the last 50 years. And I feel safe around you guys more than I feel safe when I'm walking in the street and auto.

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This is Islam. This is Islam. I walked out of this Masjid one time. It was almost 11:30pm and I saw I saw two young ladies sitting at the stairs. And I saw some younger brothers they are going to them you know?

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I said brothers go home.

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I'll take care of this. I just went to them. I said hi. They said hi I said

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are you guys safe here?

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This is the most severe. One of them said like I live across from him. I feel safe to be here. Is there any problem? I said no.

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And I went to my house and I brought them some dates and some sweet and each one a bottle of water.

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I gave it to them and I said Have a good night

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What do you call this in Islam? I'm not bragging about myself. I'm nobody but I'm telling you what do you think they're gonna think after that? Somebody might comes like a warrior sitting here. This is a legit. You're not Muslims. How can you stop for Allah?

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Is this hour the hour.

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So for a young sister here who is volunteering in high school, I told her if you find any shoes, not in the racks, put them in a bag and I warned you from day one right and bring them to the office. She did this yesterday because there was a mountain of them and the racks were empty.

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They're like sitting right there.

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Well, why don't you go down to take them off like this, you can just take them and put them there.

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And a young one amongst them, she came, she started ranting.

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I need my shoes. And she took the bag and she went there. The sister told her, it's another to take yours. But we will send a message to the others, that she just like, shoveled her. And she took that.

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are we paying? You know, what's the benefit of that? Are we?

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Are we just all bad? No. This Dean is all about what many people came to Islam because of what?

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Because of the behavior of the Muslims? Well, I asked many of the brothers and sisters you know, or reverts, they will tell you, it was because somebody was kind to me. And I asked him, Why do you do this? Why do you share your food with me? Why do you respect me? Why don't you use foul language? It's like, because I'm a Muslim was Islam. And here you go.

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I'm sorry. I don't want to make it long. But I'm really upset.

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We need to change. I'm not gonna beg you every day brothers. Allah subhanaw. taala does not look at the crooked line. Today, I had to pray in the last line. Still the same thing every day. These lines are halfway. And they're like four lines here halfway. And if anybody comes to like, you know, brother, sekolah. Hey, can you move there? Well, let us in the brothers doing this image. Like,

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as if I'm talking to an idol, like, you know, some like something that just like smiles, but doesn't move.

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I say Allah, look at your wife. Let's continue with her.

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How do we line up,

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I saw some people I said, Please put your heels on the lines. If all of us put our heat on the lines, the lines would be straight, voila, he alone will not look at you and your salon, you're wasting your time.

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If the line is straight, allow and look at you. And if Allah looks at you, He will never punish you.

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So let's learn and listen.

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So this day, let me repeat it again. What are the four components of either a bad or what does the changes? What are your manners? And how can I see your manners? They are manifested in the way you treat me. And you treat the first next to you. And you treat the person outside parking the car and you treat the person who's coming into the masjid. They don't want to trip on these shoes.

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How many times did we talk about wasting water? Every single day? You live? on one line? We sit here like 2040 bottles. Somebody just takes a sip and throat? I saw brother with my own eyes taking two. Did you finish the first one? Well, I felt embarrassed. What are you thinking to myself? I didn't have water and I felt embarrassed. Can you give me one if you don't feel for your brother?

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What's the meaning of your Salah?

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So this D is these four components. The end result is why I'm aligned. If we are only know Allah and do it,

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we're still missing two more components that are very important. And I will conclude with I wanted to stop at four is the shift recited today and certainly sir, but there is no time to do that. But I will lie. I would rather like remind you it's better for more than your salon because knowledge is more important than someone without knowledge. The person himself

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meaning if you have extra time, should you pay more or should you seek knowledge more? The person said no seek knowledge more and he said to

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if you if you were to learn something about your deen it's better for you than 100

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you can go home and pray but why do we come here to remind each other and I'm sorry

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I'm doing this because I love you all and we want to achieve the best and Ramadan. This is the golden chance for us this month.

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We need to change this is the month of transformation.

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So I'm just gonna share inshallah five of these atoms Allah Are you ready inshallah?

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No, you're not smiling.

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Okay. I just want to mention two of them but I'm going to stop at two of them inshallah. The Safe recited, you know, I have 40 and 41. There's a story behind

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The Prophet Solomon day, he said to Abdullah

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and an absolute necessity aka aledo, la cabeza Rasul Allah, shall research Quran to you. And the Quran was revealed to you. He said,

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read I love to hear it from someone else. And so part of the muscle I'm told us about

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Mensa who

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will finish the metal mat. If you want to listen to the Quran, as if it was just fresh just came down from Islam to the porcelain. Listen to the recitation of Abdullah Abdullah

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started reciting Surat annisa until he reached this ayah.

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What will happen when we bring from every nation, I witness against them

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and then we'll bring you on Mohammed as a witness against your oma

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yo Latina for waushara. So, no to so

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when I have to move on La hadiza

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at that point, the people who disbelieved and they disobeyed the processor limb, they would wish that Allah would level the earth with them, and they wouldn't hide what was inside them. When he reached this, he said I saw the processor lumps tears running down his cheeks and he said has book has enough stuff.

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This is how the voxel memory acted with the poor our brothers and sisters. We're not here to allow him to pray. And we finished her juice or half a juice and go home is like I pray taraweeh What did you benefit? What did you take home? It's enough just to take this your Prophet was crying because of the situation on the day of judgment when he comes against some of his own man who choose to disobey Him

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and others another ayah

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and number 48 a lot talks about the only sin that Allah will never forgive in the Lucha Libre for use your cubby he went through Medina Delica Lima Yeshua should

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and then after that the safest sided if 59 Yeah, you have Latina M and it will have to Rasulullah Emery minko the last part that I said for internetseiten fishy for boo boo Allahu Allahu Allahu alayhi many arguments that comes to me here for life coaching or for counseling is Mashallah the husband and the wife. Both of them are Muftis.

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And they're coming to ask me what do you ask me?

00:18:15--> 00:18:21

Mashallah, the brother saying she's wrong because of this and this and this. And I saw the cherry Alhamdulillah.

00:18:23--> 00:18:29

And then the sister talks about like, you know, he's wrong because of this and this and this and this. And I listen to tube and

00:18:31--> 00:18:38

I'm like, so what do you want from me? Mashallah, both of you are Muftis. So what can I do? How many Muslims do we have today?

00:18:40--> 00:18:45

1.8 billion, do you know how many amongst them? 1.9 billion.

00:18:46--> 00:18:52

I'm curious as somebody who's sitting next to you in the car smoking. It's like, you know, brother like

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According to me, it's my crew. Are you a smoker brother?

00:19:13--> 00:19:14

Don't you trust me?

00:19:18--> 00:19:19

You don't give me that one.

00:19:20--> 00:19:26

This is so so people argue but a lot harder. I said, when you have a dispute, you should take it back to who?

00:19:29--> 00:19:46

We need to go home with this message. When you disagree with your wife. When you disagree with your children, take it back to him and his messenger and type this and put it in front of you on the desk to remind them all the time. So number 14, line number one. Yeah.

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Do you feel that can you hear that? No. Do you feel it? Do you feel lost calling you love the movie.

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Do not ever put anyone in front of Allah and His Messenger before you make any decision in your life ask with Allah be pleased with this. If the answer is yes, am I going to do it the way of Prophet Muhammad says Allah.

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And the last two words that I want to stop at number

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65 there's a story behind it

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as well, ROM is the cousin of the processor, he had a piece of land and there is another Sahabi or a piece of land next to it, but the piece of land that was available is a little bit higher in the level than the other Sahabi. So they came in a dispute asked me

00:20:45--> 00:21:03

who should irrigate his land first is it is aware or his neighbor. So the problem when he looked at the land, he said, as the various land is a little bit higher, he should irrigate his land first and like you know, open Parkland in the water will go smoothly to the other one. It's going to be difficult the other way around.

00:21:04--> 00:21:14

So the other man says, and kind of nonmetric are you saying he should dedicate his land first because he's your cousin? A lot of people desire

00:21:16--> 00:21:18

so number 465.

00:21:26--> 00:21:35

By your master, oh, Mohammed, they wouldn't entertain fully man. Had you had chemo, FEMA?

00:21:37--> 00:21:43

Until they take you as a judge in a dispute that might arise between them. Not only that,

00:21:51--> 00:22:06

oh boy, and they would have no hard feelings. If the judgment is not according to your Hauer according to your desire, you have to accept it the professor is talking and he never talks out of his own wounds of desires a lesson.

00:22:07--> 00:22:11

And number three warm I am took on in Hawaii, in Hawaii in LA

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00:22:16--> 00:22:23

Allah said, Why you certainly muitas Lima and they submit completely or totally to the last one.

00:22:24--> 00:22:35

And I mentioned this one in my hobo one time, you know, thoburn Mola rasulillah salam, the person who saw him one day and his face was pale. He said

00:22:37--> 00:22:38

Are you sick?

00:22:39--> 00:22:40

He said no prophet of Allah.

00:22:41--> 00:22:46

Slick Why is your face pain? Is it profitable alone, I sit at home

00:22:47--> 00:22:48

and I think about you

00:22:49--> 00:22:57

and I miss you. I come and I find you here or at home. But I'm thinking about the

00:22:58--> 00:23:12

one day you will die and one day I will die and definitely are going to gentlemen, I'm not sure if I'll make it to gender or not. Even if I make it to Jin, I will never be at the same level with you.

00:23:13--> 00:23:22

And he started crying. You know what, a lot of you then I because of this situation. Would you like to know the I

00:23:25--> 00:23:29

have taken too much time today is salaam aleikum wa