Taimiyyah Zubair – Fahm Al-Quran – 09B Al Araf 123 143

Taimiyyah Zubair
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All said you believed in him before I give you permission. Indeed, this is a conspiracy which you conspired in the city to expel there from its people, but you are going to know, I will surely cut off your hands and your feet on opposite sides, then I will surely crucify you all. Imagine if somebody gives us this threat. What would be our statement say, Fine, fine. What do you want me to do? But what was the response of these believers? Are you in LR have been among collarbone, they said indeed, to our Lord, we will return. Meaning no matter what you inflict upon us, it cannot be that bad. Eventually, we have to die. Eventually, we have to go to our Lord. And yes, we are in fear

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today. But what will happen, Allah will give us peace. Tomorrow, he will grant a safety tomorrow. And you do not resent us, except because we believed in the signs of our Lord, when they came to us. When they came to us, this is what matters. And men, bat rabina lumma.

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Not that a person says, Let me sleep over. Let me think about it. I'll think about it. I'll take a few days, I'll take a few weeks know. When a person sees the truth, then what's the delay? Why the hesitation when it's the right thing to do, then why delay, just get up and respond some aryna what Alterna sell a bake, or banana afraid Marlena sabalan, whatever fennel muslimin, or our Lord, pour upon us patience, because this seems very beautiful that as soon as a person recognizes the truth, he sees as a good opportunity. He sees a good opportunity, he takes benefit from it, it seems very beautiful, like a very noble thing to do. But in reality, it is very difficult. Because when you're

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signing up for something like this, you're actually calling for what greater hardships more difficulties. So these magicians they knew that for their own if he's threatening to punish us, he means it. And if we are willing to take for their own as our enemy, then this is going to be very serious. They were afraid. But who did they call upon? Allah? That Oh Allah, you give a sub. You pour patience in us, you keep us firm on truth, when it has become very difficult to remain firm and let us die as Muslims in submission to you. Because the thing is that this world is like a prison for the believer. hardships and difficulties. They only get worse over time. They only intensify

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over time. So what do we see here? They're praying what Allah funnel mostly mean? Or Allah let us die as Muslims. If you look at the life of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam also 23 years of what of hardship in Makkah, the prophets of Assam state for 13 years. But then what happened when he migrated to Medina, things got more difficult. They got more difficult at least and Makkah, the people of Mecca did not raise weapons against the Prophet sallallahu sallam. Yes, there were a few times when people came and physically assaulted him. But these occasions were rare. But in Medina, what happened? One attack after another one battle after another, so this happens, this happens,

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difficulties do come our way in the way of Allah. So at that time, who's helped Do we need Allah's help us help that Oh, our Lord, You give patients to us? You keep me firm, because you see at the beginning, what happens? You are very motivated. You're willing to bear hardship. Like for example, hamdulillah. We've begun just number nine today, and hamdulillah. Now these past nine days, yes, we have enjoyed them. But definitely, we are also suffering from fatigue. Now, I don't know about you, but I do feel tired sometimes. That what happens, no matter how much you sleep, it doesn't seem enough. So what happens at the beginning, you're motivated, but then what happens eventually when

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difficulty strikes, you begin to feel that maybe you should stop. Maybe you should take it easy. Right? So what do we need? Yeah, Allah, if I've started this, make me complete it. It's difficult, but you give me some so that I also enjoy the difficulty. I don't mind this difficulty. Because think about it. All mothers know this, that once you have your children, you're comfortable sleep is gone. So it's gone anyway. Why not give it up in the way of a law so that we are rewarded even more for it. So robina Marlena sabaton with our funnel muslimeen whenever you find yourself struggling in the way of Allah and your feet, feel

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Last week, you begin to feel weak, you don't feel as determined anymore. ask Allah to grant your stability and firmness so that you can hold on a bit longer. Tell your wishes just a few more days, just a few more days like the month of Ramadan. What do we tell ourselves? It's just a few days, it's just one month, just one month. And after the end of the month, there is a isn't it? So this is what summer is about. Just hold on a little longer. Just keep holding on, don't let go. You know, there was this man who would always win in any competition. So somebody asked him, How do you do this? No matter what challenge you take on you when he said, Okay, let me show it to you. He said

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you bite my thumb, and I will bite your thumb. All right, so whoever gets their thumb released first, he loses. So what happened? He said, Okay, fine, this is easy to do. So that's what they did. Each person had the other person's thumb in his mouth biting it. So now again, this winner, this time he won, he didn't let go. He didn't have his thumb released. So he said, This is what I do. I just wait for the other person to give up. That's my target. I just wait for the other person to give up. I was just waiting for you to release your thumb from my mouth. That as soon as you release it, I went. And this is what sober is about. Just hold on, hold on. Just keep telling yourself, it's

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just a little while longer. Just a few more days, just a few more minutes, just a few more hardships, just a few more years. And then it'll be all good. It'll be all good. Just hold on a little bit longer. And for that we need some. So ask Allah robina Marlena sobre la, whatever phenol muslimin and the eminent among the people of their own set. When you leave Moosa and his people to cause corruption in the land and abandon you and your Gods fit our own said we will kill their sons and keep their women alive. And indeed We are subjugated over them we will control them by force, because Musan s&m had influenced the magician's, and this was a big loss for our home. And it was

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evident that if the magician is deflected to the other side, now very soon, others will follow out so, so for all those people, they suggested that spin around should do something to stop this from spreading, because they felt insecure. So what strategy did they come up with? They said, We will kill the children of the Bani Israel, their sons, and we will keep their women alive. We have full control over them, we will oppress them in this way, so they don't even dare to disobey us. masala Sallam said to his people, is there a new Billa he was biru. Seek help through Allah and be patient. Because there seemed to be no scene of any escape from this difficulty. The circumstances were

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incredibly difficult. Just think just try to visualize this. Just imagine this in your mind that a woman her baby is killed her boy her son is killed.

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Her husband is killed, men are killed by someone who doesn't have any mercy for their own people. Just imagine this difficulty. The situation was extremely difficult. So musasa What could he do? What solution could he offer to the people? What escape did they have? What could they do? Could they fight back? Could they rebel, if they rebelled, the situation would worsen. It would worsen so many times it happens in life, that we are caught in the middle of such difficulty that there seems to be no escape. We want that difficulty to be over that pain to go away. But is there any escape? Can you run away from it? You can't many of you are mothers over here. You know that when you go

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through the hardship, the pains of pregnancy and childbirth. I mean, there is no escape. There's no avoiding. You can't avoid it. It's just there.

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It's just there. So likewise, in life, there are certain situations which we cannot avoid those difficulties we cannot escape from them. So what's the solution then? What should we do musala Sallam said, Is there a new biller? He was biru seek help through Allah and be patient subban and Sunnah Sabah and Salah Don't waste your time fretting and worrying. Rather direct all of your energy in begging a love for help. Ask him hold on, be patient and ask him to create a way out for you. in Manila, indeed, the earth belongs to Allah, He causes to inherit it whom He wills among his servants. And right now he has given it to who to fit our own. But ultimately Allah has control over

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it. And the best outcome is for the righteous. So

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Remain righteous. Now what happens when any difficulty comes upon us? What do we do? And from this ayah What do we learn? What should we do? Is there no Billa He wants me to hold on to Allah and be patient. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Whoever is afflicted with some poverty, and he refers it to the people, meaning he spreads his hands before people asking them to help him, then his poverty will never be brought to an end. And he who refers it to Allah, then Allah who will free him of need how, either by a speedy death, meaning either his life will be over soon, his life, the years that are to follow, they won't seem very long. It doesn't mean that the person will die the

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following day. What is meant is that the life that he is going to live will not seem very long, because as he when we're going through some hardship, than even every second, it seems like a minute, isn't it, time does not seem to pass. So the profits or the loss of them said the one who presents his problems before Allah seeking Allah for help, then what happens Allah will free him of need, either by a speedy death or richness, meaning immediately Allah will give him something, or the time that he has left in this world will not seem very long to him anymore, this hadith of Buddha would. So what do we see sobor at the time of difficulty, and remember that Saba is at the

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first blow at the first strike of calamity. If a person is patient at that time asking Allah for help immediately, then what happens later, in sha Allah, Allah will change the situation. But what do we do generally, whenever we are in difficulty, immediately we turn to people, we beg them for help. We look at people in desperation thinking that only they can help us expecting that somehow, they should help us, but can they help us? No, they cannot even help themselves. They're overloaded with their work. How can they help us with our work? Even our best? Well, the lavon who said that when you go to a tyrant ruler, and fear that he will oppress you, when you are in front of somebody

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who's very oppressive, and you are afraid that they're going to hurt you, they're going to harm you. Over here, a tyrant ruler is mentioned but it's not always a tyrant ruler. Sometimes it could be a person who is just afraid of but they have control over us.

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So he said say three times Allahu Akbar, Allah who are assuming Kentucky Jamia, Allah is greatest. Allah is mightier than his creation, entire creation. Allahu azumi Maha for Allah is mightier than the one whom I fear. And I am cautious of rosabella Hilaire de la ilaha illa, who I seek refuge with Allah, the One who, without whom there is no other God, album seekers somewhere to summary and your corner on the Ellerbee evening. He is the one who holds the seven skies from falling on the earth except by his permission, I seek a loss protection mentioned the ABA, deca phoolan. And what you know he was very he was very he mean Elgin Knievel ins I seek Allah's refuge from the evil of your

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servant or Allah with servant, so and so servant and his armies and his followers and his supporters, who are from among the jinn and from among the men of lahoma collegia men shall read him or Allah, you will be my supporter against their evil, gentle Athena, aka wiser Joker. What about aka smoker? Wanna Illa have a look? You Oh Allah, you helped me against them. Your Sunnah your praise is indeed very great meaning you deserve great praise. And as a joke, your mind is also very strong, and your name is bless it and there is no God, but you. So in this door also, what do we see that at the time of fear plays all your trust in Allah. Bring in your mind, the power, the mind, the

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ability of Allah. What happens is, we fear people, because we are constantly thinking about their power, what they can do, what we need to think is about what Allah can do. And when we compare the power of people with the power of Allah, and we place our trust in Allah, then our fear will depart. So Musashi said, I'm reminded them that none can save you. Only Allah can. So ask him, don't be deceived by fear owns power, he has it only because Allah has given it to him, and that is a test for us. They said, We have been harmed before you came to us. And even after you have come to us, meaning our situation has not changed

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our situation has not changed. Now, this is impatience that when the help doesn't come instantly, when things don't change, immediately a person says, Oh, my dog I've been making girl. My dogs are not helping. For five years I've been suffering from this for 10 years I've been suffering from this. Since the beginning of my marriage. I've been suffering from this. I don't know when things are going to change. Oh Lena Min accoglienti. Deanna woman bardi magic Donna. These are words of impatience. You see, we belong to Allah. And he can test us, however long he pleases, and he can help us whenever he pleases. He hears our doors in times of distress, but there's a reason behind

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the delay in the changing of our situation. So never be impatient. He said, perhaps your Lord will destroy your enemy, and grant you succession in the land and see how you will do meaning be hopeful, be grateful, be very hopeful. And we certainly sees the people of our own with years of famine and a deficiency in fruits that perhaps they would be reminded. But when good came to them, they said, this is ours by right. And if a bad condition struck them, they saw an evil Omen in Moosa and those with him, unquestionably their fortune is with Allah, but most of them do not know. And they said, no matter what sign you bring us with which to be which us, we will not be believers in you, they

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had decided that we're not going to believe so we sent upon them the flood and locusts and lice, and frogs and blood as distinct signs, but they were arrogant, and we're criminal people. And when the punishment descended upon them, they said, almost Invoke for us, your Lord, by what he has promised you. If you can remove the punishment for us, we will surely believe you. And we will stand with you, the children of Israel are evil. But when we remove the punishment from them, until the term which they were to reach them at once, they broke their word. And many times this happens in our lives also, that in times of hardship, we make promises with Allah, that Oh Allah, if you take me

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out of this financial difficulty, I will do such and such. If you grant me success in my exams in my career, then I will do such and such, if you give me a good spouse, if you give me children, if I have this, if I have that it's as if we're setting conditions with Allah, that only if you give me what I desire, then I will become obedient. A person who says this, remember what happens, even when his conditions are fulfilled, he does not become obedient to Allah, because the one who wishes to become obedient for him, there are already so many blessings in his life. There are already so many things that should encourage him to become an obedient servant, but the one who sets conditions then

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what happens when Allah makes the situation good for him, still, he does not turn to Allah, either home, Yun kozun they break their word funda cognomen home, so we took retribution from them, and we drowned them in the sea, because they denied our signs and we're heedless of them. And we cause the people who had been oppressed to inherit the eastern regions of the land and the western ones, which we had blessed, the Bani Israel. They were the oppressed before. And then what happened? Allah made them rulers. And the good word of your Lord was fulfilled for the children of Israel. He, Why be mouse suburu because they patiently endured. They patiently endured, and we destroyed all that fit

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our own and his people were producing and what they had been building, and we took the children of Israel across the sea. Look at how Allah has helped him that these were the people who were oppressed, they held on they were patient, and what happened a lot change their situation completely. They cross the sea, they saw their enemy drone, and when they cross the sea, they came upon a people intent in devotion to some idols of theirs, the Bani Israel they said, Oh Musa, make for us, oh God, just as they have a god. Strange, Allah save them. And what happened? As soon as these people saw some idols, they fell in love with idolatry. Musashi Salaam said, Indeed, you are a

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people behaving ignorantly. Sometimes what happens is that we are in some difficulty. But in that difficulty is also goodness. There's also failure because remember, there is nothing that is pure evil in this world. Nothing that is pure evil. Even if there's some hardship and something there's always a plus side to it. There's always some good in it. Now what happens is that when we are in that difficulty, we come impatient thinking, I cannot handle it. I can't be

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This anymore. Things have to change and they must change today. I cannot bear this. So what happens, a person jumps out of the pan into the fire, we see that the bunny is trying to eat also they were in slavery, it was very difficult upon them very difficult. But they became very impatient with that difficulty. And what happened, they were told, okay, leave, they didn't want to bear those years of training, of strengthening their faith because remember, when Allah puts us in some hardship, why, so that our faith in Allah strengthens. But when a person is not willing to go through that training period, and he says, No, I can't handle this, I need to be free already. What happens? He goes from

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one hardship to a greater hardship. And these people what happened, they left for their own. Allah subhanaw taala, commanded, okay, leave in the night, they left in the night, they cross the sea, for their own was drowned. And as soon as they see idolatry, they fall in love with idolatry. They asked Moosa, we want idols to worship also. So they went from one difficulty to another. Remember that when we are going through some hardship, if we don't bear it patiently, then the next hardship will be greater, the next test will be much worse. When Allah puts us through some difficulty it is to increase our capacity, it is to grant us internal strength. And when we're not willing to go through

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that training period, then what happens later difficulties in life, we're not able to handle them. This is just like, you know, many girls, they're told that while you're still in your parents house, learn, learn how to cook, learn how to drive, learn how to do this, and that learn how to manage your time well. And if she says, No, no, I can't do this. And the mothers also in their pity, they say, No, no, no, no, you just do what you please go with your friends, go do this, go do that. Don't worry about doing a thing at home, I will do everything for you what happens, she's trying to save her from one difficulty, and the same girl. Now when she's married, and she has her own children to

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look after her whole life falls apart, because she doesn't know how to manage her life. So her mother was trying to be nice to her. But in reality, what did she do alone with her doctor?

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So what do we see here? That difficulty? Is what First of all, it is always something that we can bear because law you can live a long enough son in law, it's always something that is bearable. And secondly, it is for the purpose of training us building our inner capacity, capacity for what for facing problems later in life. So we have to go through that. And if we don't accept it, don't go through that. Then later also, we will be in greater hardship. I mean, think about it, slavery, the torture that the bunnies were going through, it was very difficult. But what is worse, idolatry or slavery, idolatry, because for schilke, the person who does shake then he cannot enter into gender.

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Then there's punishment forever. In the heart, Allah a masala Sallam said, Indeed those worshipers mean these people who are worshipping their idols, destroyed is that in which they are engaged and worthless is whatever they were doing. He said, is it other than Allah, I should desire for you as a god, while he has preferred you over the world's Allah preferred you he saved you. You want somebody else, you see the desires of a person, they can truly cause him to drown, they can truly cause him to fall in the sight of Allah and also in the sight of men. So the Bani Israel they desired these idols and what happens even when we read these, if we think what foolish people were they,

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immediately a person falls in the sight of men also.

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And this is something that we need to think about what do I desire? What do I want in life? Is it something that will just bring me immediate gratification immediate pleasure here? Or is it something that will truly bring me honor in the hereafter? And this is also a great deprivation, that a person does not even recognize how Allah has chosen him. Masada cinemas, reminding the bunny is through Allah chose you over the worlds and you want another god besides Allah. This is clear deprivation, that a person does not realize how Allah has gifted him or her how Allah has blessed him. Many times it happens that the things that Allah has blessed us with, we consider them to be

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hardship. We consider them to be pain and torture. And we think I can't handle this. I'm leaving it and when a person leaves it, then what is it? Who is it that he harms? It is only himself and recall or children of Israel when we saved you from the people of our own, who were afflicting you with the word

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torment, killing your sons and keeping your women alive. And in that was a great trial from your Lord. Remember that time and then think of this time, compare your today with your yesterday so that you value your present situation so that you are grateful to Allah subhanaw taala. Anytime we begin to feel ungrateful to Allah, then what is it that we need to remember how Allah has helped us think about your past, think about your childhood, think about the time when you didn't have enough money. Think about the time when you didn't know much. Think about the time when you were single, think about the time when you were sick, who brought you out of that? Who took you out of that situation.

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And we made an appointment with Moosa for 30 nights, and perfected them by addition of 10. So the term of his Lord was completed as 14 nights. And Musa said to his brother, how Don't take my place among my people, and do right and do not follow the ways of the corrupters musar lisanna had to go to the mountain. Why, in order to receive the Torah from Allah subhanaw taala. And when he would go, he would leave the Bani Israel behind. Now we see that he didn't just leave them behind unattended because he knew how vulnerable they were. Why? Because of their ignorance. So he appointed his brother Houghton, who was also a prophet as a leader. And he advised him. First of all, he made it

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clear that you are a leader. And secondly, do write a slave. Whenever there's a problem, think about solving it. Whenever there's a problem, think about what is law.

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Don't think about it's bothering me, I'm getting bothered, I'm getting irritated. It's disturbing me. Think about solving the problem. Because when we think about just our comfort, then we can ever solve the problem. Like for example, if a child is crying that's bothering you. And you think, Oh, I want to sleep. And if you just give the bottle to the baby, or just put your hand on the baby trying to put the baby to sleep isn't going to stop crying? No. Why? Because you're only thinking about your present comfort. What you need to do is solve the problem. How? By checking the baby, what is bothering the baby, does the diaper need to be changed? Does the baby need to be burped? Is the baby

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awake now and they want attention and until you solve the problem,

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your difficulty will not go away. So don't think about your comfort. Always think about solving the problem and do not follow the way of the corrupters. This was musanze parting advice. And when Moosa arrived at our appointed time, and his Lord spoke to him, he said, Oh my Lord, show me yourself. mozzarella Sena when he heard Allah He wanted to see Allah, show me yourself that I'm in Look at you. Allah said, you will not see me. But look at the mountain. If it should remain in place, then you will see me. But when his Lord appeared to the mountain, meaning he cast just some of his light on the mountain, and in Hades, we learned that this was just as much as a portion of a finger.

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Just this much light, Allah subhanaw taala he shared on the mountain, what happened to the mountain, he rendered it level the mountain shattered, it crumbled, and Moosa fell unconscious, the mountain did not have the ability to bear even a little bit of light of Allah subhanaw taala. Then how can our eyes, our eyes in this world, be able to see Allah? So anyone who says that they have seen Allah, they have lied? Because no one can see a lot in this life, even the prophets of the lies and when he went on Mirage, he was asked, Did you see Allah? Did you see your Lord? He said, No, no, no, he's no, how can I see him? Seeing Allah is an honor, which is reserved for the hereafter. It's not

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given in this world. It's reserved for the afterlife. Even in the grave when a person is placed, and we know that when a person is placed in the grave, he's questioned. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that when the deceased is placed in the grave, the righteous man is made to sit up and he does not feel any fear or worry. May Allah make us amongst them? He does not feel any fear or worry. He is asked what were you in? He says Islam. Who is this man? He says Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the Messenger of Allah He brought us clear proofs from our Lord. So we believed in him. It is then said hello item law. Have you seen a law and he says it is not possible for anyone to see a

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law Maryam Bali ahead in a year of law.

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Where is it that we can see Allah only after that in the hereafter for lamotta de la bulan jabali Jalla hodaka when his Lord appeared to the mountain, he rendered it level and Moosa fell unconscious. And when he awoke, he said, Exalted are You I have repented to you and I am the first of the believers.

Juz’ 9: Al-A’raf 88-206 – Al-Anfal 1-40

Al-A’raf 123-143

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