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When you are asked to judge between people, do not judge based on your biases or emotions.

Don’t Rush to Judgment [Juz 23] – Nouman Ali Khan

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So Salaam Alaikum Quran Weekly today in ChildLine, the 23rd, Jos and Sula side the 38th surah of the Quran. We're going to take a few lessons from the story of the Buddha he said, um, and part of this conversation is that we in Islam have a great deal of respect and honor for the profits. And even though we have the same names for profits that the Christians and Jews have in their traditions of the various traditions that they have, the way we think about profits is not how they think about profits, the way we respect profits and the way we honor them is not the way they respect and honor them the same story that's mentioned in Quran about doubt alehissalaam being in his makerlab in his

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praying quarters, and of course he was a king so an halifa actually not a king. They call them King David we call them Khalifa because Allah calls him that Yeah, that would be Nigel naka halifa someone who's left behind on the earth to take responsibility of executing a less commands anyhow, so people scaled the walls of the fort and came into his praying quarters so they came into the most private quarters of the castle a bunch of people so he's obviously shocked and you know, so fuzzy I mean, who the IRS says if the Colorado as your main home, they started he was kind of terrified of them and he was taken back then because there is actually shock fear that stems from shock. So he's

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taken aback and shocked and he doesn't really know what's going on. They say Colorado Don't be afraid cost money bah bah bah bah, we're just two groups of people some have wrong the other like we're in a big argument right now so you need to help us out and kind of clarify the situation so it's not two people at scale the wall the wall because there's someone who is used the Arabic word so what are the EU at the end is plural Professor amin home he got afraid of all of them not mean Houma mean whom I would have been his affair, the two of them. So bunch of people just come into quarters. And now Dolly Sam can handle himself. Obviously. He's the one that killed jello, so he can

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handle himself. But a whole bunch of people just, you know, rushed into his house after scaling a wall. He's kind of not, you know, taken aback by it. He's not really in the right state of mind. Then they said, No, no, no, don't be afraid. We're here to discuss an issue with you. Some of us have wronged the others. You know, this is my brother. He's got 99 sheep and I only have one sheep. And he wants you know, so he says, I feel anyhow This is give it to me, man. Just give me a one sheet What are you gonna do with one sheep

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affinia was NFL club and he's very like bullish when he talks to me. He's like, come on, just give it up already. I've been telling you to give it give me the sheep. So the guy who's obviously got one sheep is the guy speaking right now. And you no doubt all he listens to this case and says this is verdict. He says in Nevada, actually Kala Kala McCabe's energetic ideology. You know you've wronged this guy by asking for his one sheep to add to your sheep. You've wronged him. Well, in a way Naka Filomena Hola, la isla de bah bah humbug, Allah Illallah Muhammad Assad. Wakayama, Mom and you know, a lot of times business partners end up wronging each other how true statement right how a

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lot of times business partner partners end up you know, messing each other up, or taking advantage of one another, except for those who truly believe and do righteous deeds. Luckily lumonol few those are now then they disappeared. Immediately those angels he passed the verdict and this disappeared. Well, what no doubt we'll do an AMA for now and don't realize we were testing him.

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So first of all a blue collar job. So he made a stick fart and his master and he fell into such that and he repented. So this is by the way, if you just once you're done watching this video will make sense that okay, cuz I gotta make one too. But anyway, let's finish talking about it first,

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the bunnies are in position, the slightly position the biblical narrative of the same story is that Mandala Mandala This is not something we say about prophets, that though the Islam was interested in the wife of one of his generals,

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and he actually sent that general off to battle. So he could fight and be killed, and then he could marry because those had already 99 wives, he wanted one more. So law taught him a lesson of not wanting that 100 wife by bringing these people in with their sheep problem and all of that, and that's why he made repentance.

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Our narrative in the Quran is very clear. First of all, we don't accept that narrative because it accuses prophets of something we don't even expect from bad Muslims. How can we accuse a prophet of that? But second, more importantly than that, the IOD themselves have the answer to what really happened. A bunch of people came into his court, he was shocked. Obviously, a judge when he's about to judge a case cannot be in an emotionally traumatized state. That's the first problem. Fuzzy I'm in home, he was shocked by them. He was taken aback by them. He wasn't in his right state of mind because of them. Then they started doing his case. And the guy said, this is one sheep and this, you

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know, he wants my sheep. But a judge in his right mind, if he's in his right mind is supposed to say, hold on. What's your evidence? Number one, you made your case? Well, what's your evidence? And let me hear the other side. Even if you're calling him guilty. You calling him guilty doesn't make him guilty? Let me hear what he has to say. But in the story, doubt are they slam rush to judgment, because he was taken by surprise, he rushed to judgment. And he passed a judgment immediately on one and said you've wronged your brother by asking him for that one cheap, and immediately that disappeared, and he realized I should not have rushed rushed to judgment, I should have come down

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first. understood the situation fully asked both sides their opinion, then I should have passed my verdict. The lesson I'm learning here is don't rush to judgment. That's what he made repentance for. And so then Allah says yada, yada Khalifa and Halliburton fill out Falcon bananas, he will have the here's the lesson learned that would have made you a halifa. And then judge between people with justice. If this was about him being a criminal, the idea would have been, we have sent you a Khalifa on the earth, then be fair yourself. If this was about him and wanting a 100th wife, and the verdict at the end of it, the lesson to be taught to doubt would have been you should be fair

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yourself. Okay? Have you learned your lesson, instead of less says, I have sent you a halifa on this earth, someone who will, you know, leave a legacy behind, and someone who's been left behind to take care of business. So judge between people with justice without that ability. For you, Linda, Linda and Sabina law, don't follow your whim, don't follow your gut judges can't just say I have a gut feeling I'm going to go with this. I find this compelling, because then it'll take you away. It'll misguide you from the path of Allah. This is this is the lesson taught to the elderly. So it's actually a very beautiful lesson. In the justice system. The judge cannot have emotional biases, he

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cannot be under pressure. You know how in corrupt countries, you have judges that are threatened before they go into the court. Their families are held hostage before they go into the court. They're bribed before they go into the court. They have something emotionally bothering them before they go into court. Also, you have cases like Divorce Law, where the judge himself just went through a divorce. Right? And he's like, burned about it. And now a man and a woman are standing in front of him, who's he gonna favorite? He's gonna see this guy, this woman getting divorced, he's gonna remember his wife and let it out on her. She gets nothing, you know, or if it's a woman the other

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way around. So the judge has to be emotionally neutral. And if not, he's not going to be able to do his job. That is the lesson we're learning in this beautiful, beautiful solar. And this beautiful story about the highest standards of justice that Allah has said and how people that are put in a position to make judgments between people should not be people have emotional biases, and should not be under stress or distracted at the time that they're passing judgments. This is the this is the verdict we take and in in your family, not just in court. There's not just for people that are judges in courts, but in your family when you have to, you know, settle disputes, or work things out

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between friends and things like that. You better be the neutral party before you you know, pass any judgment or say anything and hear both sides out equally. Even if you don't like one guy and you like the other guy. You know, you better be fair. This is the lesson we take from these remarkable is barakallahu li walakum glucuronic Hakeem, when I finally was er COVID it was him. I gotta say that I make

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