Tom Facchine – Minute with a Muslim #323 – Why 2022 NEEDS Islam

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the global trends of opioid crisis, drug abuse, individualism, excesses of capitalism, environmental degradation, and imperialism that affect society. They believe that Islam will lead to an apocalypse, with individualism, individualism, and excesses of capitalism leading to a "arson collapse" of society. The speaker also discusses the need for a snap in society to establish justice and balance between men and women, and the importance of Islam in resolving these issues.
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2022 needs a snap.

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That's a whole different sort of angle to take, right? We look at our society here in North America, but there are trends that exist globally. We see the opioid crisis we see, you know, drug abuse, we see rampant individualism, we see the excesses of neoliberal capitalism, we see imperialism and killing and all these things, environmental degradation, you name it, you know, that's why it cracks me up, you know, when people, they talk about progress and being progressive, and they're kind of hyper focused on what we're able to do, like individual freedoms, when the whole world around us is like, is is collapsing.

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Like, we're not making any progress. We're regressing. And that's kind of a very, I think, pre modern and an Islamic and a generally like religious sort of take on history is that we do believe that generally, there's going to be an apocalypse, right like the end of the world. And we generally believe that things are going to get worse and worse and worse until that happens. Right?

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Now we have a duty, that's not like a fatalistic sort of thing, we have a duty to establish the good establish the just, and I guess that's the thing, when we look into all of the ills that society has these days, yeah, I firmly believe 100%, that Islam is the solution to all of those ills. When it comes to reconstituting the family, making the family something that is meaningful, and strong and nurturing and nourishing again, that is something that Islam has a lot to say about when it comes to the proper balance between the sexes, or the genders, male and female, and how they should rely on each other, and take advantage of their kind of strategic advantages and not necessarily be in

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competition with one another or an antagonistic relationship with one another, or just trying to be the exact same thing. That's something that Islam has a lot to say about. And that's something that our society needs, how to strike the balance between being just and establishing justice, right, sort of like righteous anger towards the unjust things that are going on. And also balance forgiveness and mercy and these sorts of things. Islam has that completely in a way that I've never seen any other sort of system have

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reining in sort of our economic activity so that it's not predatory. Look at the Mises a mess where we have the housing crisis and, you know, the Great Recession and then the great resignation and all these sorts of things. We're in the middle of a pandemic or the end of a pandemic, who knows, and corporations are taking advantage of quote, unquote, inflation to rake in record profits and all these sorts of things that are happening. They we need a snap, you know, Islam would not allow these sorts of predatory practices to exist. So yeah, that's not the question is not is Islam compatible in 2022. Is that is 2022 able to recognize that it needs help, and that it might need to turn to

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Islam for help.

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