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The speaker discusses the history of the Prophet Mohammed Aliinking from Mecca to Istanbul, and how he faced fear and fear when he was on his way to act. The speaker also talks about the Prophet's actions and how he faced fear and fear when he was on his way to act.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam alaikum

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Welcome to another episode of racket Ramadan 2018 day 23

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we still with the issue of the Prophet Mohammed Ali salatu salam,

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this hadith

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where the Prophet alayhi wa sallam migrated from Mecca to Medina, as we mentioned that the Prophet did not go,

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Lord yet he had sowed to deviate, you know, it's like a detour to deviate in our place if they were to follow him sallallahu Sallam and then he came three days in this gave called ha cave thought and, and somehow the law corporation did find out, you know, where the Prophet was. Some of them they had some news and they heard the news so they followed him or they followed some footsteps and then they reach that mountain they reached the cave. Abubakar was inside that he was so scared he was so terrified he could see their foot you know the you know from far because I don't know if you've been into this cave, you know, this gave me this. Like high end if you sit down you can see the the the

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feet of the people in or from the outside. So I will backside here. So like if they were just to bend down, they could see us.

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He was so terrified.

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And then the professor Sam confronted him. You have a bucket, a barrel, cubbies name, a low 30s a woman

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or abubaker. What do you think of two people alive the third of Laszlo. She is with us yet He is currently a havilah Dyson in a law firm. And

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as he talks to his friend, don't be sad. Allah is with us. abubaker was so terrified, not just particularly for him, but for the Prophet Mohammed is to them. He did not want any harm to happen to him, some of them that has an inner la vida. What do you think of Allah?

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Do you think good of Allah? Are you optimistic? Do you think that Alaska will accept your fasting? Do you think that Canada will accept your happiness Ramadan, because if you think that you're fasting and Allah will not accept your fasting, Allah will not accept your fasting, if you think that alone will not accept your diet and Allah will not accept you.

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Think of Allah as you wish as the Prophet Mohammed said

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the good of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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than less

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than the head you know, think good of Allah if you think good will happen to the inshallah what will happen to you and if you think bad will happen to you that the you're attracting evil, you know, a negative things to your to yourself. So here, he said, What do you think we know or two and a third,

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evil lies with you then you have everything. And if Allah is not with you, then you don't have nothing, despite the fact you may have. But if Allah is on your side, you're the loser. But if Allah is with you, then you have everything.

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This is what the prophet was teaching.

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And then the higher this non believer,

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I'd love to get his name was to show them some shortcuts outside of of Mecca.

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A man who was not a believer, you may say, really, yeah, Prophet Mohammed, he used all the means, and this man was known to be trustworthy, and he knew all he knew the whereabouts, right. He knows the Mecca in you know, in all the ins and outs of it. So, the prophet hired the proper person for the proper job.

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So many lessons here.

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And then they went towards Medina Salalah. And the Buddha was, you know, in going right and going left going behind the province in front of him, you know, he saw scary automatic, they may be coming from my right, it may be coming from the left, they may be coming from behind. I just want to be there else like they were to harm you and be and the property is just making the cut and walking sub level. And he was at

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the profit left on a Monday

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and two weeks there, he reached the suburbs of Medina, a region called pullback. The heart of Monday, two weeks later, he reached you know that you know, the suburbs of Medina, in Cuba, and he remains in that area in the tribes of America.

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You know and the sentiment out for you know from Monday entered Friday subtle alarm where he established the very first measured measures of pullback in Medina metallisation you know for those of you who have not been there may Allah allow you inshallah hotel and give you the chance to go to Medina and to visit the mission of Koba. So he stayed there until Friday and then Friday, he prayed the first drummer with Ben was Adam, you know, in the outskirts of Medina, and then he entered Medina Salalah while he was saying, and he was start a new era out from the Mexican era, done with it to the Medina, Medina era, another 10 years, some La La who said 13 years in Mecca, and 10 years

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in Medina. When the Prophet entered Medina, Medina used to be called the etheric and used to be filled with diseases and it was gray and gloomy. But when the Prophet came on the Lotus limb said like Anna said, that when the Prophet came, Medina eliminated some Pamela. Wouldn't the radian of the Prophet Mohammed Ali, his salat wa salam, and New Era would start the era of Medina. We've talked a little bit about it in Sharla taharah. In our next episode,