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Hey mina shado number one gene. Yeah, you had Nadine mano de la colo colo.

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And hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala CD mursaleen Radha Allah He was happy Ah, Salam Alaikum Quran Weekly. Today I'm sharing with you one of my favorite I out of social abzorb this is just number 22 surah number 33. And Allah says those of you who claim to have faith, be cautious of Allah tala. This commandment of having taqwa of Allah is typically followed by another commandment. And it's actually as though to say that being cautious of a lie, being aware of the presence of a lion, being careful not to disappoint a lot of disobey Him, has manifestations and one of its manifestations is what I'm about to tell you. So one way you can have Taqwa is by doing what

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Allah is about to tell you in this ayah and that is what Gulu colon sadita rough translation says and say that which is right say the right thing. Ulu Colin is simple language speak speak and whenever you speak, here's the kind of speech it should be studied. Studied comes from the Arabic word said a local holla they say they something that removes a gap. So that is also a dam like you know the dams have blocked the water from coming like consultant gonna have you know, by never been a homesteader or been on our way down, sada put a put a dam between us. Now what a what a sub does is there's no gaps in it. So no water can get through it. It prevents water from leaking over.

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Right. So one of the implications of studied is that you have to speak in a way that doesn't leave room for misinterpretation. You have to mean what you say, and you have to be clear about what you have to say to people. You can't be. You can't not say what you don't, you can't say what you don't mean, just to be formal. You know, sometimes, because there's formalities, people say things like,

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you know, I, you know, you're resigning from the company, you write an email, and you're like, you know, I really appreciated my time here. And I think the management for this and that and the other, you're writing this whole thing, but in your heart, you're like, I hate these people. I can't believe I'm leaving this company. These people are so disgusting, etc, etc. This is completely opposite thoughts in your mind and what you're putting down in writing. This is not clear speech. This is not open speech. You don't have to be disrespectful in your speech, but you have to be honest to yourself. Now one of the most powerful manifestations of this, that I want to talk to you

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guys today about is one of the things Allah commands us to say just because we're Muslim, and that is a salaam aleikum. When I say Salaam Alaikum to you and you when you say radical Salaam to me and vice versa, then actually we've made an open declaration to each other that there is no beef between us. There is no quarrel, there's no fight, I have nothing against you. I have no grudges with you. I have no more problems. I may have had problems in the past now that I have said peace upon you. I'm I'm wishing that Allah has pieces on you that I am at peace with you. I'm hoping your life is surrounded by peace. And there is no you know disturbances in your life. Nothing that takes your

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peace away. That is a Salaam Alaikum. That's a declaration of peace really, towards the other end. It's also a declaration that I have no more issues with you. Now imagine you just had a fight with your wife. And you're about to go into the office. Before you slammed her like Sonico

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file slammed the door. You didn't need. You didn't say what you meant you didn't mean peace. He just said it because you kind of have to say it. When the Prophet commands a sort of law while he was alive. You shouldn't talk to three three days shouldn't go by and you haven't said Salaam to your brother. That doesn't mean you like what two and a half days later call the guy another guy. So I'm gonna go I have some hang up. It's over. That's not what the point is. The point is when you say Salaam and you say what you mean. Because the ISS when you speak speak what you mean it's over is done must move on. So Salaam itself if we understood what Assalamualaikum meant, and if that became

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cold studied for us, then our relationships will be totally different. Allah wouldn't let us hold grudges like that just the sooner salaam aleikum doesn't keep us from keeps us from holding grudges of Allah. And then finally the meaning of studied also is a solid metal cone. Correct speech. Not only say what you mean say the right thing, say the right thing. If you don't have the right thing to say don't say it just remain quiet. So have the have Taqwa of Allah and only open your mouth when you

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Have something correct to say? And don't say inappropriate things don't say offensive things and say things that cannot be, you know that sometimes people talk like the language that has dual meanings. Right? Don't do that. Don't say things that mean offensive, something offensive, and it can mean something good to, you know, and you could do that with set out with your tone.

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So they go,

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like, Okay, what was that?

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You know, I saw whatever. What is that? That means you are disregarding someone with a statement that's supposed to honor them. Say it the way it's supposed to be said, say it that way. It's not misinterpreted. And language isn't just about the words you use. It's the body language. It's the tone you take. All of that has to line up so that the other understands you very, very, very clearly. And they don't read in between the lines. Did you mean something else? Were you speaking in code? You know, we have to learn this. Because when you're upset with someone, and they say, Hey, what's wrong? And you say, Oh, nothing? Oh, nothing.

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Yes, there is something wrong. And you need to find a respectful way not to vent, but to let others know when something's wrong. This is part of the deal. Also, May Allah give us the ability to be clear in our speech with each other. And may Allah really give us the ability to turn our salams into coal studied into real clear and meaningful speech that gets rid of all of our graduates that we have against each other? And may Allah give us the strength to forgive one another and build on our relationships, even though we make mistakes towards each other along the way. barakallahu li walakum wa salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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One of my favorite I have so today I am number 70. This is the 22nd just put on weekly that we are fine. Fine, fine.

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Yeah, sure. Yeah, sure. This audio is brought to you by Muslim Central. please consider donating to help cover our running costs and future projects by visiting www dot Muslim central.com forward slash donate

Speak Honestly, Correctly, & Truthfully [Juz 22] – Nouman Ali Khan

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