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We have done so much wrong in our lives, but Allah has the ability to forgive ALL of it. So don’t lose hope and cut yourself off from the Mercy of Allah.

A Message of Hope [Juz 24] – Nouman Ali Khan

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although below him in a shaitan watching well yeah buddy alladhina safaiwala fusi him la takuna una la mattina in La Jolla Nova Jamia in Abu

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Dhabi shot somebody recently Emily raha Nakata melissani of Coco de fondo de La Hoya salatu salam ala rasulillah. Allah Allah He was in Santa Monica, Tanaka and weekly. Now we're on the 24th Jos. And I'm sharing with you an ayah from Surah to Zuma, the 39th surah. And this is the 30 are the 53rd Eye of the surah. And this is the first thing to note is the word called.

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Allah says, say, which means he's commanding the prophet to convey a message. And this is important because this is supposed to be a message of hope. And the first thing we're learning is the people who will deliver the message of Islam. part of their job is to make sure that they themselves personally deliver hope that's captured inside school. Allah could have spoken to the people directly Yeah, anybody alladhina sofala, unforeseen, my slaves who have wronged them and done violations against themselves. He didn't say that he said, say my slaves who have wronged them wrong themselves, or who have done wrong to themselves across the limits against themselves. But I'll get

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to that part later. The first thing to note is

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the Prophet is supposed to go and deliver hope the Prophet is supposed to put somebody his hand on someone's shoulder, so Allah to send them and tell them it's okay. Here's what the last to say to you. I have something that a lot said to you directly that I want to share with you, then yeah, everybody, my slaves, my slaves. Everybody's actually different from IBM. IBM is used for all the slaves in Docker and specifically IBM is used for slaves that don't obey Allah.

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The zombie mama law, you know, Mama, Mama long lobbied Allah doesn't intend wrong for the beat, they do wrong themselves. But a bad a bad is used for good slaves. And in this is actually about sinners. But I think you could still be my slaves. You can make Toba

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and Latina asafo Allah and foresee him those who went overboard against themselves, who overdid it, who crossed a line, who got close to the harem, and then went into the huddle. And you did that wrong against yourself and you feel really, really bad that you did, you're still my slaves. Don't cut yourself off from me. you commit a sin and you're afraid to look back, there's a mountain of sin behind you. So when you want to turn back to Allah, instead of seeing Allah, or instead of meeting with a law, you just meet with the sin in your past, unless as I know, you've done something wrong against yourselves. And I know that sin is huge, and that sin is so depressing that you don't even

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want to think about coming back to a lie anymore. Like who am I to come back to Allah, my sin is too huge. Allah says, Allah unforeseen law to Allah. Don't cut yourself off. And don't lose hope. Don't be depressed. From the mercy and love and care of Allah. Don't think that Allah is telling you don't think that His love and His care and his concern is so small that your sin is bigger than it is bigger than that. There's never gonna be a time in your life where you can still inhale and exhale, and Allah's mercy, the doors to less mercy are closed. No matter what you've done, no matter what you've done. If Allah can open the door to those who will be in the lowest pit of Hellfire in

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nirmanakaya clean after dark kill us fairly men and now

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hypocrites are going to be in the lowest lowest lowest pit of the alpha Illallah Dena Tableau except those who repent. Even they can repent. The guy was headed not just to hell, to the lowest part of how nlss he can repent.

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And here is not even talking like ya, Allah. Allah, Allah, Allah unfussy him he didn't say all hypocrites who wronged themselves No, you're still my servants. You're not even headed for the lowest pit of hellfire. Why should you lose how the lose hope in Allah even the hypocrite can have hope in Allah, he can come back out of his hypocrisy. So you should never ever think that you are beyond hope with Allah. And don't confuse what people think of you with what Allah thinks of you. People might think you're an evil person.

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Send your bad, they've written you off a lie never writes you off. Allah is the only one who never writes you off. You know, there will be people that are messed up. I mean, they do all kinds of messed up stuff. But they have some little connection with the left one prayer every Friday, that's all they got left. If you're one of those guys, all they got left is a prayer. That's it. That's the only connection to God they have left. The only thing this person has left is like fasting in Ramadan, not even every day, every once in a while. That's all he's got left. At least you left that one door open. At least you left that door open. But don't you think that that door is enough? Now

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that you left that door open, turn back and face a lot. Turn back to him and accept that you've made mistakes. If he's your master, and your master is telling you he loves you that he wants you back that he wants you to return back to him that he wants you to rethink your life. If you give a lot of chance allows origin is waiting and he the offer he's waiting for you. You know because you've done so much wrong. I mean it's a lot of wrong.

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Allah says What will he do? If you can turn back to him? in La Jolla Nova Jamia ha no doubt about it. Allah is going to he in fact will cover the mistakes won't forgive will overlook the mistakes. All of them.

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Don't say but what about that what all of them know what about this? All of them? It's done. You just turn back to Allah. You make Toba to Allah, you decide you're starting new again. You can do that and allows that which I will accept your Dawa. I pray sincerely that this is the month we're closing out the month. We've got a few days left. This is the time to ask a lot of forgive. And ask Allah Allah let me get a fresh start. I know I've wronged myself, I know that I've done plenty and plenty and plenty of wrong. sit there and just talk to a light night.

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Just talk to Allah. tala what you've been doing. admit to Allah confess to Allah what you've been doing. I don't care if you do it in English, or do a Bangla doesn't matter. Doesn't matter. You have to do it in Arabic. I don't care if you don't know a single dot. I don't care if you don't know any Arabic. Just talk to Allah. Tell Allah what you've been doing cry about it to Allah. Those tears are going to bring you closer to Allah than you've ever been before. But they have to be real and they have to be just you and Allah and nobody else. That conversation has to start. And an offer is in La Jolla. Nova Jamia inaho Rahim. He is the one that is incredibly merciful, incredibly forgiving. He's

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the one that always envelops you in care, envelops you in love, who shows you mercy who shows you kindness. I pray that this is the month. This is the week even after that month, month is gone. This is the week. That is your week. This is the week you start new. This is the week where all your previous sins are gone. And you start as a slave of Allah that has come close to him. And he's taken a lot up on the offer that he gave him his blessing. Beautiful, beautiful month. I pray that Allah azza wa jal gives you that strength and I pray all the best for you in your life and the life of your family and the life of all of those that are around you, that you become a source of blessing

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for them and a source of them getting closer to Allah through you're getting closer to Allah barakallahu li walakum wa salaamu alaikum Quran Weekly.

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