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The Quran is discussed, including its meaning and the relationship between fasting and the ADM. The importance of fasting is emphasized, along with its use in praying and the importance of praying in the culture. The speakers emphasize the need to reflect on Halal's actions and their success in achieving their mission, including their actions during quarantine and conflict. The segment also touches on the importance of actual actions for achieving goals and the potential for actions to change people's lives.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah. While early he was so happy he or Manuel Abaddon Salam aleikum, wa Rahmatullah. We stopped in the last episode, reflecting on the ayat from Surah Baqarah. Talking about the cm, and we mentioned that there's a secret between these ayat which comes in this is really something and this is when we talk about making the double reflecting on the Quran. This is a big to Deborah hill and he Oh the ayat 183 184 185 And then 187 All of them are talking about the CM

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and in between them between any 181 85 And 187 comes in verse 186. A topic which seems to be that has no relation to the CM when ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada said way that said everybody I Neva in the Corrib and if My servants ask you about concerning me, they ask you about Me, then say indeed I am carried that I'm close.

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As the de boo the law said that I will carry a G without the day that G without the day that I answer, the Dawa they do I have the one who calls

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when I'm reciting the Quran and I come to something like this right away

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why did it last panel Wattana

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come with an eye about do

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in the middle of the verses about a cm?

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Is there any relation and right after there's another version of all the CME so it wasn't like the version in the CME finished. And then this verse came as a new topic.

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And as we said something interesting in the Quran that the only time that's CME was mentioned when I was in these verses and sort of the Bacara.

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So what is the schema? Here's the double, here's where we stop and start to reflect how we're going to reflect we're going to look a bit in the front of the eye at that ad that came before an ad that came after or the eye that came after. What is the relation Why is the law mentioned this starting to reflect what is the relation of fasting with dua Alhambra right away I think we see a lot of

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lot of relation with it.

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You know that from the teacher, the provinces Selim that the first thing one has to do,

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they will not be rejected.

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It will be accepted from Allah subhanaw taala. What is the dua? What is the time of the day? It is

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at the time of thought.

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as we're fasting throughout the day, we have during the before the sun, what and then we have a special time as well, because we're implementing the Sunnah, we're following the Sunnah. So we have the time before Sephora as well. That's also a time that the D'Angelo Tyler is going to be answered.

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So all of these times or times of day, in the month of Ramadan, we're going to be focusing more also we haven't totally where Imam is making dua, and we're making dua behind him or if we're leading the prayer ourselves, or praying by ourselves as many of us are now in quarantine, that we are making the DUA as well. And if we're praying at home we have an opportunity now to make a proper that we like the turbocharge, you know, express to where they pray very fast. We citation wise. Now making proper scheduling records some of the law, as we say, a lot of times you look at things as being negative, but it can actually be a blessing in disguise Alhamdulillah can be a blessing in disguise.

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Now when I make my sujood I make my sudo as long as I want I can take a minute, I can take two minutes I can take five minutes at once to do

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if we're praying in the masjid Wallah, we don't even get maybe three distributors in if we're lucky.

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Subhan Allah Subhanallah Subhanallah Bill Allah Subhana Allah Allah Subhana Allah Allahu Akbar the third when you can even get out of your mouth most of the time.

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But now humbly I can make my I can make the dispute 10 times if I want

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as an essay it from my heart, I mean Subhan Allah subhanaw taala taking my time, no rush hamdulillah I'm praying by myself. And then the opportunity I have now for do I as well. The closest that you will be to Europe is when

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when you Sajid when you're prostrating and hamdulillah is a blessing from Allah subhanaw taala that we have the opportunity

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tea to make sujood at this time to make dua this time of sujood so handle look at always look at things positively Alhamdulillah the situation that we're in. Let's look at the ayat. What became what came before this verse. If you look, the verse that came before, Allah subhanaw taala mentioned, shahada Ramadan Shah who Ramadan and led the Odin Zilla feel Quran, the verse before the month of Ramadan that the Quran was revealed in

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as a source of guidance to mankind.

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So he you see the relationship of the Quran, after it Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions what is made highlighted for you or hell Allah come, lay, let us see

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that it's been made halal for you during the nights of the fasting, the things that you can do during the night that you can't do it during the day mentioned the verse, and then at the end of the verse, look at what is mentioned, Tilka who do the law he the letter Kaurava that these are the boundaries, the limits set down by a law, so do not transgress them.

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And we look at these verses something very interesting as well.

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The first verse of fasting,

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Allah mentioned the objective, Allah content chacun and the last verse in verse 187, laleham, yet tekun. So, the first one that perhaps you will obtain telco and perhaps they will obtain telco. And the objective here of fasting is very clear to obtain the telco. So what is the relation between our taqwa

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and between

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the fast what is the relationship between the Quran and between the DUA the verse boys the Quran, what is the relationship between

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the halal things and that transgressing the boundaries of Allah subhanaw taala as it comes in the verse after this is where this is the to the point to reflect all of these things have an impact on our DUA

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and before we mentioned in detail Inshallah, from the sunnah of our beloved Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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look at what comes after universe when Allah subhanaw taala said, Oh gee Buddha with a day either than that I answer the supplication I don't know supplication when he calls on me.

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Here Allah subhanaw taala can command us

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to make dua.

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Well look at the slew the style that Allah subhanaw taala used

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to encourage us to make dua, he said fairly steady Bulli, while you may not be, So let them

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respond to Me in My obedience mean by making do out to me and to believe in me. And then he said Lumira should do that perhaps they will be rightfully guided. And this is the the style in this verse is amazing. Allah subhana wa Tada says, so come make dua to me, I'm going to answer you the answer it will be granted to you

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all it's upon you is to take the step and to make the duality

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and any the gentle approach of our of our of our Creator subhanaw taala. That is to do you believe so? So let them respond to Me. Let them respond to Me and let them believe in me, let them put the rebar into action that do and they will be OSHA do and they will be rightfully guarded and shallow Tada.

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The DUA is the path the guidance to do is different the greatest forms of a bada the DUA is a bother as it came

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in the Quran and the Sunnah of our beloved Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. In surah, l'affaire Allah subhanho wa Taala

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said we'll call or bukem

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We'll call her up Bukoba Rooney and your Lord said Make dua to me as the dribbler come, I'll answer you that just like in the video, any fairly steady volley as it came in, in the vs order book career, as they do back home, I'm going to answer you,

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but those who turn away from the a biodiv, Allah subhanaw taala turn away from not making dua out to him.

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Allah said in nella DNA a step to be Runa and a bad at he said, Hello, nurjahan Emma, Daffy, Rin, that, indeed those who turn away from my Ibadah

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look at the wordings mentioned in the verse when He said,

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When he said that, look at the when he said, Look at let them answer me. Let them answer me a sec, let them call me I will answer them and those who turn away from my bother, they will enter into Jahannam their hearing said hold your hand Nadarkhani they will enter into Jahannam humiliated

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they will enter into Jahannam humiliated.

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The Prophet alayhi salatu salam, he said a dua who will it by the DUA

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is a bad this is bad

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Why is it such a great form of worship day by them.

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And once again here, look at the relationship between the fasting and between the DUA because of the humility, the humbleness that every when you raise your hands, you're greater yo

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la hola li wala Quwata illa avec there is no strength, no ability that I have, except

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through you, your Allah, I show my weakness, I show my needs to Allah subhanho wa Taala just like at the time of fasting, I become weak. I don't have my water. And he was that like, you know, intermittent fasting and stuff where you can drink your fluids, no water, no food, you start to get a bit weak, you're in need of food and eat of water. So that in just waiting for that time to break the fast just like the same time now. When you raise your hands Yeah, Allah subhanaw taala. That humility, that humbleness when you stand in front of Allah subhanho wa taala.

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From the manners of making dua,

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is that we are humble that we don't transgress that we make dua to Allah subhanaw taala out of hope and fear as it came in different verses, but when it mentioned that things that are mentioned from the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam before we end the episode in channel Tada, he mentioned the man who was traveling

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on a long travel and he becomes a need of Allah subhanho wa taala. So he raises his hands to the sky and the food which he drink, eats the water which he drinks, the clothes which is where all of it is from haram sources for now used to jab Allah, Allah the promises so how is it going to be answered him everything is haram.

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This shows us the importance of halal and go back to the first we talked about the issue of the 100 things that during the night the impact that Halal has on our dua, the impact of leaving haram

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in order to obtain when ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada the pleasure of Allah, believing shortcuts, getting over cheating on people, things that can help us get ahead. But we leave all of that we find the baraka and the blessings in our dua because it's done through Hallett.

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This is the reality that we need to reflect on. Why is our dua not being answered?

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Ibrahim Ahmed Adham Rahim Allah, he was asked

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this question Allah said,

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to call on me,

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and I will answer you,

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but we make dua to Allah subhanho wa taala. But our doors are not answered. He mentioned several things but very interesting when he mentioned from the five things he mentioned, was the fifth thing. I have them fear Ruben Nancy, what a rock to Aruba and fusi come that you focus on the faults of others, and you forgot your own faults.

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Add to that mission once I mentioned the Hadith, haram at people eating haram and then they raised their hands out of Europe. How's the dog going to be answered?

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Allah told us, call on me.

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I will answer you.

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A guarantee from Allah subhanho wa taala. When Allah told us

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that you're only make dua to me.

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Tell my bad tell my servers to make dua to me.

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I will answer them if they call me.

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He said we make dua to Allah and they don't answer us. So what is this is very confusing for a lot of people but it was came straight in the Hadith of the Prophet SAW Selim that one of three things happen in this world we need to realize he said at least Salatu was Salam that there is no Muslim who makes dua that doesn't have forms of haram and it pay attention to edit and dua. He said it doesn't have copy it over him. It doesn't have him or cathedra him it doesn't have a sin in the DUA and as have cutting off family ties. He said except for the law gives him one of three.

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Either he's going to answer is do I right? Always do I was gonna be accepted. That's what we all wish. But actually, it's not always better first pay attention to when you look at the legs to you realize that sometimes the fact that it's not answered is actually better for us and Hamdulillah. Or he said that he will leave in a leaving for him in the hereafter meaning it will give him the reward for everyone to hear after what you want in the dunya you're even better than hereafter in Shanell time. And the third thing that something that was evil that was going to come to you the what was equivalent from that day while you're making Allah subhanho wa Taala pushes it away from you in this

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life. Alhamdulillah. So the DUA as Allah mentioned, the Quran is going to be answered. It's going to be answered guaranteed. All we have to do is to make the effort. Make sure we have the Edit make sure we have the humble

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Let's make sure we have the focus make sure we have the tranquillity make sure we show our need our Hydra for Allah subhanaw taala yeah Rob make sure that your Allah I'm filling my myself my soul I'm filling my body with only Halal I'm staying away from haram all of this for you yeah Allah and Samia Allah, guide me Allah keep me firmly Allah give me the best of this life and the next shell as I'm raising my hands and he and my heart begging on Allah subhana wa Tada this is the way inshallah to Allah to implement and to reflect on this idea. And then to put it into action in shallow Tala. And until our next episode, Allah knows best. Allahu Allah masala was telling him about a God and to be

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in a Muhammad. While early he was so happy here Jemaine salaam aleikum wa Taala