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rubbish actually somebody recently looked at me lasagna Akali al hamdu lillahi wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Allah Allah He was happy as mine sama bad. Salaam Alaikum Quran Weekly Alhamdulillah. We are on the 19th jos and I'm reading to you a little bit from sudo for con. These are numbers 27 onwards, the day on which the wrongdoer is going to be biting his hands. This is an expression of extreme regret. Yeah, Layton

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and his senior Julio Layton he has to madrasa de Sevilla, if only I had taken a path alongside the messenger. He doesn't even say if only I believed in the messenger, he says, If only I had taken a path alongside the messenger, what are some of the wisdoms of mentioning path here? judgment day comes this person is on the wrong side, he sees the followers of the prophets I saw them coming, marching their way towards paradise with him ahead of them. And he's like, why am I not there? How come I didn't take that path? How come I didn't take a life path in this life that leads to that path to join. Now, how come I was stupid enough not to follow that. So in showing that regret, the I

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also highlights that believing in the Prophet sallallahu Sallam loving him, respecting him revering him. All of that is awesome, but not enough. You have to walk his path. You have to go on his path. You have to live that life. You have to accept his teachings as teachings that apply to your lifestyle. Just having regard for him isn't enough. And he salatu salam and the true proof of loving regard for him is that his instructions mean more to us than what we want to do. You know, so he says, I wish I had taken a lifestyle up. That was alongside consistent with this messenger, the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and then he blames his friends. Yeah, the attorney Yeah,

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yeah, way that Elena later de la Motta Hill, Fullerton Lila, oh my god, the worst possible thing has happened to me. If only I didn't take that guy as a friend. You know that guy? What's his name? Can't that's what's his name? That's the Arabic trans English translation of full and I'm gonna translate that as what's his face? What's his name? I don't even know what that guy's name is. But man, I used to hang out with him all the time. We spend all our time together. He's the one that told me son is stupid. Who needs to follow it? What are you getting? What are you getting caught up in this crowd? Leave these people. They're dumb. They don't even know how to live life. Religion is

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for idiots, you know, be intellectual. And you on judgment day comes you can't even remember that guy's name. You can't even remember that guy's name. When you mentioned the messenger, or Russell the messenger as though you know who he is. And when you mentioned your friend who used to hang out with who was the reason for which you didn't choose the Prophet prophetic lifestyle. You can't even think of his name. You call him Fulani, which in Old English translates as so and so whoever, whoever, whatever that guy was, that I translated has What's his name? You know, I wish I didn't take him as a friend. Nakata, balani. unethically, Bada his journey, that guy made me slip away and

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misguided me away from the reminder the Quran after it had come to me, meaning this person was exposed to the true religion. They weren't even a Muslim even. They didn't want to follow the lifestyle. Even though reminders were coming. They were coming through some other good friends. They were coming through a hot bath at the time the once in a while, didn't care for it. What kind of shape donalyn in sunny cadoola and the devil the shape on, especially when it comes to the human being his huddle. huddle in Arabic is used for a friend who acts like he's your friend until the right moment.

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Then he slips away and you're left hanging. That's what shutdown will do to you. He'll lead you all the way to * and then tried to run away cadoola and now this is the scene of judgment here right this person's in regret because he's not he's not

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Long those who are marching to paradise, you know with the prophets I said, I mean he sees the Prophet from a distance. Now Allah gives the prophets I send them a chance to speak.

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And it says, No, the prophets are some turns back to these people that are in regret, that are wishing they could be alongside the messenger. So they might be hoping that the prophet will turn back so a lot more I do sell them and say something that will rescue them. Because as we know, the prophet might make shofar he might intercede, so what's he gonna say? So Allah says, what color Sunni Arab in cometa, who has an Anima Jolla

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he says, the messenger will say, My master, this nation of mine, this group of mine these part of my people, this could be referring to the Croatia disbelieved in the Prophet sighs for them, but it's not limited to them. It could also be members of the summer, this classical tafsir, two members of this oma that didn't care for Allah's book, alleged teachings but call themselves Muslims anyway, just Muslim by name, Muslim, by, by by inheritance, you know, just just because it's been passed out as a Muslim name. Allah says about them, these are the people they took the Quran. However, this Quran this, Allah didn't even say he doesn't even say that. He says this Quran because the Quran is

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near. It's accessible. It's not like you have to make great hurdles to come to it. And he says he, they took it and they abandoned it. They left it. I imagine the people against whom Allah's Messenger is testifying. He's testifying about these people, they couldn't take the Koran seriously. You and I have to take the Koran seriously. I know we're supposed to be spreading messages of hope and optimism. We're also supposed to be honest with each other. This This matter is this is a matter of salvation, where you and I, whether we accept it or not, whether we live a life that is based on actual reality and how things are going to go down on Judgement Day. Whether you care about judgment

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or not. It's still coming. Whether you believe it or not, it's still coming. Whether you're fasting, this Ramadan or not, it's still coming. Whether you're praying or not, it's still coming. Whether you're being aligned, everything you do or not, it's still coming. There's no escape from it. You want to think about it, and you don't want to think about it, it won't change reality, it is still coming. And we will still have to stand. And we the only thing we have right now is Allah's book, and each other to remind each other, and the great legacy of our profits alongside them to remind each other and say, let's get our act together. We don't want to be on the wrong side on that day.

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May Allah make us of those who took a path alongside the messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam in this life, so that we can march with him into the paradise on judgment day. barakallahu li walakum wa salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Allah informs us of the regret we will feel on the Day of Judgment over choosing friends that harm our Hereafter.

Importance of Good Company [Juz 19] – Nouman Ali Khan

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