Hasan Ali – Quran made Easy – Juz 11

Hasan Ali
AI: Summary © The history of Islam is discussed, including the legalization of Islam and the use of the symbol salallahu to signal the end of a timeframe. The importance of the Bible and avoiding negative comments on one's behavior is also emphasized. The speaker discusses challenges to their claims that Islam is a way to achieve a prediction and highlights the significance of the Bible's weight in the spiritual world. They also touch on the "day of judgment" and "right to be liked" when people say they have been rejected.
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Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi.

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So we come to the 11th Jews of the sea. And the beginning of it is, is to do with the people who did who didn't go to the book, there was a war in the favelas, it's time to go to the bouken. Some people actually fail to go with the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. So some of them were hypocrites, and some of them were genuine Muslims, the hypocrites came and started to make the excuses to the prophets of Allah. And some of the genuine Muslims thought, you know what, there's no point of making any sort of random, you know, excuse, this is gonna be honest with the purpose a lot. So all of that is explained in the beginning of this 11 Jews. And if you go to verse number 100, of Surah

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Tauba, you'll see that Allah is telling us to make the Sahaba an example for us. So he says in that verse that whether it's the Mahajan, those who migrated with the prophets, Allah, Allah, Allah, whether it's the unsolved who actually went and they became people who helped the Prophet salallahu alaihe, Salam in Medina, or whether it's those people who come after them, they follow them, all of them, allies, happy with them, and Allah is pleased with them. And he's telling us to make keep them as an example and not to keep the example of those people who are laid back who make excuses who don't be with Allah and His messengers, cause and you see that by the time he gets to it, number.

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And number 107 108. What Allah talks about is these people who never became genuine Muslims, they started to make a Masjid that was there for the reason of plotting against the light investment or plotting against the early Muslims. So a lot of them talks about the basis of a mustard and he says the basis of a Masters should be taqwa, which is Allah consciousness. It's not about the walls, it's not about the building. It's not about who's inside, it's about the hearts that are inside. And then he talks about the genuine,

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the qualities that a believer should have, and in that if you're looking at a number 111113, you will find on 112, you will find that a lot talks about many different things. He says that these people who are true believers, they have Toba, they repent back they, they are worshipers, they are people who praise Allah, they are those who fasts, they are those who do ruku, they bow down to Allah, they do sudo they call tools good, they forbid from evil, and they protect the and they guard the boundaries of Allah. And these are the true believers. As for those who are believers who failed, who never went with the prophets and the loudest, and for a little while, Allah reprimanded

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them, he even made the Muslim not talk to them for about 50 days. And eventually the Muslim got to talk to them again and became true brothers with them again, if you look at our number 118, you will find that this and then Allah says the look, you may not be able to go to every service that is out there, follow on his messenger. But as long as you've got the media and the intention to be there with them, you are part of them. And if you look at number one to one, you will find that and then another thing Allah says that sometimes you don't want to actually go out there because you're people who are educated people, you're deriving things from the Quran and the Sunnah. And you're

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teaching people that is a good enough excuse not to always go out of your city to try and go for a different cause for the Muslims. And that is in number one to to finally Saratoga finishes off with the fact that Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam is a real mercy to the believers, meaning that even in this time of hardship, when the Muslims couldn't actually go with the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam, even then the prophets Allah was still brothers with all the people. In fact, he tried to really be good even with the monastics or the hypocrites that were they in his time, and alive and stopped him from attending, or he told him not to attend the janazah of the monastic. So the

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hypocrites of his time, nonetheless, we start to the universe at about quarter of the juice of the lemon juice. Now this sutra is is a lot it's got a lot to do with the Quran. So in the beginning, you find that the people have got a shock that a man amongst them who has got nothing more than what he is, of a human kind, brings a message to them. That's right, the beginning of the of the surah. And then Allah talks about his his, the law, he talks about his his his evidences talks about the heavens in the earth, and specifically, he says about the sun and the moon and how he's placed them and how that makes time for us and whether there isn't any denying of that in how beautiful he's

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made this whole complex for us. Then he says that those people who will who will really reject the poor and they are those people who are attached to this dunya you'll find that an EIN number seven, he then talks about how they when they when these same people who reject them for and when they come to a trouble in their lives. They they

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tend to Allah, this is an item number 12. But then again, they will start making objections to Allah. And one of the things they say is, why couldn't Mohammed Salah lolland come with certain verses that are got nothing to do with what he's talking about, but different different things? Why is he talking about the idols? Why is he talking about the life of Makkah, and so on, and, you know, telling, telling them to stop what they're doing. This is all in line number 15. And the law says very clearly that it's not up to Muhammad Sallallahu to do what he wants, it's up to Allah what he wants to reveal. And then he says quite clearly, that it is only because his gifts that is given to

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human beings. That's why they rejected this message. If you look at number 21, you will find that but when he takes him up to the seas, and they are on their own, you know, against this surge of, of waves, and they see that they're about to drown, they do not know anyone else except for Allah azza wa jal and this is the same thing that happened with atheists, there are time or people who don't believe in Allah azza wa jal, when they're on a plane or out of sea, and they find that their lives are at danger, they will turn to none but Allah azza wa jal, you will find that in number 23 onwards, now I number 2425, and so on. Allah says that, look, this whole world is like a mirage,

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just like you're sailing across the sea, or we're trying to get some something out of the ground. And the farmers are very happy with getting something all it is, is a few other small temporary life and temporary enjoyment that makes you have power. And because of that, you start to deny the message of Allah azza wa jal, and then he talks about the day of judgment when these people will start denying one another and they what they what they actually stood for in this world. This is an EIN number 28. And they will be accusing one of them saying you're the one who misled us and the other ones will say, No, you've misled us and so on. And then Allah azza wa jal says, Look, what is

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there after the truth, this is the truth of the Quran that I've sent you Is there anything that is that stands out to this core and because if you studied you will find that this is the, this is the most comprehensive book ever. And this if you look in at number 33, and so on, you will find it. After that Allah azza wa jal give certain evidence of the Quran it says, look, since people haven't been able to bring a replication to replicate the Quran, this is nothing but the truth. And Allah challenge still stands there. And one of the key things he says is that balca this is number 39. One of the key things he says that their own knowledge in the world hasn't comprehended all matters of

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what is a random, specifically, this talks about the scientists who are making discoveries, but they're not they haven't finished their discovery, yet their conclusion, the conclusion becomes something which is, which is concrete. So I like challenges that and says How can you come to a conclusive judgment when your own knowledge hasn't come to something which is conclusive? And then he goes on to say about again, the day of judgment, when they will think that they've only been here for a little while. So that last I said, is an iron of 39. And the part of the Day of Judgment is an eye number 45. And what they'll do is they'll have regrets. Why didn't they follow the messenger

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and on this earth while they will have the message that actually rejecting the message, all of it, you will find from about 45 to about 52. And then allows the vigil moves on to say, oh people, he's given us a clear thing to say that look, try and find cure and Shiva in this book, and this is an EIN number 58. Because 5057 58 because he says that, this is one of the ways that people will find this quote to be true because it is a cure, you can use a cure for setup for black magic, and you can use it for even you know, pains that people have got and you can use it for the the mindset that people have got that has led them away from a real moral human sort

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of life. This Quran is the one that gives and brings people to real morality and allows them Jordan says that, look, those of us who are Muslims on this earth, what they're doing should not really make us grieve to the extent that we kind of feel that we're disgraced, ashamed, or they're ahead of us and so on. Allah says, look older is an old dignity belongs to him. This is number 65. And because of that, you you will see that Allah says by the end of it, you'll see just as no Holly Salaam and his people were rejected, because that's one of the first communities to be rejected. Allah has given us a message that look, you may be rejected, just like no Halesowen got rejected,

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but it's about what will happen on the day of judgment because these people will come up again, in line number 7475, and so on. Allah says they will come on the day of judgment and they will only have regrets. And what they will do is they will try and again, they'll make silly excuses on this earth only to find that on the Day of Judgment. They wish that they had followed the truth. He gives a luggages towards the end of the surah. to communities of people that rejected one actually rejected and never came back to the truth and one rejected and managed to come back to the truth. As for the first one, you will find it around a number 8788 89 is about the people

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solid solid solid that they actually rejected and fear around rejection then he actually never came back to the truth when he got finally got drowned, which is in a number 1991 and the other one a lot talks about his overuse and then they're discussing it 9798 99 where they actually came back to the truth and because of that Allah gave them and he actually you know, let them let them be who the who's the who they should be and Ratan Allah says, Look, this is it. Yeah, you are nice. Oh, you Oh, who are people? You people are jaql. Hakuna Arabic and this is the truth that has come to you from your Lord. Terminator, whosoever follows it only follows it for his own sake and whosoever gets

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misguided, gets misguided because, you know, misguided and that falls only upon them one and it can be working as for the one is preaching the Quran, they are nothing as as a guardian upon them, every man to himself and it's up to them to accept this call and and to get gain victory in the next world or to reject it and gain you know, the miseries of the next world. Xochimilco, Vasco da Juana and Al Hamdulillah.

Qur’an made easy’ delivered at EIC masjid.

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