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The historical context and characteristics of Islam are discussed, including the importance of faith and the structure of the Prophet's teachings. The importance of facing the Prophet's face during surgery and not being disAPbanded is emphasized. The speakers stress the need for individuals to give and practice faith to achieve their goals, and the importance of humility and consistency in achieving success in Islam.

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FreshMail almost ready to have you been on a VM homicides LM Welcome to illuminations Quranic reflections from the Halloween night 22. And in this night, the Imam recited from

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salt that hajj and sought me known and sought me known is a beautiful sort of that's Mackey. And that's very interesting because it was revealed in the Meccan period, describing certain characteristics of the believers. And one of the characteristics of the Quran is that it gives the human being, ideals to aspire to. So it's essentially faith becomes ideals that we all try to aspire to, even though we are struggling with our own shortcomings and deficiencies, and hence why faith is a lifelong process, in essence, a human being struggles with so much of their life in order to fulfill and reach to and hope to aspire to reach certain ideals, and hence why Islam is such an

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amazing personal development system. Hence, because it comes from the Almighty, that system of what an ideal human being is, essentially, is the ideal believer. So that component is so strong, that after building the foundations of faith, and giving examples of those who passed, and how they overcame the struggles with humanity, and how they have to overcome the struggles of being rejected, and the stories of the prophets before and building all of the foundations of faith and explaining the entire meaning of Islam, all of those previous sorrows essentially built up to sort of remotely known, which then gives you a throughout the Quran in general 115 characteristics of what a believer

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should be 115 characteristics throughout the Quran, there's more than that, of course, more than 115 characteristics of what a true ideal believer should be. And there's been books written on this called the Ideal Muslim and the Ideal Muslim and others as well which of course, everything has given taken to it, but it's a great book in general, to look into. But also, the idea is that if we read the Quran, with the thought in mind of writing down every time there's a characteristic or a character or something that Allah subhanaw taala guides us to essentially try to be the aspirations of the ideal believer that we try to aspire to be. When sort of meaning was revealed. Allah subhanaw

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taala sent it to the Prophet Muhammad. So I sent him in our modern pop up, described this, this hadith is narrated by Ibn Hydra, and Al Hakim, and

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I'll be haughtiness, Solon and others. And it is a Hadith which is very interesting. It's narrated by Armando the lowdown on when he says canon abuso Allahu Allah salami the own Zilla la Hill ye or under allah, why Sumerian the wedge he the way all the way and Natalie are wounded Allah why? When the revelation was revealed upon the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, they said you could hear a buzzing like the buzzing of bees near the face of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam I mean this is like an otherworldly kind of

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state that of course there's it's transcending dimensions it's transcending everything for the Prophet Mohammed sized them to receive the revelation. And you could hear like a buzzing around the Prophet Muhammad I saw said on his face, and he says for Anzahl, Allahu Yeoman for Macbeth. Now Sarah, he says, Allah revealed the Quran

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one day and we stood for a while salah is a period of time, it can be a prolonged period, find a period of time, it doesn't necessarily mean an hour for surgery and who for stuck well Qibla so this state was then lifted from the Prophet sallallahu Sallam so the process and face the table and this shows you that among the advocates of DA is that you face the Qibla even if you're in a graveyard, you should try to face the Qibla because that is the direction in which we are recommended. It's not how long for you to face any other direction. It's recommended for you to face the table when you making ground raising your hands. He said for stuck by Qibla was Casa de he and he spaced the table

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and he raised his hand and then he made a DUA and he said Allahumma Zina, what Asana what a criminal What are two Hiner? Well, after a while wallet to him, now, we're Athena. Wala sera Elena, worldly in our Allah Anna, whatever Anna. So Makayla, he says, the Prophet Muhammad SAW Simon made a DUA and the DUA is, O Allah.

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O Allah, increase us and do not decrease us. Oh Allah honor us and don't humiliate us. Oh Allah give us and don't prevent from us. Oh Allah prefer us and don't prefer over us. Oh Allah be pleased with us and allow us to be pleased with what essentially over what you have given and what you essentially create us in a pleased state with you. And he said after that, he then spoke to us the Prophet Muhammad says that and I said Anzalone

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Allahu Allah. Yeah, I shall ayat. Allah subhanaw taala revealed to me 10 ayat, and he says, Men are karma Hoonah the halal Jana, whoever establishes these 10 ayat, they will enter paradise. And he read the first 10 ayat of surah, mominul sama Calacatta Metallica and what we don't have to have them Ashleigh is, then he recited the first if a certain won't be known until he finished reciting the first 10. Ayat, and this is the 23rd Surah of the Quran, we're in the current order, of course, and in these 10, if I want you to notice two things, number one, it is this is a Mechi Sula, so the earliest part of Islam and what Allah wanted to emphasize as the ideal so after building the

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foundations of faith and giving them the examples of those who came before who accepted and those who rejected and all of that which it person needs, essentially to establish the faith, giving them the ideals what a Muslim should aspire to Allah Spangler says,

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number one, successful indeed are the believers. Not successful are the four more five 500 not successful r&d, those who are the best and most richest of people, yes, if they have faith, if they have fulfilling of the requirements of faith, they are the best and they are the most successful. So successful indeed are the believers, those who are humble and humble themselves in their prayer. So their prayer is a marker of their humility, and it's something you can visibly see is a marker of their faith. Well Lavina, whom Annie loves women alone, and those who avoid idle talk, and things essentially what is idle talk about Malik has one of the most amazing statements about this. He says

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in the low hibel column, Lisa Hamel.

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Imam Malik says I do not like speech which there is no action behind it.

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To like vain speech nonsense speech, you see talk shows just to talk, not talk shows that benefit not podcasts that benefit, but basically idle talk, and listen to this one. levena homeless, Zuccotti Fairyloot, and those who pay there's a cat, the cat meaning was, was essentially revealed as giving charity even in the Meccan period. But it was not obligated until the Medina and period so giving charity even when you are not, in the greatest of states, the Islamic basically governance was not even established. But it was still recommended for Muslims to give and charity and to donate. And it is an essential part of our faith, that it purifies us when we learn how to sacrifice

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from the things that we love and hold and beer and work hard for when you work hard for your money and you're giving it for the sake of Allah. That's the highest level of understanding how much faith you have. And he says those who guard their chastity so chastity will among the first earliest things in Islam that Allah's mantra essentially told us to guard and essentially what chastity does is it guards your spiritual lenses. Last Prime Minister is the one who guard their eyes from that which Allah Spanner prevented, Allah will place a law that which Allah Subhanallah forbade and prevented meaning prevented from engaging in unless they did it in a lawful way, like sexual

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intimacy with outside of marriage is not permissible, except when someone is married.

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The prophets I said and I said that Allah will place a sweetness in their heart for faith that they can feel and taste. So essentially, the sweetness of faith will enter their heart for those who lower their gaze. He says Then Allah says, Allah Allah is watching Omar Melaka. Amen on a normal normal human will accept with their wives or those who were in their position. For them they are free from blame. But whoever seeks beyond that are transgressors. The believers are also those who are true to their trusts and covenants. They're true to their promises and covenants and promises. And they are those who are probably properly observant of their prayers. So not only are they humble

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in their prayers, but they're also observant of their prayers. And then Allah Subhana Allah says, Allah, you can humble Verifone they are the ones that are the ones that will be awarded and the ones that will be in essence, from it comes from will offer bequeath, they will be the ones chosen, and the ones that are chosen in this essence, are the ones that will fulfill the conditions of living up to this ideal. And these were the first time I had the prophets. I said Whoever tries to establish these 10 is that they will enter paradise. But after having taught me know the first 10 OUT OF SWORDS moment on the 23rd Surah of the Quran, mela xojo Allow us to live up to the ideals of faith

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like this. Look at this humility, service to others by giving. Protecting your promises and covenants, chastity and being observant and constancy constancy and observances are links and those who will understand they are part of those who receive the inheritance of this faith. They are the ones that are last planted a will give this faith and pass on

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through them. They're going to be where they thought and what are the problem homicides. sedima says, I learned that what I thought would be that the scholars are the ones that are the inheritors of Prophets. Why? Because they are the ones that uphold to the ideal of what a human being should be the Ideal Muslim that Allah enjoined us to become. May Allah Allah, allow us to fulfill that as we're entering these last few days of Ramadan to constantly think about how can I improve? What are the things I need to work on? What are the things that I need to become closer to the ideals? Allah subhanaw taala mentioned in the Quran of the 100 over 115 characteristics of the true believer, may

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Allah make us of them and help us while we're reading the Quran, make a mark or even Quran journal, or write it down? Here are the characteristics of the ideal believer, and you can even write a list and maybe even share it with others. What does it mean to be an ideal believer, an Ideal Muslim in the sight of Allah so we can aspire to become that and that can only happen when somebody reads the Quran constantly. And somebody who practices somebody who develops and somebody who doesn't, and just takes it as a blessing that comes once a year, they will not benefit from Islam in that sense, they will only benefit from its outward component which is the the saying and speech of it, but they

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may not benefit from it in their life. And that can only come when someone impacts is impacted by it, to apply it and that's why they said there's a difference between motivation and consistency. May Allah make us of those who are motivated and be consistent and a lot smarter. Bless you all for joining and we will continue inshallah tomorrow with illuminations canonic reflections from the Alameen wa sallahu wa salam ala Have you been one of them, Hamid while he was afraid me said Alikum