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For the believers who spread shamelessness and vulgarity, by actively taking part in it or even spreading it to others with their tongue, Allah says that they will have a punishment in this life and the next.

Muslims Who Spread Immorality [Juz 18] – Nouman Ali Khan

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salam alaikum Quran Weekly me and we'll eat again and I want to share with you the 18th just one ayah from the 18th just today, and that is the ayah from Salatin sort of knew or one of my favorite soldiers in the Quran. And this is the 19th ayah in the levina your Buddha and he alpha. No doubt those who love that shamelessness, inappropriateness, lewdness, indecency should spread should become widespread and branch out, Filipina. amanu. Among those who believe lahoma de la manfredonia will, they'll have painful punishment in this world. And in the next

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few days, I've been giving you some ayat about warnings. And this is an equal part of the, you know the balance of the Quran, Allah gives warnings and gives good news. And this particular IR the crime that Allah mentions is people guilty of spreading inappropriateness and indecency and a lowering of the standards of shame

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among Muslims, and people who make it common people who want to make it just a norm that that should happen, then they have great punishment in this world and the next one, you would think, what's the big deal? Why is this so serious? A crime? Allah answers that question himself and he says, well, Allahu Allah, Allah, in fact, he knows what to look out on the moon, you have no idea. You don't know. You don't know how serious this is. So what does that mean? People who spread shamelessness, this is you know, forms of entertainment that are that are inappropriate and indecent. There's, you know, there are people that you know, if you if you are like a Muslim, and you're watching some like

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inappropriate music video or something, right, and you forward it to your friends, like you share it on Facebook or something, Hey, watch this. This is pretty awesome. Then you spread shamelessness, you did that even, like by two clicks, the IRS started applying to you. So you have to be careful what you spread among people. And what you may comment and this is not just limited to like videos and images and things like that. It's also talk like, you know, if you know something scandalous or something, you know indecent, you don't spread it, you don't talk about it, you drop it. We don't actually in Islam, we don't, you know, sensationalize controversy, and we don't bring it out in the

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community and talk about it even more and more. The context of this passage is actually a Baba Don't do that to the mic, because then it makes a weird sound, okay. Okay. Okay.

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Okay. Okay. So the context of the ayah is actually the accusation made against the mother of the believers, I shall be allowed dadada and sort of know, and she was accused of wrongdoing, and this scandal had spread. And Allah says those who you know they are they want to spread, shamelessness. shamelessness is not necessarily the act, an act of indecency, but it's even the talk of indecency. That spreading is inappropriate. So if you know something happened in your community, don't talk about it, don't openly talk about it unless it brings some benefit. Like talk to the parents about you know, some girl ran away from her house or something. Or, you know, some boy Muslim kid that you

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know, from the macheda from the school is dating somebody, don't spread these things, to only talk to that people that can help with the situation, not just to anybody, talk to his parents talk to him, talk to her and say this isn't right, you know, but otherwise, it's an it's so much fun to talk about, right? It's just easy to just spread, but it's a very, very, very serious crime. So we shouldn't, you know, just casually talk about these kinds of things. And the only additional comment I'll make, is that the Quran it actually does not explicitly talk about things. Even that art I'll call them rated R. Right. So intimacy between men and women Quran deals with the subject but not in

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an explicit way. It deals with a very in a very dignified way. Eight or nine times intercourse as mentioned, intimacy, as mentioned in the Quran, never isn't mentioned live.

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It's always alluded to. So let's not like he's not shying away from the subject itself. But he's not going to use explicit language. And like the the Arabic language is very rich, you can use those kinds of words, but Allah chooses not to do it. So even that is a problem to say those kinds of words. Sometimes you hear them as a speaker using those kinds of words, and everybody is disturbed because we know in our nature, it's not comfortable for us to hear those kinds of words. And they shouldn't be, you know, spread in this way. There's, there's a way around them. And there's a way that we can maintain our decency, and still talk about difficult things that are there to talk

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about. May Allah give us a really heightened sense of decency, and milazzo shall not make us of those who are culprits in spreading and lowering the standards of shame and lowering the standards of appropriateness among the Muslims. barakallahu li walakum wa salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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