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AI: Summary © The segment discusses the message of Islam, including "we are the ones who create" and "we are the ones who give wealth and possessions." The segment also touches on the issue of "we are the ones who create" and the "we are the ones who give wealth and possessions." The transcript provides context for the spiritual nature of Islam, including its complexity and varying degrees of complexity, and provides context for a woman named Hope and her use of words like "goodness" and "immost profit." The transcript also provides context for the various topics and their significance to the overall message of the book.
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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim al hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah. He was early he was having him a lot of bishop. He said he was in the armory, while Hilton melissani of koko de la pena as an African eosinophil karate Hosanna rocky nada, nada saramonic wonderful la he will go to welcome to a juice a day. Today we are covering the 27 jewels of the Quran. Turn soldiers of the Quran we will cover today. And then tonight after Monday we will be entering the 27 night of our mother.

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we will be covering we will be entering the 27th night of Ramadan. And that is the very blessed opportunity for us to look for the night of power The Night of Decree Laila to cuddle the night that is better than that has more goodness than 1000 months. So do not miss out on that opportunity. Try your best to do as much as you can pray your Salah, give a little bit of charity make a lot of make lots of dollar ask Allah sincerely for what you want meaningfully for what you want. And you know read a bit of put on because put on was revealed in the night of power. So to commemorate that beautiful instance, to commemorate the beautiful moment of the Quran revelation we recite some Quran

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on that night, like we were going to start today

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we are going to pick up from Surah Surah number 51, which is the surah that we find at the very beginning of the juice. This juice is the 27 Joe's has sort of 51 that yet sort of to sort of tour sort of 53 and najem, sort of 54 altamar sort of 35 and a very beautiful Surah Rahman surah, 56 alohacare and Surah 57 al Hadith. That's the list of the sutras that are in it. Let's get started.

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Let me share my screen. I was fantasizing the Quran Allah who energy but the reality. Varroa philomela it will crop for Algeria to use raw file Maka sumati Umrah in nama to Arduino lethargic or in Medina Allah warfare, very important introduction. He says by the winds that scattered the dust, and those that bear the burden of rain, and those that are speeding along with ease, and those that are distributing the command of Allah, the command of God at His behest in number two, I do not saw that what you are promised is certainly true. And for sure, in Edina law care, the judgment that the of judgment will surely come to pass you will be held accountable that is for sure. The theme of the

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surah is Allah gives an Allah takes the sutra is wants us to understand this point, this is what a lot one system is done from the surah Allah will give and Allah will take and that is evident in the earth by the winds that scatter the dust that yet these are the winds that you know in a way that prevent the the vegetation from growing that prevent rainfall from falling. Whereas a high millet they're the ones who bring something they carry the rain clouds and then bring them or they you know, see the green clouds and cause rain to fall. So it's a the contrast between the old is set up as such, so that we are understanding that Allah is popular is the one who gives and he's the one

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who takes he's the one who allows he's the one who prevents and this is a very beautiful theme of the surah Okay, Allah enables us allows us to enjoy our lives and to become you know, well off in a fluent by allowing us to sail on ships. That's what jetty at Yusra means this the sail the ships sail easily. The angels enable us to Allah enables us to angels supports us through angels protects us through angels. All of these are examples of Allah preventing and giving right tease takes and gives. He prevents and he allows and that is the power of Allah Almighty. And then after taking that oath, he says the Day of Judgment you're promised is going to happen for sure. It will be a reality

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you will be held accountable. That's the day allow us Mata will give exactly what to do to everybody. A Dean is literally that it's like the word Dain which is a loan, you pay back exactly what you owed. At the end is the day you're paid back exactly what you're owed as well or in the Dena lower okay. The surah begins by mentioning some

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you know the description of people who are wicked and contrasting that with people who are righteous or dealer Havasu and maybe conjectures, Parrish

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Then this is something that conjecture here. rasuna somebody who I live in a home you have nothing sanghoon flounder in the depths of ignorance. And their conjecture or their debate is not academic. Their debate is, you know, steeped in ignorance. They say when will the Day of Judgment come yoma whom you've done when it will be the day when they are tormented on the fire, they're, you know, entered upon the fire. That's the day that's what they're asking about the COVID nauticam tastes, your trial tastes this thing that you're in now. That is what you sought to hastin contrast that with the believers in the macduffie NFP Jenna tinware Yun, surely the God fearing will find

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themselves in the myths of gardens and springs, rpv Namah humara boom, they shall receive what their Lord will bestow upon them. They have done good works in the past in the home ganhou publika mercy, not just good works, they had done excellence they had done, they had lived with excellence they had whatever they did in life, they did with excellence. So they will be on rewarded on this day rewarded by this paradise. And what you get in it is whatever you want, even when you're taking it happily, they were of those who slept a little at night, meaning they would wake up at night to pray, or bill as hard at home yourself. You don't Excuse me, I number 18.

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They would pray for God's forgiveness at the time of soul at the time of dawn. This is a very beautiful thing. These are people who are up at night. And then despite them being so at such a high level spiritually does not make it doesn't make them arrogant. They're still asking for Allah's forgiveness, because they know that they have shortcomings. That is the peak of spirituality, you are a you know, exerting yourself, but also at the same time not thinking that you're so special. You are humble, and you know that you have flaws. And you're asking Allah to forgive those flaws. There, there's an element of spirituality and there's an element of philanthropy of we embody him

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happily, certainly, while I'm at home, sharing their possessions with those who are asking sir is not a beggar but someone who's asking, Well, my room and someone who is deprived is a very beautiful image. If you think about this, as Sam is someone who's asking Muhammad, somebody who is not asking, but doesn't have these people are able to support those who need help. And they're asking for help, and those who need help, and they don't ask for help. That is the level of emotional intelligence or witness they have with the people that they are able to spot who needs out their spirituality does not disconnect them. They don't become like monks, that they are disconnected from the world. No,

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no, their spirituality actually connects them even more deeply to the world around them and they're able to make some very positive change because of that, that is the people at the righteous that Allah describes. That is what we hope to become. And we ask Allah to make us are these people who pray at died, who are at doing whatever we do with excellence. We are asking for his forgiveness, and we're helping those we're asking for help and helping those who are not asking for help. The surah has mentioned many prophets how Allah Subhana Allah gave many prophets you know, despite the odds, here is an example. Hello, Taka. How do you know if you ever are human Look, I mean, I 24 Have

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you heard the story of Abraham's honored guests when they entered when they came to him? And they said peace? He replied peace, right. And he said to himself, como Mancha rune is that this is these are strangers, he didn't recognize them. So he quickly he turned quickly to his household and brought a fat calf reagents. I mean, it's a calf that had fat in it. This is something that if you make steak, you know, you need some mobilization in your steak for it to taste good. So he brought that nice cut of meat for karahi him, he placed before them, and he said to them, will you not eat? For others? I mean, homeriver beginning to be afraid of them. He started to be afraid because he

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thought these were assassins. assassins would not eat from the fool of the people they were assassinate. So now he was worried. But then they said Don't be afraid. And they revealed themselves to be angels. What about shadow? Domine alim. This is an example let's Martha gave Ibrahim against the odds, you know so much so his wife was you know, she came forward and for us socket watch Haha, you know, beating her brow she was like, you know, like this or like, this is a really I'm gonna have a child I use on a team. I'm a barren old woman. I've never had a child. This is Assad or the other one had the first wife of Ibrahim Asana. They said

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Such as the will of your Lord. He is the wise and all knowing so last month a game against all odds, but Allah can take hold, Brahim in Assam knows that angels didn't just come to tell him that he has, you know, he's having a baby and they're having a baby shower or something. No, the angels came with some other news. So he said, What is your What is your errand? What is it that you're here for? Oh angels. They said, We are here. We've been sent to a sinful people to bring upon them a shower of stones of clay. These are marked by a Lord for the punishment of those who are guilty of excesses. And then we took out from this town, the faithful, but only one house, we found them to have

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believers in it and this is the people of load on a Salam. So this is what Allah Allah mentions. He gave it to him and then he mentioned that he took away from loot. You see, this is an idea that if you had a little dinner Hakuna, edible lamb left there InDesign, for those who are fearful who who, who fear a painful punishment. Allah mentions other prophets Moosa in number 38

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is number 41. Odd, right? The profit that was sent to add is, who would that I set up, get some mood the people have some mood I mentioned I had 43 people have no before I never 46 all of these are mentioned last month that says that these are people Allah gave them plenty. And then they were they rejected their profit. They became arrogant. They had a lot. And they thought that that a lot was going to be enough for them to you know, they didn't need anything else, let alone worshipping Allah. But Allah, God destroyed them showing that they were Coleman fast, clean as a result or as because they were a sinful, rebellious people. He turns to His signs in the universe in the cosmos.

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This is as you notice a consistent theme in the Quran. Quran consistently appeals to history and appeals to nature, stuff you history. There's lessons in it for you from people's behavior. And then nature there's lessons in it for you to see the magnificence of God all around you was summer by Nina Hubby, Aiden. We're in LA moose urine. You built the universe with our might giving it vast expanse game that's one transition, a more literal translation of it will be constructed the heaven be constructed with strength. And indeed We are it's expanded right? A summer is the sky right? And without the forester had the urge to spread out. And excellent is the prepare prepare this is Nirmal

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ma he doon last pant I love

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how well has he spread this earth out for us, the sky, how it's including its glory. And all the stars that are in the sky and all the galaxies almost unimaginable, right? How majestic is that Allah says we've created that

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you know vast universe that is Allah's power, and the earth. You know, that from our vantage point, it's vast, it's spread out.

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I mean, cool, you can keep walking, and you know, really you can walk until you die and you will not reach the end of the world you get or you'll start to loop around or something. Right. It's so spread out and so majestic and so expansive, everything is created appears so that you may reflect just to show your dependent to show that we are dependent on someone else and someone else is dependent on us. But Allah our Creator is independent. So come back, hasten to God for fit through Illa Allah, truly I am sent by him to give you clear warning, do not make other idols with God. You know, I come to you with a player plain warning. The surah this federal flee to Allah run to Allah

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is a very beautiful idea. The idea is you run to Allah because that is where you find your purpose. That's where you find your meaning in your life, the meaning of our life, Allah says, He says, I 55 for that good for inadequate and formal, meaning keep on reminding because the reminder benefits the believers. And then he says our purpose that I've created jinn and mankind only so that they might worship me. That's our purpose to find our Lord is our purpose in life. To then devote our ourselves to our Lord in the way he asks, is our purpose in life. And that devotion isn't only through rituals, that devotion is comprehensive in all aspects and it's all encompassing, in all aspects of

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life. That's what I buy that that's what worship is ritual.

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are only a part of the worship. I bet that worship is helping others. Worship is partnering on the signs of Allah worship is being just worship is doing business, ethically, all of these and many, many, many more things is worship. But all of this is done for the sake of Allah keeping his guidelines in mind. That is when a person has attained the purpose of their life, model human human risk, I need to see I seek no sustenance from them, nor do I want them to feed me. It is a love who is the Sustainer The one who is mighty, the invincible He is the one who provides he doesn't need us to provide for him. We need to him so we find our purpose. He doesn't need us for in Netherland in

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our van varnamo the Nuba mithila the newbie us having him fall I started on the wrongdoers will meet the same fate as their predecessors. It won't be any different. So let them not hasten to ask me. Not not asked me to hasten the punishment, this is going to come inevitably Don't be that arrogant that you think you will escape. On that day when that does happen. Whoa will be to those who are bent on denying the truth for the heaven promised that day. Then you have surah October. That's right here a tour by Mount Sinai. This is an oath by Mount Sinai. And the theme of this surah

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is that is this is number seven in our dabura because your Lord's punishment is real man and woman therefore there is no one that can avert that's the theme of the surah Well, let's read the the oath first the oath is quite beautiful. Six is of oats what I love about those taking an oath by Mount Sinai what kitabi must store and the scripture penned. This is the the book that is penned by Allah the scripture for you rockin man sure on unrolled parchment. Well baited matter more and the much visited House says the house in the heavens. This is the house of Allah that the Kaaba of the angels is called Bateman. Mahmoud was such a filmer for and the lofty what's the sky? Well bahauddin

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Monsieur and the swelling see in other Veronica lava walk there, the punishment punishment of your Lord shall come to pass, and no one can avert it. What is this? This is a highlight a tour is a highlight of Mount Sinai and kitabi Musto is, and what Ottoman Fira kita mostofa documentary was one old words in two ayat, okay. It's a reference to the scripture given to Moses. And he said that, okay. So this is an oath Allah subhanaw taala mentions that they these people who last part I gave that scripture to, they could not avoid the punishment of Allah when they did not follow the scripture in that there's a sign Well, beighton maramu Allah subhanaw taala has angels visit him for

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ways visit his house in in this in the heavens. And these were angels are so numerous that if an angel gets to make tawaf around beta Mamoru, once they won't get a turn again until the end of time, that's how many angels are there. Allah doesn't need our worship, we need him. He doesn't need worshipers on earth. He has uncountable worshippers in angels, okay, so we're suffering more for the world, the lofty sky and the swelling See, these are realities that you see. You see how the sea swells up. And the sea is a source of comfort. We can sail on it, we find it enjoyable to view to look at, but it can also be a source of discomfort when it swells up and floods. That is the idea in

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other berbicara Okay, the punishment of the Lord will come and it will take place. No one can stop it just like when there's a flooding. See, no one can stop it. Same thing. No one can stop this from happening. Yo moto Moto, moto moto. What's gonna happen description on the day of the Day of Judgment.

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On the day when the skies are convinced the Moodle summer or moto right they are going to be convulsed with the C roll Jeeva Lu Syrah, the mountains shatter and shake it, as I mentioned before the day of the earth on the day of judgment will be turned into a different type of earth. And so these laws of physics that we know and see today are going to be scrapped and the earth will be redefined in its laws. So this mountains are shuddering and shaking and they're kind of like they're actually drifting away. Like they're a tufts of wool for white lujo Madeleine McCann, even on the day when things are turned upside down the world and the physical world. Those who don't have the

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truth will be the ones who will regret and will suffer. They are the ones who have hurt themselves with idle chatter fee holding Yellow Yellow baboon hold is things that are frivolous, and you

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useless things that don't bring anything or any benefit. You know, classic example of this is entertainment, right? entertainment. While there is halaal Entertainment and harmonies even entertainment, obviously is impermissible, something that's shameless something that invites to a morality that is impermissible. Okay? Hold on containment is something that is just doesn't have those aspects. But even in that if a person drowns themselves in that and that becomes their life and that is how they are defined, the amount of shows they watch the amount of seasons of shows I have seen how many movies I've seen how many times they go to like a baseball game or a basketball

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game, how many you know stats there, remember if that is what defines their life. That is just play and entertainment. And that

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go for it is not just rejecting theology, or rejecting a prophet Kufa. Is that being drowned in entertainment? So you forget the purpose of your life? Yo, yo, dar una Ilana Johanna ma da. On that day they shall be ruthlessly thrust into the fire of hell. And it will be tied to them this is the fire used to deny deny either in speech or deny by your actions. You're like hey, there's no there's no accountability. I'm just gonna do what I need to do enjoy myself. Denying either way. Okay.

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Is this magic? Is this this is not this this is you? You said this was all made up right? Do you think this is made up now? is slow how fast below Allah does middle enter it now. Whether you behave patiently or impatiently, it will make no difference. It doesn't matter right now you are patient or not. those qualities and characteristics were asked of you and when you were in the world, and this is not oppression, you are being repaid for what you have done all the being repaid for what you've done. I are number 17 in mustafina Fijian Tijuana I am very important I this is now a last month or whenever he speaks about the people of the fire of hell, He will speak about the people agenda

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because he wants us to be afraid of the possibility of ending up in the fire. And then also be inspired by and be hopeful of, by the possibility of being in paradise. In then with Wi Fi jannetty When is the truly the God fearing will dwell on that date and gardens endless foggy Hina Bhima at home or boom very interest, similar idea as appears Surah Al Kadena they were taking here they're enjoying whatever the Lord is giving, right? So we can say they're taking whatever the Lord is giving and they're enjoying whatever the Lord is giving, and their Lord would have saved them from the trauma of the fire, they will be enjoying by eating and drinking and you know, honey and with

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good cheer, eat, drink and be married because of what you used to do beautiful, but not just that you are enjoying the company of good people your that is in a supreme type of enjoyment. You're relaxing on these beautiful couches, you have you know, sexual gratification was I was now going to be holding in both genders by the we will have ultimate sexual gratification not just what the men only. But the hook in obviously are specifically mentioned, with relationship to the men. However, as I mentioned, both genders will attain the peak of pleasure as for as long as they want, as much as they want. This is an IT type of restricted enjoyment that gender represents. But it's not just

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physical pleasures about chilling and eating and you know, being gratified sexually. There's actually a lot more. For example, the fulfillment of making, you know, of seeing your family with you in paradise. Okay, those who have won the baton Daria to whom the man and those who attained fate attained to faith, they were believers, we shall unite their offspring who also have also followed them in faith. their offspring that are faithful will join them in paradise. Mama I lead now whom Mina Emily him mentioned and we shall not let any of the good deeds go unrewarded. Every one of their deeds will be rewarded. And Allah will elevate those people from Paradise because

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Paradise is level so if like there's a father for example, in like a high place in Paradise, but his kids and grandkids are in lower places in paradise. Allah will elevate the little kids and bring them to the level of the where the father was so that they can all together that is an ultimate, you know, enjoyment. That's an ultimate blessing.

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The Quran says about the peace

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ball of paradise. Aqua Bhagu Malabar de anthocyanin they will converse with each other, putting questions to each other asking about how do we make it to paradise? What was your story in the world, they would say, in akuna Kabuki arena was Supreme. We, when we were with among our families, we were full of fear of God's displeasure, okay. We were afraid of God's, you know, punishment from an Allah who Allah in our corner or someone but God has been gracious to us and saved us from the torment of Hell's intense heat. We were afraid of it. We prayed in akun amicable manner the rule we used to pray to him in the hoo hoo Alba Rahim. He's the beneficence, the Merciful, we made Dora we

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were afraid of the fire of hell, we asked Allah to deliver us from it. And he delivered us because he is the Beneficent, the Merciful, we ask Allah to be to be among those. Now. The Prophet is being told for that Kip, as you noticed in the previous surah. For that gear, remind, because reminder benefits the believers era again, for that, remind, because your job is to remind you are not a person who was possessed, you're not a soothsayer, you're a madman, you are the most righteous person, your job is though to remind, and just convey the message. Now 12 times you will notice the word will repeat. I'm over here, number one, number two, number three, um, number four, and number

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five, etc, etc. I'll point this out as we go through 12 times it will repeat in the surah. This is, um, is used for asking a question, right? I mean, or, but or specifically, when you're asking a question? Did you sit down? Or were you standing up? When you ask the question? That's when you use Um, so here Allah is asking a question, Is this the case? Or that's the case? Is this the case? Or that's the case? And when this is the line of reasoning, it's what's called deductive reasoning, right? It's deductive reasoning and logic. It's to say there's two possibilities or three possibilities. Which one is it? Right? And if two of the three are ruled out, then it's only the

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third that remains as the only logical possibility. So they say I'm Jaco Luna shall not be rivaled by noon. Okay. They say he's either he's a prophet, or he's a poet, they would say for example, right, and they're waiting for some misfortune to befall him.

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Wait, I'm waiting as well for that misfortune to before. The idea here is the Prophet is a reminder, in Warner a messenger, right? Is what they're saying. It's either this, or he is what they're claiming him to be. And clearly his actions, clearly his character is not of the things that they say him to be. He is a prophet and a reminder. And moreover, hello, Mohan. Bihar Imran Khan Pawan, this kind of statements that they're making? Is it from their minds? Or is it because they are a incident people gave? What is the reasoning why they will say this about the prophet who they have known their whole lives? I'm your guru, not the

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moon? Or are they saying he has invented it? This this quote, and indeed, they are not willing to believe? If they think he has made it up, then they're just as good as him right? So why don't they produce a scripture like if what they say is true? If they think this is the same, this is a revelation from a human being, then make another one like it, what's stopping you from it? If that's not the case? If you can do that, if your accusations against him don't add up? If you what you're saying is unjust, hmm. Then

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what's left is he is logically The only explanation for this remains that he is receiving revelation from God and that's what the Quran wants them to consider. What about you as a human being I'm only home in Malaysia in Mohali Hoon birthday created out of nothing, or are they their own creators? Would you come into existence as something come from nothing? Is that possible? Or did were you already is something and then you made the rest of you. You already something in existence always had been? Always eternally you were there in some form. And then you made yourself into the way you were. And were you as you were something that made yourself into what you were, did you also make

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the rest of the cosmos because if there is no creator who who made the rest of this,

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which of these possibilities already there, okay, the pathway number one, you came out of nothing. This possibility number two, you came You were always something. I'm in Hollywood and then you made yourself and also you made everything else around you. Okay? As a shoe

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When genius, or there was a creator, who brought you into existence, which of the three is logical, the most feasible?

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That's the question. I'm in the home because I interrupt because I'm human mostly through this line of reasoning continues until the very end of the surah. And Allah concludes by saying I number 43. I'm lomita Holloway rule two they have a god other than Allah. Alright really, if you look at this, who is worthy of your worship, at the end of the day Subhana Allah He used to call Exalted be God over what they ascribe to him as partners, if they see your Oh kiss for minister ma is up on your Polo Sahaba macoun if they were to see a part of the of the sky fall, they would say, Oh, this is a mass of clouds meaning even if allow us to show them some supernatural superhuman miracle, they will

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try to explain it away as some natural phenomena. So they're not interested in believing even if Allah showed them some great miracle even after the Prophet was sent to them. So all what do you do Oh, prophet to them further home, leave them, leave them alone, till they face the day on which they will be struck dumb. Yo mahoma, lovey yusaku they will be dumbfounded. What is this thing I we can believe all what he said is coming true. But on that day, all of their scheming will not bring them any good. And under Dan that day when the Latina valamar Dabba Luna Dallek, those who do wrong there is a punishment. Besides that, the punishment of the Fire of Hell, most of them don't realize what

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is in store or profit. What do you do? All the rest of us will we do when we are in these situations? First, will you help me Rob Baker, be patient, wait patiently for the judgment of your Lord, for you are certainly under our watchful eye. Allah is our protector, we focus on what we can do, what's a bit behind the bigger Hina the home, glorify and celebrate the praises of your Lord, when you rise up from your sleep.

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And when we wake up, the first thing that we should say is to praise Allah, that He has given us another day, another day to live that He has given us restful sleep, Amina lately for a bit. And then we'll extol His glory at night, at the setting of the stars before you go to sleep. You make you glorify Him, and you pray to the idea is that the two ends of the day, you are glorifying him, you remember remembering him, you're in touch with your purpose, and you are patiently waiting for a last pantalla to

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you know, to

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lead us through what he has brought us to Surah Surah 53 speaks about the start. When najimy either how we're not any star, but the star that sets however, there was an interesting word How is for something to fall from the same word you get desires, I'll have

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one of them, same word same etymology. How we Yahuwah is for something to to fall, how are you serious, I'm gonna fall and how we are Yeah, we're the same etymology is for something to be, you know, for, for for desires. Okay? The idea is someone who's following their base desires, they are leading themselves to destruction, they're descending into destruction. That's the idea. And that's a very interesting idea from the etymology of the word. When najmi the Hawa, though this surah doesn't speak about that point. That's just a tangent that I was going to share with you. What is the what is what is it going to speak about by the setting star, a the star that disappears? Maota,

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Lhasa buku Mama, your companion has died destroyed, nor is he misguided, he isn't, you know, like the star the idea of the misguidance. Here is the star the North Star doesn't set. The North Star is there and it tells you where north is and then you can use that to guide you as you traverse the world.

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The star that's not the North Star is going to flicker and set and you don't sometimes you see it sometimes you don't. That's not useful for guidance. The Prophet son is not like that star that will dim and fade away. He is actually the one who is his that he's not misguided. He is the one who has not strayed just like the North Star. There's not straight no ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma young tippu.

00:34:35--> 00:34:59

What he says is not out of his own desire, okay, from how his whims from what he wants. It's not that what he says in who are watching you ha, it is nothing but revelations and down to him. It's what he what comes out of his mouth is what are revealed by Allah. what he says about the deen about the Sharia is inspired

00:35:00--> 00:35:42

But a lot but it's it's words. Both of those are revelation that he receives. A man would come and ask the Prophet someone a question. And if you didn't know the answer, he wouldn't say anything until Allah revealed to him revelation and they would respond. Either revelation was revelation of IR of Quran or that would be a hadith. The problem is saying what Allah has telling him, but in his own words are put on would be the words of Allah, Allah Himself. So that is what he is also, he is not the one who has misguide is not misguided, nor is he going to misguide you, because he only speaks from Revelation. He only speaks from Revelation and that is why he is the carrier of

00:35:42--> 00:36:29

guidance. He is taught by an angel who is mighty in power. The revelation is from Allah the mightiest the angel who taught him is a mighty angel. The one who was taught possum is a mighty the mightiest Prophet, the mightiest Angel taught the mightiest prophet Sorry, excuse me. Lu misratan festiva endowed with wisdom who in time manifested Himself well who will bill Oakland Allah standing poised at the highest point of the horizon, the Medina Fatah de la and he came close for Ghana Por La Causa any other until he was to bolens away, or even closer for Oh ha de la voix de ma I will. And then he revealed a god sermon what he revealed marketable for tomorrow. The heart of the Prophet

00:36:29--> 00:37:22

did not misconstrue what he saw, this is talking about the journey of the Mirage, the journey of the Mirage has been the process of ascended the skies the heavens, to go to the highest heaven, highest allowable point to speak with Allah subhanaw taala. And at that journey he saw gibreel in his original manifested form, and jabril revealed to him the revelation that Allah sent him and then a lot of that took him up to the heavens. And that's where he spoke to Allah subhana wa Tada. And many beautiful things were revealed to him there, including the prayer, the five times daily prayer. So this is what the what's mentioned in the beginning of Surah najem to tell us that the Quran is

00:37:22--> 00:37:42

divinely inspired. The divine revelation, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is someone who is a follower of this divine revelation picked by Allah, Allah, He is the one that we should be following as well. I number 31 speaks about a beautiful description of

00:37:44--> 00:37:49

of the of the of the righteous, those who live by the revelation, okay?

00:37:51--> 00:37:54

Excuse me, Allah hemophilus on my way to my fellow.

00:37:56--> 00:38:01

The edges here, Latina Casa aubema I'm in New Jersey, Aladdin asanuma first now,

00:38:02--> 00:38:36

everything in the heavens and on the earth belongs to God. And so he will requite those who do evil in accordance with their deeds. They're not going to get it's not going to be more punishment, it's going to be equivalent is going to be just where does he alladhina Asano will host now and we'll reward those who left with that which is best for those who do good. reward those left with that which is best for those. I don't know what he's saying there. I don't think the transition is accurate. Let's see what he says here.

00:38:37--> 00:38:38

And he may recommend

00:38:39--> 00:39:09

and recommends those who do good but the best word is that makes more sense. So the edges are sent over pasta. What is this? As you notice, so no has the same three letters there have seen unknown host now has that same three letters ha see no you might notice that and what is this? The significance of this? Levine Arsenal they did the best that they could they they lived with excellence, their reward will be not the best, the most excellent thing

00:39:10--> 00:39:35

that will be the reward. It will be they tried their best, their reward will be the best. That is what Allah is saying. Who are these people? Who are these people who tried their best Who are these people who followed the revelation and lived this beautiful life and that they will be rewarded with the best in the next time? They are the ones Alina Edgerton Ivana Kava Iran if me, well, fava heisha illa Allah Ma'am,

00:39:36--> 00:39:54

who are these people? They are the ones who avoid the major sins and in moralities Sorry, excuse me once again. They're the ones who avoid major sins and in moralities as yesterday Menaka bottle if me wildflower fish in lulla mum except what is

00:39:55--> 00:39:59

what's what's a slight here's the beautiful thing

00:40:00--> 00:40:47

They, it's understood we are going to make mistakes the Quran and Sunnah don't expect us to be perfect Allah. Allah is not expecting us to be, you know, perfection. Absolutely not. What Allah Allah wants us to be is the ones who leave the bad things of life. The major sins in Islam see that what what the there is nuance in the study of Islam. There is new ones in the study of the Sharia. Because that's law, right? There is details there. There's new ones in everything. But if you want to simplify your life, you're like, you know what, this is all too detailed. I don't have time for that people came to the prophet and said that the arrows hula this is, you know, oh sineva oh gcrs

00:40:47--> 00:41:29

hula, tell us something simple. Okay, make things easy remind me but give me something that's easy as as something to do the past them and tell them straightforward things like, make sure you're remembering Allah at all times. Someone would come and say to the apostle of old Prophet, remind me and, you know, be concise the problem say, well Don't get angry. This is, you know, it, this character flaw is hurting you getting emotional. It doesn't help you deal with the difficulties of life. So the idea is that there is new ones, but also there's some some stuff that simplified the, the so that if you are, if you want that this is what it is. Don't do the major sins, stay away from

00:41:29--> 00:41:30

the major sins, okay?

00:41:32--> 00:42:05

And stay away from shamelessness and immorality. And whatever little mistakes you do in narangba kawasan Knopfler, your Lord is vast in forgiveness, he will forgive them. Know that, believe that live like that. Okay. And as long as you're doing that hamdulillah you're good. See, it's to stay away again, avoid is not a good translation. I don't know why they keep using this word. Yet just honeymoon as a stay away. They, you know, shun them, they are completely away from it. 10 major sins in moralities little mistakes are okay, because Allah will forgive them.

00:42:06--> 00:42:48

He knows you. He was the most knowing of you and he produced you from the earth. And when you were fetuses in the wombs of your mothers, we produce you from the earth is where Adam in Islam was made from the earth. And then when you agenda to enfeeble, Tony Amati komuro fetuses in the wombs of our mother, he knew us from that time, from the time that we existed as souls from the time of Adam, to the time where our we were fetuses and then our souls were brought into our into our body and our flesh and became one with it. From that time, he knows us truly well. Okay, but not to the Confessor come do not claim yourselves to be pure, you are a flawed person, try your best to be you avoid sins

00:42:48--> 00:43:34

and ask for forgiveness. What I learned when we when I took on this is that a very beautiful reminder of those who live a revelation, their focus is to, to shun to completely stay away from the major sins, and the in decencies, the moralities, the shamelessness and everything else unless father will forgive that everything else lost popular will open up for them. Don't let that turn you into arrogance. You think I'm so pure? I'm so good. I don't do anything bad. Don't do that. Because Allah knows us. stay humble, but simplified version of Islam. Avoid or excuse me, keep away completely from major sins and immoralities and that's it. Everything else will take care of itself.

00:43:34--> 00:44:10

Will Allah hwadam now the Quran speaks about a very interesting passage FRR at elite Allah Have you seen the one who, who turned away? Well, I thought Kali then what? He gave a little and then later held back, you know, like he gave little and then even little later on, let's talk about you know, the scholars mentioned that this is referencing one of the evil people from mcca. But really, it's a plug applicable to anybody. Anybody who looks at the message and then rejects it and turns away anybody who

00:44:11--> 00:44:16

starts to be generous, and then stops being generous I thought Pauline, what

00:44:18--> 00:44:57

do you think this person do they have the knowledge of the unseen um, lamb Yuna Bobby Murphy sovi Moosa has he you know, like does he think that he's gonna get away with it because he knows something that like he is has attained salvation. He has the knowledge of the unseen Mmm. You know, Bobby Murphy, so heavy Moosa? Has he not been made acquainted with what was written in the scripture of Moses, and with the scripture of Abraham, who kept his word? What is that? What is the message, the divine message of the past? Remember, the suitors theme is divine revelation. The Quran starts with the Quran and from sallam, it's going to conclude with the divine message of the Scripture of

00:44:57--> 00:44:59

the past. A summary of it. I love

00:45:00--> 00:45:46

De 002 Missouri okra number one, no soul shall bear the burden of another. You can't blame others for your sins you can't get away with it because everyone is doing something wrong game. Well la said an insanity lomasa and that man will have only that which he strives for, again, insanity human humans will have what they strive for in this life, if you work hard, you get what you work hard for, and also in the next life. That is what was part of the message number two, number three, when NASA Yahoo so for you raw, the fruit of his striving shall soon be see, as soon as will shall soon be seen, excuse me, there's too many S's that the s the fruit of his striving shall soon be saved

00:45:46--> 00:46:33

this literation that's tripping me up here to my you deserve we'll just over and then the end he will be repaid in full, not shortchange in the least. And that is because all good things, all things at the end return to God. He is the one who brings laughter and tears in and the who are the haka will abacha Allah is the one who brings joy into our life and brings us sorrow. But there's wisdom in both. If you only had joy, you would actually not understand what joy is you will forget. And you will take it for granted. You won't even probably recognize it, if you only had sorrow, that will probably kill a person okay. But the mixing of the two makes us appreciate joy so much more

00:46:33--> 00:47:20

well, who am I Oh, here he is ultimately the one who gives causes that and takes life all this unknown who are not who this is all this is part of the message of the past that counts keeping track over the counter, I forgot the counter so no problem. Okay, all this and not enough who know who this is all that's in the message of the previous scriptures. Allah is the one who causes that and gives life He is the one who created him, he himself created two sexes, male and female from ejective drop of sperm suhaila from the same drop of sperm, you know, the same you know, if you have a brother and sister right, their origin is like the same, you know, drop right not from like the

00:47:20--> 00:47:38

same job as in like, if they conceive it two different times, but their father and mother assuming are the same. It was exactly the same substance, but look how different the two turned out to be. Hello cars, oh Jane, the car one on top, male and female, totally different, like physiologically

00:47:40--> 00:48:21

differences, emotionally, differences in appearance, but the origin the sources the same. So panela that is something to consider. And now looking at an Oprah he will soon bring a second creation, he will bring us back to life. If you can create you from that, then bringing you back to life is easier. He is the one who gives wealth and possessions. He is the one earner or Akana. He gives wealth and he also gives contentment because sometimes they're opposites. A person can have wealth and no contentment. And a person can have contentment and at the same time, no wealth. But the ideal combo is you have both things. One the who who are a Bush era He is the Lord of Sirius star, not the

00:48:21--> 00:48:48

radio station. One who Allah corradini Lula, he was the one who did who totally destroyed the original, the original ancestors of the Arabs and thermowood tribes, and they did not remain behind the people have no idea before not because Allah was unjust. They were even more unjust, an insolent the towns the overthrown towns of Sodom and Gomorrah, right? Well, don't forget that.

00:48:49--> 00:49:40

For sure hamartia covered them from site forever, Fabiola. It'll be better tomorrow, which of your den of your Lord signs you cast doubt upon to panela? This is the question. This is the the unity of the message. The divine message of the problem today revealed by a lot through the Koran and the divine message had enter the room in a natural order. This is a warning like those of the former times all that previous wisdom, the message of the previous revelations, this is a warning just like that, it includes that warning and more as effective as if I understand that the our cause that was to come draws even nearer lace Alhamdulillah he Kashi for a nun can averted. But a loss Ponta Allah

00:49:40--> 00:49:58

meaning it is an Allah His hand entirely. Just like the divine revelation isn't in the hands of Allah entirety, just like a creation is in the hands of Allah entirely. Just like our you know, fate is in the hands of Allah subhanaw taala entirely. I mean, how hard it is our job to define these tidings strange

00:50:00--> 00:50:46

Do you excuse me find these tidings strange and you laugh and not weep without the Hakuna Matata? Can you rather laugh than weep this goes back to the idea of Latino if you hold the yellow I want those who are lost in their physical play and enjoyment and entertainment. You are rather be entertained and laugh all the time. Or you don't want to take this thing seriously because when you take it seriously, it causes you we it causes you to weep because you realize you have flaws and you need the mercy of Allah and to sign Sammy Dune while you remain proudly or proudly heedless. First, you do the low resolve this now by prostrating yourself to God. Why are boudu and worship? Well, no,

00:50:46--> 00:51:09

and this is also a place of such that I encourage you to make it after the class inshallah. Tada. So we're number 4054 excuse me, surah 54 surah al calmer and calmer, calmer means the moon, what does the talking about? I number one explains. It puts out about this to one shopko comma, the our draws near and the moon is split asunder.

00:51:11--> 00:51:55

The moon has been split. This is the splitting of the moon. That was a miracle or the profits of the people of Makkah as the Prophet Yasuda, not so that Yeah, Mohammed, they will say, oh, Mohammed, if you are a prophet, then show us a miracle show us a great magic trick the prophets have always liked to see. And they said we would like you to split the moon. And then by the permission of Allah, the prophet SAW them pointed at the moon. And it split for some moments. And then it rejoined afterwards. This was something that everybody saw in Makkah when they're like, oh, and then as at the end as a result of this, it should be clear now this is a profit of a lot. Right? But what

00:51:55--> 00:52:39

happens but you know, if you're the lawyer who say Hello, Mr. Mayor, but when they see a sign, those who deny the truth, turn their backs and say, say hello Muslim, it's same all sorcery. Or this is a very persistent magic Muslim, it is something that's consistent or persistent, something that's going on. So like, while this magic is so like, it's so far reaching, that even the moon seems like it's broken up to us. What can they be whatever. The truth is, they deny the truth, and they follow their own whims and desires. That's why they reject the Prophet even after he does what they asked him to do. Still, they said no, he's not really a real profit. This is really a very cool magic

00:52:39--> 00:53:24

trick. A cool camera must occur. And every matcher has its appointed time Allah will hold them accountable. They have many mornings have come to them. Many many mornings have come to them Hekmati, believer of profound in wisdom, from our duty noser but this profound this profound wisdom and these warnings have been of no avail to these people. But our learning what do you do a prophet? Notice the trend? When the Prophet has done his job he's conveyed you know, he's not there to change their minds he's there to convey but Allah and him so now you turn away from them ignore them is okay transition maternal weight, like now leave them and move on. You've done your job, continue as

00:53:24--> 00:54:10

long as you are there to do your job but your job is not to change their minds. The Oh my you Yeah, there are there is a knock or the day when the crier will call call out about a horrible event. This is going to be the day of judgment. That's when the you know, accountability will take place, who's Sean Assad or whom, but down guys cast eyes, they shall come out of their graves as if they were locus milling about Gunung gerado mentorship, not a great transition there. gerada mentorship is how if you seen the locusts, like attack of locusts or something, right, as they spread the locusts, they emerge from like a place right? And they just spread like it's like a almost like an endless

00:54:10--> 00:54:22

line. That's what's going to seem like on the Day of Judgment people are emerging from their graves, like one after the other one after the other endless lineups. People popping out of the earth. garden home gerado montage.

00:54:23--> 00:54:59

But this when this is happening, these people are going to be humbled. Their eyes are going to be lowered. They know that this is what they were being warned off and now the day has come mostly Rena in a dark, they're racing towards the color because the color here is the one who's resurrecting them, right the blowing of the trumpet the second time, the angel that's calling out the people. Okay, then rushing to that, your poodle kaffee Luna young when I said the disbelievers will say this is a difficult day. This is Surah Al calmer. It's a glimpse of a loss punishment. It's a glimpse of a loss punishment. It's talks about the people

00:55:00--> 00:55:26

of Makkah rejecting the provinces on them. As he performed a miracle that they asked, it talks about then the Day of Judgment, that's going to be a frightening day when those who rejected they will come to see the fruit of their rejection. Then it speaks about history. As I mentioned, Quran uses history frequently, to make a point. He's going to speak about history, and it will allow us pantalla will

00:55:27--> 00:55:38

repeat a few phrases four times he will say we have made the Quran eleaf easy for remembers what are the essential core analytically four times that will repeat okay? And

00:55:40--> 00:56:21

three times it will say how was My punishment one time it will say taste my punishment, you can add the two together and it's three in one is four, four times he's going to talk about my punishment How was it at or tasted okay? And four times this is done because the story of Noah has mentioned the story of the people of God, the people of the mood, and the people of Lord as mentioned here. So these four at the conclusion of each of these stories, this is what Allah repeats, that this Quran is easy for remembrance, meaning this Quran is there to remind you of what's going to happen to the people who rejected the truth, the glimpse of Allah's punishment from history, this facade is giving

00:56:21--> 00:57:08

you so that you can be reminded and then number two that says how was this punishment or taste as punishment? Look at this here Allah sponsor talks about new kinds of law Hong Kong Monaghan focus on our call to Medina was digit. People know what the night before them, and they denied a servant and said a Mad Men. He was repelled. So he made dwara so this is like a fast version of the story. He made Dora My Lord, I am overpowered, so help so we open the gates of heaven with rain pouring down, and because the earth burst with springs, and the water is met, for a matter already predestined the earth, but burst into springs the sky rained like buckets, when the water met felt calmer than water

00:57:08--> 00:57:42

right rose rose rose rose rose until it reached the point where the Allah had destined to reach and on this water, we carried him on a construction of planks and nails. So panela what a description hum Allahu Allah, Allah He will do so do you think planks and nails would carry? No Harrison I'm in this flood or anybody in this flood. It was not the planks and nails. It was Allah who was carrying him, that God be our union. This is sailing under our observation as a reward for he who had been denied. Lehman Ghana Cofer.

00:57:44--> 00:57:48

He did his part. He was rejected. And this is the

00:57:49--> 00:58:04

for kafer can either be one Oh, how was My punishment? Huh? How severe was it? And then when after the Asana coronella decree for hell memudahkan we've certainly made the crown easy for remembrance. Is there anybody who will remember that Allah mentions odd?

00:58:05--> 00:58:50

You mentioned art. How was my punishment? He said, We sent them upon them a screaming wind on a day of misfortune. Okay, and it did did what it extracted people as if they were trunks of palm trees uprooted. How was my punishment? How severe was it? Well, I've heard so many horror analysts Vickery Talmudic, made the front easy for members. Is there anybody who would take heed? Anybody who will remember get the better mood? Sermo denied they said is this man we should follow this man we're going to be crazy if we follow him we'll be in madness we will be an error. He is the one will look chose will clearly okay liquid at membrana has a message sent down upon him from us he was chosen of

00:58:50--> 00:59:00

all people. But work assured he is an incident liar. Allah says they will know soon they will on tomorrow who is an instant liar they will know soon. Right?

00:59:01--> 00:59:11

What happened Allah sent a she camel a camel as a test for them. And he told salatu salam falta came home was still there.

00:59:13--> 00:59:59

Be patient, watch what happens. Tell them that the drink is shared. The water is shared one day the camel will drink one day your cattle will drink. Kool Lucia remember each day of drink attended by turn. But then this was unbearable for them. So they call their companion for now though Sahiba, whom they plotted further out of our core, and he dared them to do this. This is like the colluding of those nine people remember? So they were daring each other that one person daring them to do this for occur. And they then hamstrung the camel and that unleashed the punishment was of Allah and what was that punishment? He say you had a blast from the sky. Hmm. Swan blast, and then they became

00:59:59--> 00:59:59


01:00:00--> 01:00:41

More like tiny like dried twig fragments of animal pen. Okay, Hashimi Masada is basically like, you know, like the remnants stubble that's that trampled upon the Quran. That's how they were turned, they were destroyed to that level. The Koran has been has been made easy to learn lessons from it. Allah has made it easy to learn lessons from it. What about the external code analytic? So we can take the guidance from it. It's been made easy for that. Is there anyone who would who's up for the challenge? Okay. aleut Allah Salam is mentioned. Okay. They were destroyed, of course.

01:00:44--> 01:00:45

And then Allah mentions

01:00:47--> 01:01:33

similarly for Luca Wu, another number 39 taste my punishment. And now that you have score in my warnings, and concluding with welaka sternal coronella degree for Hol memudahkan. We made the cron easy to learn lessons from we made it easy to learn lessons from the Quran. Is there anybody who would take the reminder, take the lessons people have at our own I mentioned, because just like the people of Quraysh they demanded miracles, they got many miracles, because there will be it now but they rejected all of them. So what happened for her Nahum, aka icwsm, we seize them with the seizure seizure of one mighty and omnipotent, right the most the most devastating way. Okay, this is the

01:01:33--> 01:01:48

question now that being asked of the people amok aku Fado, hydro min, hockman Ola, Eco, are your people are your kuffaar those who deny the truth. Are they better than those? Or do you think you have been you have some immunity?

01:01:50--> 01:02:28

Or do you say Nah, no Jimmy on montasio We are united group so we are not going to be hurt, we are going to win. Right? What is it? You are doing the same thing that fit around it. You're doing the same thing that people know that you're doing the same thing that people have had and the mood and the people have loaded? Right rejecting of a prophet not worshiping Allah subhanaw taala being immoral. You're doing all that? What reason? Would Allah have to not destroy you? Are you better than them? Or do you have like some sort of immunity? I'm looking barato, Zuber or do you think that you are so strong and powerful together? No one can touch you. None of those are true. The reality

01:02:28--> 01:03:10

is so you resemble in general where you will lose a dog or the host shall be routed and be put to flight meaning you will be punished. And on the Day of Judgment But sir, to Murray to whom was Sarah to add? How am I the day of doom? Is there a point of time that's when they will be held accountable, and that will be the most severe and the most bitter time that the criminals allegedly mean that's the word for that is the criminals they're in sunk in error and folly again when you reject the message after having received nothing received it that is what become makes a person a murderer and a criminal yomo us hub una fanatee Allah wa Jovi him on the day when they are dragged

01:03:10--> 01:03:40

into the fire on their faces, it will be said to them feel the touch of the fire of hell. This is Lou who must suffer this is you know, ignore money that's heaped upon them taste the punishment. It's not just the taste, it's like enveloping them. But these words are set to drive home the punishment to the next gear drive the the punishment to the next level in kulesza in haluk nahu because everything we've created in do measure

01:03:41--> 01:04:25

we've command but once I'm I'm Runa illa hydroton. Callum humble bosan it's done in the twinkling of an eye the command of Allah is executed in the twinkling of an eye when it does come just because it hasn't come just because you feel that you can get away scot free with everything doesn't mean that you will not be held accountable. We'll have a shear icon man we have destroyed many people before you Is there anybody who will take admonition? Is there anybody who will take heed? Everything could Lucia in for Allah Hafiz Zuber, all of their rec deeds are recorded. They were held accountable. Every small and every big thing is noted down mustafar from the word Sutter, which is a line

01:04:25--> 01:04:59

everything is written down line by line. They're going to be held accountable in that level. What do you think about yourself you think you will not be held accountable? That is the question Allah wants us to think about in them with Ducky and Effie jannetty mana as is the way of the Quran. After mentioning punishment, Allah mentions his mercy. The God conscious will find themselves in gardens and rivers. That's nice. You know, enjoyable, that's beautiful, but what's amazing is in the seat of truth, FEMA card is stuck him in the mud he came up with an all powerful sovereign

01:05:00--> 01:05:13

We will be with Allah spawn tada in janma. Seeing him being in his presence, that will be the ultimate pleasure. We ask Allah for that pleasure because the balsam used to make dua Allah give me the the ability or give me

01:05:14--> 01:06:08

the pleasure of seeing you on the day of judgment and agenda and give me the desire to meet you, meaning Give me the ability to do good now, so that when I die, and I'm resurrected, I am looking forward to seeing you. fy McCarthy center canine de Maliki moqtada, in the street of truth with an all powerful sovereign Surah Rahman, begins beautifully with Rahman, the Most Merciful, Allah Al Quran, he has taught the Quran, Holocaust insaan he taught the Quran He created man, Allah who began he taught him speech. Very beautiful introduction. It talks about the blessings of Allah 31 times the phrase Fabi Europe be Kuma to Caliban. Number 13. This phrase which of your Lords fevers, will

01:06:08--> 01:06:54

you deny repeats 31 times in this surah when a phrase repeats that's really the purpose of what Allah wants us to take away. That is what he wants us to think about which of Allah's favours Will you reject to get the ban, and Ravi Kumar is actually in the duel. Okay, the duel here is men and jinn, they're both being addressed in the surah as a unique part of the surah that the man engine are being addressed as a pair in the surah. Okay, at the beginning of the surah is very beautiful. We recognize Allah through his blessings and favors. One of his greatest favors is he has revealed the Quran and Hadith that his final revelation is timeless miracle is eternal guidance. His miracle

01:06:54--> 01:07:43

is his favor as he brought us into existence holla call insaan and taught in not just speech speeches, okay? That's not a good translation I'll ban is communication. And this x includes everything includes speech includes writing, includes poetry includes prose and includes all types of media, everything is lbn our way of expressing our ideas to each other, that is lbr. Okay, there's a beautiful thing here Quran is a type of beyond its expression of ideas, right? That is from Allah, our ability to express our ideas are also from Allah gave, the Quran is expressing the best of ideas, and we have the ability to express ideas, Albion as well. But also think about this.

01:07:43--> 01:07:52

That's one, you know, part, consider, like some parallel there, but also consider how humans are the only creatures on earth

01:07:53--> 01:08:08

in the natural world, who have the ability to do away and who have the ability to express ideas that animals communicate, we know that from science, we know that from the Quran, we know that factually, right, but they don't have lbr they don't have

01:08:10--> 01:08:20

the ability to express feelings, emotions, poetry, prose, content, media, nothing of that. Okay? Whereas that's a uniquely human thing.

01:08:22--> 01:09:08

That's a very important thing because Allah says that He has given you this ability has made you unique, has made you unique, unlike anybody else. That's why you are going to be held accountable. You are asked about the favors of Allah because you have the ability to process and learn and understand, okay, this was actually the first surah that the prophets of Salaam or the Muslims recited publicly, the first surah I was publicly recited, and it was live in Miss Rudra Leela rendezvous and he was beaten to the to an inch of his life by the disbelievers who couldn't, couldn't bear the sight of him reciting this Quran in public. Questions will come through your

01:09:08--> 01:09:49

husband, the sun and the moon, sun and the moon moves according to a fixed reckoning if fixed motion. They're predictable, you can predict when the sun rises, you can predict when the moon is born, when nudge more sheduled is true, then the stars in the trees bend in prostration. This is a prostration to Allah Subhana Allah that He knows it's the hollowness of it, but the the spiritual nature of it is mentioned here in the Quran. They are submitting and they're making prostration in a way that we don't know Allah knows what summer urahara Allah Allah means that he's raised the raise the heavens and set up the measure so that you do not transgress the measure.

01:09:52--> 01:09:59

This measure Amazon is the balance of the world that Allah has set it up. Do not okay.

01:10:00--> 01:10:01

Was notice me just

01:10:03--> 01:10:50

with the with measure, right like when you're dealing with each other when you're dealing with people be just with the measure that's I wasn't okay. Meaning when you in your dealings, be fair Don't be oppressive without dosterone reason, do not give short measure to the people. The whole idea is don't ruin the world, after Allah has said it in this perfect balance, don't exploited, don't rip others off for your own gains, harming others destroyed, not caring about what cost there is being born because of your exploitation. And so how Allah how the humans have ignored that well out bla bla, bla, Harlan Anam, that he has laid out the earth for his creatures. In this earth. It's

01:10:50--> 01:11:35

not just for us, it's for all of us creatures, we share the earth with all of us creatures on the earth is phakisa. Our fruits and palm trees, which sheet clusters of dates and greens with their husk and fragrant plants. Well, how good would ask me what Rihanna's beautiful, there's a grain like, you know, like the grain of like, say, flowers flower, right? That doesn't have like a scent in itself. It's just, you know, the state crop, whereas there's fragrant plants that are used for like this smell fragrant, and they're used in the production of, you know, all different types of colognes and whatnot. Well, Hubble's law slavery hand, this is a sign one for food one for beauty

01:11:35--> 01:12:04

and pleasure. A phobia. Yeah, like, you know, bakumatsu can fever. Which of your Lords wonders, will you tonight? After seeing his signs? Which of these would you deny all people okay? He has speaks about the creation of humans, the creation of jinn, how will you deny the wonders of your Lord He speaks about that He is the Lord of the two east and the to West's idea much Japan, he will remain is that how the sun, you know, and like its highest point

01:12:05--> 01:12:56

in the point of the shortest day and the longest day, right? The Times are so vastly, that the day is so vastly different in its length, right? And if you consider the place where it rises, it'll that also is affected by the place of where the earth is, in its in its motion around the sun. Right. So it's alluding to that how the disparity of the longest and the shortest day how great that is, Mr. Penny, will mark remain for the gala. Which of your notes, flavors, favors, will you tonight, sorry, I said flavors, getting close to our timer, morale behind el tatiane. The oceans are merging, converging. And then there is between the two oceans and freshwater but there is a boundary

01:12:56--> 01:13:44

that they don't cross this like a barrier that forms naturally. And that's a sign from Allah. From this comes pearls and corals. There are ships that are lofty that sail the oceans, which of your Lords favors, will you deny? Everything that you see will die will perish. The only thing that will remain is your Lord in majesty and glory. He is the one everybody asks him. He everybody depends on him. Everybody, it needs him. Okay. But on the Day of Judgment, Allah, Allah will turn to us a Cephalon jinn and mankind and Allah will ask us and hold us accountable when he holds us accountable. I number 41 yotaphone modulae Muna bc my home the guilty will be recognized by their

01:13:44--> 01:14:18

marks on their faces, their faces will tell you that they're guilty and they will be dragged into punishment as a result, but the one who I number 46 who fears the standing of his Lord Hanuman hoffa, mcomber OBE, Janata and they will have two gardens, you know, this is an expression of enjoyment, they are going to be gardens of spreading branches for the tomato cultivars in it are two springs flowing from a big one, because we've been in it there will be fruit of every kind

01:14:20--> 01:14:45

matsukaze been in it is going to be they're going to be reclining on carpets lined with rich brocade, fruits of all types, easy within reach. If it'll be, it'll be coming out commodity country, but made in some modest keys, who neither a man or Jen had ever touched before, then probably it'll be tomorrow because even as if they're, they will be so, so beautiful as if they're corals and rubies, but be

01:14:46--> 01:14:59

you know, be quantitative. And in fact, this is a description of the women of Paradise, the believing ones, and the ones who are this is actually cost a lot is actually the the expression here is for the women of paradise.

01:15:00--> 01:15:45

the believing women who were believers in the world when they get to Jenna that is how they will be yopu to one region, you know, like corals and rubies, there is Heavenly Creatures that Allah has created in in heaven as well who are on her own. But that is not this is not referring to that this is talking about the believing woman there are a rank above many, many ranks above those Heavenly Creatures because they were the ones who believed and did good and then because of their good deeds, they ended up in paradise. So this surah will conclude with this I have just sunny in the sun is the reward of goodness shall be nothing but goodness. That was what we pray for. That is what we work

01:15:45--> 01:16:07

towards. We ask Allah to give us the best reward, inshallah in this life in the next life, and then he allows us to attain paradise Surah Rahman is very beautiful, a recounting molars blessings, which of them will you deny the exact motivator for staying to the end, and here is the link for the survey for what comes after? What should we do afterwards, I would require