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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh in the next few recordings I want to speak about the Kaaba in specific. I want to go into details so that we can appreciate the significance of the Kaaba.

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The first thing that we need to understand is that the Kaaba is the crippler of the entire Muslim world. For 16 months, the prophet of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam faced Jerusalem while she was in Medina, but very regularly the Prophet of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would look towards the sky,

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in the hope that Allah subhanho wa Taala would send revelation to say that now your Qibla has been changed towards the Kaaba, and no longer Jerusalem. And so Allah subhanaw taala speaks about this god neuropsychol logo Jacob is Santa Phelan well, Leah nega kybella, tanto Baja. And then finally the revelation came down for one leverage hacker shutaura Masjid al haram or hazemag, that wherever you are prophet of Allah and your followers, let them face the Kaaba. So the Kaaba is the Puebla the direction of the entire Muslim ummah.

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Secondly, we need to understand that Allah subhanaw taala says, In over the bay to the early nurse, the lady be Becca, the first house that was established for the sole purpose of worship and Iboga is actually the Kaaba. There were many buildings before the Kaaba. But the first building to be erected for the purpose of rabada was the Kaaba. And then after that other massages and other places of worship came about. Allah says Mubarak, it is blessing. Well, who then rely on the mean and secondly, the Kaaba is a point of tydens a point of hidayah for mankind. So we learn three things from this verse. The first point is that it is the first house to be established for the purpose of

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Iboga. Secondly, we learn that it is blended. And thirdly, we learn that it is a point of guidance for mankind. Now let's do an overview of the karma before we get into the specifics.

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The meaning of karma means for cornered later be right a a. The reason why it's called Karrada, one of the meaning is because of its four corners. Now if you look at the four corners, the first corner is the eastern corner, also known as the hajra password corner because of the Blackstone being located on this side. This is the eastern corner of the Kaaba, which faces towards India.

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And then you got the second corner of the Kaaba, which is known as the rocky corner. And this is the northern part of the Kaaba or the northern corner of the Kaaba. And then you have the third corner of the Kaaba, which is known as the Shami corner. And this is because it's facing towards sharm Syria or the Levant. And then you have the Yemeni corner that is facing towards Yemen. So these are the four corners of the Kaaba. Two of them are very significant that is the hedgerow Assad corner, and the rockne Yamani corner because these are the actual foundation of the Ibrahimi Kaaba, when Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam established or when he was rebuilding the Kaaba, the other two corners

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When, when the corporation ran short of funds, they were unable to complete the Kaaba and bring it onto the Abrahamic foundation. So that is why you find that there is a semi circular area adjacent to the Kaaba. So, the two corners that is the root nimonic corner and the little s word corner. These are on the original Foundation, where Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam, both the Kaaba, the other two because of lack of funds, the parish made it smaller and shorter in space.

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So those are the four corners of the Kaaba. And then in terms of the overview overview we also got the huddle password, the Blackstone next to that we've got the cultism that is the area between the black stone and the door of the Kaaba, whatever draw you make here a low and readily accept accepted. We'll go into more details inshallah in the other episodes, then you have the burble Kaaba, the door of the Kaaba, and then you have a place called sugar one sugar one is the external area of the cover at the lower end. There's eight black

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stones are black bricks, which are laid there.

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This was put there in order to give support to the Kaaba. And this was done by Abdullah was Roberto de alota. And if you then have the Misa or Ratna, this is the gutter of the Kaaba, where rain flows through and water flows through. And then you have the Hatim or the hedgerow a smile the room of his mind and he said that was around the semi circular area. If you perform Salah inside here, you are actually in performance a lot in the corridor, then you come towards the Yemeni corner, and before that you've got the most Jura almost jar is that area

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where the second door of the Kaaba is actually ought to be located. Between that area and the Yemeni corner that area is known as almost adjure whichever draw you make here, that door will also be accepted. Now, the Kaaba was actually built with two doors, one was the entry point and one was the exit point. At the moment, you only see the entry point, if you look at the other side, you need to picture another door there. And between the door and the Yemeni corner that place is called the most like how you have the militarism on the other side. On this side, you got the almost stature. Currently, I am facing the Yemeni corner, very significant corner

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between the Yemeni corner and the hedgerow a sweat corner that is a very important area. That is why the scholars tell us that you should be reciting or have done a Tina Fey denier has an awful lot he has no option other than now, because there are 1000s of angels that are stationed near for only saying mean mean mean.

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And then you also have few meters away mahkamah Ibrahim, the station of Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam which was actually part of the Kaaba, and during the time of honorable hombre de la Thailand you L'Atalante then move the few meters away, it is still in that spot till today and few meters away also you've got the well of Zamzam. This is an overview of the Kaaba and inshallah in the next few recordings I want to go into the details will speak about the hedgerows as when we will speak about the multicam in detail, when speak about the Misa Rama the Hatim the shows the shadow one will speak about the Yemeni corner and will speak about other aspects pertaining to the car by itself. So that

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when we come here, we are able to appreciate the significance of this place. Allah subhanaw taala bless us all and bring us time and time again, to this place, Masha Allah.

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Just before we close off this recording, there are 120 blessings that descend each day and each night on the other 60 for those that perform tawaf around it 40 for those that perform Salah here, and 20 for those that just look at the Kaaba Subhana Allah also performing Salah, your security, the reward of 100,000, Salah, Masha, Allah, what a blessing area we are in what a Mubarak place this is, Indeed Allah subhanaw taala has blessed this place with a lot of blessings, every Nabhi and every prophet of Allah has made tawaf of the Kaaba, may Allah subhanaw taala bless us all and bring us here time and time again.